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CoPilot car shopping: search/shop/compare/buy/sell/trade local cars or SUV/truck
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Shopping for a used car, new car, truck or SUV? Need to sell or trade-in your car, or buy-out your lease? Buying cars at a good price in a crazy market is hard! Let CoPilot help.

CoPilot takes the stress out of shopping for new or used cars: no tricks or bait-and-switch, just honest advice and expert insights so you can buy with confidence. Unlike most car apps, we’re independent and always 100% free. Compare CoPilot to leading car search websites like, CARFAX, CarMax, Carvana, KBB (Kelly Blue Book), Edmunds, CarGurus, TrueCar, or Autotrader. CoPilot provides curated results to save you time and money. No endless scrolling. You might call us car shopping / car buying gurus; we only show you cars in stock nearby that match your needs, and tell you which is the best buy.

We compare new and pre-owned cars for sale at every US dealer 24/7 to find hidden gems (premium feature-loaded cars you won’t find anywhere else) at great prices. Like Kayak, but for cars. Using data that dealers would like to keep secret, we calculate the true car value, and help you buy your perfect ride.

Just answer a few questions and let CoPilot do the work. We show you the SUV, crossover, wagon, sedan, minivan, convertible, coupe, van or truck to match your preferences (but not caravans, RVs, or bikes). From Audi to Subaru or Toyota; BMW, Chevrolet or Chrysler to Honda to Tesla, our car ratings and dealer reviews tell you what, where, and when to buy, or why you should wait. Dealer-paid apps never do that.

Frustrated by high gas prices, inflation and rising interest rates, flashy websites and pushy dealers? CoPilot’s free app delivers unbiased advice, tips and reviews.

With car prices sky high, don’t overpay. Price Pulse keeps track of car prices and sales for you.
– Be first to know as prices peak and return to normal.
– Discover local cars in your budget.
– Get alerts as prices change, to buy with confidence and at the right time.

Tell us the year, make, model, color you love. We’ll check all listings for the best match, by powertrain, fuel, features and trim.
– Compare gas, diesel, hybrid or electric vehicles, from local dealers.
– Search further away, and drive / ship / transport the car for an even better deal.
– See a curated list of best buys, updated daily.
– CoPilot is 100% on your side. We tell you which car is the best investment and help you negotiate.
– Get real-time updates and discount/sales alerts, to seal a great deal.
– Find nearly-new cars loaded with premium features, like a hard-to-find EV.
– See how much you can save compared to buying new or leasing.

Cars are a big investment. Be confident you’re taking great care of yours.
– CoPilot for Owners saves vehicles in your garage or driveway; just type the license plate.
– Track your car’s realtime value: now when to sell; see how much you’d get for a trade-in.
– Keep track of safety recalls and vital maintenance, to keep your family safe.
– Get alerts when it’s due for service, honest advice about repairs you need, and dealer scams to avoid.
– Save money on insurance: compare free, instant quotes from Savvy and the best insurance brands.

Are you sitting on $15,000 profit? Car prices surged due to chip shortages and supply chain issues. Your car has likely gone UP in value since you bought it!
– Compare the real-time value of your car to its normal depreciated value to see how much more it’s worth today.
– Let CoPilot arm you with data that dealers know but never share, to sell or trade-in your car for the most money.
– Leasing a car? You may owe far less than it is worth, so you could buy-out your lease for a profit! Check CoPilot to avoid leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

– Our car gurus are just a chat away.
– CoPilot won’t share your information. Contact a dealer when YOU decide.
– We’re only happy when you go from “Help me find my car” to “I love my car!”


Price Pulse - Buy the car you want at the right time
Hidden Profit Calculator - Are you sitting on $10,000?
Own with confidence - get the best price on services and help you maintain your vehicle


40 comentarios en "CoPilot shop/buy/sell used car MOD"

  1. It’s good information in a bad format. It’s just a terrible ui. It’s way too easy to click something and it disregards all your filters to show irrelevant cars. The filters I went out of my way to set because I cared about that stuff. Congratulations. You’ve recreated a used car salesman pressuring you into a car you don’t want in app form.

