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Accurate weather forecast and beautiful weather & clock widgets
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Get accurate local or worldwide weather forecasts easily with live weather updates, hourly and daily weather forecasts and timely weather alerts. Check the weather for today, tomorrow or the weekend with our easy to use app and widgets

The app features the following:

– No ads
– Local weather: Automatically keep track or your location as you move and get accurate real time weather reports and alerts
– Different weather providers for more accurate weather forecast information for any location in the world
– Current weather conditions that include current, high, low and feels like temperatures, humidity, probability of rain and snow, wind speed and direction, heat index and much more
– Daily weather forecast summary for the next 7 days
– 12 hour weather preview (temperature, precipitation), comfort index (dew point, humidity, wind chill, feels like), UV index and wind forecast
– Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, moon phases and daylight duration
– 10 day weather forecast
– 72 hour weather
– Hourly wind forecast
– Weather radar images for temperature, precipitation (rain and snow), pressure and wind
– Current temperature notification
– Daily and hourly weather graphs for temperature, precipitation, wind, pressure and humidity
– Live weather alerts: Get notified for selected weather conditions – receive alerts about good or bad weather in advance
– Live wallpaper – Automatically change the home screen wallpaper according to the current weather condition
– Accurate weather reports for any location worldwide, for up to 10 locations
– Various weather and clock widgets with many customization options
– Customizable alerts for high and/or low temperature and winds
– Many personalization options: Change the weather background and layout, weather icons, widget skins, text color and more

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Premium features (available with subscription)
– Extended temperature notifications (including hourly or daily forecast)
– Animated doppler weather radar with support for different layers (precipitation, temperature, wind, clouds), different map styles, customizable animation speed and more
– Hurricane and storm tracker. See active storms on a map, watch their course, forecasted route and estimated location times
– Air quality information (including 4 day air quality forecast)
– Access to all premium weather icons and animated backgrounds

Regular updates
– We listen to our users and we work to make our app better. If you have any problems, requests or suggestions for improvement, email us at [email protected] We are always happy to hear from you!


Version 6.11.5
- Bug fixes (chance of precipitation on daily card)

Version 6.11.1
- UI improvements
- Bug fixes and optimizations

Version 6.10.1
- New widget skins (weather background image)
- Important bug fixes, UI improvements and optimizations


40 comentarios en "Transparent clock weather Pro MODDED 2022"

  1. This used to be such a great weather app with a set of nice, customizable, and easy-to-use all in one weather widgets for the discerning user. However, since the indroduction of the premium subscription update, I’ve been more and more upset with every passing day with certain features being locked behind a monthly paywall. I would rather a premium version let me pick, choose and buy only the features I want instead of bulk subscription for a blood money payment every month, it’s ridiculous.

  2. Tom Rivera dice:

    I’ve had this app since it’s beginning! I’ve watched it progress through the years to its current software version which is well developed. I’ve turned everyone who will listen to me on to this app. I’ve sold it mainly because of the options. Who else let’s you pick what radar or what computer imaging company you want to look at. Look at all 3 if you don’t know yet which one is more accurate for your area. Love love love. I don’t think I get the ads. Paid for premium years ago. Smart move!!

  3. Very good. Customisation widgets, several providers to choose from, customisable alerts. The best feature for me is the sheer amount of information it gives, the obvious things (temperature, wind speed etc) all the way to things like moon phases. The only minor issue (and it is minor) is sometimes the location shows your position incorrectly, not by much, but at the street level (it says you’re on street A when you’re on street B), just an annoyance. But this is a well produced and solid app.

  4. Overall, this is probably one of the best weather apps available, and on the whole, I’m fairly happy with it. If I were to offer a small critique, it would be that the app could benefit from a section on atmospheric quality, i.e. smog index, pollen count, etc. Add that, and this app would be about as close to perfect as one could ask.

  5. Exactly what I wanted. A transparent widget that has the time, temperature, and weather. Easy to tap on the weather and get extended forecast, easy easy to tap on the date and get the Google Calendar. Nice set of options for widgets. You can have just the temperature, 5-day forecast, current weather, time, or a combination of all of those. The only thing I would ask for is a 3 by 1 and 3 by 2 widget with the time nice and large plus the temperature really large. No ads! Price reasonable.

  6. Outstanding app. The developers are also very responsive. Neweset version has a bug where My Location does not refresh. It stays on the prior location, even when I have the refresh set to 30 minutes. I have to manually select My Location from the menu to get the widget and app to set the correct location. My settings on my phone have not changed, including all location settings which are on. This was an old bug that had been worked out previously.

  7. Perfect in every way. I spent days looking at various weather apps, I couldn’t find exactly what I needed until I tried this one. It uses Foreca forecasting service which is highly accurate, has multiple sizes of home screen widgets and is configurable in every way you can imagine. This app has it all. Great job Developers! I then purchased it to avoid the ads.

