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Welcome to VeSync!

By signing up, you’re starting on your journey toward a healthier, happier life. Build a smart home today by connecting your VeSync-enabled product, and join our millions of users around the world.

To get started, here are some ways to help you make the most of your VeSync experience:

Connect Your Home
Control your home from anywhere by connecting all of your devices through the VeSync app.

Crush Your Goals
Track your nutrition, set fitness goals, and share your progress with other users.

Better Together
Exchange tips, ask questions, and get the latest updates from our online community.

Member-Exclusive Deals
Shop all your favorites and get member-exclusive discounts in the VeSync store.

Have questions? No problem. We’re here to help [email protected]
* Some products and features may not be available in all regions. Compatible devices required.
* For the best experience, download the latest version of the app, and make sure your firmware is updated.
* VeSync Fit has been upgraded to VeSync,we will continue to provide you with a better experience.

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- Various improvements and performance enhancements.


40 comentarios en "VeSync MODDED 2022"

  1. C H dice:

    Like many others, I was “forced” to upgrade to this new app from VeSyncFit. That app is 21 MB. VeSync is currently 1.1 GB. That’s WAY too large for what I need. I don’t have tons of VeSync devices – just the scale, so I don’t need all these bells and whistles taking up valuable space on my phone. ALSO, there’s no way to export data… which was my first thought for slimming the app’s footprint down. Overall, a disappointing experience.

  2. Q Q dice:

    Nearly every time I unplug my air purifiers to clean the filters, the app loses track of them and won’t seamlessly re-pair when I power them back on. It’s frustrating because my devices get renamed against my will and it’s random whether or not the schedules survive the forced re-setup. All this is made worse because I have to go into my phone and turn LOCATION services on temporarily, which I hate doing, so that I can struggle through repeatedly setting up the same devices. Please fix. Thx.

  3. It works. Not crazy about all the other “junk” that comes with it. Shopping?! Come on! Not bothering to investigate since I JUST WANTED TO ADJUST THE AIRFLOW ON A FREAKING AIR PURIFIER.🙄 It’s REALLY cluttered because of all the superfluous garbage. (Taking up more space than it should so I don’t plan on keeping it on my phone.) Would be nice if it was cleaner/simpler. IT’S JUST AN AIR PURIFIER, PEOPLE. First app to go when I need space.

  4. Good app but could you please fix a feature? When tracking weight and viewing the “data graphs”. It is important to check your average weight across a week, daily weight is too volatile to be useful. However selecting the “week” view does not show the average from the week. It only displays the last weight in from a given week. This makes the weeks view useless. Where as displaying the average weight for the the given time frame: week or month. Would be very useful. I have an etekcity scale btw

  5. The app has become difficult to use to turn sockets on/off. adds keep popping up. I needed to cycle a device. It turned off. when I attempted to turn it back on, full page ads kept popping up instead. I finally crawled behind the TV to turn the device back on. I want an app for remote control of power, not to watch ads. no more hardware purchases for this.

  6. Beth Riley dice:

    This app is pretty cool, it syncs with my Samsung health app, and the scale I bought that goes with this app works great. I do have a suggestion though, within the app you can set your weight goal, could you make the option for milestones? For example, I’m losing a large amount of weight, and it would be cool to set a milestone goal every so often along the way.

  7. I love these outlets. I use them all year long but especially at Xmas. I schedule all my lights to go on & off whenever I want. Plus I can turn them on or off from my phone anywhere I have wifi. Edit: I was very happy with them but I’ve run into a major problem. I have 8 outlets that I can’t re-register to my app. I found that ones I unplugged no longer work. I got a new phone & I don’t know if that’s part of the problem. 3 that are still plugged still work. Only one I was able to set up again

  8. Wesley M dice:

    The uptime reliability for all my VeSync switches is just horrible for the last few months and go down all the time while other brands I use work fine. The app and brand lost its it’s core focus. App just gets more bloated with updates and features nobody wants – a store and advertisements. If I want to buy a product, I’ll buy it on amazon. This is an INTERVENTION, these decisions are destroying the brand. For now, halting any amazon purchases of product appearing in this app’s store.