  2. The used car market has been incredibly inflated and frustrating in 2021/2022 and I was having a hard time finding a car that fit my budget that was also reliable. Copilot made my search much easier. I didn’t have to run around to dealerships wasting time. Copilot made it easy for me to just plug in the specs I wanted in a car and within the radius I was willing to travel to test drive. The app has smooth functionality and is extremely user friendly. I highly recommend co-pilot.

  3. This app has been so helpful! It helps simplify by listing your available options by the type of car you want, price range, and other specifications you select and then listing them in a way that makes it easy to compare the options. This has saved me so much time and has given me confidence in knowing what cars are smart decisions and what cars arent.

  4. Shows me cars I can’t afford. I have the max price selected that I want to pay, but it keeps including cars that more expensive. I find it irritating and not worth it when I can look for cars in my price range on the dealership websites that won’t show me cars beyond my price range. Using this app has not made my search any easier. It also can’t differentiate when it has a down payment listed and not the full price.

  5. Makes car buying so much less complicated! The chat bot is a little annoying and everything takes a while to load, but the interface analyzes everything good and bad about each car, calculates how closely it fits what you are looking for, and updates you whenever the cars you are watching drop in price. It would be nicer if you could skip the chat bot, or at least skip waiting for it to load each question, but overall a great service! Doesn’t show cars that can be shipped to you, only local.

  6. The app seems to do what it says it does, and doesn’t bombard you with ads. However, the interface is really lacking. Very hard to navigate and get information easily. As a programmer who really values design, I could give this programmer a lot of tips. Essentially, it needs a complete redesign.

  7. This app works okay. I like the idea that it searches all the dealers around. For the most part, it does this pretty well. I have a couple issues. I find the simulated chat extremely cumbersome. I would much rather be taken through some pages where I pick some options instead of waiting for the bot to “respond”. Also when picking options, it would be nice to have some must haves. For me, I want a manual, so I don’t want to see any automatics, no matter how good of a deal it is.

  8. Mi WS Dav dice:

    I’ve done other searches and this poor app left out huge amounts of things that I have found elsewhere. I got to a screen where the application was trying to promote one of its special features, it would not let me off the screen without my accepting, that is unacceptable in any app. I’m very sorry I wasted my time with it before I uninstalled it. It has many other annoying aspects.

  9. Adrea M dice:

    Curated search is worthless as its far to broad does not give enough options to narrow search. “Do it yourself ” doesn’t list all options so list comes back with thousands of results that aren’t right. Im looking for a specific car I know the make, model, trim package, color and all the features I want. The color which would significantly narrow the search isn’t even listed as a choice. I also know of specific cars that meet my criteria that do not come up in the results. Great idea but flawed

  10. Useful but needs UI improvement. The core functionality works well, provides a lot of information to help with car search. But really isn’t optimized to make best use of that info. For instance, you can save specific cars to come back to, but there’s no way to order or filter the list of saved cars. The app also updates you on price changes on saved cars, in theory, but makes it very hard to know which cars the notifications refer to.

  11. Honestly I was ratherannoyed by the way that the app presented itself like there was an actual person talking to you. I hate that. Also I am looking for an 8 passenger vehicle minivan. There was no way to search for a vehicle based on how many seats at had. so I would have to look for every single vehicle that might possibly have 8 seats individually by make and model and then look through the pictures in order to decide whether or not they were a viable option for me before I went and looked.

  12. Jared B dice:

    This app seems like a decent option if you’re looking for a specific vehicle, however, if you’d like to see multiple options from several different makes and models, this app is a pain. Even the process for selecting preferences for a specific vehicle is at least simple but feels painfully slow compared to other sites/apps. I quickly lost interest in this app due to its slow and simplicistic approach – perhaps others may prefer it

  13. Very helpful app! I like that it let’s me choose parameters, does the research on prices, states pros and cons of purchasing this particular vehicle, and provides a list. ###Feedback for the developers: it would be helpful if the results could be sorted by 100% matches before any 95s, then 90s, etc. Also, please add option fields for Interior Color and Distance Away. Lastly, add expert reliability ratings and customer satisfaction ratings. It is almost an all-in-one app.

  14. This is just a listing aggregator with very little smarts. It brings up cars with bogus deceptive pricing schemes where the advertised price include every possible available rebate and no one will ever meet all the criteria to get all the possible rebates. Sure the advertised price is low, but if the app can’t figure out that it’s a scam, then it’s a waste of my time.

