Messenger Kids – The Messaging MODDED 2022

Fun, free app that lets kids video call and message family and close friends.
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Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents.

Parent Dashboard:
Parents can manage their kids’ contact list, and monitor messages on the Messenger Kids app. When kids block contacts, parents are notified.

Fun Filters:
Kid-friendly filters, reactions, and sound effects make video chats with friends and family even better.

Worry Free:
Parents can set usage limits when it’s bedtime, and there are no in app-purchases or ads.

Creative Convos:
Stickers, GIFs, emojis, and drawing tools give kids more ways to express themselves.

Easy Start:
No phone number required.

We’re always working to improve Messenger Kids. If you’d like to share any feedback with us or for more information, visit



40 comentarios en "Messenger Kids – The Messaging MODDED 2022"

  1. I’m having the same issue noted in several of the recent reviews. I’m tested it with different devices and it’s the same issue. I enter my password to authorize log in and it promptly takes me break to the login screen. My FB account lists the login in the list of logged devices but it’s NOT working. This has been happening since Saturday. I reached out to the developer and reported the problem to FB and no response. Very disappointed.

  2. Something is wrong with this app. My kids had the app, but when they logged out, they could not log back in. Every time I log in, it keeps going back to the log in page and authorize this device. I tried it in different phones and accounts, but the app was not working at all. I thought that I am the only one who has this issue, but most of my friends also were having this issue. Also, a few people who wrote reviews (see below) were having the same issue. Very frustrating!

  3. If I could score it lower I would. It refuses to let me log in. Keeps on asking for adult account verification. I give it the password I do the one-time password and it just keeps kicking me back in a constant loop. It’s not the device. It does the same thing on multiple devices. Your product sucks. I’ve never had a more frustrating time trying to set up something to speak with my children.. this is the absolute most piss poor app I’ve ever seen

  4. I am frustrated. I have been trying to set this account up for a week now. I thought I was doing something wrong but after looking the reviews, its clearly not just me. The constant “parent validation ” loop is beyond frustrating. I have tried stopping the app, re-installing it, using multiple devices and nothing. Furthermore, on my children’s device, I am stuck at a stage where I can only request friends and it just keeps sending me back to the start!!🤬🤬🤬🤬. Fix this immediately

  5. Yes same issues and didn’t know anyone was having this problem. I log in over and over and over again keeps taking me back to lig in. I know for a fact it’s the correct password but tried to change it but same problem. This is very very frustrating. It’s very inconvenient when this is how my child plays and communicates with hey school friends especially when school is out. Please fix this and teach out ton your users on the process and progress!!!!!! This sucks

  6. Hope Brady dice:

    The app is great! Its very, very rarely laggy, and messages travel fast. But I would like to suggest some features, 1 when you type an emoji like this 🙂 it comes out like this 🙂, so it would be nice if there was a setting in your profile where you could turn it off. And 2, it would be nice you you could share your screen in a video call, for example if you wanted to show someone something funny or cool that happend in a game you could call them and show them without having to screen record.

  7. Messenger Kids is great overall, though there are problems. I can chat with my friends just fine. But, sometimes when you send alot of photos at once it lags. You also cannot screen record(in a call), which is a bummer. One last thing: when you type something like 🙂 it comes out like 🙂. Can there be a button that can turn this off? Thank you, please solve these problems!

  8. pretty good but a few things to adjust. 1. saving videos. If I want to save a funny video then let me save it! 2. you can’t send a lot of pics at once so plz fix that. 3. screen share. for example if you want to show a new game you installed. 4. for some reason I used to have a lot of songs that were popular and clean but now I only have little kid songs for the sing to a song filter. ty that’s all I have

  9. One of kids has this installed and with no issues. But for whatever reason, this version is looping the guardian login requirement. Even reinstalling, clearing data, and trying both email and phone number it still loops a login credentials for the parent. For now, it’s unusable. Hope it gets resolved soon. Was trying to make an account for my daughters birthday for her new phone.

  10. Na Z dice:

    It’s really great app. But I have one issue, I update the app when it needs to but after a while my filters will start disappearing and my games won’t work. When I try using the games it just has a black screen whith a spinning circle in the middle. I don’t know if its just my device or a bug in the app. Otherwise I would say it’s a safe and kid friendly app!😃

  11. So, I have no problems. App works fine and I love it! But… My friend every now and then gets alerted that I messaged her, but it don’t show up. Then when I c all l her and she calls me, it says the call failed. It’s sad because she moved across the country and this is are only way to really text each other. Seriously, you need to fix this before you lose customers.

