DAZN: Stream Live Sports MODDED 2022

Watch Boxing and UWCL live and on-demand on any device
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Your sport, your way.

DAZN is changing the game. Access our world-class lineup of boxing, UEFA Women’s Champions League soccer (UWCL) and more through the DAZN app. Watch live or on-demand across multiple devices so you can tune in at home or on the go.

DAZN is an English language service.


• UEFA Women’s Champions League soccer (UWCL) live on DAZN
• World championship boxing fights featuring the likes of Katie Taylor, Dillian Whyte, Josh Warrington, Conor Benn, Josh Buatsi, GGG, Ryan Garcia, Julio Cesar Martinez, Devin Haney, Demetrius Andrade, Jessica McCaskill, Terri Harper, Shannon Courtenay and more
• Live and on-demand access to Matchroom Boxing exclusively on DAZN
• Fight nights from Golden Boy Promotions
• Iconic DAZN Originals documentaries and exclusive on demand features
• Highlights covering UEFA Women’s Champions League soccer (UWCL) and boxing content
• All content available to stream live and on demand, wherever you are

This content is only available in some countries. Please check the app for availability in your country.

• DAZN works on connected devices, such as your Android TV, smartphones, tablets, web browser & gaming consoles
• Everything streams at the best quality your device can handle, up to HD
• Watch DAZN live on up to two devices at the same time
• Set reminders, pause and rewind live events

Terms of Use: https://www.dazn.com/en-US/help/articles/terms-us
Privacy Policy: https://www.dazn.com/en-US/help/articles/privacy-us

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At DAZN, we are always working on improving our service, with the aim of giving our fans the best possible sports-streaming experience. This update includes the ability to set reminders for events and receive notifications when they are about to begin. This update also contains bug fixes, general improvements, and playback enhancements.


40 comentarios en "DAZN: Stream Live Sports MODDED 2022"

  1. Luis G. dice:

    It’s ok they seem to have changed things up. But I hate that they don’t tell you ahead of time before you click on payment of any other fees or what taxes they are taking. Taxes here are 8.25% and supposed to be $84.99 before taxes which does not translate to $101.98 after tax. The most should have been $92. so that’s a over charge without any transparency on charges. FAQ no information, no email to contact, chat seems unresponsive. Makes it not worth using anymore.

  2. The service itself is great, it allows me to watch NFL in Canada. The exerience, however, is FRUSTRATING and NOT user-friendly. PLEASE, allow us to disable the autoplaying video that starts everytime you open the app. PLEASE, allow us to adjust the fast-forward/rewind amount, 30 seconds is too large for when you just missed something and want to go back, and the fast-foward interval aligns with commercial breaks so when you skip ahead the game is already in progess and you missed something.

  3. As someone below me mentioned, it’s horrible you’re unable to watch a live event without having to rewind and risking potential spoilers. Even then, I’ve tried rewinding during various live events and it never takes me back to the beginning and when I do, it isn’t really the beginning of the event but rather just an earlier segment which, again, leads to spoilers. The app is horrible.

  4. The boxing content is a 5. The app itself is a 1 or a 2. You can’t set reminders simply by sport (only by individual competitors), the calendar is cluttered with events most viewers don’t care about, and the actual player functions like it’s about 10 years out of date. It functions like they want to you to miss fights. However, I do recommend DAZN for it’s great content. But the app itself is very rough.

  5. Will not be renewing my subscription actually will see if I cancel early if there is a refund. Can’t get the app to open most of the time on my phone the logo just keeps spinning in circles and yes I have uninstalled and re installed twice then customer service responded a week or two later. Tried to watch the fight on my TV Saturday night and the buffering was terrible you couldn’t see but 2 seconds of fight every 4 minutes so switched over to ESPN+ to watch sports. Giant waste of money hopefully can cancel early if not then chalk it us as the cost of learning. The sports app is a great idea but need to make sure the DAZN system can handle the modern day needs.

  6. This is a fantastic app. The picture when casting is better that anything I currently cast and I get all my movies 4k thru Google play movies. Great fights in the vault. The best blend of combat sports to be put together in a long time, with the exception of ESPN’s sports vault, which I would say, the two are equal. All else is a distant second.

