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discovery+ is the streaming home of Food, Home, Relationships, True Crime, Paranormal and so much more. Watch the best real-life shows from your favorite TV brands – including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, Magnolia Network, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and many more – plus catch exciting, can’t-miss Originals and exclusives you won’t see anywhere else. There’s something for everyone.

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With discovery+ you get:
• Your favorite shows and personalities from the best TV brands including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, Magnolia Network, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and more
• Must-see 90 Day Fiancé moments, with 200+ hours of exclusive new series and more
• Exclusive discovery+ Originals – can’t-miss, exciting new series you won’t see anywhere else
• 70,000+ episodes and 2,500+ shows – more added all the time
• An Ad-free plan option so you can enjoy your favorites without commercial interruption
• Award-winning collection of the best natural history series from Discovery and BBC – including Planet Earth, Blue Planet and Frozen Planet
• Fresh new episodes and series added all the time – from lifestyle and true crime to home improvement, food, adventure and more
• Your favorite personalities like the Irwins, Jonathan and Drew Scott, Chip and Joanna Gaines, Bobby Flay, Ree Drummond, Guy Fieri, Giada De Laurentiis, Lieutenant Joe Kenda and so many more
• Full access to watch anytime, anywhere on your mobile device, tablet, computer, game console and connected TV

• Browse or search with ease across the best in: True Crime, Paranormal & Unexplained, Relationships, Home, Adventure & Exploration, Food, Documentaries, Lifestyle, Nature & Animals, Science & Technology, and Automotive
• Watch anytime, anywhere on up to four screens at once at no extra cost
• Family Profiles now let parents customize content ratings to create a safe, kid-friendly streaming experience with optional PIN protection
• Create up to five personalized profiles
• Pick up episodes where you left off across your favorite devices
• Save episodes to watch later with My List

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• Never miss a moment of discovery+! Keep streaming while using other apps with picture in picture.
• Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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40 comentarios en "discovery+ | Stream TV Shows MODDED 2022"

  1. Matt Paul dice:

    If you have Prime, just sub through that. The content is great, but this app is absolutely awful. When it actually does work, it is CONSTANTLY buffering. Every minute is broken up by a few to several seconds of buffering and makes for a terrible experience. Unless they fix these issues before you read this (I appear to not be the only one experiencing them) DO NOT download and attempt to use this app. Again, just use Prime (if you have it) to sub the D+ channel instead.

  2. R S dice:

    I would like to change my plan to the 4.99 instead of the 6.99. The option to change was always readily available but now it’s gone. The only choices are to change payment type or cancel the subscription. If I’m not able to change my plan, I will cancel. In the beginning I gave 5 stars, dropped to 3, now 2. Because of issues with streaming, skips like a broken record, no other tv apps I have do that. The no ad plan has “00:00 ad” in the bottom right corner constantly ! Wth? It’s annoying.

  3. Ok I love the service, when it works! Sometimes the show starts ripping like a vhs tape would have if the tape got caught and my roku has to shut down and restart. Also can we please remove the “are u still there” feature? I’m always having to scramble to find the remote or my phone to catch it before it exits the app. I also put it on to help me sleep. (I need noise to sleep) and when it goes off I wake up.

  4. I love this streaming service! There are a few things I definitely suggest though! when you’re in a show and watching it didn’t allow you to get to the other episodes from what’s streaming! Also when I’m using a chromecast I can’t change the volume from the streaming page which also sucks, I can do it on Netflix. Overall it’s a good app, just needs a few tweaks here and there!

  5. FIX YOUR APP. I love discovery+ but the current problem is constant buffering or freezing, over and over after about half an hour of normal play. Before that it was that it didn’t hold my place during episodes. If I had to stop in the middle I’d have to watch the whole thing over. Sometimes multiple times. Before that if I used the backward bump button it would start over from the beginning. Before that if I tried to move the time back it just wouldn’t budge at all and just kept playing. If it’s

  6. Terrible UI system. When I play shows that were watched incompletely, it always plays from the beginning. I have to double tap my remote control to reverse play or forward anything. the UI experiences slowness when you want to reverse, play, or forward something (why go by 2,4,8,64,1**,2**, TF? just build a scroll feature) and also an ad plays which is fine, but when you go back to watching, it’s not even at the place you requested, so you have to watch more ads to get to where you want to be!