  15. The filters cause the app to lock up. It found 60K of the selected vehicle. I attempted to reduce from 15 exterior colors to a couple. The dynamic filtering locks up after removing one color. It never allows you to remove the second one. The app should allow you to update the selection and then apply the filter. The dynamic update locks the app and it becomes useless since it is researching nationwide.

  16. Definitely very helpful and easy. Used 8 apps to find car with fair price and this app provides much more options than others. Just couple features I’d like to see are share button and show only 100% matching results. Tried to find Ford explorer with necessary features and app freezed several times, have to force close it, maybe it depends on quantity of results. Thanks for this app BTW.

  17. Its a good idea in theory, but I find it more cumbersome than useful, particularly the filters, or lack thereof. Say Im searching 3 different cars, or even the same car with a different engine, and want to find the best deal. Seems I would have to reset filters (which seem to freeze) each time and then save them and look again because it wont aggregate searches. That means it burns a lot of time and I get more done just searching without it. Integrating market trends is a GREAT idea, though.

  18. Giant waste of time. Goes through some absolutely silly pretend customer service chat sequence in the beginning. Really, really, really stupid. Just give me a search bar. I get you’re trying to make a neat experience… But give us the option to skip it. Uninstalled in under a minute and it won’t be going back on any of my devices.

  19. I have not been using the app very long, but I am adjusting to how it works and it has been helpful in looking for a vehicle. I am not looking for a specific vehicle, so there are many options. The 1 thing the developers may think about adding is a contact button that will take you to the dealer that is offering that specific vehicle @ that price.

  20. This app finds cars others dont. It doesn’t try to hide where the car is actually located. I would have given it 5 stars but I don’t like that it pops up this thing asking if I need anything while I’m on my browser. It only does it when the copilot app is open but still… That’s too much. Otherwise I really like this app a lot. I’d love a map screen that shows my location and where the cars are in relation like they have with an Airbnb.

  21. Fairly horrible. I entered my criteria about 15 times, but it kept loosing it. It found a couple of cars but then on my next search it lost my preferences. There is an option to finding similar cars using your preferences, then when you pick one and search, it forgets your preferences and finds that model but wrong options. I tried a different model with same options, it searched and searched. I waited quite a while but no results ever came. So Far, Worst car app I have ever tried.

  22. This service has really been disappointing lately. The filter functionality of has been extremely buggy. Adding a new filter (like a dealer rating) routinely clears all of the other filters. The use of filters is extremely slow. It’s a good service if the bugs can get worked out.

  23. Love the info that this provides! I haven’t fully figured out how to navigate it and sometimes it’s glitchy. (I just closed it completely and restarted and it’s good.) My navigation issues are trying to get back to where I was or what they showed me. They popped up something yesterday that told me how many suitcases would fit in the trunk and how many with the seats down (SUVs). It also told me if a car could fit 3 car seats across. I definitely learn info on this app that I don’t on others!

  24. Incredibly buggy app! Whenever you go and attempt to select filter values, it just seizes up! And I’m using a Galaxy 10 so it’s not like I’m using old technology! From the results I’ve seen so far it looks like it has great potential, but the functionality seriously needs to be improved.

  25. App needs a lot more work! Too many steps to go thru just to look for a vehicle. Should be able to immediately search by make, model and trim. Also (1) photos take too long to load, (2) can’t search using a keyword (i.e. “super snake” or “hennessey”), (3) once I look at the details of a vehicle and go back to my list, it brings me back but jumps down 3 vehicles, skipping others in my search, (4) vehicles clearly showing mods, have no mention of those mods in vehicle info. Need more details!

  26. Toan Le dice:

    Using this app to buy my next car was so much more gratifying than using other car search apps. The information was more organized and thoughtful than its competitors. The analysis features are excellent. I ended up closing on an awesome deal 1600 miles from home with a reputable dealer. My only recommendations are to add key word search function and improve on identifying features of the listed cars. It’s still in beta phase so there’s room for improvement. Regardless, I highly recommend it.

  27. Wanted to search for a used truck, not a specific make or model. That’s not an option. So I randomly picked a specific type of truck, then you HAVE to pick features to move forward in the search. I don’t care about the features, I just wanted to do a broad search for a used truck. So I picked one random feature to move forward, and tried to create an account through Facebook. Kept getting a “Facebook errored” message. Uninstalled the app.

