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Co–Star is a hyper-personalized, social experience bringing astrology into the 21st century. Featured in the New York Times, Cosmo, Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Refinery29, the Guardian, and more.

• “The perfect app for the current moment.” —The Verge
• “Part self-help advice, part real-talk sound bite.” —Cosmo
• “Good advice.” —New York Times
• “Only slightly incomprehensible.” —New Yorker
• “Download Co–Star right now.” —Bustle

• Planet-by-planet compatibility
• Add friends to keep track of their zodiac signs
• Personality analysis customized to your entire astrological chart
• Real-time updates, as the planets move

Did you know —> Typical horoscopes are written only to a person’s sun sign. But that’s only one part of your astrological chart. It doesn’t take into account the moon, other planets in the solar system, or the 12 houses of the zodiac—each of which represents a different part of your life, like relationships, work, and home. Even if you’re an Aries Sun, a Libra moon or a Virgo rising change everything.

Co–Star’s predictions are based on a map of the sky at your exact time and place of birth, coupled with NASA data to track the planets as they move. Then AI creates hyper-personalized horoscopes on a scale previously unimaginable.

By positioning human experience against a backdrop of a vast universe, Co-Star creates a shortcut to real talk in a sea of small talk: a way to talk about who we are and how we relate to each other. It doesn’t reduce complexity. It doesn’t judge. It understands.

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Hi, bugs are fixed now. Enjoy the void.


40 comentarios en "Co–Star Personalized Astrology MODDED 2022"

  1. Truly a well put together and straightforward look into ones star chart. Explanations going into detail of what each placement means that is simple enough for someone new to charts to navigate and understand, and the ability to connect with others and compare compatibility is an amazing feature that helps promote understanding of others close to you, as well as promotes intimacy. I have a degree in graphic design, and I never review apps, but this one’s so well made I had to drop some insight.

  2. Fantastic! I was never too keen on astrology or signs, as I’ve never felt any reading has been close to accurate. This app takes every portion of your star chart into account, and breaks every aspect down into readable segments that hit much closer to home for myself, and give me a new perspective on my current thoughts, feeling, or struggles. Ads aren’t too obtrusive to my memory, with an ad between every few sections. Overall, a great app

  3. An engaging and telling reality about something you think you know better than anyone- yourself. A bit confusing to understand at first with seemingly repetitive transits, the minor details are the difference. Time periods of transits are also noted along with the transit explanations. Truly a very well put together piece that pulls at a variety of emotions EVERY time I connect. Thank you for this voyage of self-discovery!

  4. This is the kind of information about yourself, you were looking for! Trust me! I love their way of writing because it captures the depths of self-awareness we didn’t know we were lacking. Beautifully accurate, they are doing something right. It’s already got sooo much information but it has me wishing the app could do more, like yeah you can add friends and if they aren’t on the app, you could literally create a compatability profile to compare and learn more about your friend… Idk want more!

  5. I love the insights it gives each day, kind of like little reminders or affirmations. I’m not someone who’s usually into that, but these are both gentle and straightforward and usually align with what I need to hear each morning to start anew. The app itself is easy to use one you spend a few minutes poking around – very minimalist and visually friendly. It doesn’t push you to buy add-ons or extras; the essentials are all here.

  6. I love the depth of the readings and I work it with The Patterns app, it really brings things together, the only drawback is pay for each individual entry, that can be very expensive, not sure why you couldn’t do a basic and then premium, I would believe more would purchase the premium for the content, one has to ask is it to help people on their journey of self-discovery or personal gain? You would still be rich for a flat fee.

  7. Still a really cool app, but there are better ones. Like Sanctuary. It goes more in depth about the Houses and your charts. Plus, if you want a reading, you don’t have to guess and hope that the amount you offer is “good enough” (calling that a “deceptive ad”). They have people available who can assist you. And they’re usually always running deals. This app is cool if you want a daily horoscope. It’s not very good for Astrology use. I mean, it doesn’t even cover Chiron.

