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Disney+ is the streaming home of your favorite stories. With unlimited entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic, there’s always something to explore. Watch the latest releases, Original series and movies, classic films, and TV shows with new stories added every week.

When opening Disney+ for the first time on or after March 16, all subscribers in the U.S. will be prompted to update their Parental Controls. This includes the option to select content ratings restrictions for each profile as well as to add a PIN to lock profiles. Those that choose to keep their settings the same will continue to enjoy Disney+ as they always have within a TV-14 content rating environment, with the option to make changes at any time under Profile settings.

Stream and download Originals like Loki, and fan favorites like Frozen and The Simpsons.

With Disney+, you get:
• Exclusive new Originals from the creators of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic
• Access to new releases, timeless classics and past seasons of your favorite TV shows
• GroupWatch, a way to watch Disney+ together, even when you’re apart
• Unlimited downloads on up to 10 devices
• Over 100 titles in 4K UHD and HDR
• The capacity to watch on four screens at once at no extra cost
• IMAX Enhanced, see the full scale and scope with IMAX’s expanded aspect ratio. Available with certain Marvel titles and accessible on all devices where Disney+ is supported.
• Multiple parental control features including Profile PIN, Kids Profiles, Kid-Proof Exit. Account holders can change an individual profile’s content rating at any time under Profile settings.

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For help with Disney+, please visit: http://help.disneyplus.com.
For our Subscriber Agreement and other policies please visit: https://disneyplus.com/legal.

Your California Privacy Rights: https://www.disneyplus.com/legal/your-california-privacy-rights
Do Not Sell My Information: https://www.disneyplus.com/legal/privacy-policy

The content available on Disney+ may vary by region. Some titles shown above may not be available in your country.


We've been fixing things up. A bug fix here. An update there. We hope you find your streaming experience even better.


73 comentarios en "Disney+ MODDED"

  1. Tom Gerety dice:

    Extreme slowness and annoying issues. The movement between screens is EXTREMELY slow. I’m connected to a 1 GB wifi signal and I’m still sitting and waiting for items to load. The profile downloads is an issue. If you download something on your device to watch later, then someone else uses your device on a different profile (my kid)…. When you go to watch you item on the plane, you CAN’T CHANGE PROFILES WITHOUT BEING CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET!?!? That makes 0 sense.

  2. Doesn’t get past the loading screen. Used to work just fine with no issues. Hope we’re not being billed for the almost month of not being able to access it otherwise I’m going to be very unhappy. I just installed what I’m guessing is the newest update like 15 mins ago (10/28/22) and IT STILL DOESN’T WORK. Uninstalling and canceling our subscription. Ridiculous. And STILL being billed on top of not being able to use it is even more ridiculous. There’s going to be a dispute for sure.

  3. Getting sick of this. Latest update broke the app. Now it won’t load and instead just constantly pops up the Error 83 message, which is the incompatible device error code. Which is weird, considering I never had trouble with it running before on this device. But as Disney tech support told me, it’s still apparently my fault somehow. Sure. Whatever.

  4. Does not work on Samsung Android tablet whatsoever. It works on the TV but I’ve been trying for weeks and the app won’t even load on my tablet, just spins indefinitely and occasionally shows an error message. New update didn’t fix the problem, either. The TV app is mediocre as well, with a clunky interface. With all their billions of dollars, you’d think Disney could afford the bare minimum: to create a functional and working app. Ridiculous.

  5. Ever since the last update in September 2022, this app will not open on my phone. It will open on every other device, including when I use this device as the hot spot. Makes no sense, the Disney costumer service blames it on the bandwidth. So frustrating. It has to be something to do with the last update. My phone is not old either, it’s a Galaxy note 10.

  6. I’ll start by saying just a great app on a lot of devices, however it will NOT work at all on a Galaxy Tablet. Not sure if any other devices run into similar issues, but it will let you log in and then hit you with an Error Code 83 message. This occurs when there Disney thinks you are using an incompatible device. The only fix I’ve seen for this (besides waiting on Disney+ to fix it) is to call the help number, try all their fixes, and hopefully one will work.

