Demon Hunter: Shadow World MODDED 2022

Hardcore Hack’n Slash Action-RPG.
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The must try game for any real hack and slash fan who already got bored with just mindlessly smashing buttons on the screen.

Demon hunter is an action-packed dark fantasy hack and slash game with an incredible combat system and awesome boss fights, assisted by a one of a kind character control mechanism and a perfect mix of RPG elements to make your adventure super immersive.


As the mortal world got invaded and destroyed by the horde of dark demons and shadow monsters, everything was covered in the darkness of hell and the constant insufferable noises that were the combination of the endless scream from those evils and the crying and mourning of the lucky few that manage to survive through this nightmare.

The player will be a Hunter in this world, which is someone who got blessed by the Ancient One with a special power to fight off those dark demons.

Through countless battles and obstacles, shadow hunters are destined to bring the light back to this mortal world.


Demon Hunter most exciting moments must be it’s epic boss battle, in which the Hunters must defeat dark giant demons to collect their souls and advance to the darkest dungeon and the highest floor of the evil tower.

Without a decent set of equipment and highly trained techniques, any player could easily get wrecked by those big bosses.

However, the incredible feelings that players get from successfully overcoming those challenges will make it all worth it.

Furthermore, those dark demon souls are the key to upgrade hundreds of shadow equipment and weapons, turning them from just a common warrior sword to a legendary hero’s blade that would be worshiped by the generations to come.

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Demon Hunter will have 4+ different PVE sections with multiple difficulty modes and a PVP arena for players to explore and conquer.

“Adventure” is where players start the game with. It may not be the most challenging part, but it is the most essential section in the game since you need to keep advancing through it to unlock further sections of the game.

Once you have passed a certain dungeon level, you can unlock “Altar of the Darkness” , “Boss Mode” and “Clock Tower of Challenges”. Those are where the true test of skill and power happens. For our shadow hunters to overcome those challenges, mastering the fighting technique is a must, understanding the characteristics of each demon and preparing a suitable strategy is needed and strengthening the shadow equipment is a huge plus.

At the end of the day, shadow hunters can not only liberate the mortal world from those dark demons but also can test their skills and mastery against other fellows of the shadow.


Players will get to play as multiple different characters, each has its own unique skills, gameplay and assets. Each character is going to be a distinct way to play the game, a distinct approach to the strategy and the combat.


Intense hack and slash combat.

Epic Boss Fights.

Multiple characters to play.

Hundreds of equipment and weapons to loot and upgrade.

4+ PVE modes and PVP.

Play anytime, anywhere even when offline.

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40 comentarios en "Demon Hunter: Shadow World MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a fantastic game, game play is unreal, however, it crashes occasionally, not letting you into the game freezing up during levels. Fix this and it gets 5 stars easy. Edit DO NOT UPDATE!!!!!!! if you update it will never work: Once you complete level 2-4 you unlock the tower, once you tap on it it says to update once you do game doesn’t load past title screen. PLEASE FIX

  2. I was enjoying the game but the newly added levels are garbage. Time attack styled rewards with enemies that hide underground is pure stupidity no matter how you look at it. Ptw as well but that’s no surprise. The rewards seem decent until you realize exactly how many pieces of gear you have to slog through to make a complete set at the highest level. Spoiler alert, thousands.

  3. I’m giving it 3 stars for the gorgeous art style and smooth combat, as of now however, it’s unplayable, at least for me, I’m on a new S22+ but it crashed at the end of the first mission and now it crashes the moment I touch the screen. I’ll try it again in the future, hopefully it’ll run better after more developement, great concept. Beautiful art style.

  4. greens1218 dice:

    PvP needs work. There`s so much lag that it feels like you are viewing a slide show. The game crashes at times and for some reason it drops frames out of nowhere. Other than that its a really fun, engaging and at times challenging expirience. Cool heroes and enough skills to let you build them the way you want to. No pay to win, only pay to speed up progress so far. 4 out of 5 would countinue playing, would recomende.

  5. Great until the update I started playing this game the other day to past the time on a flight. It was working great. Challenging without being impossible. Its pay to win but not so much in the early stages. But with the lastest update on 10/08/2022 the game is frozen on the beginning loading screen and cant access the game. Very disappointing

  6. Great game so far. Bosses are tough but not impossible, and there’s good variety in characters. The one glaring thing holding this game back is FPS: it consistently freezes for a second while multiple enemies are on the screen, or (more frustratingly) when bosses perform certain higher-graphic attacks. This makes the game unnecessarily more difficult, with little counterplay. This is especially present with boss 3-20, which only increases frustration, as defeating him unlocks most characters.

