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Join the 460,000+ digital Citizens already taking control of their data and, most importantly, get rewarded for it – on your terms! CitizenMe is the world’s most trusted app for Anonymous Opinions, Personality Insights and Quick Payments.
Get more out of money-making surveys and explore even more opportunities that your life online can bring you in the real world. Discover, value and be YOURSELF.


– Challenge your general knowledge with online quizzes
– Express yourself in topics relevant to you
– Discover how you compare to others
– Learn about global events and occurrences

– Share opinions with your favourite brands
– Influence business decisions on new product and service launches
– Trade your expertise for cash

– Gain useful knowledge about your personality
– Tap into the ‘minds’ of the greatest scientists in the UK from Cambridge and Sheffield Universities
– Compare your Facebook identity with your offline interests
– Unlock what your YouTube likes can reveal about your browsing activities

– Donate your answers to good causes
– Shape the ways that medical research is being done today

– Get the true value of your data back
– Join a global data movement
– Utilise your voice to impact the ways that everyone will use technology in the future
– Help the Internet work better for everyone

– Download the app. Complete your account. Become a Citizen.
– You’ll see 5 types of Data Surveys in the CitizenMe app through which you can exchange your data for a fair value. We tell you exactly what you give and get before each survey.
– The green coloured tiles in the app are the one that give you a cash reward for sharing your opinions. The first time you try to complete a Paid Data Survey, you will be prompted to log into your PayPal account. You can select Connect and complete the Exchange. Once you finish it, you will be paid your cash reward directly into your PayPal account.

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And don’t forget, your identity will never be shared, we’ve always got your back. You can find a copy of our Licenses, Terms and Conditions, and other important information in the support section of our app.

If you’ve used our app before, we welcome your feedback and comments. You can leave us a review on here or, alternatively, email us at [email protected] We’d love to speak to you soon!

For further info, visit:


The latest version of CitizenMe is here! It’s our top priority to help you to reclaim the value of your data, improve your experience and resolve any pesky bugs.
- We’ve made it easier for you to introduce your friends to the CitizenMe app, and sometimes earn a £ thank you too.
- We squashed some more bugs (thank you for your feedback and patience)


40 comentarios en "CitizenMe: Control Cash Trust MOD"

  1. The app itself is easy to use, the interface, design and animation are easy and fun on the eyes. When I downloaded it, it was for the surveys that paid, and while there are tons and tons of surveys, most are for fun and donations. Not too many are paid. Setting up was easy, adding PayPal is quite simple once you follow the instructions. However, for me it’s the convenience the app gives at the end of each survey asking of you’d like to share or not. I like that part of the security.

  2. The payments process in Euros or something similiar. Im not sure what that symbol is. The quick surveys are easy and not overwhelming. It keeps logging me out and then I have to prove who I am and reset the password. That is very frustrating. Otherwise not a bad app. User friendly. Clean display thats essy to distinguish where you are and what you want to do.

  3. drea dice:

    Total earnings of £37.60 between first download on 22 November of 2018 and now. Actually in a very vulnerable position financially, I attempted basically every paid survey throughout much of this. I’d sometimes encounter a glitch costing me any time that I’d put into answering survey questions and likewise the chance to receive an award for completing it but, overall, this is, I think, one of the best survey apps. You get your reward almost instantly upon completion of a survey.

  4. It’s been two weeks since I installed the app. There are no earning surveys that has popped up I’ve been looking for them on daily basis. I’m not sure whether I have to first complete other surveys which are for fun and to donate. I would appreciate if I’d be enlightened in that part.

  5. Ceri dice:

    So i downloaded this on a freinds reccomendation. It works ok, and a huge variety. However, paid surveys are super rare to occur, maybe a few times a week. Love to fill out surveys but would love to see more paid when they come xx

  6. I’m not having a great experience at all, it taking forever to actually get paid surveys & it been a week now using this app i haven’t any paying surveys since the one the paid £0.01 😏 this is totally a waist of time and data. I’m not recomending this app to anyone 👎

  7. So far so good. Easy to navigate and interest with, lots of content to browse through and choose from, and deposits directly to PayPal

  8. Just discovered this platform on YouTube and it is indeed legit because after signing up I added my PayPal account and they directly made a payment to my account after signing up. I totally recommend it to anyone who is into making money online.

  9. I’ve only just created my account 20 minutes ago so I’m giving 3 stars. It’s right in the middle & I don’t know enough about the app yet. I can only say it APPEARS to be a pretty cool app. I’ve said that about other apps before tho, only for some to show me just how NOT cool they actually were. So we shall see. I’ll update my rating in a month or so.