  8. I don’t rate apps often and write reviews even less but sometimes I’ll do one when there’s good reason. And this app gave me good reason.(and that reason is why it’s only getting three stars.) I searched a good bit for a good widget for a smart watch that would do the time but also allow me to control the background and this was the best for that. Good enough that I paid for it (which is also something kinda rare for me.) But when it’s popping up “please rate our app” every time I try opening the app (which should be under the developer’s control) but then I CAN’T rate it because the “OK” or ” no way” buttons are hidden due to the low screen resolution (which might not be under the developer’s control since it may be a layout controlled more by Android itself) then it’s rather difficult to even use the app. I’m able to get rid of the screen via a bluetooth keyboard and then hitting “enter” (or maybe “tab” and then “enter”, etc) to trigger the hidden buttons but apps that keep wanting to pop-up the “please rate me” are really annoying. And this isn’t the first time I had an unviewable dialog box appear in this app (I just don’t recall what the other one was for.)

  9. It’s beautiful, practical, and I love it. Developer: there is a slight style bug in the widget (4×2 hourly, probably others too). When you select the time to be on the right, then underneath the time is the current condition text. Likewise, under the current condition graphic is the date. Super easy fix: just switch the date text and current condition text for that case.

  10. I love this app. I’ve been a paid user for a while but I was a free one for years before. It’s a rock solid app and I use it on all my devices. I particularly love the integration of system information such as RAM and other storage space levels as well as the granular information with weather such as wind speed, dew point, barometric pressure, etc. Keep up the great work, Devs.

  11. Widgets can’t have the time on the right since v3.50.#? July 2019 review: Love it, especially the widgets. Jan. 2020 update: same! I love how it keeps getting better, even though I didn’t realize there was room for improvement! It’s my go-to weather app, along with Weather Underground (this gets its data from Weather Underground, but presents it differently). I’d like is to have more favorite cities, bc I like to see the weather where my friends are; 10 is not enough! Otherwise it’s awesome!

  12. Seen several negative top reviews, not sure why. Never had any issues with the app (Note 4/9). The premium version removes the ads from all the menus. I guess the subscription service is for the animated radar. For something that i use every single day (the widget) i think that $6.50 is a fair price to have no ads. Very clean app with no bloat and every bit of info you would need

  13. Excellent full feature weather app and great widget! The weather detail is awesome. Full ability to control the appearance. Perhaps the best weather app of all. I have looked at dozens of weather applications and yes there are some that are very good but I still return to this one. A fine application and a slick widget. I have used it for years. I can also state the developer is excellent. Still great after all these years!

  14. Love the app! Lots of information presented in an easy to understand format and beautiful graphics. Displays not just the hourly temperature forecast for the day but chance of rain, humidity, UV exposure, wind direction and speed besides advisories. There’s more information but that’s what I’ve been paying attention to so far

  15. Very reliable weather app. Has worked well with two different Samsung phones. Upgraded to no ad version because I like it. Good widget on my home page. Added features, like alarm, don’t appear to function but that’s not a problem as I have other apps for that. Weather-wise, it is the best I have used.

  16. Excellent Weather+ App!!! Its Clean, Fast, Very Customizable, and Well Organized! I really like the desktop widget that includes my upcoming events Calendar. Unlike many apps with few options, this one has tons but is so well organized it stays easy to use. Love that I can customize the look, change units, and select what I want to see.

  17. I’ve tried so many other weather widgets that are either ugly or don’t have many of the features you would want. This widget provides you with all the information you would ever need in a beautiful display. Customization options seem endless. If you rely on a home screen weather widget for timely and truly informative information, this is the app for you. The paid version is worth 10 times the small cost.

  18. Great Gaphics and Lay Out. My 2 star are basised on the additional cost for Advance Radar and Background effects. $12.00 a year or $1.00 each month is too much since the radar can be odserved for free from another FREE downloaded app and the “Live Graphics” are just not worth this excessive cost. I’ve already had paid to remove the adds! Otherwise, a Great App as long as it doesn’t keep reaching into your wallet.

  19. Recently the app closes every time I open it. I have a widget on my home screen which works fine but whenever I open the app it closes unexpectedly. I paid for this version and now it doesn’t work at all. Update 4-24-2020 The above issue has currently been resolved by clearing the cached data. I appreciate the quick response from the developer on providing information and a resolution for the issue. I’ll add another star in a week if I don’t have any more problems.

  20. Great app, inaccurate weather providers. Can’t say enough good things about the app itself, really good thoughtful design, tons of customization options, very intuitive etc. However, since discontinuation of Weather underground, both the temps and forecasts have been wildly inaccurate, especially the temps, by up to 15° F. In all other respects a stellar app, if it weren’t for the above issue, would’ve been 5 stars

  21. what happened to this app???? have had it for years… suddenly, I no longer have the option to “draw border on time” “shadow on time” or to choose the color! I used the separate choices after unchecking the default box BUT STILL NO BORDER. also, I no longer have multiple fonts! system font only! wth is going on with this? why would you take away features? really, really annoyed. please fix this, or I will find a different app. 4×1 widget on LG G6 (also, 5×2 widget doesn’t work, really???)

  22. Weather app very slow to update Weather forecast unless you do it manually. Weather is not very accurate usually a minimum 5 degrees lower when it’s hot or 5 degrees warner when it is cold. The Weather providers you use are not very accurate. To compare with the Weather Channel or even the national Weather service. I would use there widgets if they had a transparent one.