  7. The app flickers in my tv as though I have bad connections in my cables. I’ve updated them and the device and it still happens. Now Disney has the bright idea that if I want to update anything on my profiles I have to change my password in order to do it. What?! Why?! This makes no sense and only makes everyone’s life so much harder!!! The shows are good but you make us not want to bother with your ridiculousness!

  8. It would get 5 stars if it would work on my tv!! But it only works on my phone! I got this streaming service to watch on my firestick and everytime I try and watch it an error pops up instead of going to the actual app. I’ve called customer service all it wants me to do it restart and unplug and try it again and then they say it’s not compatible with my internet but all the other apps work on my firestick!!

  9. Belle L dice:

    Picture-in-picture does not work at all (tho it works for all of my other streaming apps, like Hulu, Netflix, and Prime). I had problems downloading anything after the last app update. To fix this, I had to turn off the Wifi setting on my phone, use data to start downloading, and then turn the Wifi back on. With the backing of Disney, this app should not be so buggy. It’s too bloated and needs to be streamlined.

  10. How can Disney have so much money and the app be this horrible? Stays on the loading screen most of the time. When I do get past it, there is an error code or it kicks me out when trying to load something. Makes me change my password all the time. It used to work somewhat ok, but the last couple months the app is pretty much useless. I’m giving it one more month to be fixed, then I’m dropping the service. At this point, I’m wasting my money.

  11. Aram Ortiz dice:

    First and foremost I love the whole idea/concept of the Disney + app. The problem is there’s always technical issues. Which never seem to get completely resolved. If you guys can fix all those errors you would be a great app something that brings smiles and happiness to each and every person watching no matter where they are in the world.

  12. It’s been really annoying lately. It won’t let me download except over wifi no matter what I do with the permissions, so I have to wait until I’m visiting family every few weeks, no cell service on the ranch. Then if I pause the video it won’t play again until I exit the video, or the app, or even try restarting my phone. Then fast forward to where I was at. Sometimes I have to do that 5-10 times per video with a baby around.

  13. At this point in time, I will be giving this app 1 star. It no longer works for me on my device, but it works fine for every other device I have tried it on, except mine. I pay too much for it every month for it to not work. Basically I AM throwing my money away when I pay for Disney+. There have been some really good shows/movies added to the lineup and yet my kids and I cannot watch any of it. I can’t rate my experience if I cannot get past the blue screen with Disney on it.

  14. Since I pay for Disney plus I would expect I could use it on all my platforms but, it absolutely refuses to work on my phone which I primarily watched it on since I don’t spend much time at home. It’s disappointing to say the least. (Update 10/26/22) No change has been made, and coming from a big company like Disney this is ridiculous. I am definitely cancelling my subscription though I love watching the movies and shows the app has to offer. But again, if I can’t use it on my phone it’s useless

  15. So I have downloaded the app, installed the latest update, signed up for the monthly service and when I open the app it just stays on the first Disney+ screen with the spinning icon and never loads past this page. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times. And nothing worked. Also I have troubleshooted to make sure it’s not my wifi connection. Please let me know what i can do to resolve this. I’d really like to watch Hocus pocus 2;!!! Thanks!

  16. Have had on my phone for a while and now all of a sudden I can’t load it on my phone. The app won’t even open. Error 83 is all I get. Tried Uninstalling and reinstalling. Logged out and back in. Turned off device was on wifi. I contacted Disney plus on multiple occasions and no response. Will discontinue subscription if I cant watch it on my phone.

  17. Devin R dice:

    the app literally does not work. I pull it up and it a screen comes up with the waiting circle. after a minute or two, it says error code 83. per the help center, I’ve closed and reopened the app, un-installed and re-downloaded it, restarted my phone, etc., etc. I have full 5g, so that’s not the issue. why do I pay for something I can’t use?? side note.. apparently you can’t watch it online because the site directs you to download app. I’m over it; do better, disney.