  7. I see that others have had issues with the app, but it’s worked great for me so far! Can’t beat it for the money! I got it for boxing but didn’t realize there was so much more, old fights etc! As far as other folks having issues with canceling a subscription, any app subscriptions that I currently have are listed at the play store and can be canceled at any time. I never cancel through an app itself, always through the play store. But I use, Samsung, so I’m not sure how other platforms work.

  8. Giancarlo dice:

    So far so good, I signed up for DAZN simply for boxing and I’ve watched a few fights already. My only issue is sometimes the picture gets glitchy like the frames need catching up but for the most part, it improves as time progresses. I like that I can do a split screen with this app and use another app at the same time but I would like a picture-in-picture function.

  9. The website and App need help…a lot of help. You can only cast from the App and not from a PC, fix this and all my other problems should disappear. When Casting the App crashes, is constantly buffering, the screen is so pixelated I could not read what round I was in also when Casting I cannot get the App into landscape mode, so navigating is impossible because the slidebar is tiny in portrait mode and that’s it for navigating forward. This is my second week with DAZN wish it was better.

  10. I can’t remember a SINGLE event that I’ve enjoyed the whole way through!! The app is forever freezing up! It doesn’t matter if I’m watching on my smart TV, ROKU, Fire Stick, Android phone or tablet… I cannot and have not ever enjoyed an event without having to restart or “go home” over and over and over again. I’m trying to watch Garcia/Vargas now and I’ve already exited the app 5 times in less than 7 or 8 minutes… If not for the great content this app wouldn’t deserve any stars!

  11. The video player itself works great App is slow to start. Upon launchinf the app it takes 45 seconds to start if it doesn’t fail. App fails multiple times before launching. While watching video it has a tendency to crash or rewind back minutes while fast forwarding. When the app does work i like the fast forward, skip back buttons. The time bar at the bottom is large and you can scroll through the time stamps easily without having trouble finding the actual spot you want to stop.

  12. Subscribed mainly for boxing and have not been disappointed. Love the quality and quantity of fight cards available. Really like that you can on-demand watch fights, even when a card has already started, but hasn’t finished. Occasional buffering, but not frustratingly so. Even works well when streaming from mobile data. Great app/service. (One suggestion, make watching older cards easier. Can be hard to find them thru the menu.)

  13. Definitely would not recommend! You have to re-login every time you use it…or attempt to. Login will not take you to the App, but to the Google play store so you can log in again. IF you can get to the actual App, it’s extremely slow to cast to your television (which is the whole purpose for buying it. Extremely disappointed

  14. Worked pretty well on WiFi. Cast to my TV was excellent. Though over mobile data it crashed constantly. Would get stuttering and skipping after using the rewind or fast fwd feature. But it went away after a few hiccups. Good app that has the potential to be great. I’ll be using it often. Thanks devs!

  15. Reno Blair dice:

    Picked up a sub for the Mosconi. My schedule hasn’t allowed me to start watching with the start of the day, instead starting (or trying to start) from from the beginning (or as close as I can) a few hours late. Pros: – Video quality seems to be quite good. Cons: – No PIP. – Skip seeking is locked to 30 seconds. – Completely loses where I was if I minimize the app. – Earlier portion of the live match disappear (earliest point I can drag left to is still midmatch). – Watching earlier parts of a live match can result in playback jumping forward, even all the way to live. – No resuming a program where you left off. Either drag to seek, start from live, or start from the beginning of what it will let you see. Hopefully you still have access to the point you had to stop watching. Overall, extremely frustrating experience. Disappointing that this many things can be wrong with the core of your published product.

  16. Staright bootycheeks. Signed up, payed $20, app says there was a payment issue so I have to make another account, because now the first one is frozen on payment issue screen. Sign up for another account, have the same issue, so I give up. I figured I wasn’t charged since there were “issues”. Turns out was charged twice and I still haven’t received a refund 5 months later. I didn’t even have access to begin with and they charged me and won’t refund me.

