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Capital One Auto Navigator is the easy way to find a car that fits you and your finances.

Shop new and used cars for sale and pre-qualify for an auto loan with no impact to your credit score right from the app. Once you’re pre-qualified, you’ll be able to see your real rate and monthly payment while you search. And there’s millions of new and used vehicles to choose from. When you’re ready, just take Auto Navigator with you to the dealership, complete a credit application to finish up your financing, and drive away with your new car.

Pre-qualify in minutes for an auto loan with no impact to your credit score.

Shop millions of new and used cars nationwide and find the one you love.

Once you’ve pre-qualified for an auto loan, you’re able to see your real rate and monthly payment while you shop cars.

Adjust things like down payment, term length, and more to build the deal that’s right for you.

When you’re ready, just take Auto Navigator with you to the dealership, complete a credit application to finish up your financing, and drive away with your new car.

Download today, pre-qualify for an auto loan and start car shopping.

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Thanks for using Capital One Auto Navigator! We make regular updates to our app to ensure your experience is top notch. Each new version of our app includes new features to allow you to do more in the app and improvements to make it faster and more reliable.
Feature Updates: Bug Fixes & Enhancements


40 comentarios en "Capital One Auto Navigator MODDED 2022"

  1. I was expecting to see a dollar amount that I was pre-approved for, maybe even a percentage rate. Nope, all it shows you is a list of cars at nearby dealerships and what your monthly payment could be. It doesn’t even show you cars that are strictly within your budget, but it also shows you cars way outside what you could afford and would never be approved for. So yeah, pretty much useless.

  2. I was not impressed there wasn’t a good selection and seemed to be over priced. If your looking for financing forget about that they seem to be really over priced with the high interest rates they have is much higher then other places. When I applied for car loan there, I was turned down within 2 seconds, but when I saw what they wanted to charge in interest I knew it was a blessing. I went to another app found a better deal on my car, a loan with lower payments and will be paid off sooner😊🙃😂

  3. The app should be easy to navigate, and seems very user friendly. HOWEVER the app rarely works, constant crashes, pages don’t load, errors all over the place.

  4. Before the last update this app was great, I would have given it five stars, not anymore. Your preapproval doesn’t appear anywhere, it asks you to get prequalified even though you already are. It doesn’t save the cars or searches you like that put together anymore, it just tells you that something went wrong and kicks you out of the app. In the middle of a search, it will kick you out. Customer Service told me to use the website instead. Then why have an app?!

  5. BIG Dave dice:

    Repeated errors, cars do not load when searched. Got pre-approved but cannot search on my phone. Also saved searches do not save your financing specs (down payment, length, etc.). Back to the drawing board, view CAR GURUS app for template.

  6. Paul dice:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with capital one apps and websites except for cc websites they all have severe glitches, on this app it doesn’t even let me add to favorites, on the website I got redirect errors and it never worked, capital one has a very big problem to solve asap when it comes to apps functionality and customer satisfaction.

  7. Kept getting an error saying they can’t load my saved vehicles. Now it loads the saved vehicles, but trying to open a saved search just spins and spins forever and never loads. Sometimes trying the saved search will log me out of the app altogether.

  8. Mar Sou dice:

    Needs some work. Logs you out every time you leave the app and clears all search filters so best to save your searches. Doesn’t give engine info besides cylinders for example you won’t know if it’s the 4cyl 2.0 or the 4cyl 2.4 model. Aside from that it’s not bad.

  9. While month after month I pay my bill on time in or even early most EVERY TIME I’m still under my credit reporting showing as if I’m delinquent or have been missing payments for months or years. It’s nearly.. been the account that helped me thru covid so I pay capital one first and formost every time . I just wish who ever would review my account who had authority to make changes .m the service reps state I’m in good standing so please stop messing with my credit!!

  10. App never worked. Anytime I’d try to do a search for a car, the app always said “Oops we’ve hit a snag”. Never once over a week did it actually do a search. Over wifi or cell network.