  18. I bought a subscription through the app and when I log in it tells me to complete my subscription. And it does not show up in my Google play subscriptions. I contacted Disney plus and they said since I purchased the subscription through the app that the issue is with Google play but I can’t seem to get the issue resolved. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE THROUGH THE APP!!!! Now I’m afraid I will be getting charged every month and I can’t even find subscription to use it or cancel it. This is very irritating!!!

  19. Error code 83 is going to be the death of me. I’m so fed up with this app. It works on my tv and through the browser on my computer, but not the app on my phone or my daughters tablet. It’s been like this for over 2 months now. And nothing fixes it. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it like the help center tells you to and it doesn’t work. These are not old devices either. What is the point of paying for this service if it doesn’t work on the devices I need it to the most? Fix it please!!

  20. Jen R dice:

    We keep getting a spinning blue circle in the center of the screen, all throughout watching any show. Often it stops and buffers for long seconds … interrupting streaming. It’s really irritating. And I have a new phone, have done all of the busual troubleshooting and do not have this issue on any other streaming service. Please fix!!!

  21. Downloaded episodes won’t play. You had it fixed once, then updated and ruined it again. The whole point of downloading episodes, is that you should be able to play them when you are not connected to the network. When I open the app with no internet, you should show me my downloads, not say “network error, retry”.

  22. S. Ramsey dice:

    Love it. Chromebook users have to pay more attention to apps because a lot of them do not work with Chrome OS. This one works brilliantly, and as a full-time RV`er that is one more thing that eases a move, or staying so many places that I do not have cable access at. Plus, Disney has a ton of content and I watch it often. Easy to use, easy to connect with, easy to enjoy!

  23. B Williams dice:

    PIP either doesn’t exist or work for Android, which, in the year of 2022, is very frustrating. “Continue Watching” section often doesn’t show most recent shows/movies you’ve been watching and is positioned WAY too low. It should be 1 of the first 2 things you see but you have to scroll to find it at #10??? RIDICULOUS. Shows/movies often don’t pick back up where I left off. You can only see so many “Favorites.” Takes a while to load every time you rewind/fast forward. No bueno.

  24. Ryno dice:

    It was only a matter of time b4 this grossly large entity forced an ad-tier version on us. Are billions & billions of dollars not enough? Everyone reading this knows, we “cut the cord” approx. a decade ago to cut down on overpriced, inflated, ad-bloated media networks; now it has come back around and every network (it seems) has their own “Plus”, app, streaming option and we must subscribe to several just to pick and choose content. It adds up to worse than before! I’ve more to say but no space!

  25. This app doesn’t have a play movie/show from beginning button. It also seems to have trouble with its CC options. It really doesn’t give you the option to jump around easily or smoothly like the other apps. All you can do is hit back a bunch of times to get where you want.

  26. I went from not having an issue with it loading on my phone to now it won’t even go past the load screen. Works on my Playstation, firestick and even my parents TV. I watch my shows while I’m on my breaks at work. Can’t do that now. I’ve reinstalled it and even cleared the cache and data to see if that helps and it doesn’t. It needs to be fixed.

  27. Jen Lea dice:

    The app quick working on my phone and it gives me an error code that it’s not compatible….I also have the app on my roku with the ethernet connected directly to it and it so slow to load still. It gets glitchy or freezes if you try to skip. Sometimes it just freezes and you have to exit the app. Guess I’ll stick with Hulu and the others since they work. And they have the picture in pictures so I can do other things on my phone. Disney plus needs to up their game big time.

  28. What a terrible app. Where do I even begin? I cant watch anything. Every 10 seconds, the video freezes but the audio continues. Downloads dont play. It just gives an error message, whether connected to wifi or not. Its not my internet because all my other streaming apps work just fine. I got charged twice for a subscription even after talking to support and getting a “15 day free trial” for the inconvenience. Just a piece of garbage app. Works fine on the Microsoft app store. Why not Google?