  7. myfunstuff dice:

    Fix autoplay. The status bar disappears & I cannot stop the next show from playing. It cuts off the end of the show I am watching everytime. Fast forward to the end to watch what got cut off forces ads & then starts in the wrong spot. If you leave a show and try to come back to it, it starts over & you have to fast forward & get more ads. Also, when streaming to Chromecast it buffers often. I thought it was the cc but it only happens with Discovery+. No buffering with all other streaming apps.

  8. Dalton dice:

    Very buggy, won’t even stay open now. “More info” button is visible even when no ad is playing but only sometimes, seasons and episode numbers are constantly messed up. Tilt for full screen can never make up it’s mind and freaks out (and it’s only this app). Getting to the point where I might as well end my subscription and save some money and read a book. They tend not to be buggy.

  9. I used to love it but now it doesn’t even want to open. It just says something went wrong and then tells me to try again. When it finally opens and I try to go to a different screen it takes me back to the try again screen. If it ever starts working again something that would also be beneficial is the ability to thumbs down things that you don’t want to see to help personalize the experience. Hulu has an option where you can thumbs down what you don’t want and helps you to see what you do

  10. Dude McGee dice:

    UPDATE: The catalogs are what they are but the newest update keeps the ad overlay on the screen, it won’t go away. I pay for the ad free but the overlay stays the whole time I’m watching something. It takes up too much screen space to view comfortably on the phone. Anything more than invisible is too much space taken for a service being paid for that shouldn’t even have ad notifications

  11. Crashes !! Tap the icon the app comes up and crashes back to home screen. That was before and after the latest update. Was working well until you start making “improvements” so this will be another uninstall and cancel subscription. Not paying for an icon in my app drawer!! Was decent while it lasted, but these apps always end up the same, junk !!

  12. Freezes up every time I use it. No problems on the home tv, but freezes up every time I try to watch on my tablet. Worked perfectly up until 2 weeks or so then after 40 seconds or so, just freezes on the screen. Since I am paying for this channel, not real happy, but can not find out where to cancel.

  13. Lenny dice:

    It’s good but it would be more useful with download capability for when offline. It should also have the capability to keep playing when I turn my phone screen off… A lot of the programming can be listened to without the need to look (which conserves battery).

  14. Very buggy on android at least for casting. Everything plays fine and then the ads come in and don’t stop repeating until you have to move the playhead. It’s like that on the desktop site as well except you have to refresh the page. Also ads just don’t load sometimes and you get an additional ad that pops up when you normally pause that just sticks on the screen. Other buggy things too but those being the most noticeable.

  15. This app has been junk. ALL of my other streaming apps are great. But this one constantly freezes up and it’ll play the commercials for a minute and a half, then just replay them again. Hello! I’m not paying for commercials!! It’s not my internet because everything else streams fine. And the app is updated. *UPDATE* I’m changing to a 3 star reluctantly because the streaming has become a little better. But not where it should be.

  16. Apparently something was done in this most recent update that keeps the episode I’m trying to watch from loading correctly meaning that I have to restart the app repeatedly. I love the service and have never had any trouble with it till now. I’ve done nothing differently, everything on my system is the same. Considering how much you charge monthly, this needs to be fixed!

  17. The Discovery+ app for Android is terrible, constantly crashes when trying to play its own (way too many) ads, especially when casting. Clearing its cache & uninstalling/reinstalling doesn’t improve it’s usability. Update: Discovery+ now unusable on my laptop too. When I try to play a video, I get blank screen with “Something went wrong. Reason: Other.” I’ve tried on Chrome & Firefox. The help page offers no help other than restart computer.

  18. I paid money to watch this service but their app just plain doesn’t work. It either launches for a second and force closes or I get a message saying something went wrong please try again with a button to push and when I push the button the app crashes. I’ll let a free service treat me that way but not one that I’m paying for. So since they can’t make their app work I just canceled the service.

