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The best 3D Snooker game is here!
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The best 3D Snooker game is here! The ultimate addictive fun snooker game.
Challenge your friends to matches or play against the AI players in the best snooker game.
Real Snooker 3D is one of the most realistic and enjoyable snooker games available on mobile.

Play standard Snooker Mode and Practice Mode. So if you arere a snooker fan, there is something for you to play in Real Snooker 3D.

Customize your pool table by choosing the color and cloth patterns you like.

Have you ever thought about playing billiards on a real table, Real Snooker 3D is the perfect way to try a variety of games. Real life graphics and angles to help improve your skills. Play Practice mode if you just want to relax and play without any rules.

– Snooker Mode and Practice Mode.
– Play with the Computer Player.
– Pass & Play with friends.
– 1 or 2 player
– Spin / English Control.
– 10 Characters to choose from.
– 3 AI Difficulty Levels.
– 6 Table Colors.
– 5 Table Patterns.
– 6 Cues to choose from.
– Realistic Physics.
– Stunning 3D graphics.
– Relaxing Musics.

So what you waiting for? Download now for FREE.

Break through the 3d pool rack and enjoy snooker wherever you want.

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We hope you're having fun playing Real Snooker 3D! Download the latest version to get all the new features, improvements and fixes.


40 comentarios en "Real Snooker 3D MODDED 2022"

  1. Nice to play with good graphics and game control. But, there are a few glitches in Android mobile version. 1. More than 75% of the time or even more, you end up breaking. Jack hardly wins the toss and breaks. 2. Initial breaking shot – the cue ball magically gains speed after hitting any red. You can test it by hitting at 16-20%speed. It’s almost as if it is rigged for Jack to hit from near the frame for whatever reason. 3. There s no play again option in case of a foul which is annoying.

  2. Drew Some dice:

    Amazing physics and controls. Best snooker game I’ve found so far. But absolutely NEEDS an online component. It does have a two-player pass option, but I would love to be able to play friends without them having to be sitting right next to me. The computer gets boring and repetitive. Please give us an online feature.

  3. This is the best one. I literally tried every snooker game in the store and this one offers the best play experience by far. The whole aiming dynamic is easiest to use which is huge. Not sure about the accuracy of the physics, but it is quick to get used to how things go and with a little practice and experimentation you will feel in control and at home.

  4. An excellent game which I downloaded after playing their 8 and 9 ball combination game. I had a problem (due to difficulties with my hands) and was immediately contacted with advice on how to make it easier to accomplish my difficulties! I have to lower my opinion due to decrease in game control problems. More than half of time instead of aim change in size of table results.

  5. This is a decent snooker app, I truly enjoy playing on it. I especially like the fact that playing it doesnt involve online play with other users, and it doesnt involve using digital coins to play matches or buy supposedly better equipment. The ads are annoying, but they only play during navigation within the app, not during play! I recommend the app to everyone who is interested!

  6. I started out really liking this game, mainly because it’s one of the few that actually has snooker. This game cheats. It will stop your ball so it won’t go into the pocket. Realistically, it’s okay, but the realism of the power of your shot is sadly way off the mark. You can draw the shot power bar to 100%, and after the initial contact with the ball in play, the white ball will dribble to a stop. Totally unrealistic, this game loses cred for that, poor aiming too

  7. Great snooker game so far. Improvements needed though. The opponent will try to concede the frame while you’re in the middle of your break instead of when it’s their turn. You decline their offer and when it gets to their turn they don’t then concede as would happen in real life.

  8. after many plays I decided to edit my review, This game although good needs a bit of fetling as it is very difficult to distinguish the reds from the black ball, this spoils the game somewhat. Add to this there are some ridiculous angles played and achieved by the CPU not even a seasoned pro could get.

  9. I love it so far. Easy aiming, easy speed control, accurate physics. Hard mode needs a little tweak, when my score is higher, it mahes me miss! >>>>> newer review noticed quite a few computer shots that could not possibly pot, but did anyway. Also noticed on at least 2 occasions, balls nowhere near the action, moving without being hit. That`s it for me folks! Uninstalling!

  10. The Graphic of the game is good but its physics is terrible and should be edited carefully. The movement of cue ball and spins needs to get a serious review and edit. bots need to be improved too.

  11. Gary dice:

    First of all,(@ this has nothing to do with the game itself)…but I suck at the setting up straight shots.Now moving forward…..the game/app itself kicks @~~.Very well designed @ put together.Everything about it in my opinion is top notch.I need to change myself in setting up straighter shots,but please don’t change anything about the game/app because it’s good just the way it is.Thank you.

  12. I was mistaken about my earlier review. Having played several more rounds my amended review. This is the only pool game I will be buying ever. Everything about this entry is 100%. Don’t look any further you won’t find a better one. Good job.

  13. It is really good game. The only thing that I feel is missing and I want that whenever I play this game is in practice mode. Whenever I miss some shot in practice mode I want that if there is a feature to play again that shot or undo shot option. So we can improve the shot that miss every time. I hope you will read this review and add this feature soon.

  14. The game is almost perfect as an application (program), but for people who play Billiards it has no value whatsoever, because you (developers) didn’t implement the side spin physics at all, let alone implementing it accurately. I find it very unfortunate, that such a smooth good looking game misses something that is essential to what it’s simulating and is not hard to neither get nor write code for. There is a game that does it properly but it doesn’t run nor look half as good as your.

  15. Man Size dice:

    Long range shot’s are not always in shooters line of vision. Scratch shot cue ball placement can be a challenge because your unable to see the entire table.