  29. HORRIBLE DOWNLOADS!!!!!!! I have downloaded movies and shows multiple times from wifi and cell service, then when I start to watch download it is not there. It indicates it has downloaded, however, there is 0 minutes to view! Time after time after time! And the app is very glitch and slow to open a different screen, it would be less frustrating to attempt to watch a movie using dial up internet!!! Never had issues streaming on TV. This will probably only be read by bots and buried in Matrix!

  30. The user interface needs a little work. I think the movies need to be categorized a little more. Specifically for the mobile app, it would be nice if you could watch it while it was minimized, while you were using another app. I know I can do that with Amazon Prime and YouTube. And I think you can do it with Netflix too. But as soon as you minimize the screen it closes it out. Other than that, I’m pretty satisfied. UPDATE: after the review I left 2 years ago, they have made no improvements !

  31. Cici D dice:

    I keep getting and error 83 while trying to use it on my Onn Roku TV. (USE TO WORK JUST FINE) I have literally tried EVERYTHING they say to do to fix it and still nothing works. My device is compatible and the wifi connection is all fine. I have restarted devices, cut off and back on, unplugged and replugged, the list goes on and on. Was trying to watch Hocus Pocus 2 and paid for a month for absolutely nothing. Apparently this is a very common issue that has yet to be fixed on the apps side.

  32. I was just about to install the app in my phone, but decided to read the reviews first. They are so bad, and almost all have the same problems of app stucked in the start of the program, and constant loading, etc. Well, Disney+, you should be ashamed of your poor performance and not answering your customers or explaining what the problem is, and what you are doing to solve it. I will stay with Netflix and Hulu.

  33. The app won’t load at all. I can’t even get it to go past the Disney plus logo and spinning wheel after clearing the cache, Uninstalling, reinstalling still does nothing. You can’t watch it from a browser because it requires you to download the app. One of the most frustrating apps I’ve ever used and based on other reviews it appears I’m not the only one experiencing this issue.

  34. I just started subscribing a few days ago and I’m having issue with logging in. I’ve had to change my password everytime I log in because I get an error message that my password is wrong. I’ve used this password for year’s with other things. Also the generated codes don’t work when trying to watch on my other devices. The app wouldn’t be bad at all if it worked.

  35. I had no problems before and really enjoyed this app. Now it stops and the little spinner spins every few minutes while I’m watching something. This has been happening for about the last month or so. I’ve deleted & reinstalled, cleared cache, and my phone is an S20 FE so it’s not an old system. It’s very frustrating, I hope this gets fixed.

  36. Have no clue how this app has four and a half Stars! I see nothing but bad reviews about loading issues and I’m having the same problem as everyone else. The app never loads, even with full service! Not worth the money when I can never watch it… Always constantly stuck on the loading screen, no matter what service I have. Have four other streaming devices on my phone and none of them have this problem at all.

  37. Doesn’t work on Android. I have a Moto Z4 and when I watch anything on the app, the video doesn’t show. I can hear the audio, see the subtitles, and scrub through the progress bar to see the scene preview. But watching the content is not possible………. (Every time I launch this app and the problem isn’t fixed, I add a period at the end of my review)

  38. Renea H. dice:

    To many glitches, a lot of times can’t watch anything because the app stops. And you all need to create a widget for this app! ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! We as customer’s like to be able to watch Disney plus and be able to do other things on our devices, without having to stop eating what we’re watching just cause we have other things to do. Other paid for app service’s subscriptions have widget’s and even other apps that we can watch movies and tv shows that are free they even have widget’s.

  39. Downloaded (and paid for the subscription for) this app for Halloween, so I could watch my favorite Tim Burton movies, but can’t even stream them. I can login, I can view everything on Disney+, but when I click play, it doesn’t work. It takes me to a loading screen that never loads and I can’t get anything to stream. Good thing I only paid $2.99 for this month, cause I’m cancelling after this. Paying for films and tv that I can’t even stream??? Not very on brand, Disney. Get it together.