  17. I have used the app in the USA and Japan. I could not enjoy it more. The streaming does take up a lot of data. Makes playback quality bad in the most rural places with weak cellular signals in the states. However, Netflix would stream adequately in those areas for some reason. I do not necessarily think that is something to complain to DAZN about or how it would make the app run more smoothly in those areas. However, if the company was able to tweak the app, it would outperform competitors.

  18. Rick Torta dice:

    I don’t like the advertising while the boxers take a small break after each round. The picture quality sometimes seems fuzzy. The navigation around the app isn’t appealing. It should be more organized and properly categorized. Needs a lot of work, can be a very nice app though if these issues are fixed.

  19. A P dice:

    I got this app when it first hit the US. At first I was a bit upset for it wouldn’t load even though I have good internet connection. After a few weeks of having it that issue was solved. Now I have paid for a full year and due to this virus I paid for nothing for there has been no fights. DAZN hasn’t reached out for any options for cancelation or compensation. On that note I use a Samsung smart tv and I just wish I had options to edit what appears when I open the app.

  20. They need to fix a lot of things like ring breaks, not showing full film, film that you can find on YouTube, no switch to turn on or off commuters, lack of new best of major fighters only have (canelo and Ryan garica), need more films from past fighter than Golden boy’s fights. There was a chance this app could have been great all they had to do was copy YouTube platform with similar functions. Overall is was not built well

  21. Casting to the TV with chromecast is terrible. I cast all sorts of content from various providers and this one is always stuttering or lagging of some sort. I’ve used multiple devices, in app and via the web browser, and it’s the same. Watching stuttering sports will drive you insane.

  22. Trash. Crashed during Jacobs/Chavez. Choppy and unreliable on Firestick and Android phone. While watching a prelim, went online to see some what fans were saying on social media and found that the fight was over. The app was showing the fight about 30 behind. Attempted to fast forward to Live and it basically crashed. Wont work on any device. Uninstalling and cancelling subscription.

  23. terrible!!!! wouldn’t not recommend this to anyone was very easy to subscribe but was very difficult to cancel the account… for anyone having a hard time, go to your play store, go to dazn, find manage account, and press payment methods and scroll down and you will b able to cancel the account! and for the those wondering im really a big fan of combat sports but this is garbage!!

  24. I think this app is cool but streams much better on a phone than the actual website. I wanted to install the app on my laptop through the Microsoft store for hopes of a better streaming experience on it but it’s not available for PC which is kinda frustrating. Hope this changes in the future.

  25. When I first signed up for the free trial there was a lot of buffering and the app eventually froze. Cancelled before I was charged for the month. I thought I would give the app another try but I guess I got ripped off just like everyone else for this last fight 05/04/19. Some kind of payment issue. Last $20 they get from me.

  26. Consistent, very clear, great playback, great content. Edit, after two weeks of use: Only wish there was a history section. Sometimes I watch archived fights, maybe I need to leave, then can’t find them, or when I do I have to restart the matches.. it doesn’t save where you last watched. Changed from 5 star to 4 until this feature is changed.

  27. Michael ! dice:

    As a big fan of Boxing, I LOVE what Dazn does 4 the sport. This new subscription approach has been needed for years. This model is what will bring boxing back to the the forefront of the sports world. But the app is truly HORRID and I frequently have MANY issues. For their most recent ‘Big Fight’ I invited people over to my house only for the app to just continuously crash. Which ruined the entire get together. I can list many more issues I’ve experienced but I would need another “500 letters”

  28. I signed up to access primarily rugby from across the globe. They have shown very few games over the past year. Colossal waste of money if you only want rugby content. It’s no longer shows as a viewable option. They make it impossible to cancel your subscription. Account options don’t function in Chrome or Edge, and the app just keeps sending you in circles. Tried their chat option on the website, and after waiting for 30 minutes for a human to show up, my browser conveniently crashed.