  7. The game doesn’t auto save so after the most recent update the game wouldn’t launch. I u installed thinking that there was an auto save feature and lost my data. I was level 30+. This game is more than 2 years old and they really need to get their house in order. Never again.

  8. Changing from 5* to 2* to 1*: 1. Can’t get past the starting screen “Tap to Play” after the update. 2. Lost my progress after re-installing the game (saved to cloud using my email), tried loading my progress but kept on getting error. 3. Uninstalled!

  9. Was enjoying until it asked me to update in order to enter a part of the game…Now I can open the game and get to the ‘tap to play’, I tap, the words freeze for a few seconds before resuming flashing as if I never tapped. In other words the game won’t let me get past your tap to enter screen…

  10. Mr. Ocean dice:

    Update- reinstalled it. Started ok, tried to sync data with google play, unexpected error, mistakenly clicked save game, saves game without even asking if i want to replace files. SAD DAYS. Loved the game to death and this is what i get.

  11. Don’t drop a dime on this game you will lose everything, 2nd time I had to uninstall the game and re-download it to get it to work. My 2nd play through I saved my data figuring that I can load up my profile next time if this happens. Well loading your profile will also cause errors so honestly play a better game that’s more reliable.

  12. Forid Ali dice:

    It’s an epic game excellent graphics how ever I had to re start the whole game after I downloaded the up grade version which I ended up losing game all my effort by wining weapons n perks the up grade version has got serious issues which needs to be fixed otherwise you’ll end up losing everything.

  13. So far the game is great! Awesome action and gameplay. Gameplay is smooth. But just started, so we will see as I progress. Only thing that sucks, when I bought the character I wanted it was just the class not the skin model it was showing me. A bit deceiving…

  14. The graphics and gameplay are on another level entirely for an Android game, It’s a must play. The boss fights are pretty hardcore,they do give one hell of a fight. I would have awarded the game a 5-star rating but the fps drawbacks sometimes, I hope the developers fix this presently.

  15. An amazing game, however, it gets stuck on the loading screen ever since I updated the game. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game and it made no difference. It has a lot of potential but, these issues overshadow a good gaming experience.

  16. New update BAD. They buffed the hell out of a few characters so it’s now impossible to block, impossible to dodge, and impossible to counter their attacks. They just have to move close and spam infinite skills until they win. Plus they still haven’t fixed the daily pass just not giving you what you pay for. It honestly sucks because it was so fun at first, but I guess even on mobile, an EA game will always be an EA game.

  17. Great game but in PVP mode there’s a lot of cheaters 8hours gametime but lv65 and all there Item is mythic acendent theres no way they could get all that mythic items!!!! After the update I almost complete WR IV node 3-20 just 1 skill but the game crash I don’t understand why it crash though cause I have a snapdragon 860 processor,6gb ram,128gb storage and I can play ark mobile and other games in full hd graphics without lagging but in this game I experience some fps drop and at worst crashing..

  18. I was about to give this masteriece 5 stars.. but I created a new character and found out that BATTLE PASSES you are not shared to all your characters… so u have to buy the passes on every single character to get the rewards.. and there are like 5-6 different passes. Absolutely stupid.. passes should be shared to all your account characters

  19. Great game. Some issue with pvp and lagging. My biggest problem that the rewards and purchases from mystic Store are quite tough. Chances of getting a banner legendary equipment even if someone save up a lot is really rare. I started spending some real Money on characters and upgrade materials. After that only I could recieve some good grade weapons. I think the developers have set the game more inclined towards constantly paying players. It won’t be appealing in long run if this continuous.

  20. An amazing game I had an issue with it when the most recent update came out and it couldn’t open so I had to delete it and now need to start all over again which was frustrating but the problem is now resolved I will suggest this game to any fan of the hack and slash genre again its a great game.

  21. It has been about a week since I started playing this game. When my thoughts are clear, I’m all in playing until I can’t advance anymore. Without the money purchasing option, the progression is a bit ofa slow grind. This is a benefit considering sometimes you have to take a break, and if you don’t have real cash to advance,you have to wait for the game to reset after 24 hours and take advantage of the free in game currency and items. I would love playing this on console!

  22. The game has lots of potential when you can actually play it. It keeps shutting down and freezing. I have tried several times to redownload the game, which is piss poor performance on the games end. Needs to better. Had this not been an issue i would gladly give 4 stars.