  28. scott dice:

    This would be a great app if it worked correctly. It “stores” search criteria, but changes it for you. I set to search nationwide and it always changes it back to 100 mile radius. Frustrating. I have “blue” in preferences, when i do a new search, i get everything BUT blue. Take out the “preferences” section so we can do a new search without that messing it up please.

  29. Definitely a positive experience on the face of it. The app acts effectively as an aggregator of all local listings based on our criterion and choices and provides price comparison, pros and cons and price analysis. One of the key features that I absolutely loved was how it cites the days on inventory which could be a really useful bargaining tool as well as a concern regarding any hidden problems. I’ve only casually used the app and haven’t used it to make a purchase yet

  30. This app helped me find the car I ended up buying after a long tiresome search. I found it very helpful in searching and finding cars I was interested in, as well as discovering cars that are similar to my interest. The trade-in estimate is helpful and a great way to complement the KBB report. The car grading system and the ability to sort the cars by “great buy” grading is very helpful, and the hidden gem cars are all great ideas and features of this app. Thank you so much CoPilot team!

  31. So helpful, fantastic Really helpful for finding the cars I like and how it displays their features, market price, details like how long it has been listed have been fantastic. It lacks a little bit of polish. Some of the sliders can be REALLY finicky when choosing mileage or price on my Note20. It also will tell me it matches 92% of what I want, but does not say what is missing, but I saw it doing that when I first started using it. Also some options say “very limited” when it’s a high trim.

  32. Beej Das dice:

    The promise of the features don’t match up to the technical implementation of the app. A nationwide search for a vehicle with lots of features yielded crashes, slowly moving and responding buttons, and inexplicable repeated filter resets. I want to like this app more but its current performance does not allow it.

  33. Love this app. I think what would make it better, is if we were able to search by VIN. That way if I were working w a salesperson, we can instantly check that VIN and how it’s priced to the market, whether it’s over and under, giving us the ability to better negotiate. We could thumb through all listed cars in our list to find it eventually, but when you’re at the dealership, you just want to look it up quicker. And perhaps it’s not part of your list and it’s an unlisted vehicle.

  34. Great app that goes out and finds the cars for you. Then it puts it in a user friendly way of accepting them and saving them or dismissing them and moving to the next car to view. My experience is with 2019-2021 Jeep Grand Cherokees and I’m very impressed. I think they also do a decent job of updating their inventory as often as possible. They have a link to most dealers websites in the descriptions and that can help you look at real time pricing and what incentives they’re using. Great app!

  35. The app is fairly easy to use, and I like some of the extra information like how many days it’s been on the lot, and that it puts everything into a small easy to read snapshot. however, I have found that some of the reported accidents, when you actually see the Carfax report don’t exist… So just click in and do some homework

  36. Makes searching for cars across many dealers easy, everything gets standardized so you know what options or packages are on and how much they’re worth. Advice for developers: consider adding filtering by packages… These might vary by car so it can be difficult but I’m looking for a specific package and I must go through all listings since it’s not an available filter.

  37. Doesn’t work anymore :(. This is really an AMAZING application but it’s just frozen now and I can’t get it to work. I don’t think it’s my phone but it’s like it won’t accept my screen tap. Serious props on the app because when it worked for me it was incredible and I really wish it would work now because find a car no days is tricky and this made it easy.

  38. The search function is very limited. I wanted to find all sedans that were priced at $10k or less but that function is not available. This search ability is available in many of their competitors. 5 stars if it had that ability and I think it’s vital enough to drop 2 stars. You can’t even search multiple makes at a certain price or below.

  39. Jennifer dice:

    App freezes at times and doesn’t seem to have option for choosing transmission types in filter. Overall, it is a good resource and provides decent information on history for cars. Finds one’s for sale that I have yet to see and I have need scanning all the most popular apps to find a car for quite some time.

  40. Chenoa H dice:

    Easy to use app, did as good a job finding all the selections near me as any other app or website I tried. I would only recommend having the distance from user to car listed on the front area instead of having to go into each car page. Otherwise was extremely helpful helping me get a new car.

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