Zombie Hunter D-Day : Shooting MODDED 2022


Stay alive from Zombies 80 days later
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It’s been 80 days since the apocalypse. Your sole goal is to survive as long as you can. Defend yourself and your significant others from the zombies! Make the right weapon combo to clear each stage of nemesis. There will be several weapons to choose from. Choose the ones that will be the most efficient and robust to shoot down the zombies.

Zombie Hunter can be the most addicting hunting and sniper game in the zombie theme offline games. Also, Free Fire, you will get into it right away!


– Graphic: Realistic 3D zombies and cool shooting
– Limitless Stages: Various types of zombies and giant boss zombie appear in each stageWeapon Collection: many classic guns are waiting for you to unlock, merge and upgrade.
– Zombie Stage mode
– Zombie defense mode, Boss raid mode, etc
– Target the dead, pull trigger toward zombies, save my family
– Offline Zombie shooting game (العاب حرب)
– Device: Perfect optimization even for slower devices.
– Languages: EN/CN/FR/PT/ES/DE/IDIT/RU/TH/TR/VN/KR are supported.

**Just now! Download the offline Zombie Hunter Game for free! fight the zombie**

◆ Access Information
– For the game to play, we must access the following controls.

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40 comentarios en "Zombie Hunter D-Day : Shooting MODDED 2022"

  1. I have been playing this game for around two years. I had most weapons fully upgraded, was nearly at level 100, had defeated all bosses in boss mode, etc. Then a month ago, the game wouldn’t shoot. I waited to see if an update would fix. Nothing got better. Online says to uninstall and then reinstall. I did and now I’ve lost everything. Two years down the drain. Screw this game! Uninstalled. I am not starting over.

  2. Well I’ve reinstalled this game again. I still say the original was better but Tol those ooking for a zombie game that keeps you playing. This is by far the all around best zombie shooter game on the play station. The graphics are above average, the game play can get intense and it is possible to advance through the levels without real $ the higher levels get difficult. The ads pay coins to by weapons. It can get expensive when you do use real $. But in my opinion #1.

  3. The game is fun. Decent graphics. Overall pretty decent game. That being said if you’re Iike me and refuse to spend money on Mobil games, specially to get rid of advertisements, don’t waste your time. You reach a level at some point where it’s an advertisement after EVERY level. I can’t support developers that sell out like that.

  4. So it is pretty fun and a good time killer. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE “AD REMOVAL” opportunity. Its bullsnickers. I payed $2.99 for that “opportunity sale pack”, and I still have to watch every miserable ad. Not even the “triple reward” after a mission. They need to fix this. Otherwise, the game is fun and easy, headshots are the key and easy to do. Not worth spending money on the game until they fix it.

  5. James dice:

    Without a doubt (zombie hunter d day) my favorite game and I play many different games. Just a request from a fan to put the old bonus mode back. It was more exciting/challenging than the new one. I addicted to this game. JUST A NOTE: in the ” tell us more” section bellow. There isn’t a (yes) as an option, just (no) and (not sure). I thought that would be an important option to leave out.

  6. Helped me get my pain and hurt and humiliation from hating dispectful slags in perspective. This game is tough and to get through some of the scenes you need to upgrade the weapons. And there is a variety of them. I dropped some serious coin for my therapy. There’s a variety of zombies, ones that are really sneaky, and some are spastic, some are just slow, but the bats are fast. There’s a variety of games within this game. It’s tough and addicting. Love it.

  7. Good graphics,smooth,but I need more locations n weathers. Maybe u can add stories in the morning, day, or evening. Overall I like it, good job to dev.

  8. K Naik dice:

    Movement of gun is slow & non reactive to touch. How to shoot bazooka no instructions. To understand game no clear instructions found. This game could be more playable if system was simple. After you move more stages more granade & medication not allowed. I hope if every 10-20 lavels use of one each increased then game will be more playfull. Otherwise after a certain lavel the game became obsolete not playfull atall. One more chance for boss must be given.

  9. Game is fun, has a lot of a variety of different style guns handguns to sniper rifles to automatic rifles. They make it easy for you to collect gold and silver coinage to purchase items without having to spend your money to buy coins so you can get a new done or upgrade the gun you have! I gave it five stars 👍

  10. I can’t shoot any zombies and it’s so frustrating because they can kill me easily. Please fix it, I hate this.

  11. I wanted me and my friend to play together and I just figured out I can save me data and pick up where I left off. I have started over so many times not knowing this.