  9. Danny M dice:

    This app lied to me. I connected my device and it said air quality was bad. After running for a while it said the air quality was much better. I was happy at first. Until a month later i was moving the device and noticed i had never unpacked the filter from the plastic bag. Which meant i ran it for a whole month without it actually working! Yet the app said it was great quality after running it for a day or two. What a scam!!!!!!

  10. Ryan Ahmed dice:

    Initial impression from 2 days of use: I use one compatible product – an air purifier. While the app is great for that with well thought out features, there are just too many options, tabs and screens not relevant to my air purifier making things unnecessarily complex. One such example is that “settings” appear in more than one location in the app offering different set of things making it hard to remember where to go for what.

  11. Kitchen scale no longer syncs to the fitbit app. I depend on this to help with my nutritional needs. This latest update of the app was done with no notice and no tutorials on how to use the new format either. Upon talking with support was told they knew of the issue and it would be fixed in 1 weeks time. It’s been 2 weeks and all my past info is now lost also. Not ok since I’m working with a dietition and it looks like I’m not charting like I’m required to.

  12. This app has served me well for nearly all of my weight-loss journey. The interface is fairly easy to use and informative. And the approximate body info is a nice touch. My only issue is with their wellness category. To compete with other calorie trackers this app needs a barcode scanner, such as the one used in My Fitness Pal. Now I see that they do indeed have one. Although, it passed me by due to it’s size.

  13. Ads are annoying and intrusive. I unfortunately bought their scale and was using the original app fine. Now the working app is being retired and we are forced to use this new one that constantly pushes ads for their other products, when all I want is to be able to track and read the weight and other fields, not read ads for stuff that I don’t care about and will never buy. UPDATE: since the original app still works I’ve stopped using this intrusive one and switched back to the simple VeSyncFit.

  14. David2278 dice:

    When using the smart nutrition scale, it would be nice if when you hit “ok” to add the food on your phone that the scale would automatically tare for the next food like if you’re making a sandwich or something. It would also be nice if you added restaurant menu items to the database for easy tracking.

  15. All of my VeSync switches went down at the same time. My other brand switches were fine. My assumption is the VeSync cloud went down without notice. Then all the installed switched were whiped off the app! Very unnerving. No notice or messages in the app. I’ll be switching apps once I figure out how to install to another app.

  16. The app works well for most smart gadgets. My problem is the thermo-hygrometer device doesn’t connect to a phone with an account with which it was shared. It only connects to the phone with the account that set up the thermo-hygrometer device. Also, the tasks to win extra chances at the lucky draw are not yielding an extra chance to draw after the new update.

  17. Tim dice:

    Ads have deceptive X that does not close them. Thus, they get to be paid for clicks from people trying to close out the ad. In addition, there is no option to pay a few dollars to get rid of ads. Other than that the app works about as expected. It’s just so full of junk I’ll probably never use it or buy another product that uses it.

  18. S B dice:

    Have had my scale for a while with this app….never dropped or anything. Out of the blue it decided to get out of calibration and can’t seem to get it recalibrated… tried many different things so far. Anything that was recommended online I did and it just doesn’t seem to want to work. Can’t rely on it for my competition and it’s very disappointing to spend so much on this device and be unable to do anything about it….

  19. False high alarms. I set it up in the app so if the air quality went above 50, it sent a notification to my phone (my home usually runs at around 8, so if it goes above 50, that usually means smoke). I keep getting false alarms though! It will tell me the air is above 100, but the auto cleaning won’t kick on. After I manually turn it on, it immediately goes back down to 1-10. So frustrating.

  20. The app is ok; fairly easy to set up devices and use. That, however, is the end of the good. First, it would be nice to have scenes and a more accessable way to access timers. For example, I put a smart swtich on my bathroom fan thinking i would also be able to use the timer function as the fan is constantly left on… oops. I’ve enjoyed any features, and there is a timer feature in the app, but it’s layers deep. There isn’t even a way to create a home screen shortcut. Scenes = 5 stars!