  8. Ash dice:

    I use this app and the pattern app to dig a little deeper for journal entries. The layout is nice, and I like the fun little extras like sharing your experience with different topics. (Ex: As a Sagittarius Moon my comfort zone is sitting in a comfortable chair with a good book or solving puzzles.) I appreciate the app as a whole as a work of art, and I haven’t had any issues with it so far. I’ve been using it for about a year or so.

  9. Would have given it a 4 in the beginning because it does go very in depth so long as you know your birth info but… The customizable picture icon for each person looks great from another users point of view. Unfortunately it looks like it defaults back to the assigned picture on the users end no matter how many times you change it. And it may have still gotten a 4 star rating but this one like all the others has started to go the way of the dollar. Ie: “Want to know more? Pay us for it.”

  10. I noticed one of the dates listed in a category begins on in 2021. The app did struggle to gather and upload the data. It took a few tries to open the app and many moments of waiting for the data to appear for each section within the app. Thank you for this app. I very much appreciate the much needed (free) extremely accurate guidance. Perfect time to practice patience and trust during the chaotic times of change. May the solutions for the bugs from the new update appear quickly and with ease.

  11. Matt Muzek dice:

    First, I want to make it clear that I LOVE this app. It’s definitely the best and most intricate astrology app I’ve ever used. However, with the most recent update, I lost all my friends in the app and my landing page is totally blank aside from the add button and the chart button. I still have access to all my updates, so it could be worse, but I would like to get my friends list and landing page back, and I hope this is fixed very soon. 5 stars after it’s fixed for sure.

  12. This app really helps you dig deep to understand what’s going on in your life. Sound advice at the right time. Its creepy how on point the notifications are lol. I don’t hate it tho, it makes me feel like the stars have my back. I could do without the repetitive words on each analysis. I feel like it would be more efficient to have different details for each clause. Thank you for listening and for all your hard work. I absolutely love this app.

  13. Love this app, and I love the simplicity of the horoscopes it offers up front, as well as the decent level of depth available should you desire. Unfortunately it started being slow and eventually refused to load at all, giving the same discouraging error message every time. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no success. Will gladly reinstall when it is fixed and working again. It might just be the fact that I’m on android, so I would recommend downloading anyway just to see if it works.

  14. There seem to be inconsistencies between the ios and android versions. It seems this was originally designed for iphone, because my wife never has any problems on her iphone, whereas on my android, there seems to be less features and frequent bugs. This last update actually fixed my previous reviews problems, and even added a feature that was on ios. I was super excited about it. However, the feature that was added has now changed to a blank screen. Moving to a 4 for the fix and beg for more.

  15. I love it! It breaks down astrology in. An easily understood and accessed format! The manual add pay feature is terrible. You have to pay per entry, which I didn’t realize, when I bought it. Also, if you put the date in wrong, you can’t change it…so be sure the information is 100% correct. I put the wrong date in, and it was a complete waste of my money Also, I can’t find where you can delete the added contact, so now it just sitting in my friend’s group. So annoyed with it.

  16. Layout looks amazing, and animations are wonderful! I’ve heard great reviews about the app but have yet to use it due to troubleshooting. The website will not load due to, “Error 502.” I’ve attempted numerous times to reach the website about my issues, but I constantly receive the same code. My main issue is signing up. When I place my phone number and hit enter, the app decides to crash. I’m not sure how to fix this constant issue. I’ve reinstalled it multiple times, and I get the same issue.

  17. This app, as you’ll find out, doesn’t run on android at all, really. I heard from a friend about how great this is, but all I get are blank screens and no horoscopes. It doesn’t matter how many times I close and re-open the app, either. Disappointed, to say the least. Will not be reinstalling. Edit: tried reinstalling it first, worked for a couple days, then started giving me blank screens again. Disappointing

  18. This is a wonderful, informative and really explains the correlations between signs and characteristics. I will continue to use it, but I’m disappointed the notifications aren’t working. I’ve allowed access and turned them on within the settings, but they still don’t work. I’ve noticed this is a common issue for Android users, so hopefully the company will patch this up soon.