  12. Jim Ball dice:

    One of the better zombie games,but still trying to find out how to get better weapons. Still no instructions

  13. The game is good. I loved it. Before the update it was playing good. Really good. But now that I have updated it doesn’t shoot. Before the update it was shooting but now it doesn’t shoot. Pls fix it and I may change my review. So guys if you download it don’t play it doest even shoot anymore 🙄😒

  14. Reez Khan dice:

    Its a good game…but issues with most of the guns are now becoming very annoying and is the reason it gets 2 stars….if the gun bug isnt fixed, then not worth downloading the game…btw the gun bug is the gun fires but without rounds… hence you cant kill any1.

  15. The stages are fairly easy to complete & rewarding. I feel that there’s no need to spend money to upgrade or buy more powerful weapons. All & all it’s a good game & I enjoy playing it.

  16. Very enjoyable and a bit frantic at times. Could do with moving the right hand controls a bit up or down as I keep swapping weapons by accident.

  17. This is a good game except for multiple commercials which is redicilus. One commercial in between levels or some what, but anything more than that cuts your interests to the games.

  18. Hi everyone, been playing this game straight, for a couple years. I rate it very highly. As I’m getting high, I mean stoned. Good graphics and gameplay. I play online and off, and happy with my results. Well done team. Tony Montana. ✊🤸👍🍻🎉✌️🚧☕💯

  19. I have some issues with last update. Loading screen is in 0% when I click on Bonus (rocket mode). Same happen when I accomplished a mission and try to go back to the menu. Now, there’s too many adverts, between every click, that really annoying!!! It’s an excellent game and I love it, but please correct that, I can’t play. Galaxy S10+

  20. Sande dice:

    Nice game but the guns are a bit expensive 2000 gold for Smg,youll have to kill 5-6 Bosses to get that many gold ,go for it

  21. This game would be so much better if you didn’t have to buy ammunition. It’s really hard to buy anything when all your money goes to ammo. Every other game I play like this you don’t need to buy it. That way you can progress in the game. If you changed that it would be a great game

  22. This game is good and good graphics that why i rate this game 5 stars this game have no log and bug soooo pleas try it thank you for making this game Zombie hunter D-day shooting

  23. It’s a very fun game and my entire life I have been playing horror and zombies games this is a very fun one

  24. Quake kueh dice:

    Nice gameplay.As like many games over time getting more harder to do weapon upgrade.

  25. To many ads . But still a good game to kill time

  26. I’ll rate it 5-stars!!🙏🤔😉👍,I wish I would’ve have my options to get guns with out money 💰,thank,u,much1👍👍🙏

  27. loner wolf dice:

    Regular stand-shooting zombie game, almost feel like a casual game. There’s no energy bar bullsh*t, you can play as long as you want. Zombies are lacking of variations, graphic is great, control is good enough, chilling atmosphere is a plus from this game. Only there’s no option to upgrade the weapon accuracy, and there’s no aim (iron sight, scope or whatever). Hopefully there’s no need for me to drop the rate, if the game turns into pay to win in my progress 👍

  28. Nice graphics , easy to shoot , needs lightning in the back ground some how good game

  29. It’s good game because really enjoy this game ❤️❤️ I am a free fire player this Zombie game is really fun game because this is really good game and nice experience yes you try this game. Thank you

  30. It’s a great game and easy to play and u don’t have to pay for up grade

  31. G56ace dice:

    Can’t shot and shooting button doesn’t work or even show up

  32. Mike B. dice:

    There’s lot to shoot. Seems fun only played an hour so far

  33. Pretty fun zombie killing game Needs more guns for no cost.

  34. Love this game,easy controls and lotssss of Zombies TO KILLL!!!!

  35. Really fun so far. Maybe a glitch here and there like my gun won’t fire sometimes so I have to close out and go back but other than that it’s a pretty cool game 😜 download if your ready to kick some zombie butt!!!!!!

  36. I love the game but now I can’t shoot anything.. I can reload and move around and change guns. But the shooting doesn’t work… Still a issue.. 5/31/22

  37. true rap dice:

    Its challenging and easy to operate so far the game hasnt crashed which is good theres nothing more annoying than you having to do the mission all over again

  38. I would give it a 4 or five but Im gonna have too uninstall it cause the game wont shoot anymore. Im ranked 50th all time but want be able too get any higher now. Its a shame best I can do is screenshot my acheivements.

  39. It’s a game with potential, pity that the weapons don’t work in the other modes other than the default story mode.

  40. Acid Baby dice:

    Little bit simple but still very fun and addictive. New weapons are not hard to achieve as the reward after a mission are fair and desent, plus you don’t easily die but so does the zombies too, it’s pretty well balanced. So my honest personal opinion is that there are definitely more fun than bad experience in playing this game. Especially no ads popping up unless you intentionally watched it for gaining extra rewards,,, and these are really few in many other games.

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