  29. Awful interface and way overpriced. If it’s a Sunday afternoon, there should be no reason that the top recommended streams are soccer replays and other filler sports. It would be ok if you could change it in the settings, but you can’t. Loading the app can also take a long time if the tv or laptop are older. They could easily change this with a less data-heavy start up process… list the games, don’t auto start a game as soon as I scroll on it. At this point, I refuse to subscribe again

  30. When I’m watching something and tap another video option it doesn’t switch; it stays on that video no matter what I press. Have to close the app and reopen just to watch something else. This app used to be so good. The fact that you added ads to a paid service makes this far worse than it used to be & might just switch to a different service. Edit: bro this app is crazy I sat through an ad, then pressed on another NFL game and it ran another ad. Went back to the original video & another ad.

  31. Dazn has lost the rights to the Premier League, making their product less appealing, and still decided to raise the price by 50$. This is unacceptable. Leaving the price as is would have been a gamble, this is completely out of bounds. A real shame, I thoroughly enjoyed the app until now. Streaming quality was good, rarely had issues, but I’d say the Chromecast ultra is mandatory, with my og Chromecast, it couldn’t support the streaming at all, and would constant buffer. No problems on ultra.

  32. Josh Gagne dice:

    I only use this app for NFL. For some reason you can no longer change the stream while watching another stream. This makes switching games on Sunday less seemless and awkward. On top of that, each time you switch you need to return to the begining of the main menu. It should at least remain on the feed in the menu you were watching. Hope this is fixed soon or I will be returning to Sunday Ticket with my cable provider.

  33. Henry DC dice:

    The NFL RedZone experience is terrible. Constantly varying refresh rate and switching between low and high res, one minute it looks sharp and the next it’s a blurry blocky 240p mess. The app also loads slowly when under heavy load, and shuts down randomly. The UI is barely passable. They’re really selling a minimum viable product for a premium price, but they know they’re one of the few sports options available to Canadians so they don’t care.

  34. I have used DAZN from day one and have loved it. But right as they increase the price they have made a complete mess of how the content in Game Pass is structured. Can’t find anything in there anymore it is a complete mess. And they got rid of the ability to send feedback by email. SHAPE UP AND FIX YOUR CONTENT STRUCTURE!

  35. On the Android TV there are some problems with the backstack, pressing back brings you back to previously watched games that are not lives instead of calling the menu… And the login screen on the TV is awful, the worst that I’ve seen. You cannot use the phone at all, you cannot see what you’ve imputed, you have to use buttons to move the cursor. With my 30 characters password I get it right on the third attempt. Cannot watch from abroad anymore, you need a VPN and have to login every time 🙁

  36. It shouldn’t be this hard to cast from my phone to the TV… There is no cast option on my DAZN app. I’ve updated it and both my phone & TV is connected to the same wifi network. Apparently there’s supposed to be a cast button on the upper right of the screen, but there isn’t. I want to watch the Canelo vs GGG 3 fight on my tv and this is very frustrating.

  37. This app is garbage. Third year using it for the NFL season, the terrible streaming issue gets worse every year. Two of the three times I’ve used it this season so far, it hasn’t even let me open the app twice, and the Raven’s pre season game I watched was choppy, and I continuously had to keep closing the app and restarting. I’m so disappointed with this service

  38. This app is the only way to watch the NFL in Canada and they have absolutely dropped the ball. Casting is totally broken, and frequently doesn’t work. Constant buffering issues despite fast internet. And it doesn’t offer the option to set the streaming quality, meaning if you are watching on poor quality internet it will constantly freeze as it tries to load in HD rather than staying LD to allow seamless watching. Also ads on ever video now despite being a service you pay for… brutal.

  39. Barely functional App. If I try to switch games, I have to close the app to watch another game. Also now has unskipable ads just to get your streaming happening. It’s so annoying to close and reopen app entirely just to switch games though. Major flaw. Otherwise you get an unending black loading screen.

  40. Scammers! They tell you, you can cancel anytime but it’s a lie! I tried cancelling my account through their website which didn’t work. Contacted customer service and I have an email from them telling me that my subscription was cancelled, but realized yesterday that they’ve still been charging me two months after!! Contacted them again and the first thing they asked was for a proof that I had cancelled!! I showed them and they say ok we can only refund 1 month!! Thieves!!!

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