  19. Alex Frey dice:

    I love the discovery Plus subscription I’ve got, as it lets me view show as I can’t normally watch. However as of late I cannot seem to view any shows on the app and only get a black screen during video playback with audio. So I see no picture but only here the sounds of the video. And that makes it impossible to use the app. I will adjust my rating when this problem is fixed.

  20. OF COURSE I’M OBSESSED WITH DISCOVERY +. It gives me all my beloved shows & even more! But, if you’re gonna make me pay for your app..please fix the quality of the ads. The video quality on the ads gets distorted and the volume goes way down. Also, scrolling through episodes… it is not obvious which episode is highlighted. Please make it visually easier to view selections. Also, please have a button to be able to restart an episode from the beginning. Rewinding manually ain’t it.

  21. I love the shows offered on discovery plus but the app itself is awful. It turns itself off, it restarts itself, it looses you place in TV shows, it causes my roku and fire stick to freeze and I have to unplug them to get it to work again. It also does all this stuff on my phone too. Not a reliable app. And super annoying to deal with. I’m deciding now whether to cancel my subscription because I can’t watch a show without it being interrupted 15 times with glitches.

  22. This app seems buggy at times and I find myself having to restart the app to get it to work right without freezing. However when it works, it works really good. I wish this app was like others that have Picture in Picture to allow for you to multitask if you’re using a mobile phone or tablet. I’m able to multitask on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and my IPTV service.

  23. “Edit” Months & several updates later still no fix!! Thanks for listening Discovery+ I appreciate it! Use this app on my phone, and I’ve had a problem since I downloaded it. I’ll be watching a video and if anything happens ie call,screen lock.. I try to resume the video and I get, “Sorry, there seems to be a technical issue. Please try again or select a different video. Error 24000”. And then I can’t do anything won’t play anything. All I can do is delete it & reinstall. PLEASE FIX!!

  24. The amount of content is amazing but the app is buggy. Playback seems to always be buffering with freezing video quality and skipping audio.Definitely not a network speed issue. Tech support was helpful as they could be,but I think the issues are under the hood on the app ( I work in the tech industry) . This app is also missing a lot of features like downloading content for offline watching or the ability to disable auto play. I plan to cancel and try again later after the bugs have been fixed

  25. I’m currently on day 6/7 of the free trial, I have enjoyed being able to watch some shows I haven’t seen in a while. It’s frustrating when it goes into the next episode before the current episode ends. I have found that if I pause then play it delays it a little. That’s really not ideal when your trying to multitask. The other is that its constantly buffering during the show’s a 41 minute episode shouldn’t take 1.10 min to watch. I don’t know that I will cont. past free trial.

  26. I submitted my issue about 3 months ago and they still have not been able to find a fix. There is an error when trying to stream from my Pixel 5 to my Chromecast where it keeps buffering every 2 to 5 minutes. We have done all of the troubleshooting suggested and no other streaming app has this issue when I stream using the same Pixel 5 and Chromecast. Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, they all work just fine. The support team member suggests to wait for an update… Still waiting. Great content.

  27. Fix the Android bug with Discovery+ app version 16.0 and up. It no longer shows the watched progress of series individual episodes when you look at it. You can’t see if you’ve seen the new episode of a particular series or if you possibly missed the last two. The “Continue Watching” section is a joke as well as the “Resume” button. Every other platform out there (even the free ones!) have a way to mark or show an episode as watched and this is ridiculous. Talked to support 3x now and they know!

  28. Xarken Xar dice:

    The casting feature within the app is absolutely aweful, doesn’t work half the time. It wouldn’t be so bad if the service had a console app I could use, but unfortunately it doesnt. Not to mention it can’t properly remember where I left off in shows, or even load them to begin with. I have to give a coin toss on whether or not i can actually use the service I pay for. It’s insane to me in the midst of the streaming wars there’s an app that can’t even get the basic functionality down.