  21. This app is generally functional, but it has issues, as well as needed updates. The sunrise/sunset setting establishes the times when you set the schedule, and never change to account for the shifting times from summer to winter, etc. During the fall, this means you’re left in the dark waiting for the lights to come on. Also, they need to add an ability to add an offset to the sunset/sunrise times. E.g., “turn on 15 minutes before sunset” to account for the different lightning needs of each room. Another issue is the protection feature for over-wattage trips errantly. I’ve been testing with a 5W load and a threshold of 100W and it still trips several times a week. I also have a gripe that the setup feature does not scan for available WiFi networks, but rather assumes your phone is on the same network as the smart switch. That’s not true in our case, as we have multiple WiFi networks. And yes, this can work that way as I have other smart switches which do support ALL the issues and features mentioned above. There’s more, but these are the big ones. I won’t buy any more of their products until these issues are addressed, and will either go back to my other (more expensive) products, or shop for another. I recommend that others avoid it too.

  22. I use this app every single day and i love it. The only thing that i would really love to see is a “random mode” similar to the away mode but instead of a random 30 min on/off window at the beginning or end, it randomly turns on and off throughout the set schedule. i think that would be way more useful (to me) than just simply having it on all day and it randomly turning on or off at the beginning or end of the cycle.

  23. Works to manage the devices, as long as it doesn’t lose them. One of my purifiers disappears from the app roughly weekly. My schedules are all wiped out every time and I have to manually join it back to the app, connect to wifi, name it again, and then set up all of the schedules again even though it seems to recognize that it is nearby and the device itself hasn’t changed.

  24. Karina Z dice:

    This is a solid app, but it has significant limitations when you use it with the food scale. There are options to sync data with fitbit, samsung health, and ifttt. But not nutrition data. There is not even an option to export it in some arbitrary format. Then, only a few micronutrients are tracked: vitamin A, calcium, iron, a couple more. I plan to return the scale as soon as I find another one that can share data with other apps.

  25. For the most part, the app is good. I’m not sure if it’s the app or the devices, but sometimes it can be a little glitchy. Whenever the power goes out, I have to go and check each outlet on the app to make sure it reconnected because sometimes I have to unplug the outlet and plug it back in so it can reconnect. I hate the widget because it comes up with 4 devices and you don’t get to choose which devices you want on the widget. So a more customizable widget would be my biggest wish.

  26. I had zero issues with the VeSyncFit app but, after being forced to install this app instead, I now face some issues. First, it doesn’t go straight to the device. The main setup is pointless when I only have the scale, why do I have to go through multiple menus to get to it? Doesn’t seem to be able to add and track a weight goal which the previous app could. Doesn’t show me a full year to show my weight over time, most seems to be going only back 3 months.

  27. If I could give the app 0 stars I would. The old vesync outlet app worked like a champ. I had no issues configuring my outlets. This new app starts out great, but “dies” between 11 and 20 percent through the wifi setup process. One time I made it to 32 percent, but it was not ment to be. I sent in a trouble ticket…let’s see if they can fix the issue. If they cant I will be going with a different product. Shame, their outlets are good…just not the new app.

  28. Who CAREs dice:

    I absolutely love this app and scale duo. It has made getting on the scale so much fun. A bit of advice for some. You have to have the Bluetooth on inorder for the scale to sync with the app. And that literally has been the only issue I have ever seen. This scale makes me wanna buy even more devices to play with. Thanks so much for such a big change in my life.

  29. They don’t connect, some do some don’t. Even with latest router dual technology. I had 10 of the old style original smart plugs had to send three back they never connected. And the new version rectangles ones…I can’t get them connect at all. In their help support they say the maximum is 10 module so if you want more than that you will have to go to a different brand. wish I had known that before I bought all of these, now I have to go to a different competitor.

  30. This app and the sockets worked flawlessly for nearly a year. Now they’re constantly disconnecting or not available in the app saying they are offline. I also am unable to connect new sockets, the app is unable to find ANY wifi networks to connect to. I’ve contacted support and it’s been over a week now with no reply. In the future I guess I’ll go with a more reputable company.