  19. I really enjoy this app and the daily insights it provides. I’ve seen a big improvement in functionality since I first downloaded it. I still wish we could access the same features that I’ve read are only available on the iPhone version, and I would love to receive text notifications about my daily chart as advertised. (I put my phone # in but still haven’t received any, so hopefully this is a feature in the works for Android users.)

  20. The new update (Dec. 2020) sucks, in my opinion, because of the option to make an offer in order to view more insights. What I liked about this app and why I have been recommending it to everyone for the last year or so is because it was completely free- you didn’t have to pay or make offers to view any of the content. We are in the middle of a pandemic – still – and now we are being teased with new features that we cant even explore or demo without paying. Let us tip/donate, don’t charge us!

  21. I LOVE Co-Star, it’s my favorite app. The only thing I’ve ever disliked about it, is that when I first joined the language was more poetic. However, it was also a lot more difficult to decipher what was meant and apply whatever the message was to daily life. So as much as I miss those earlier days I wouldn’t change it back if the option were available. That being said, the current choice of words is still phenomenal and I appreciate what I get out of their guidance more than I can express!

  22. This app has been part of my daily routine for well over a year. When I switched to Android, I was thrilled to see if now available in the Play store. The last four days, as other reviewers have stated…it’s been down. I.even uninstalled and reinstalled and got the same message. The Update on 2/2/21 has apparently not fixed all the bugs (or weather related). Holdimg out for a fix soon. I’ll wait u til.acfer Mercury Rx finishes 😊

  23. It’s a good app. It would be nice if the layout was better and easier to understand. There’s too many sections to click on for one day. There’s alot of repeated sentences that I find to be daunting to keep reading. But all in all I love the content. It has been helpful in giving me a better outlook on some of my days. Thank u. Please consider getting a better web designer 😉

  24. Ok, just got the app. My first reading from it was spot on! The app is easy to set up and use. Enjoyed it very much! Just one small thing, if I could suggest: when setting up you have to pan through the calendar month after month….ugh!….to get to your birthday. Would be better to just be able to manually enter the numbers straight up. Other than that, I love the app already.

  25. Deni Hall dice:

    Love it when it works… randomly over the past few weeks it will work other times its a blank screen. Hubby right next to me with a different phone has his working fine.. we are both android users. This app is my favorite when it works, I’ll give it another week to get fixed.. then I’ll have to uninstalled if not fixed as it is useless to have a blank screen. Fingers crossed it gets fixed.. you got a great idea..

  26. will not open anymore. Crashes on loading. Responding to update: The crashes began when you pushed the layout change to the landing page (what appears when the app finishes loading). The new center-line layout appears and then I get a crash notification. You should not have pushed this new layout until it had been properly tested. If you have a small team that means take more time

  27. I really like this app except for a few details. When you send a message to yourself and receive it later, or even from someone else.. it doesn’t show you the entire message. Something will pop up in my notifications, show me part of the message and then when I click on it, it goes to my chart and I cannot see the message. What’s the point of these messages if we cannot read them or see them in some sort of inbox after we receive it.

  28. A dice:

    Update: now it never loads. Just emailed support again. Ever since the update to animated graphics, I have had trouble getting the app to work at all. Used to it was common, but not every single attempt. I’m about to just give up and find a new app to go to. So sad to think this one might not be worth it anymore. — I loved this app originally, but within the past month I have to uninstall and reinstall just to get the app to load. Even them sometimes it doesn’t want to load.

  29. Eli L.M. dice:

    Came here to reinstall the app to see if that would fix the verification code issue I’ve been having only to see so may other people having the same problem. No matter how many times I re-enter my phone number, no code gets sent and the “still need help” link does absolutely nothing. This has been going on since I installed this app in the middle of July, it’s now late August. Really disappointing to see after hearing such promising things about the app from other people.