  16. vim fuego dice:

    Nice overall design and playability, but whoever created it does not even know the rules of snooker as the game behaves in ways it should’nt. Needs to be updated with the game following the correct rules and doing as it should.

  17. Good game with a few annoying issues. When playing against cpu it always makes you break first. Should be random or in turns.

  18. No nonsense snooker. Simple controls. Accurate physics. Ads unintrusive. Acceptable ai. Definitely worth a try for anyone looking for a mobile snooker game. Easy 5 stars.

  19. Finally a simple smooth straight forward pool/snooker game. Brilliantly made and fantastic smooth play. The jazz music is a bonus too. Gives that jazz club pool hall vibes. Thank you for this.

  20. This is the best 3D realistic pool I’ve ever played. Everything is good about this game but I would love it more if it has multiplayer.

  21. Great game that gives hours of entertainment.Three different levels that become challenging at the hard level.Graphics and gameplay are spot on.Really enjoying this well made game.

  22. John Chong dice:

    Great game very smooth , like the background music it’s relaxing only one thing that I’m disappointed with , no p v p mode ?? The cpu is fine but a little boring and predictable but a great game just the same

  23. I do like the game and it a great way of passing time, but to find people to play against is a little difficult also the fact that you can only play snooker and not normal pool is just a little disappointing

  24. Prologue N dice:

    This good game, but I there two problems 1: While we miss a shot or foul, there no “play again” option. 2: The camera adjustment, when white ball moving to a corner the camera stops just where the shot occurred or played.

  25. Looks good but ridiculous ai makes it unplayable, CPU goes for shots that nobody would consider attempting and gets them. Dead cushions and pockets like buckets make it hard to miss

  26. Very good. Slight problem bcse the cuestick,s power to strike ball cannot be gauged easily. Often it just fizzles out and occasionally overrides the position you want the ball to stop/end.

  27. So real, nice physics, helps in real life snooker. Please update more and more, can be better.. If online match can be applied it will be more better.

  28. Phil Dolby dice:

    Great images , colours etc. However, it’s rather annoying when you’re in the middle of compiling a high break that you get a “concede” message. This needs amending and be presented when the player making the beak has completed his turn. Another issue I have with this game is the number of times , when lining up a shot and your finger is away from the power and/ cue, you find that the cue plays a shot . Had enough of this now. Will find a better game

  29. well2 i,m very intrested to play this Real Snooker 3D and furthermore this app is the best one i ever found.hoping that many friends out there have the same intrested as me do ok.

  30. deepak dice:

    Great game but found a bug. There was no red ball left on the table but it was still asking to pot it.

  31. A great game which has gave me and my mate endless fun and realistic play with rivalry to match. I can’t promote it enough if possible for future improvements maybe an option to play on two devices To sum up its really helped with friendship and mental health thank you Garry and paul.

  32. Great graphic and easy to control. However if can add feature to play online with other player its will be awesome. Should be when opponents ball snooker we can choose to pass or play the ball.

  33. Rik Baker dice:

    Great physics and 3D realism. One wish is that the free ball rule be added.

  34. Yash Foyu dice:

    Surprisingly Nice Game 🎮….please of possible, add the option of multiplayer game. Please, it’s a humble request

  35. UPDATED COMMENT: I wanted to say that I wish the music was OFF when you start the game and if you want the music ON while you play then you go into the settings and you turn it on. Not the other way around. Tks. Great game. Absolutely enjoy playing it. I personally find the music distracting as in a real snooker match there is no music, would be nice to have the music turned off and if you want it than you turn it on. For the tutorial option, please use the game rules; i can hit any balls and i do not get a warning that the shots are not legal. Otherwise, very good and balanced game. Thank you for a great game.

  36. Yeah, it’s good but soon becomes too easy. A score of 147 is not difficult and the computer struggles to score over 26. The computer should challenge you more and not miss easy shots. Foul points are incorrect giving, a maximum of 4 points. Including a swerve shot would be useful. Not too many advertising and on the whole it’s a good game for beginners.

  37. Ian Turner dice:

    Quite realistic game physics and easy to understand controls. However, let down by the fact that the CPU seldom breaks off. Also, the CPU will often play a deliberate foul shot if snookered, sometimes leaving you in a position where you can’t hit a ball or make a pot. In the real game would be called a miss and the ‘CPU’ could be required to shoot again, after the balls had been replaced.

  38. Fun simple snooker game. It’s basic and could be expanded but it’s free and works well. Only problem I have is with the CPU, I started off on easy setting. It doesn’t seem to matter how difficult you make the shot for the CPU, it’s like the CPU just does a probability calculation whether it’ll miss the shot or not regardless of it being easy or across the table. Would be nice if this could be tweaked so I can make challenging shots for the CPU.

  39. Really good fun. Adverts not too intrusive. Simulation physics excellent. AI opponent is boring and predictable. No simulation of awkwardness when cue ball is next to another ball or cushion. Hence, no rest or bridge. When you shoot and balls go out of view, it would be nice for camera to pull back, or angles change, automatically. But still, lots of fun!

  40. Entertaining game and quite realistic. My only negative view is about your (computer) opponent. It plays some bizarre shots; it often takes a more difficult shot when an easier shot that gives better position for continuing the break is available. Just seems a bit strange, though maybe better for the human player! Also, the conceding of a frame often happens when mid-break which is slightly annoying. (Especially as the human player has to wait until the computer has finished their break!)

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