  11. Nek0 dice:

    Cannot connect…says we hit a snag. Locations are enabled and no matter what network I use, even though I’m pre-qualified, I get nothing. Only works if I get on the desktop…

  12. App is kind of useless, searching is better on the site imo. You can filter by features you want, and sort by APR. Can’t do neither on the app

  13. Wouldn’t save vehicles to favourites, and kept having issues retrieving saved vehicles. Otherwise was a smooth and insightful experience.

  14. The app is literally unusable. Keeps “hitting snags” uninstalled and re download and still doesn’t work. Literally a useless app

  15. Quinton N dice:

    App used to work really well until recently it crashes a lot and you can’t complete searches or access cars you have favorited

  16. Great app. Nice features and easy to find the type of vehicle and the finance terms.

  17. Doesn’t work if you don’t have $1,000 down payment. I did not plan to have to look for a new vehicle so I do not have a good down payment, but can make the monthly payments in the future. This app will not let you calculate anything less than $1,000 down so it’s pointless. Should be able to calculate with any amount down for financing.

  18. App will not save or load your favorite cars or favorite searches. I just installed this too. Tried reinstalling, deleting app data, rebooting phone.

  19. Hasn’t loaded for weeks now to view vehicles. You can still see your account info and pre-qualification info, but using the website has been the only option for a while now to shop.

  20. One day the app says that I am “pre-qualified”, and the next I get my status revoked without any explanation. Also, good luck in getting a dealership to accept your supposed pre-qualification.

  21. The app doesnt work. Searches don’t work. I always get the error “we’ve hit a snag and we are working on it.”

  22. What a poorly devised app, it doesn’t sync with what ya find and put in your favorites on the web using a PC, it missed 75% of the listings shown when browsing using a PC, just terrible 8mo

  23. This app is trash! It always errors out or cant show cars and ask you to try again. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled, cleared cache.

  24. Is a good app but it is not accurate with the additional ad ons the dealer ship does like taxes and also the dealer always tries to get more money down from you even though you run everything thru capital one is stress free but the dealers make it stressful.

  25. Poor amount of filters available so it is a waste of time. Uninstalled after 10 minutes of use as it is no better than the newspaper.

  26. App is very glitchy, can’t retrieve favorites and logs you off after a few minutes. Easier to use the website, less issues

  27. it’s not user friendly. If I want to find how much I would pay for a cat, there is too much having to play with the numbers. the Carvana app works much better. It’s done for you.

  28. Literally just downloaded & logged in but getting an error when checking on faves & they never load. What’s the pt then? Disappointing.

  29. None of the vehicles you have posted for sale are up to date. In some cases the cars that show available have been sold months ago

  30. Is not as accurate as I thought it was when I went to a dealership to buy a car. My credit basically got dinged for nothing even though capital 1 said I was pre approved.

  31. Won’t let me submit info for pre-qualifying. Been trying to submit the app for days and I keep getting the “we hit a snag, please resubmit” message….🙄

  32. Doesn’t work, don’t use vin number to load truck I am looking at and it’s very hard to see what your interest rate is.

  33. After logging in it won’t find cars. Always have to log out for it to work.

  34. great app! no issues easy experience, for payment terms/downpayment.

  35. Zach S dice:

    The app works great, I just wish they had an option for fuel choice such as unleaded, diesel or premium.

  36. Worked great until update made it so when I log in it doesn’t save my pre approval. Even if you try to resubmit it will tell you you are already pre-approved.

  37. C B dice:

    They don’t honor rates BEWARE Capital one has a disclaimer, AFTER they run your credit the dealership can change the price of the vehicle and Apr. Dealerships have full control

  38. Gman dice:

    Terrible app , very hard to calculate the payments , keeps crashing

  39. Doesn’t load saves searches. Also can’t shop for a car. Seems broken

  40. It won’t load any cars , ” we hit a snag , we’re on it ” they aren’t on it it’s been like that for 3 days .

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