Citi Bike MODDED 2022

The Citi Bike app is the perfect co-pilot for your biking adventures in the city
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The official app for Citi Bike, NYC’s bike share system.

Citi Bike consists of a fleet of specially designed, sturdy and durable bikes that are locked into a network of docking stations throughout the city. Our bikes can be unlocked from one station and returned to any other station in the system, making them ideal for one-way trips. Bike share is a greener, healthier way to get around — whether you’re commuting, running errands, meeting friends, or exploring in a new city.
The Citi Bike app gives you access to thousands of bikes in your area — unlock and pay directly from the app and get going.

The Citi Bike app also shows upcoming public transit departures, including MTA subway trains, shuttles, local, limited, & express buses, LIRR commuter rail trains, Metro-North commuter rail trains, PATH rapid transit trains, Bee-Line local & express buses, NYC Ferries, the Staten Island Ferry, the AirTrain JFK, the AirTrain Newark, the Roosevelt Island Tramway, and NJT commuter rail trains, light rail trains, & buses.

Within the app, you can purchase the following Citi Bike passes:
Single ride
Access pass

Happy riding!

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40 comentarios en "Citi Bike MODDED 2022"

  1. Pro: I love how convenient this makes biking around the city. I love the service they provide. Con: The app can be unstable. Every 2-4 weeks, it has an error, locks up, and needs to be reinstalled. Speaking with tech support, it sounds like that’s the expected fix. Overall, I’m very happy with the service Citi Bike provides, but the app is frequently frustrating.

  2. Tim O'Hara dice:

    Super convenient and easy. Pretty seamless real world/app interaction. The fee structure is convoluted and misleading, and the app won’t let you get a new bike until you review your last ride, super annoying. If you just scan a bike, you’re gonna end up paying more than a 24 hour pass if you plan on using it more than 3 times. Of course, in the 24 hour plan, you get charged after 30 minutes, so you’re always stopping to switch bikes.

  3. Disappointed and annoyed by a number of things in the app: Would like for it to be easier/clearer how to set up an account before you’re ready to start a ride. It’s annoying to fumble with credit cards and passwords while standing at a citybike dock running late. I wanted to do this when I was sitting at home and had plenty of time, but couldn’t find the option. The account create screens are buggy. The name and DOB screen kept refusing to pull up the keyboard, I had to reset it 3 times to get it to come up. Then it wouldn’t let me switch from first name to last name – the text caret was in the last name field, but characters typed went to the first name field instead. Another reset to get around that. The map kept refusing to show the streets and names for half of the area. Scrolling around and zooming didn’t fix it. Had to reset the app again. The CitiBike service is mostly fine, but you guys really need to put some more work into this app.

  4. This new app update is beyond horrible! I can’t seem to return to the map without submitting feedback after each ride. It’s a bike ride for goodness sakes! If the bike and I both get to the destination safely all is well. If there is a problem with the bike I will let you know. But feedback after every ride? Come on! Also, how do I find out how many Bike Angel points I have earned? Part of the fun was earning points and having the app keep track. Why have the B A program if you aren’t keeping score? Finally, the map is difficult to read. bike lanes are not shown even though I have checked the box to show them. The stations are difficult to see and interpret. The old app was very easy to view and know where bikes were located. The new app seems to require differential calculus to interpret. Give us back the old app!

  5. Very convenient and healthy alternative to busy subways. And the annual membership fee is very reasonable if you work and/or live in the city. The only problem you might face is unavailable docks at certain hot spots. But there will always be one a block or 2 away. Try to go to the valet spots if you drop at Penn station in the evening. They take care of your bike and you don’t have to worry about finding an open dock.

  6. I really don’t like the new design at all. The screen is awful to look at. I ignore the rating system entirely by pressing the finished button without rating it at all. I was given 3 free passes to give to friends and the link kept saying it was not valid. I also don’t like that the app no longer tells you how many calories you burned. I thought that was a nice part of the previous version.

  7. Love it for spring, fall, and summer time in NYC. The bikes are generally well taken care of but there could be more quality control for gears. They are well positioned and you should not have a problem finding or parking a bike. They could integrate google maps with the app so if you have headphones it could let you know if there is a station near your destination that is full or in need of bikes

  8. The app has become almost useless. It used to be possible to see ALL docks within an area on the map and the number of bikes and / or docs available. Now, one has to plan a particular trip by entering an address for the start and finish and no options are given for different docs in the vicinity. If I show up at a dock and it is full, there is no way to search for nearby docs with available slots. If I am a bike angel and trying to plan a trip with the app, there is no way for me to choose alternative dock destinations to maximize points. Now, I need to actually go to the Citibike web site and use the map there to locate dock locations on the map before making a trip. The current application is terrible and represents such a downgrade from the old citi bike application that it is actually making me reconsider the utility of my annual membership.