  40. JC Park dice:

    Updated on 10/28/22 and version still experiencing infinite loading screen. I’m done. It’s been like this for months. I’m canceling my premium. Disney whether it’s the resort or the app, it’s been disappointing lately. Don’t tell me we have to pay more now? Just like we have to pay extra for fast pass.

  41. I WILL change my review, but someone needs to help us first. I’m kinda TICKED OFF at Disney+ right now because I can’t watch my favorite shows and I’m stressed out. They said they fixed it, but no. I’ve restarted my phone, un-installed and re-installed the app, and waited 20 minutes for all of this to work. But, I’ve received nothing and it is NOT working, not even the TV version of Disney+. I would SERIOUSLY appreciate it if someone could trouble shoot this problem for us. Thank you in advance.

  42. The app does nothing but freeze. Close, reopen. Still didn’t load after 5 minutes? Close. Turn off wifi. Try again. Still not working? Restart phone. Try wifi again. Holy cow, still nothing but a spinning circle. Thought it might be latency issues or something. Nope. Can hop on and off Netflix with no issues. HBO MAX? Works like a charm. But Disney? Wow. Took 2 hours to get one season to finish a download.

  43. This app is pure garbage. Finding content is hard. Playing content is buggy. The app is EXTREMELY functionally limited. I use this app constantly and find myself falling back to other services because im tired of fighting with it. This app needs to be completely redone from the ground up. -Search options are weak -Results are unreliable and inconsistent -It’s slow, freezes and fails to load content constantly (galaxy s21) -Basic options are broken or missing (auto-playback, playlists, and so on)

  44. I love the content, of course, but for an app that is supposed to support offline viewing, it is very fragile regarding your online connection, and does not gracefully change from an online to offline state (like, boarding an airplane) or vice versa. Why do connection issues result in a message that my PIN is incorrect?!?! I know my PIN!!! And so does my device, because I can authenticate just fine when offline. It’s only when I am plagued by the spinning blue wheel of waiting that I see this

  45. Love the movies but the app could be so much better. I miss the features Netflix has, automatic small picture view if you want to use your phone while you watch, ease of switching episodes (you either have to get out of it and scroll to where you were or wait through half the credits for the next episode button to appear and click it fast before it disappears). Also, sometimes it looses your place and you have to find out where you actually left off.

  46. Since being forced to change my password to be a single sign on email/password combo across the bundled apps, I can no longer get the app to work. I can’t log in, I can’t do anything. It just spins and spins. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, along with powering down and turning my phone back on, clearing the data and cache and still spinning.

  47. Mia dice:

    I love Disney+ for my toddler. As far as the app itself… it is so incredibly frustrating to use, especially with my Chromecast. It takes FOREVER to load/ super laggy and it glitches all the time. For a platform as big as Disney, you’d think the app would work a bit more seamlessly. Also wish there was an option to automatically skip opening segment for each episode of a show, instead of having to press it each time. This is where it lags or glitches alot of the time.

  48. What’s the point of downloading videos for offline streaming, if you can’t watch them without a network connection? 5/5 Disney Content, 0/5 Streaming Player Edit – 1 year later. Still the absolute worst video player and their streaming service is garbage. I’ve got 50mb download and I can’t even get 1 video to load without stuttering every 20 seconds. No problems with Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. They work great compared to Disney…

  49. Great movies, terrible app. Takes forever to load. Take forever to catch up when you skip 10secs back or forward. It’s pretty hard to skip to different parts of the movie or show. God forbide you forgot to pause before you got up because its going to take a few mins to find your place because its hard to just back and forth on Phones and iPads and Tablets and PS and Xbox. I have Hulu, Amazon, Peacock, Netflix, and HBO and they don’t have any of the same problems.

  50. DaSeal147 dice:

    A decent streaming service on home devices, but the mobile app simply doesn’t work. YouTube, Paramount+, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and other services work just fine as intended on my phone, but Disney+ has choppy, inconsistent connection, has constant errors, and I don’t understand why. I would just download the episodes or season of a show to my device, but when given the option to use mobile data, it kicks me out right back to the options. And I know it isn’t my device settings that are the issue.