  10. It’s really great app! even if are using VPN it really pays u but I think its not allowed to use VPN . Always it pays you through PayPal no waiting

  11. Still did not experienced fully. As per the suggestion, it is app which really pays. Rating will be updated soon after experience the results.,😊

  12. Love this app! The fact that I’m in total control of my data and its stored safely on my smartphone makes me feel safe. They app does not store my data and I can easily download it. When it comes to their surveys they fun, interactive and insightful. They helped me discover more about myself and the world around me. At first I was so shocked at how accurate the insight surveys are. I felt like they could read through my mind😀 bonus! You also find surveys that will reward you instantly!

  13. Great app, easy to use and pays instantly to Paypal but too little paid surveys. Will give 5 stars once more paid surveys are implemented

  14. The app instantly paid Mr £0.01 for just liking my PayPal account. It’s really good to make money but it’s not actually effective to do so.

  15. effective and efficient app to operate. great user interface. when I downloaded it was not expecting it to be so helpful but after giving it a try I can surely say I will recommend it to my family, friends and colleagues at work too. just don’t miss out go ahead and download it and you will really love the experience it has for you. hope you take your time and enjoy the benefits of your internet bundle and the sacrifice of your precious time you won’t regret it I promise you that.

  16. This is a useless app, it keeps saying my account is not verified I should log in to PayPal to link my citizenme account but when I log in to PayPal it is linked but on the app it keeps saying its not linked. I give up, I’m deleting the app

  17. Insightful and fun! Easy app to bypass time while learning about your self, others, and all kinds of things. There are some incentives which are easy and quick to get. GLAD I FOUND THIS APP!!!!!!!

  18. Great app with lots of fun surveys, easy to use. Just wish there were more paid surveys

  19. Absolutely amazing app for earning money, with no complications and disruptive Ads and its 100% legit.

  20. Love the app so far easy payment through PayPal account wish there was more surveys and higher pay outs tho

  21. I love the app, I want to explore more to see how to really earn through it. I was paid at first, but I’ve not been able to see more surveys for days now. I’m more passionate to make money on the site and cash it out.

  22. Paid 1.6 $ for few month, now I no longer receive any paid surveys, it’s been 4months and the app is useless now probably gonna uninstall

  23. What a legit app, it pays directly to your PayPal account after each task,I have enjoyed all task given by this Citizen me so far, direct questions that requires you to be honest. It’s very easy to use , and I am very happy I came across it

  24. The app is pretty user friendly. The fun quizzes are well…fun. However I lean more to the earn part of the app. It seems like this isn’t for me.

  25. Real Downer…I have been trying to get back into my account via magic link and I can’t get a link sent to my email anymore. I have checked spam folder and I can not regain access after using thos app for 3 years now 😑

  26. Shah rizal dice:

    I enjoy the app.i want to explore more to see how to really earn throught it.i was paid at first,but l’ve not been able to see more survey for days now.i’m more passionate to make money on the site and cash it out.

  27. In the beginning all goes well the surveys come quite aften but about 2 months down the line you might get 1 survey a month. I’ve deleted this app and put it back on now so let’s see maybe it has improved. If so I can give it then a 5 star rating

  28. This app was one nice discovery. First impression: there are a tone of possibilities learn something new, relax, and spend time. For now, 5⭐.

  29. Phil Dale dice:

    Easy to use and instant payments, what’s not to like.

  30. Really good and very informative and interesting. Does pay

  31. First time using the app and I can say it’s wonderful and fun to have. I’ve learned a lot from the quizzes. Not yet receive any survey… Newbie hahh. So far I love it.

  32. Believer dice:

    I’m giving 3 start because I’m getting survey once in a week, but from the past 2 months I’m not getting any surveys yet. This app is easy to use and credited to PayPal instantly.

  33. This app is wonderful! A great combination of fun and knowledge to improve yourself on so many levels. A great way to learn about different cultures, as well.

  34. The payout on the app is too small and the amount of time one dedicates is alot. There has to be a balance and all this data that is captured is not all paid for

  35. The app is quite interesting I like it a lot cuz it allows me to learn much from it and it has fun questions a lot of activities to do I think it covers all that’s why I like it

  36. Beauty dice:

    When i signup i was getting surveys not regularly though but at least but its been over a month now I’ve not received a single survey. Will change my rating when things changes.

  37. Not sure how the app works. There are not a lot of earning job

  38. Its a great app since it pays directly to paypal account

  39. It’s been a lovely app since I’ve found it now, but for the paid survey how do I get paid?, PayPal isn’t supported in my country

  40. User friendly and simple

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