  30. It’s a cool idea that needs work. I haven’t been able to use it for a while–I keep getting an alert that the app is down–and there are enough errors in the copy that the AI generation is uncomfortably obvious. But I love the minimalist look of it and think there’s incredible potential… once it’s functional.

  31. Good app, perfect for the meme era. I look forward to my personalized update with a list of dos and don’ts daily. I wish you could set a time to get your notification (mine comes around noon) and that you got a screen to go to when you get a Chaos Mode message notification, but the app is still pretty darn great. I’d recommend it to anyone. One thing: it won’t let me change my profile picture. Might wanna look into that…

  32. I loved this app and told everyone about it, but for the last four days I’ve been getting essentially the same horoscope or chart for my “daily” every day. It’s like the predictive text ai or something is messed up, which is a real buzzkill. I know it’s just an algorithm, but for a while it seemed like a highly intuitive one. Now all the fun has gone out of it.

  33. I’m really enjoying this app! I love that it goes into transits without being overly technically. I also love that it will relate things back to your various planet placements so you know what part of your chart is causing things, not just what is happening. Would be 5 stars if you could manually add other people’s info who don’t have the app. I would love to be able to add them and look at their stuff and even better how our charts relate to each other. Similar to the pattern app

  34. I’m pretty picky about astrology apps. But I have to say, not only is this app pesonally right on, but also gives me alot of insight, helps me reflect, choose the right times to set certain goals, I could go on! I’ve always done my own monthly charts & that’s alot of time & work. I do my planning & goal setting according to my chart to avoid set backs, unfinished projects & goals not reached. I no longer do my own charts, which saves me many hours!! I’m very greatful for this app!! Its perfect

  35. I like the sleek design. It’s definitely more user-friendly than other astrology apps I’ve used. But beware, if you sign up with your phone# there is no way to connect your Facebook afterwards, which makes looking for friends difficult. Also, I have daily digest notifications turned on, but I’ve yet to receive a single notification. Lastly, disappointed that the transit horoscopes don’t say what planets/signs are responsible. Would be better if it listed what the actual transit/placements are.

  36. I enjoy this app, a lot. Though for close to a few weeks it’s been taking forever to load. It’ll give me the loading screen and then finally say, “We’re having trouble connecing.” I have to close out the app several times before it works. In the past I have cleared the data, I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but it still does it. I am using an Android phone and would love to have this fixed. 🙏🏻

  37. I have been loving this app until I did an update yesterday. I’ve force stopped and uninstalled & reinstall. I get the Nasa gathering notice, and then nothing else happens. At. All. Blank screen outside of Co-star in the upper left and Add in the upper right corners. No settings, no assistance, nothing but a blank white page. This is hands down my favorite astrology app I’ve ever used, which makes it much more frustrating. I hope someone will see this and tell me what’s going on. I miss it.

  38. Really great app, it connects me with elements of “myself” and my friends! However, it takes FOREVER to load every time I open it. Nothing like wanting to spend 3-5mins reading up and end up losing 15 to loading screens and error signs. The errors haven’t stopped, so I can hardly use the app. Changing treating to 1 star. Do better.

  39. Edited to add: It doesn’t load, and is always down. I loved the clean asthetics and the maps, which are helpful in learning about the transits and angles, but the astrological advice itself is confusing and often just sounds like word salad. The tone comes off as trying too hard to sound edgy and abstract, and offers no concrete advice on how to integrate the astrological phases. The unbalanced emphasis on the negative is just plain depressing to read every day.

  40. poop doop dice:

    Look, I love the in depth readings and the whole aesthetic of the app. I hate that I can’t even USE the app the majority of the time, because the screen just stays white. Nothing loads, except the “add screen”. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed it multiple time, and I’ve cleared the cache and data; restarted my phone. Its the app. Don’t process my payment for a full reading, if I can’t even look at it. Thanks.

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