  51. Will gladly change my review when fixed but it’s been almost a month and I continue to get the “could not connect to Disney+. Please try again later if the issue persists” error. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve reset the phone. I’ve tried loading on WiFi and over data. Nothing works it’s clearly the app that’s not working. If I hit 30 days of paying this subscription without having access to it, I will be cancelling.

  52. Its great when it works. This app works when it wants to and on devices it wants to work on. Doesn’t matter the bandwidth, if its been updated, clear the cache, data, etc. It just over all is not consistent. And to be paying for something it should work with minimal issues or at least a company that tries to fix it or care that it has serious issues. The updates don’t fix anything either, just makes it worse.

  53. I love the content, but I am disappointed by how well it casts to my television. I consistently have pauses while it is loading/buffering, loss of captions, and downgraded definition. I do not have this problem with other streaming services, such as Netflix. It has been a constant disappointment since Disney+ first started. We love the content, please fix the software. I am reduced to watching on my phone because watching it on my tv is a constant stream of pauses to buffer.

  54. M Webbily dice:

    One of the best entertainment apps. It doesn’t matter if you pay monthly or yearly, this app has a lot of options for watching show and movies. It’s also fun to wait every week like an actual network to watch featured shows. Saving things to a watch list is super easy and the watch next suggestions fit my style. The fact that I can cast to my Google device is perfect because I like watching on my TV and even though it isn’t a smart TV, my nest mini is fully compatible with the Disney+ app. 😁

  55. I had Disney+ and Hulu. We wanted to add ESPN+, but was hesitant because it was a nightmare to cancel it the last time we had it. I called customer service with Disney+ to get the bundle package. The guy I talked to was very helpful. He walked me through setting everything back up on all my devices and making sure everything was working properly. The cost of the bundle deal is great……especially since it is NHL season and college basketball is around the corner.

  56. Something is wrong with the way their system is coded. I have had this issue on my old IPhone 12 and my new Galaxy S Ultra 22 so clearly it is not the system the app is download onto. It won’t matter how strong my internet connection is there are times when it’s almost like the movie itself is still being uploaded to the server while I’m watching. Every few seconds it has to stop to load and even if you pause to give it time the movie will still refuse to play smoothly.

  57. I used to LOVE this app, but I can’t stay I do anymore. I can start a show/movie and 10 seconds in, it freezes and loads, starts up again and 10 seconds later does the same thing over and over again. It’s so frustrating! I updated the app earlier today and somehow it’s even worse. This was my favorite app to use and now it’s just obnoxious and I’m thinking of canceling my service. Update following day: Did another update the day after and it STILL isn’t working!

  58. Anytime I try to watch Disney+ I have to wait for the movie to buffer. It’ll play for maybe 2-3 minutes and then spend about 5 minutes trying to buffer. Then it’ll play for 2-3 more minutes and then back to buffering again. It took me almost 6 hours to watch a 2 hour movie. My signal is full and any other app has no problem. Disney+ needs to fix their problems quickly. It’s getting to be a joke.

  59. Not a happy camper. I recently updated Hulu and Disney plus to save a few bucks. But so far not worth it. I have been unable to watch Disney plus through my mobile. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still not working. All it does is Spin and say loading, doesn’t do anything. Getting ready to cancel it all since I can’t enjoy it. I’m paying money just to watch a loading screen.

  60. constantly having issues with the app when it’s on wifi and not connected to the Verizon network. It forces me to turn off the wifi to access the app, then I have to turn the wifi back on, every time. I can’t even pause the show for a second without having to do this reset. Disney, kindly fix this!!!

  61. Mandy Jay dice:

    Viewing controls for “live shows” are awful. It doesn’t save my place if I start watching during the live airing, even if I’m coming in late. It has the controls available for me to “rewind 30 seconds” but that just jumps me to wherever the show is in the live show – I just missed a whole hour of the show. Now I’m stuck waiting for the replay to be available, and it will start me all the way at the beginning. Not a good experience compared with other live streaming services.