  23. Ivan Z dice:

    DO NOOT UPDATE to version After updating it won’t go beyond the loading screen. I had to uninstall and reinstall to be able to load the game and after that I can’t load the saved game from the cloud . All I get is an error 402

  24. Boss fights are boring, there aren’t much opening to attack so you waste lots of time or you just upgrade your eq, don’t understand the high ranking the game has. Also bosses having 1 hit combo, which makes it just horrible

  25. Kev O dice:

    My rating before the recent update was 5stars. But after update, I was locked out at start screen. I reinstalled to get in the game but all my records were way backdated. Even $ spent on diamonds were wiped out. Support service takes 72hrs. Which I have not received any reply

  26. LT B dice:

    It’s alright once you get to like level 20 and around 6k-7k power you have to grind becauseof the jump in power level for enimes. The weapon and armor system could use a upgrade because you cap out at 40. If I can upgrade my armor and weapons I don’t see the point really and you screw players out of legendary gear with these crashes lasting 3 days before its fixed this game won’t be on here long after a few reports.

  27. This game always been a master piece because i have never seen such a mobile game with all this combs and the huge amount of deferent weapons with special sets is very rare although the game has few bugs that appear every version but they are always fixed (the bugs part was only at 2021/4-2021/11 ) and also the game have made balance between pay to win and free to play . One last thing there will be someone called Tehtehkhanten games his review makes zero sense to me.

  28. Dmytro P dice:

    It’s a great and addictive game. However, after a month of playing you reach a ceiling where it just becomes a “pay to play”. It’s impossible to progress otherwise and the challenge becomes just impossible or not fun to play anymore.

  29. Hands down one of my favorite mobile games. Gameplay is solid, very Hollow Knight/Souls like. Lots of different game styles to collect progress, well spread out. There is a bit of pay to win, but not outright, as in you still need to collect the gear through the lottery style system. Definitely worth a play

  30. I can login my google account and I click load but, it says ” unexpected error occurred (402) ” I can not load my characters. Pls help me I am sad. Edit: The past version has been arrived, i can log in my account thanking you, this game is very active with changes, keep up the good work pls, Arena still close. I love how you extremely good work i wish to be a part of this team, who created this game is epic… Thank you all ! Just little balance issues. Whisely your game is perfect but sounds

  31. I was having quite a bit of fun with the game, until this last update. Now the game won’t open. I restarted my phone, Uninstaller and reinstalled the game and nothing. Sucks because it’s actually not bad, the pop was laggy but otherwise the game was enjoyable so far.

  32. Steve Shih dice:

    Crashing multiple times: 01. Some delays on opening 02. Can crush on very first campaign game 03. Or can crash on some specific campaign mission (#2-6) Can’t go beyond it, due to crashing on the same campaign #2-6 mission. Frusting

  33. I just finish downloading the updates and now I can’t even enter the game. It is stuck on the start screen with the “tap to play” flashing. But when I tap it nothing happens.

  34. PvP mode is kinda a joke. You spend a huge amount of time fighting against bots in the beginning, then god forbid you hit Challenger level before getting to level 60+. I’m level 32 and I’m being paired with lv 70-80 opponents, forcing me to rely on either spamming or cheap tactics to get a win. My Spirit takes forever to charge, but almost every real opponent I face starts the Match with their spirit charged and ready to go. Kinda bs. And the key systeml sucks. Forced waits detract from gameplay

  35. I like the game anyway offline/ online the boses,arena,the event, Adventure,in the fist place second i hate to make this account its really unsave, unsafe. Why if you remove your app on the phone you will never ever ever ever play it i guest you download AND play from the begening.plss time. Plass give me back my account, my game style i’ ko give 5 star.

  36. Ramsey dice:

    Huge progress wall around lvl 20/8k power. PvP matchmaking is beyond frustrating, 3 out of my last 5 losses were against people significantly more powerful (Ex. Lvl22 vs 50, lvl22 vs 48, etc). Also with PvP, if you don’t defeat your opponent before time runs out, you lose. Even if you have a huge health advantage. I was fighting a lvl 47 and would have won if I had another 30seconds on the clock

  37. I love the game, Period! But it would be a bit better if some characters did not have the ability to chain-stun by hitting non-stop in PVP, hope I explained well what I mean.

  38. I’m having a great time with this game, but I don’t believe I’m versing real people in PvP Arena? I’ve made my to Silver 1 so far, and every opponent I have just jumps and dashes around using basic attack every so often? I haven’t lost one yet because my oponents just basic attack?? What’s up with that??

  39. Its a great game, fun to play. But for some reason premium materials have more potential than gold materials hmmmmm. But I recently purchased a level pass, level 30, and I’m at level 31 yet I didn’t receive my rewards. I filed report forms yet I haven’t gotten a reply.

  40. An absolutely amazing game … Until the 1st mandatory update now the damn game crashes everytime I try to load it up … Y’all need to fix it!!!! because I’m not though with this game by far : problem fixed and the newest update … Man this game keeps getting better and better ! Definitely a fan !!!

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