  12. SuperNana dice:

    This app is great overall, and it lets me contact my friends, but it has some issues that definitely need to be fixed. With my one friend, I’ve sent 4 messages to them and it only says ‘sent’ it has been this way since February and I have updated the app multiple times, and I have all notifications on and it won’t ever send me a notification when a message comes through, so I have to check it regularly. If you could fix these issues, I would definitely appreciate it.🙂

  13. Myself and a number of friends are all experiencing the same issue of not being able to get past the login page. I enter the correct password for my account and it instantly takes me back to login. I have tried the one time password and entered that correctly but still facing same issue. Uninstalling and reinstalling hasn’t helped. It is like I’m logged in in the background as I get notifications for messages my child receives but cannot open them on the app so it doesn’t work at all for me.

  14. We’ve used the app for a few years. All of a sudden it has logged 2 of us out randomly and will not allow us to log back in. Just continuous loop back to re enter password. We’ve tried contacting developer with no response at all. We’ve tried uninstalling many times and still no good. Very frustrated to have no customer service.

  15. Currently a 1 star. Was logged out over a week ago. I have rebooted, uninstalled/ reinstalled, used the one time password, changed my password.. I’ve done it all. I need to have this app on my phone so that I can see what is happening with my kids ad making sure they are safe. Please fix this issue.. also needs to be better and easier to use customer service.

  16. Use to love the app, but experiencing the same as many others have stated. (Glad its not just me, thought I was going crazy). I was logged out, and cant seem to log back in, just keeps saying logging out and taking me back to re-enter email/password. Have uninstalled, reinstalled, turned internet off, restarted devices. No difference, this has happened to 3 seperate devices.

  17. We used the app for months without issue, but for several days have been locked out. It’s stuck at the screen asking for parental authentication. I’ve entered my password a hundred times, tried a one-time password and the alternate login option, deleted and re-downloaded the app, and applied the latest update. It’s BROKEN.

  18. Absolutely LOVED this app when my son first started using it last year. Well we had to replace his tablet recently and now we are unable to get it to work on the new tablet! Same login issues as listed by others…I login, it thinks for a second, flashes to a “logging out” screen, then returns to login screen! Sooooooo frustrating!!! This was so great to have my son be able to talk to his friends and he is missing it horribly!!! PLEASE FIX ASAP and I will be glad to say 5 stars!!

  19. Monique F dice:

    Suddenly won’t let me in. Used for a couple of years now, but suddenly it keeps asking for authorization, so I put in password, it then says logging out, that it requires authorisation. Loop that as many times until it says you’ve tried too many times. I’ve tried the one off code option. Changing passwords. Nothing works.

  20. It refuses to let me log in. Keeps on asking for adult account verification. I give it the password I do the one-time password and it just keeps kicking me back in a constant loop. It’s not the device. It does the same thing on multiple devices. this is the only way my kids talk to their friends.

  21. Liz Dino dice:

    Update. Thanks for fixing the login issue. Now can you fix the others? It’s not letting me add adults. Just gets stuck on a loop and the approve or delete doesn’t go away and the other adult isn’t getting the notification to be added. And then I cant find them to resend the request or delete current request!!! My son wants to be able to speak to his dad who is a truck driver. Please fix * I can’t get passed the authorize device. I even tried with a one time password… On two different devices.

  22. I can not deal with this system, I had my telephone number be recognized as being associated with an account, but the password was not recognized. I haven’t used Facebook in any form for years, and I have never changed the password. I tried to get authorization but the texts and emails I have requested are not getting any response…. I can’t login with my account, nor can I sign in with a freshly made account because the automated system is not send out codes via text or email.

  23. I’m having the same problem as everyone else and I just added someone before this happened. I used to love this app but now I don’t like it because Facebook isn’t answering anybody’s messages. I even uninstalled and installed it over and over again so please fix it thank you. Is this ever going to end😡!!!!! Update: I will never use Facebook until they fix it so fix it or else! PS: tell me when you fix it please. Like a notification or something to notify everyone else too.

  24. Amy Krier dice:

    Same issue as recent post(s). Attempts to verify connection to parent account send app into neverending login loop. First experienced issue a couple days ago and waited to try again thinking it would be resolved quickly and it wasn’t. Too bad as it was a great app for keeping my kids in contact with relatives and now they can’t.

  25. Alaina dice:

    I have had this app for about 1-2 years and starting a couple weeks ago whenever I try to call my friends they join but their screens are black and I can’t hear anything except for me, and it’s happening to one of my friends. So I tried to fix the problem by uninstalling it but when I was trying to log back it the password wouldn’t work.

