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A casual city building game. Become the mayor and create your own metropolis!
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Build your own city as mayor! Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive!

No microtransactions or long wait times! Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay.

Pocket City re-imagines classic city building simulation gameplay for Android devices.

– Build a unique city by creating zones and special buildings
– Trigger fun events like block parties, or disasters like tornadoes
– Complete quests to earn XP and money
– Unlock advanced buildings by levelling up
– Unlock new land with different terrain types
– Succeed by optimizing your cash flow, traffic, happiness, and more
– Enjoy a dynamic city with citizens, vehicles, animals and animated buildings
– Upload your city to the cloud to transfer to another device, or share with a friend
– Intuitive, touch-based city building
– Playable offline
– Play in portrait mode or landscape mode
– NO microtransactions

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40 comentarios en "Pocket City FULL"

  1. Flawed, but one of the highest quality games on Android. The quirks are small annoyances with the controls for building not being intuitive. The other major issue I have is that traffic calculations seem completely bugged. Public transit rail between zones doesn’t count as a connection even though it shows population moving. And also it’s basically impossible to get a green traffic flow. Even if you have a straight highway, as soon as you have to put a single bend in it, you get red traffic.

  2. Brit G dice:

    I enjoy this game quite a bit. I find myself spending a lot of time building a city and neighborhoods. Wish we could rotate buildings or customize their appearance. I demolish and rebuild inorder to give my neighborhoods personality. It would also be cool to have a backyard we could build for residential areas that could provide leisure or entertainment. Parking lots (traffic) and boardwalks (roads) to connect to the main roads would be an awesome addition to this already great game.

  3. Absolutely amazing game! If you were worried that it might be too simple, give it a try — I was blown away with the amount of content in this small package. I couldn’t keep up with the amount of new quests and buildings I got and on top of that there are more areas to unlock to build more cities. I had seen this game on the Play Store before and ignored it for way too long. Enthusiastic 5 stars.

  4. Absolutely wonderful. The city building is complex enough to be satisfying when you master it, yet simple enough to not need a manual to reference constantly. I personally love, more than anything, how cars and criminals can get taken out by a speeding police car, flipping around in the air. That and all the other little details that you can catch if you pay attention make this game an incredible gem. Charming and so much fun. The only gripe I have is that you can’t zoom with just one finger.

  5. Jette M dice:

    Pretty good. It’s a bit shallow, honestly, and there are things that could be better. A number of buildings don’t have upgrades, for instance hospitals, but the other safety buildings do. By level 30 I didn’t have to worry about money at all, the only cap was how many buildings and banks I wanted to build. The policies are mostly window dressing, there’s no choosing a path, it’s just how quickly you choose which policies. But for a cheap mobile game, not bad.

  6. I’ve had a hard time trusting free games that have a simplistic building aspect to it. They’re usually bombarded with ads and riddled with pay-walls coupled with excruciatingly long wait times for your components to be built. But this is genuinely the best free-to-play city building game that keeps me hooked and entertained. 100% would recommend.

  7. Ended up playing this game because of my kids and got totally addicted! I woulc have given 5 stars if there were more options for detailed customizations and upgradable buildings- like be able to choose to build hotels, or have more options for city design instead of just generic commmercial areas. Gets a bit redundant after playing for awhile.

  8. Andrew H dice:

    The game is engaging and interesting at first but quickly drops off becoming monotonous and lacking in depth. There’s really nothing challenging once you have one city map filled and it produces revenue that can be used to repeat the same process city after city until every tile is full on every map. I probably played less than 10 hours and didn’t touch the game again.

  9. Rami Nasr dice:

    Slick interface, pretty easy to learn, lots of fun and quite addictive. Definitely worth the money. It will get pretty repetitive/formulaic after a while, and it’s not the most challenging of games, but it’s still totally worth it for the fun you’ll have with your first few cities, and after that it’s quite meditative. Finally, it is so refreshing to find games like this that don’t hit you with any ads once you’ve bought it, nor prompts for in game purchases.

