BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! MOD 2022


An anime rhythm game with simple controls! Enjoy fun anime songs on mobile!
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Popular rhythm game in Japan!
Tap to the rhythm of over 300 songs to choose from.
Play both original and cover songs from popular J-Pop artists and anime songs!
Play your favorite songs on a level of difficulty that suits you!

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■ Play as a staff member of live house “CiRCLE”
Create the best live concert together with the 7 charismatic girl bands in the game! Featuring Poppin’Party, Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia, Hello, Happy World!, Morfonica, RAISE A SUILEN.

■ Real-time cooperative gameplay
Enjoy real-time cooperative gameplay with friends and players across the world with up to 5 members!

■ Story
Enjoy fully voiced stories with high quality animated Live2D band members.
Immerse yourself in each band’s exciting journey towards stardom through their individual band stories.

■ Characters
Train band members to improve their music performance.
Interact with cute band members, and enjoy their rhythmical actions and conversations.
Discover and explore the town to peek into the daily lives of the band members.

Let’s get started! It’s a Live that is not to be missed!

Visit for FAQ or contact us in game by going to Menu > Support.


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- Added Delete User Data function
- Added View Mode for Home Screen
- Added Hidden Stamps feature
- Added Band Rating feature
- Various feature updates & improvements
- Bug Fixes


40 comentarios en "BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! MOD 2022"

  1. audrey dice:

    UPDATE 10/3/22: over a month later, and the game still crashes after receiving log-in bonuses for me. im lowering my rating to 1 star because the dev team hasn’t even acknowledged this problem, so it makes me think they won’t fix it. for others, this has been going on for almost a whole year. that’s insane. i used to love this game so much. the art is wonderful and events are fun too. bang dream was one of my favorite rhythm games to play. i hope the crashing issue gets solved once and for all.

  2. Great music, characters, story, and gameplay. However, ever since I upgraded my phone to Android 12 the game is always crashing. The latest update even prevents me from continuing past the title screen! It’s not worth playing the game when you can’t even play at all, and the developers still haven’t fixed the issue with how long Android 12 has been out.

  3. Crashing is still around even after the fix, though it is less frequent. Charts are laggy, making it hard to play. Notes drop or don’t tap all the time. I’ve played since near the beginning and the game isn’t very enjoyable right now. This game is pretty bad now. Play one of the other rhythm games instead. Do not recommend. Edit: Crashing is still awful. Can’t even play some days.

  4. Paul Li dice:

    I hate to give this a 1 star as this game before last year was practically bug-less and it was my first rhythm game that I enjoyed a lot. However, starting from the beginning of this year, I started noticing that there are something wrong with the audio sounds that results in a completely off beat tap sound with random levels of loudness. Because of this, in hoping to get a better gameplay experience, I changed to pjsekai whoch I absolutely love. When I got back to this game, it only crashes.

  5. ive been playing this game for about 3.5yrs and consider it one of my favorites; the characters, music, and story have me really emotionally invested. i have never encountered many problems but this crashing issue is really disheartening ☹️ i can hardly open the game before it stops working and when i make it past the login screen and try to play a song, it crashes as it’s loading. waiting for the devs to fix this issue before i can give it 5 stars.

  6. After the song is finished, it crashes then my account gets penalized for disconnecting. After the recent update for 9/14, this game is officially unplayable. I cleared the cache and the memory in my phone which seemed to work before but when I tried doing it again after the update, I can’t even get past the login screen. So disappointed cause I really loved this game… 😔

  7. A really fun and great game, I love the characters and the songs but now I can’t even play the game. I was able to play a week ago with minimal crashing but now It crashes right after the loading screen before I can even get INTO the game. Please fix the crashes!! I really want to be able to play again but these crashes are making the game COMPLETELY unplayable and I know its not just me. Please fix the game

  8. C L dice:

    Whatever updates happened, it is constantly causing the game to crash. It has been this way since sometime in winter ’21. No, it’s not my phone. Yes, it has been uninstalled/reinstalled. Nothing has been fixed as of last update despite what they said. Can’t even get past the title screen. This game used to have a high rating. Now it’s below 4 and continually dropping and I’m sure you can figure out why. 9/21/22 update: Still crashes. Finally have to call it quits and move on.

  9. Claudia M dice:

    GAME IS UNPLAYABLE FOR ANDROID USERS. I’ve been playing this game since launch, and I absolutely loved it. For what seems like forever by this point, I’ve been experiencing the same issues. One, I can’t get passed the title screen, or two, I get disconnected from a live and get penalized. I’ve tried every remedy I could find online because when support is contacted they send the same copy pasted response. The fact that this has been going on for so long and no fix has been found is just gross.

  10. s. j. dice:

    editing my 5/5 review to 1/5 because the crashing issues have made this game COMPLETELY unplayable. half of the time the game crashes at the splash screen, and if it doesn’t, it crashes when opening menus, starting songs, ending songs, random dialogue, ANYWHERE. I’ve been playing this game consistently since 2018 and this is the worst it has EVER been. FIX IT

  11. **This issue with Android has gotten out of hand, please get on this, Devs! I miss this game and can’t play it! You have to know that you’re alienating a large player base by not fixing it! *please fix android crashes! Very nice animations and smooth gameplay during songs! If you like visual novels and miss Guitar Hero then Play…This…Game!