  9. The most reliable way to get around New York City. The app is easy to use and well designed. The Bike Angels program is really clever! It incentivizes putting bikes where there are none, and picking up bikes where there are too many, and gives you points for it, which are redeemable for account benefits. Biking around NYC has largely eliminated my use of the subway, saving me both money and time. My only recommendation to the team would be to expand into upper Manhattan. Highly recommended!

  10. This is one glitchy app for an extraordinary service. A real bummer, really. A quarter of the time, it gets caught in an endless buffer — at the MOST inconvenient moments, like when you really need a bike! You have to uninstall and reinstall. Wish it was more reliable.

  11. Horrible after update Used citibike app for the last 3+ years without a problem. Now I dread having to get a bike, it’s an awful experience every time. Half of the bikes don’t have a QR code, even if they do only half of the time to they unlock, frequent error messages and bugs all the time in this app. I had to take a cab to work twice in the last two weeks because I couldn’t unlock a bike (there were at least 10 at the station). This never happened before. Please fix it!!!!

  12. One of the worst apps I have to use (since I love Citi Bike and biking itself). This app constantly has issues with reloading or connecting, and allowing me to unlock a bike, which is very annoying when trying to get somewhere quick. Not sure if they fixed it, but the registration screen literally is broken to the point where it is impossible to sign up through the app, you have to online.

  13. Well designed app w/ some serious performance issues. When initially rendering map upon load AND whenever moving around the map there are lags ranging from annoying at best to intolerable. The engineering challenge is the densely populated (and changing) pin map of Manhattan slowing our phones to a crawl. Suggest a complete refactoring of how you render/update the map to minimize both strain on the GPU & the size of the data payload transferred back to the app. Otherwise well designed app!

  14. Horrible update – the MAP is so much less usable. It is very difficult to see exactly where the stations are (i.e. which side of the street, on the avenue or around the corner, etc.) The old map pins were both more compact and more informative. It is also much harder to see Bike angel info, bike angel stats, switch between bikes and dock view. Certainly I do not need to see the bike icon on every pin (i.e. only use the valet pin)

  15. Absolutely horrible app!!! I stopped using my Citibike membership in 2019 and hadn’t renewed it and deleted the ORIGINAL app. Recently renewed it, and downloaded this version of the app, which is atrocious!! The whole point is to be able to find an available dock with bikes, or a dock with empty slots to dock a bike I’m riding. Both of which, I CAN’T DO with this app!!

  16. E. C. dice:

    I keep having issues renewing my monthly plan which has led me to spending more by having to purchase single rides. Edit: After the update everything in the app works much better. I have one gripe, they eliminated the favorite stations. I don’t like having to zoom in to find my station. Three stars for now.

  17. Difficult to get started. Luckily two employees were there doing maintenance. They were awesome! Kiosk didn’t work. Had to download app. Couldn’t figure out how to get two bikes at once. Used half of 30 min trying to get 2nd bike. Called customer service. They were great and very helpful. Just not a very user friendly process for first time user, especially tourists. Need to get everything set before unlocking bike, so not a second wasted. Bikes were a little wobbly. 2nd bike too tight to adj.

  18. Music Guy dice:

    This new update is HORRIBLE! Everything takes so much longer to load & operate. The fact that you can’t simply view a station map without having your location & internet connection activated is so awful. Many people are not constantly connected to either. Eliminating the Favorites List, also a big mistake. Another time saver, gone. Instead we get a useless Google public transportation map. Why? I’m trying to get a bike, not take a bus/subway. Bike Angels Map & detailed directions are also gone.

  19. This new version sucks. Every aspect of the previous version was 100% better. No manual update anymore, no background colors in the map symbols anymore, no calorie counter anymore, no details for individual rides anymore, and the black list goes on and on and on. Really bad.

  20. The app reflects the quality of citibike itself — they’re both trash. Reasons why it’s terrible: 1. The app did not work for me even after reinstalling and restarting my phone (as CS recommended). 2. There’s no way to see which stations dispense keys, you have to go on the website. 3. The first station I went to tried to dispense a key, was out of keys, and registered as having given me a key despite not giving me a key. 4. Nowhere on the app does it indicate ebikes cost more. DO NOT USE IT!

  21. Ikimasho dice:

    Great way to get around the city. A couple things prevent me from giving a 5 star rating. E-bikes are a dime a dozen and are hard to find. Taking a citibike out is a luck of the draw experience. Sometimes there are issues with the chain, the pedals, the gears, or the breaks. Other than that, still a good service to have, especially in a pandemic situation. Avoid public transportation and the possibility of getting sick.