  29. I like the app and it has a lot of my favorite shows. What I dislike is the “continue watching” shows you each individual episode of the shows you watch, even though you’ve watched the entire episode. Then you have to scroll through it to find where you left off. “Continue watching” should be shown by the “show” not the episode. I find this annoying.

  30. P C dice:

    Always freezing or buffering, particularly after pausing or looking for a scene. Have to constantly go out and in of the app to get streaming to work. Not an internet issue as other streaming apps work just fine. Rewinding or forwarding is not user friendly, would be much better if similar to something like Netflix where you can see what scene you’re at when forwarding or rewinding. No way to remove shows from “continue watching”list

  31. Chris dice:

    This is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used! I have multiple streaming apps including YouTube TV, Paramount+, hulu, Disney, and more and they all work flawlessly. This one is constantly stopping and buffering and on my Smart TVs the search function is screwed up. Type a Single Character into a search it registers that but then drops out of the search function so you have to go and tap on it again. There’s a lot of things I would watch if not for your terrible app, just canceled my subscription

  32. I love the content in your library, but unreliable app is a joke. and I am to the point of wanting to cancel my subscription and delete the app because I can’t reasonably enjoy the content. the stream freezes at least 5 times in less than 10 minutes of content. It acts like it’s buffering regardless of being on wifi or cellular data. Almost as often, the app gives an error saying no data connection and has to be force closed. Also, the web site forces use of the app when on a mobile connection.

  33. This app on Android device is showing Something went wrong Try again! No matter how many times you try again the app won’t launch. Also unable to launch app on tv. All other streaming apps working fine on phone and tv. Enjoy watching all the shows on Discovery plus but this is not acceptable. Only means of communication with them I have found is email. Technical support assisted in getting the apps back up and running. Thank you!

  34. M.K. dice:

    Shows have started cutting off near the end so you don’t get to finish the show. Imagine how annoying it is watching a competition show and never knowing who wins. I have been wasting so much time searching the internet trying to find the winner. For documentaries it’s the person talking then it cuts off and you’ll never know the rest of the converstation. For one it was someone searching for an animal and they found a tooth or something. We’ll never know if it actually belonged to the animal.

  35. Dawn Brown dice:

    I cancelled cable because everything I watch is offered on Discover and the last month or two, the app constantly lags. While watching a show, the show will restart at random. Also, randomly a commercial will pop up while its not time for a commercial. The app never saves where you are in the shows on continue watching. I have to write down the minutes, get to that point on my phone, and then bring it up on the tv to watch. This is so ridiculous and annoying.

  36. I absolutely love the variety of shows and find new ones on the For You tab that I’ve never seen! always adding to my list, which I use everytime. Ease of resuming shows and finding my favorites. Well worth it! I am not thrilled about the merge in 2023, but for $14.99 for both Discovery and HBO is a great deal for q senior on a budget. just dint raise it in a year!!!

  37. Holly Hill dice:

    After the last update I’m unable to watch anything for longer than a min before it buffers again. Literally I was trying to watch a show and by the 3 min mark it had stopped 3 times and buffers for over a min each time. This had been going on since the update. I see by the reviews this is a known issue that needs addressing, I have paused my subscription and if the issue hasn’t been addressed next month I’ll just go ahead and cancel

  38. Brian dice:

    Would give this 5 stars but recently content has been buffering constantly, I see many others mentioning the same problem. I stream through many different services this is the only one that has this problem, happens on multiple devices and I have made sure the app is on the latest version. Something is wrong on Discovery’s end and they need to fix it soon or I will unsubscribe.

  39. (Edit response to dev: I have the newest version and I’m still getting the ad banner.) I keep getting a little box that says ad 0:00 even though I have a paid subscription. This happens anytime it’s turned from landscape to portrait and back. The only way to get rid of it is to completely exit the app.

  40. First year the app was flawless. Past 6 months im having same problems as most others here seem to he having. Freezing and crashing non stop. Giving 3 stars because it works on laptop and home tv fine. I tried to circumvent App and watch through website on a browser but you took away that option too…. Ill give it 2 more weeks then will cancel if not fixed. While you’re at it maybe a download option and an ability to turn off Autoplay.

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