  12. Eqrly Bird dice:

    As much as I love bandori this game just has such a huge crashing issue. I’m not the only one with this problem either.. Tons of people have this same problem and even after deleting and reinstalling the app it’s still broken. It’s not like it’s just the device either I can play the jp version of this game fine but nobody has even as much as acknowledged the crashing issue for android. It’s kind of insulting especially when you can’t get into the game to pull on kirafes.

  13. Zacharie dice:

    i’ve been playing this game since launch and i adore it; however, it’s been giving me SO many problems lately. connection issues, crashing in the middle of lives, and now i can’t even get past the title screen without it crashing. i’ve played in every single event and if i end up completely missing any i’ll be extremely angry. PLEASE fix this.

  14. Emily dice:

    I really loves this game but it keeps crashing mostly on the login screen. Sometimes I’m able to get past that screen and get the login rewards but not often. I really do love the characters, art, and story but if this keeps happening I’ll have to quit. It’s not a fun game anymore if I can’t play at all.

  15. Dan Squire dice:

    Been really patient about the constant Android issues but it’s been a year and there is still clearly a problem. Constantly being penalized in multilive, losing out on event points, and wasting items like cans is really starting to get frustrating. And yet the lack of acknowledgement that this is stil an issue feels the most disrespectful.

  16. I absolutely adore this game and I’ve been playing for years. the music, art, and stories are all wonderfully crafted. but the crashing issue has been horrible. I put off updating my device OS as long as possible just so I won’t have to experience an indeterminate period of time where it crashes on start. it’s also heartbreaking to miss collab events just because of this problem! I couldn’t even load in for login bonuses for the zombieland saga collab. would love to have a permanent fix.

  17. Cody Hall dice:

    Fully voice acted and good animations. load times are good. responsive controls. difficult learning curve for character stats. Edit: Was good but recently it crashes on starting for me. Apparently this has been happening for almost a year on android without a real fix. Literally unplayable which is a shame because I really enjoy this game when it works. Edit 2: It is working again but missed a whole event with no info on the situation. I don’t know what was wrong but only that it was irritating

  18. Mary O dice:

    From my experience, this is a fun music game! I have enjoyed the game immensely. Unfortunately, the app keeps crashing every single day. It’s been frustrating. I did a restart, forced the app to stop, turn the phone off and on, uninstalled and installed the app..I even did a factory reset.. none of the above worked 🙁 I just gave up. Update: 07/31/22 Decided to install the game again since I really do enjoy the game very much 🙂 The result was, the game still crashes. Please fix this.

  19. i’ve been playing this game for around 9 months, love it with all my heart. fun gameplay, stunning art, and interesting characters and stories. tried making another account on a different device to start anew and i can’t even open the app beyond the title screen and download the app data without it crashing. tried all the suggested workarounds and nothing’s worked. really hope this isn’t the nail in the coffin for my love for this game.

  20. Kai dice:

    right off the bat, this game is extremely fun to play. i only play for the gameplay, so i dont have anything to say about the character stories. the character designs are super cute and the voice acting is good. now about the crashing. this game would be a 5/5 if it weren’t for the crashing. based on my experience, after about 30 minutes of playing, my game will start to lag, then about 10 minutes later, it’ll crash. sometimes completely ruining my score. this game needs to fix these things.

  21. This is a really great game if you’re not on an android. The game crashes and cant get passed the title screen without it crashing. I have a really new phone and even with the newest update, it’s bascially unplayable and you’re chances in getting into the game is slim to none. They say the crash issue has been resolved but theres still tons of crashes that is not fixed for months.

  22. I absolutely love everything about this game. Adore the songs, characters, controls, looks, everything. BUT…I literally cannot access the game on Android due to a crashing bug that has been present for Android users for about 9 months now. If I somehow get through the opening screen, it crashes during a multi-live song (which causes my account to get suspended for “harassment”…great). For the love of god, fix the crashing. I want to play this game again so badly but I physically can’t!

  23. Game crashes on start screen. If you happen to get past the screen it will randomly crash after a live. This has been going on for about 8 months or so with no fix. I’ve tried all the workarounds and nothing seems to work. Contacting the devs only gets you a generic trouble shooting e-mail. I used to really like playing this game but the headache of just trying to get into it isn’t worth the hassle.

  24. Kit dice:

    Pretty fun, and I really like the multi-live feature as well. I do find the constant need for more storage space to be a little annoying, it causes tons of lag even with all the extra bits turned off. I’m also not a big fan of having the story feature crammed down my throat, but at least there are skip buttons.

  25. I’ve played this game since its launch and would consider it one of the best rythym games currently out. The issues I’ve had in the past have been few and far between, but now that I’ve updated to a new phone, the game is literally unplayable. Crashes on the title screen every single time. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and the issue persists. Wish I could have the assurance that it’ll be resolved quickly, but the reviews here give off the impression that the devs simply don’t care.