  22. M. A dice:

    The prices and memberships are very very misleading. I paid for the day pass (around $18) since it said for 24 hours, so I kept it with me to the park and after an hour i checked the app only to see an extra 30 dollars charged plus a random dollar charged from my card. It is very inconvenient having to place the bike back onto the dock every 28 minutes (2 minutes to place the bike back because sometimes it doesn’t lock in properly and you can get charged and have a $1.2k charge in your account)

  23. pau mobile dice:

    slow. forces the user to rate the app after every ride… !!?? used to show time and miles for each ride, now only time. when riding it only shows the availability of stations on the map, not the bike availability… sometimes i am looking to switch bikes because the one i am using is not great. love the idea of bike share. citibike is not always up to the expectations :/

  24. Ruby T dice:

    App is useless. Since the time Lyft took over Citibike, I’ve never been able to successfully unlock a bike. They’re very quick to place a hold on your credit card right away, but not much help in getting service out of a bike. The app always tells me that I am not at the stand if thinks I’m at, even though Im standing right there. This is very sad because Citibike used to be excellent and I enjoyed my experience then.

  25. Have a annual membership I haven’t used in a while (still active in the app). Tried to rent a bike on Tue – get an error message “You cannot take a ride at this time”. Contacted customer service via chat. Told ticket has been escalated and expect a response in about 2 hours. After no response, contacted again on Wed and Thur. Again no response. On Mon, I finally get a response – “Unfortunately at this time we are unable to allow account access to Lyft Scooters or Bikes.” No explanation!

  26. Liz AgSa dice:

    Tou pay $15 for a day pass but you still have to give back the bicycle every 30 minutes , if not, you get charged. I gave it back 1 minute after and I paid $4.88, so in total $20. They should give more time or different amount to pay

  27. No good for tourist visitors or non-smartphone users. The app does not work for UK numbers. A far better system would be to dispense with the useless app and instead use touchless nfc to tap in and tap out.

  28. App is just ok. What is disappointing is that it is difficult to read the map when trying to find a nearby docking station. Also, shows docking stations that don’t exist anymore.

  29. Not fit for purpose. I paid $15 for a full day riding in New York. But the problem is the system forces you to divide your day up into rides no longer than 30 minutes each. The effect of this is that you are constantly panicking about reaching your next destination within 30 minutes, which is not remotely a satisfying way to travel. Also I found twice that I couldn’t park the bike at my destination because the racks were full. As a result I went over time while cycling to the next available rack

  30. Matt F. dice:

    IT DOES NOT WORK. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND STAY AWAY FROM IT. Service is not available in most of the city now. Bikes availability is non-existent in half the city so it is very very unreliable. They do not honor the bike angel point system they offer.

  31. The bikes are in not so good shape and way too heavy. At least 10 lbs more than regular bikes. The stations are beat up and many non functional. The app takes a while to catch up with the hardware though better than trying to keep track of that key. There also not many docks or spaces available. Last time I use citi bike I think

  32. Takes a long time (minutes after opening the app) to update current availability and even longer (up to 10 minutes) to display the bikeangel points.

  33. Worthless. App is slow andnot responsive. 24 bikes on a rack. Needed 4 for the family. Scanned 10. Only got 1 after 20 minutes of downloading, signing up and linking payment. Now I can’t find customer service to get my money back

  34. People who designed this don’t live in NYC. This is basically a poor, dysfunctional, skin of the Lyft app. Old app worked perfectly, this never works, loads, caches location, etc.

  35. Jason Li dice:

    App listed docks as having available spots even though they were full. A trick to get double the money from overage fees, or terrible maintenance. You decide.

  36. Good experience overall, sometime the app hangs especially when finding directions, so had to switch to google maps

  37. alan lau dice:

    Great experience so far but I wish there were more bikes and ports by me in Brooklyn. Most of the places I want to go to have no bikes and ports

  38. Deborah S. dice:

    What happened what the hell is going on that every time I take a bike it runs at a time and I’m paying for it but I’m not getting anywhere because I’m just parked buying stuff and when I come back it’s off I want to reimburse for both

  39. Ben Hughes dice:

    I’ve used Citibike from the beginning and I can no longer recommend the service or the app. I try to use Citibike to commute to work – the service is extremely unreliable – broken bikes, uncharged pedal-assist bikes, and broken docks plague the system so much so that over half of my rides have some sort of issue that makes me late for work. The app is also fraught with problems. I get error notices that my bike is not docked correctly when it is. Not worth the high prices for membership.

  40. Great to move with CitiBike in NYC One bug in your app to signal: The payment setup when picking Google Pay defaults to cards that are not available on Google Pay (were available before). You must be looking at some old file somewhere. Strange

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