  10. This is a really fun, creative city builder app. There are an infinite number of ways you can build your city. Once you get to a certain level, you can even change the landscape with water, sand and even hot lava. The reason I am giving it 4 stars is because of the “weather events.” While actively playing, a tornado, an earthquake, a volcano and more happen every 20 minutes or so. Really? You can turn this feature off, except on the Expert level. It’s very annoying!

  11. Played the game for a couple hours and I’m already bored. There’s limited customization, and limited types of buildings you can place. I wish there was an “undo/redo” function and just more interesting UI. The design/asthestics overall are underwhelming. The “ski resort” you can place is the only snowy environment, and the mountains placed around them are just a boring grey. The crime and fire events in the city quickly become a nuisance instead of a challenge.

  12. Relaxing, soothing city sim. Just complex enough to be engaging without being so complex it’s not enjoyable on the go. Only complaint (very minor): it gets kinda obnoxious clicking past the level up screen, especially on bonus maps. Maybe just display level up info as a popup that disappears on its own. Also maybe have a toggle in settings to make multiple placement the default instead of having to turn it on for every building every game.

  13. It’s not too bad, but there are definitely things I’d like to see different. One thing that really seems to bug me is why the heck the highway doesn’t carry power and water? I live by a highway and my water and power come from it. If highways are going to be a block then there need to be some sort of power line and water pipe to get resources across. Additionally, it seems to get pretty monotonous after a while. The only rail is passenger rail in the sky. No freight. Otherwise not too bad.

  14. I absolutely love this game but the only problem I have was the sound. When crime or any fires/disasters happen, the sound got super loud for a few seconds. Hope you guys can fix it! If you do, I will change my rating. And I also have a problem too. Can you please optimize the game for ZTE phones because when I start a disaster, the game bumped down to about 1 frame per second and it lagged to much that I couldn’t even press any buttons. It also constantly crashes the second time I played.

  15. Nina Rae dice:

    I love this game so much and I always have, I love that they added policies and regions. I just wish there were more options for aesthetics, like dirt roads for farms and camps and different trees and parks. Id also like to see the zone tool to be easier to use, like painting maybe. It would be a lot easier to be able to switch between soil, water, sand, and be able to paint outside of a square or rectangle shape. Other than that the game is lovely and addictive, its a really good buy.

  16. +2 stars for having no ads or in-app purchases. It’s nice to just buy and play without worrying about that stuff. But the game was just so EASY. If you have any experience at all with city management games, like SimCity or Cities:Skylines, you will NOT find a challenge here. There should be a higher difficulty option or some scenarios to try out. I played it for a long time mostly because I wanted to see if it got more involved during the endgame phase, but it really didn’t. It’s just more of the same, but bigger. You’ll be making money more quickly than you can possibly spend, and it will fill up to your cash limit in a matter of seconds. You can raise this limit by building and upgrading banks later on, but you’ll still never be strapped for cash. During my entire playthrough (all the way up to level 80 something) I never once struggled with anything. I always had a surplus of money and it was always easy to keep the citizens happy. Even the natural disasters don’t really do anything; you get 100% of their damage as an insurance payout and you can instantly repair it by clicking one button in the damage report.

  17. Not a bad game for ~30 minutes, but gets repetitive fairly quickly, and is lacking difficulty. It doesn’t really matter what you do in this game, you always win. Budget is basically always positive, traffic can be ignored, etc. – It’s decent for a casual phone game, but disappointing if you played the PC version of Cities: Skyline. I wish there was more of a struggle in this game

  18. One of my favorite builder games of all time! Easy to use, and fairly simple to pick up. One of my very few issues is the quests are either extremely narrow in what needs to be accomplished, or they are completely ambiguous. A lot of later upgrades and policies can make it extremely difficult to complete some of the quests. It is still quite the enjoyable game, and it is one of the best ones that is also multi-ligual! Спасибо!

  19. The game is very fun. Tons of buildings and all of that. But I do have 2 suggestions, 1: You should be able to rotate buildings; don’t know why you can’t, I have OCD so if parking garage isn’t facing the right way or if a house is facing opposite to the road, it kills me. And 2: Nuclear power plants, and there should be a tiny slither of possibility that it could catch fire and explode, decimating the surrounding landscape, and irradiating the area. I hope you see this, Devs!