  62. Great Library, Trash App It has trouble loading all the time. It doesn’t give the option to chromecast. Sometimes the search icon isn’t there so I can look for what I want. Other times when I click on Marvel or Star Wars tab it won’t load any the shows. For being the biggest media conglomerate you really would think the app would work to wear I can find and cast my movies.

  63. Poor bandwidth algorithm and app. General UX of the app is a few levels below the competition, especially navigation and search. The streaming is always buffering, to the point of being unwatchable some days. youtube, netflix and hbomax never buffer on our network , we generally have 150Mbps+ down. There is some great content when you can find it and then watch it

  64. This app is a joke compared to Netflix. Since the last update I’m getting buffering issues when casting to my TV too. No other streaming apps have the issue and I’m getting over 200mbps download speed on my phone I’m casting from. Aside from that it doesn’t do nearly as good a job going to the next episode of a show and many times lacks skip intro and recap functionality.

  65. It sucks. We have very good internet and all our other streaming services work just fine so we know it’s the app. It constantly freezes and buffers and the sound get off track from the visual. We spend more time waiting for it to load the content than we do watching the movie/show. It’s to the point where we just turn it off and watch something else. If it doesn’t get better soon we’re unsubscribing.

  66. It seems like disney app does not do well with Chrome Cast. Everytime I try to chromecast a video on disney it will load and right before it starts it goes right back to the main menu. Even if i start the video and then try to chromecast it to my TV it will load and then right before it starts it will go back to main menu. This is the only streaming app I get buffering when viewing thru chrome cast

  67. It’s so slow, I have pretty okay internet (it’s my mom’s so I don’t know the details) but it’s good enough to run other streaming services almost no problem, Disney is the only one that has to load the movies every 20 to 30 seconds, itactually really sucks. It has all the Disney movies you’re little heart could desire, but the constant need to stop and load is really REALLY annoying and makes it IMPOSSIBLE to ACTUALLY watch the movies and shows that said little heart desires

  68. Josh dice:

    I love this app when it actually works, but it never does on mobile. It always says error 83 when I’m trying to log in. I’ve already tried many different methods to fix it and none of them work. I know it’s not my device either since Disney says it’s compatible with Samsung and it’s not my connection either since it works with other devices on the same wifi.

  69. Love the content but the streaming is awful. It has gotten steadily worse over the last 6 months. It’s very slow loading, stops to buffer or reload multiple times in a 20 minute show or has an error pop up and need to start all over. I’ve almost stopped using it due to the hiccups driving my kids nuts.

  70. This app constantly buffers on phones and tablets. Despite the app being up to date and despite having excellent connection, streaming on this app is a nightmare unless I’m on desktop or on my TV. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and YouTube all work just fine, but this app does nothing but buffer every 30 seconds. Unusable on my phone or tablet.

  71. Have been having issues everytime I have been using this app as to where it is constantly buffering. Watching Dancing with the Stars tonight and this has been the worse with the buffering. I have tried using the app through Xfinity and it says that there is an error and to try again later so then I smartcast it from my phone. Disney+ really needs to fix the issues if they are wanting people to pay for streaming.

  72. Dave Jones dice:

    This apps ability to cast has gone from not so good to I won’t work. I have 4 other paid streaming apps on my phone. All of stream without even so much as lag. This is likely a rant rating because I’ve tried to start Andor S1:E10 about a dozen times between last night and this morning. It won’t stream. I’ve tried clearing cache, clearing cache & data, forcing app stop with both of the prior two. And I’ve tried the prior combined with restaring my phone after each one. It still won’t cast.

  73. (When watching on fire stick) Always problems. Out of all the streaming platforms I subscribe to, this one is by far the most unreliable. Some nights can’t access anything. Others, it’s just giving an error or pausing every 5 – 20 seconds. With the quality of the MCU dropping, this app is becoming more and more worthless. If I didn’t have Verizon I wouldn’t have this app. I’m shorting this stock.

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