  23. App is a great one – only a couple of noticeable flaws I found that kept me from awarding 5 ⭐ – the fact that you have to subscribe to premium services to get live backgrounds related to the app is a HUGE disappointment for me!! Why won’t the developers just make it available for purchase, instead of withholding certain – (the best) – features for a monthly/annual subscription! Better yet – include it with the ad-free version we bought!! Would be an easy 5 ⭐ for me; barring these flaws.

  24. EDIT: Ad-free? So what do you call images in an app that ask you to pay for something additional? I call them ads. ORIGINAL REVIEW: You need to subscribe to “Premium” and pay monthly or yearly fees to use certain icons or backgrounds despite the fact that this is already a premium version of the free app offered by the same developer. Monthly fees for a few backgrounds and icons. What an absolute joke. There’s about a million weather apps on the Play Store, skip right over this one.

  25. As someone who follows the weather alot and needs accurate info this is one of the best. Lots of details, great widgets and for my area, weather underground is one of the most accurate sources. Only wish the widgets had some graphs and more hours on the hourly. I have had a hard time finding a weather app with reliable sources and good widgets together.

  26. there used to be more options for customization of widgets. I dont have the option to put borders around fonts or change fonts anymore. REPLY: Thank you for the response! That is understandable. There are still plenty of options for customization. Great app! Have used it for years! 5 stars

  27. I broke the screen on my previous phone, bought the same phone again, used, and set it all up but couldn’t remember the weather application I was using. All I knew was the stock version was sorely lacking. After some digging and refreshing my memory I got this baby back. Truly incredible details and I missed it immensely in the short time I didn’t have it. Top notch.

  28. PAID 4/12/19. Now refund $8.99. Great for weather but fails requirement for clock. “Transparent” in the title led me to think this app would continue to display home screen apps like a theme. Instead, this program makes me manually run this app ; then takes over the entire view. Settings are robust, but misleads without any real setting to make the background transparent to the home. Thus defeating simplicity to always and easily view time at a glance, then tap into weather.

  29. I’ve been using Transparent Clock & Weather for about 4 years now, I’ve always liked the interface. In the early days they used Foreca for weather, which I’m glad they replaced with WU. I like the addition of radar, (or at least it’s more accessible than it used to be!). Lots of useful interface settings.

  30. very good app and worth the purchase price! setting a minor issue: next alarm shows the next alarm time plus 5 minutes. for example, my morning alarm is set for 6:20am. this widget indicates alarm is 6:25. I’ve changed the alarm time and the widget updates, but always adds give minutes. otherwise, excellent app. fyi, on Samsung Note 8.

  31. Laura Jean dice:

    I have used and loved this app for years, but sadly I’m looking for another. There is simply not an accurate forecast partner for Canada, and temp is always off by as much as 3 degrees C using any provider (when compared with Environment Canada). This has gotten worse over time, not better. Very disappointing. If the actual data were accurate, I would give it 5 stars as all the features and customizations are superb.

  32. Dan H dice:

    used it for years and even paid for it. There was no subscription. Today I got a bill from google that said I was on a trial and that the subscription will be renew in a couple of days. What a scam. First, I never changed it to a trial and the subscription price was two dollars higher than advertised in the play store. It will be reported to google and every android forum I am a member of.

  33. Update: they responded fast with a solution. The hourly/daily switch is now optional, and can be enabled/disabled from inside the advanced options. Old: – Cannot ad the hourly widget anymore, as it switches right away to the daily one. – Cannot switch between hourly and daily anymore, by taping the bottom icons. Still probably the best weather widget, but the dreaded feature creep is lurking in the shadows.

  34. R CC dice:

    Since the latest “update” I can no longer resize the widget on my home page. As a result I have to sacrifice the number of apps I display to accommodate the widget! Why not leave it as it was? Update: A very helpful response from support, so am confident this issue can now be resolved.

  35. I paid ten euros for a full license to this in May, which the script-kiddy annulled by August, because he wants monthly fees for presenting data that he downloads from the servers of the people who do the real work. One star is two too many.

  36. K W dice:

    Okay. As promised… you’ve got it guys, you’ve earned it. 5 stars for you. Thank you very much for listening. The app is really good, pretty accurate, and that hourly feature is extremely useful. In general I can recommend this app. No regrets and no penny wasted.

  37. Pauline dice:

    All summer this app has been wrong. The temperature is correct but everyday it says thunderstorms/rain, and everyday…none. Where does this app pull its predictions from?

  38. Best weather and clock application Only problem i have had is that every device i use it, it wants me to pay for the pro version again when it has been previously purchased.

  39. Overall good app with many options. One annoying is missing though. The app marks the “weekend” days in yellow as Saturday and Sunday. However in many countries the weekend is Friday and Saturday. There is no way to change that.

  40. Loved this and used it for years now. It just keeps getting better. This latest update did cause the app to lose the locations I had stored, but it’s no trouble to add them back. Thanks for the solar noon fix!

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