  20. Having a great time with the game. Very fun in short bursts. A couple complaints though, I was hoping to “watch my city grow”, like in Simcity/Cities but it’s not like that, as in when you zone, the buildings dont upgrade depending on how you do. The game is also too easy, I mean I haven’t had a bvb single issue with money or happiness or anything. The controls are wonky sometimes. But even with that, still 4 stars because I enjoy it so much, and that should tell you something readers!

  21. This is, by far, one of the best city builder games available for mobile. There are no time restrictions, no ads (in the paid version), no notifications, or incessant reminders to leave a review. It’s what SimCity should have been! This game reminds me of SimCity 2000. I wish it had a few more advanced features, such as another layer for underground utilities (it sort of has this feature – but power and pipes are combined and placed under regular roads), subways, road tunnels, and much, much larger city size!

  22. Blah Blah dice:

    This game is truly amazing and a work of art, from the simply great graphics to the intriguing story line, i enjoy this game a lot. Although i would really appreciate if the developers were to make the map larger and other things like giving the fire and police stations more upgrades than they currently do, i would also like to see one or two more upgrades to the commercial and residential buildings so we can create a bigger/better skyline. other than that, this is truly an great game.

  23. Reed dice:

    Great little city sim. I have to give 4 stars because it is not nearly as complex as other city builders, and because the UI is a bit clunky. It is frustrating having to back out of building/road placement and start at the beginning of the menu tree just because moving objects is so difficult. But overall a great game, made even better because there are no ads!

  24. I figure since this is the first Pocket City, the game is still being developed to it’s full potential so I won’t go too hard on it. Its definitely fun but leaves so much to be desired. Zones need more upgrades, Safety buildings should cover specific areas so they’re not so random. Exports play too big of a role on income. Would really like to see things a bit more realistic, but I love playing! Also bigger landscapes these areas are way too small. Shouldn’t have to build so many banks either.

  25. It’s cute and generally decently made, but it’s in desperate need of faster menu-ing along with some interface design optimizations. Those two elements alone are enough to dissuade me from further playthroughs. However, even if those were done correctly, Pocket City has surprisingly little replay value for this type of game; essentially, once you’ve played through it once, you’ve seen everything there is to see.

  26. Great game and NO IN-APP PURCHASES! I much rather pay for the game and play endlessly than the “free” micro-transaction based games. I can’t count how many games I’ve uninstalled after hitting the perverbial wall before purchases are inevitable. Not this one! It’s amazing and super fun to play. Plan, build, replan, reconfigure, repeat. I’d like if the devs could provide a build-your-own plot of land to start with. Might be possible in sandbox mode but haven’t tried that yet.

  27. Hello love this game a lot actually. Was just thinking of some features that would be nice in the game. If we could rotate buildings because everything seems all clumped together and maybe being able to insert sidewalks/ different sized roads. Also it would be cool if you could change/upgrade buildings. Most of them tend to look the same so there’s the same house and/or buildings right next to each other. Just some thoughts. Otherwise it’s a cool game.

  28. This is exactly what I was looking for, a Sim City style game on Android. It’s a bit easy, but it’s still fun and addictive. I rarely give games a 5 star rating, but this game deserves it. Controls work really well and are intuitive, gameplay is smooth, and graphics work well enough. I wish there was a bit more variety in the buildings and that older sections of the city would upgrade themselves to things like sky scrapers like in Sim City, but aside from that, can’t really complain.

  29. Pretty good city planning sim game, just watch out for a strange bug that randomly resets the property tax rate. At high populations on expert it can really, really throw everything into a tailspin if you don’t catch it fast enough. That and disaster rebuilding seems inconsistent. Not sure if that’s intended or not to add to the challenge but I frequently find that after a flood or storm, farms, water pumps and shipping yards won’t get rebuilt automatically.