  31. The best feature of this app is the bar code scanner. However, there are big down sides: This app has a hard time connecting to the Etekcity smart food scale. I have to turn off my phone’s Bluetooth then turn it back on before turning on the scale and launching the app. Every. Single. Time. Also, the app will not save edits to my saved meals. It lets me “edit” ingredient portions or add a new ingredient to a saved meal, but after I tap the check mark to save, the changes disappear. Needs work!!

  32. Tim dice:

    I’ve been using this app with my Etekcity smart plugs for the last 3 yrs during Christmas time to control all my lights and I absolutely love it. Really easy to set up and as long as you have a wifi signal you can control them from anywhere! **Update** 25 June 2021 been trying to use one of my plugs in schedule mode and it comes on whenever it wants. Need a solution.

  33. pretty featureless and with the last update they took out the ability to see historical power usage data. Looks like I need to find another option. Update: they added power usage at a year overview level, which is ok but you can’t view the daily usage for previous months. They also removed, on some devices, the ability to see the instantaneous power usage. This is for their more expensive smart switch. They keep removing features instead of adding them with new releases. Incredibly annoying!

  34. The scale is nice and easy enough to use just as a scale. As far as syncing to your phone well it works but it can be exasperating. Regarding syncing with an app like Google Fit or Samsung Health, well there is no way to do this that I can see or perhaps I’m an idiot. Not a huge deal I just manually enter the data but it’s nothing to brag about either.

  35. I’ve had this app for several months now and this rating is probably pretty accurate. I have 2 items and it constantly loses 1 or, more likely, both of them which means I have to delete what I’ve set up then set it up again. I will say that the purchasing aspect of it is flawless, but if you’re not planning to load your house their products and are planning to control your devices using this app you might want to rethink that, because in my experiences it has been completely unreliable.

  36. ANYONE INSTALLING AFTER NOVEMBER 2018 AND HAVING PROBLEMS CONNECTING TO YOUR PLUG: If you’re following the instructions and doing the 2.4Ghz stuff and it’s not working, I was there. I spent about two hours trying to make these stupid plugs work but the app just wasn’t connecting. I was convinced that it was the plugs. There is a fix though! Scrolling through the reviews, I noticed most of them were positive throughout October, so I decided to track down a version that was released late October (the 22n’d, ver. 2.3.3 to be specific). Smart pairing did not work but the APN mode did almost instantly for both of my plugs. Just make sure you go back to the app after connecting your phone to the plug and it should pretty much finish within seconds. —- I hope this helps anyone struggling with these things. I was ready to drop 1 star and complain, but I’m hoping people will see a positive amount of stars and look into why I gave that rating. Good luck! —– (running Android, btw)

  37. Update July 2021: my antivirus software is recommending that I delete the app as it’s a privacy risk. I hate the new update around May 2021. While the visuals of the app are very appealing, the functionality is terrible. I had to change my Wifi password and could not find where in the new app where I could update the device settings. The next day I ended up deleting the device and reinstalling it. Then I had to re-enter the schedule I had set up for the device. It just shouldn’t be that way!

  38. PB dice:

    The scale itself is great. The app looks like it would be very useful. However, I cannot KEEP the scale synced to my phone. Difficult to sync and needs to be done every time I want to use it. Not worth the money for the unusable feature which is why I purchased this in the first place. Wish I had thought to return it.

  39. Stay far away unless you enjoy being frustrated. the setup here worked great for more than a year, then they” upgraded ” the app and it doesn’t work at all. I have given up with connecting the outlets to the wifi and the app. if I am able to get one or two outlets to connect, they lose the connectivity within a day or two. I cannot rely on your product any longer. I wasted the time and money on your product and countless hours trying to get the outlets to connect again

  40. I set the scale to show the weight in pounds. That works. But the app still shows the weight in kilograms. Please let me choose the unit in the app. EDIT: Just received an advertisement as a push notification. This is unacceptable. I don’t want spam in my notifications. Moreover, notifications have no proper categorization. If I disable them, I will no longer get any notifications about my smart oven. This is messed up.

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