  26. Gabi Earle dice:

    Please fix the bug on your app!!! As someone else has mentioned. I CANNOT get into messenger kids. It keeps sending me on a CONSTANT LOOP of trying to authorize my login details only to automatically log out straight away and back to login details again and again and again and again!! It is definitely an issue with your app as it is happening on several devices!! Please fix this immediately

  27. So this game was pretty good so I could talk to my friends, but sometimes when I am talking to my friends in individual chats it will randomly not let me send anything. And when I switch accounts sometimes it will stop working. And a big problem is I was switching accounts and it logged me out and even though I’m putting in the right email and password, it won’t let me in. I’m very disappointed that I can’t talk to my friends so please fix this. Edit: and some of the stickers are innapropriate

  28. Very sad that the app just stopped working. I reported the problem several times and just no response. I tried with different android devices and it keeps asking me to enter my password and then sending me to the login screen again. I tried on an IPhone device and it worked but too bad because I do not own an IPhone. Is this a bug on Android devices only???This was a great app while it worked but no response to the problem is even worse.

  29. Allie R dice:

    This app has given nothing but issues logging in it loops back to enter email over and over again. I would like to be able to have my child use her tablet to talk with friends and family instead of my phone. I’d rate higher once the issues get addressed and the ability to log in on a tablet is fixed

  30. For over a week I’ve attempted to reauthorize the device my child uses. This new bug cause their account to log out unexpectedly. Now, I cannot log into their device using the one-time password or the password set for my own account. The furthest I was able to achieve was receiving the 2-step authentication code; only to be booted back into the original log in screen. This is extremely frustrating due to the fact that we use this so my child can keep in touch with family who lives out of state

  31. Same thing here. Endless loop. When I try to log in with my FB password, I click Authorize Device, only for it to come right back to the login screen. This is a very basic function. I cannot comprehend how this has been happening for more than hour, but weeks???? Did FB stop supporting the app or something?

  32. Kiki Kiki dice:

    This is upsetting me. All of a sudden I get logged out of my account and unable to get back in. I deleted and reinstalled, didn’t work. I also tried one-time password it also didn’t work. I need to know what my friends say to me and when something important happens. I would love for you to fix this and make this app usable again.

  33. Horrible. I can’t get past the login screen as when I login, it immediately logs me out, I have done everything I know to fix this. Nothing works, your app is horrible. Never have had a more annoying time to set up something for my little brother. I might as well download an APK of the previous version.

  34. The app won’t let me sign in. I have changed my Facebook password so I know it is not that. I put all my info in and it starts to sign in then kicks me right back to the login. I have tried using the one time code and it does the same thing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times. No customer service

  35. It was working just fine and suddenly now, it no longer allows me to login. Keeps taking me back to the authorize page. Kids are super bummed because they haven’t been able to use the app in a week now. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, still not working. So annoying.

  36. AM Camden dice:

    I am having the same issue others are having. I downloaded this on my daughter’s new device but the app will not let me log in to verify. It finds my FB account, I enter my password, it starts “thinking,” and then kicks me back to the login screen. Makes having this app useless if parents can’t log in to verify. Very frustrating.

  37. cody kacey dice:

    The app glitches constantly. And it logged me out and won’t let me sign back in. Stays in a loop with login email/password and keeps going between that never actually logs in. Even the password reset didn’t work from my email. Some features and accessibilities are not available in Android as they are in Apple. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Android has less app features

  38. Not working. My daughters friends use this app and wanted my daughter to have it so they can communicate, I’ve downloaded it and then reinstalled it so many times thinking I was doing something wrong as it keeps regenerating the login page and won’t let me past it. Nothing I have done works. Then I saw all the reviews and realised I’m not the only one. Please fix this app.

  39. Michele H dice:

    Messenger Kids Log in Bug: Unable to log into the app. After entering correct credentials, the app returns to the log on page after each attempt. When I review authorized devices, the device is authorized. The problem continued. 1. Verified the latest version installed. 2. Cleared the app cache and attempted to log in, same behavior occured. 3. Installed app on a different device and attempted to log in, same behavior observed.4. Deleted and reinstalled the app. No improvements. META FIX APP

  40. Please fix this issue!! The app keeps looping back to my log in. Obviously you can see this is happening to many people who just want to be able to interact with their children in a safe setting. My daughter is very upset she cannot interact with her friends. Please fix this ASAP!!!

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