  30. Great game so far! No waiting like all the other “free” city building games. A little simplistic but still a lot of fun! I wish the zone generation were a bit more streamlined though. Currently if you build a large zone it can be a 2×2 which gives a lot more stats than four 1x1s or two 2x1s. I keep having to destroy and rebuild each zone until I get the optimal building. It’s a fast process but having to do it dozens of times can get annoying.

  31. This game functions very similarly to SimCity 3000! For an app, it has just enough features to make it worth the $3 fee. I’ve tried both Casual and Hard levels. The Casual makes building your city fast, the Hard level slows you down. There don’t seem to be many other differences other than the rate in which you’re able to accomplish the goals and level-up. Developers: One thing I’d like to see is the metric used to determine Happiness percentages.

  32. It is a fairly simple game but great way to pass the time. I like the ability to choose difficulty levels. I also love that it auto saves every few seconds so if i need to go back and revert changes it as easy as selecting a previous auto save. Also you don’t have to wait real time for buildings to complete it is instant which is a refreshing feature compared to other games. I also had the pleasure of interacting with the developers and I received a prompt resolution. Overall great game.

  33. Not as elaborate as that other well-known simulated city game, but it’s got plenty of features and customizations to be well worth having. Plus, it stays very small on the old internal storage. Works a lot like the other sim city with its similar rules and options. I’ve experienced only a few little glitches that were limited to visual effects, but they all self-corrected within seconds. Overall, a feature-packed little powerhouse that runs smooth and stays small. Very nice.

  34. Honestly, it’s an amazing amount of fun, graphics fit the game style, alot of gameplay, my only bothers are the landlord popping up every time you want to buy a stick of land, and the road placement. Many times I try to scroll but place a road where I don’t want. Then have to redo the planning. Amazing game without microtransactions. Definitely worth the price.

  35. I never pay for games when the free version is available because I’m cheap and I’ll suffer through ads rather than pay out the nose on micro transactions. But this game is so well made, and is so fun that I felt morally obligated to purchase it. It’s easy to use, it’s easy to understand, the controls are very intuitive, and I like the small touches like the soundtrack, the dialog, and the quests. (I’m a big fan of the Where’s Waldo – esque quests that have you combing the sidewalks)

  36. I’m loving it literally I love this game and everything about it the only reason it’s not a 5 is because of some 2 very little things that don’t matter to much 1. Whenever you buy land in the late game it gets annoying because I have to click then go back out and click again it’s a bit time consuming and annoying 2. I wanted to make a more rural town but to do that I needed to put one square then again kinda like buying land. Besides all that it’s a really good game.

  37. Great Sim City-esque mobile game. My only real problem is that the lumber mills are not designed well. There’s literally no reason why player-made forests can’t be used with it, and eventually you’ll run out of space for natural forests. This renders quite ineffectual pretty quickly, especially since trees only respawn after reloading the game and only under certain circumstances.

  38. First thing: this is the best city management game I’ve come across on Android. You get all the content at buy-in, and there are no arbitrary wait times. You’re just playing a game at your own pace. However- if you’re familiar from other games how to build a city for capacity, profitability, and service availability then you will quickly master the workings of this game. Do you know already that you want lots of parks, bus stops, and 2×2 lots? You know how to play. It is still fun! It’s a neat mobile garden to tend. It would be great to see more varied ways to build districts, better traffic modeling, and upgrade paths for buildings, and be able to budget more precisely- but this is a mobile game. Those things are a wish list for the sequel that I hope comes from this. If you’re a long-time fan of city builders this is a fun game that you’ll quickly master. If you are new to them or introducing them to someone new this is fantastic. Either way I believe you’ll get your money’s worth.

  39. Very very addictive game. Can spend hours laying out and building a city. The mechanics are great, feels very much like Sims City in your pocket. There is a point where you do everything there is to be done however. After building a city in all 9 regions it feel like there’s nothing left, although it does take a while to get there. Hope they updated with more soon.

  40. Loved the game. I would suggest more options for Fun categories. In addition a view mode like crime for fire and health would be useful. Sometimes hard to find a fire station to upgrade. I still haven’t figured out how to have trains work for me. But was successful without. Also. Please make bus stops able to put multiple and view traffic map while placing. There are many redundant clicks when building out a bus system.

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