  26. i love this game! however it is completely unplayable on Android. For about a year its been a miracle to even get past the title screen without it crashing and even then it will just crash in the middle of doing literally anything. I’m shocked there seems to be no fix for this :/ edit: even when playing the newest update the crash issue is not fixed despite what the company says

  27. This game is continuously crashing for me and other Android 12 users. It’s been crashing the entire duration of Iris. My phone went through an update, and now I am unable to get past the title screen. Fix this. Edit: It’s happening again. I’ve been unable to see my tiering results for Let’s Screeeeam! since yesterday. Please fix it. I don’t want to miss fly with the night because of this.

  28. Mr Sauce dice:

    Alright this is the last time I’m rewriting my review for this game. This game is great.. when it works, loads of others including me have trouble getting into the game or being able to stay in it without having it crash at loading screens. As you can see below the game replied saying “that we have fixed this issue”. Hate to break it to you, apparently you haven’t. Overall good game but annoying issues.

  29. It’s a great game with tons of collabs and great, lovable characters !! It’s really fun to play whenever but an issue a lot of android users have is the game crashing. For me it used to crash so much and then it worked for a few weeks after a patch and then it started crashing again. I’m quite sad about it because the Persona series collab is getting a re-run and many android users can’t play it :(.

  30. Void dice:

    Wonderful game, i love the gameplay, the characters and the story but what i don’t love is the constant crashing. Ive been experiencing this problem since about December of last year and i still hasnt been fixed. I cant even get into the game without it crashing which is very annoying. Please just fix this problem already.

  31. Been playing for a few years now and this is the best f2p game I’ve ever played. Ranked events every couple of weeks, play as much as you want, no “stamina” required. Fun and accessible multi-player. Recently added practice mode has checked off my wishlist of features. EDIT: Updating my review to one star once again. The game works for like a week before crashing issues start up again. Obviously this is a problem. I won’t be updating my review back to more than one star. Super disappointed.

  32. Okay, listen. I absolutely adore this game- I love the stories, I love the game play and the songs in it… however. As an android user as a lot of other people are, there are some seriously frustrating occurrences of crashing that need to be fixed ASAP. At first on my old phone (that was also an android) it was fine, however, once I had gotten a new one, the performance and rate of crashes had only gotten increasingly worse until today where I can not get past the title screen without a crash

  33. Linny dice:

    I LOVE this game 😌💅 it’s so fun and i never get bored of playing it. But there’s one problem. Whenever I’m in the middle of a song, it lags so that I lose my combo and have to start over again. My phone is really new and I haven’t had any bugs on it. Either it’s BanG Dream or my phone. edit, june 30, 2022: it keeps crashing and sometimes ill tap and it doesnt work on the notes. ive cleared cache, data, and i uninstalled as well. android user btw.

  34. JesNav230 dice:

    Edit: To all who are unable to play the game, find the app in your settings and force stop it, then restart your phone, hope it helps! I like the game a lot, true rhythmic gameplay, with cute band members and lots of backstory about each band, but it needs to be better optimized for android. The game will crash often when retrying a song many times, and with the newest version it crashes at the start menu everytime. This makes the game unplayable now rather than just inconvenient.

  35. The game itself is really fun there are just a couple technical issues that hinder it. Firstly, the crashing issue for Android users is unacceptable. I am able to fix it by restarting my phone but this doesn’t work every time and this still happens way too often. The second issue is the note sounds. During a live when you are tapping notes, a lot of the time the sound effects are out of sync with the taps. I don’t know if anyone else has had this issue, but it is very frustrating for me.

  36. So previously I had this game at around 5 stars. I think this game is really great, story is light-hearted but rich and linear. The characters are lovable and more. However I feel that the service of this game has gone downhill in the past year. A lot of bugs as well as scheduling and just overall transparency has been little to none. It feels that this game is running on an automated live service, which gets only stingier as time goes on.

  37. While it may have some crashing issues, the team does their best to fix them, but unfortunately you will miss out on some events and that can totally ruin someone’s experience. Other than that this game is amazing, the songs are amazing, the rhythm game mechanics and the characters are too. I would recommend. Fix the game!!!

  38. bricxc 。 dice:

    I would rate it a 5 star if the game didn’t keep crashing. I’ve tried un-installing but it doesn’t work. Sometimes the game works just fine but lately the crashing just gets worse up to the point where I can’t even enter past the title screen. I’ve noticed that multiple people have said the same thing too so I know it isn’t just my phone… I love the game but now I can’t even play it.

  39. Lauren C dice:

    This game does nothing but crash for me now. I don’t know when and why, but it’s been about two weeks. I can’t even get to the main in-game page, it crashes on the title screen just trying to load in. I’ve uninstalled it multiple times, cleared my cache, tried everything, and it just is impossible to play. I’m very upset because I had purchased a pass to give me daily stars and I’ve basically lost all of the time on that pass because the game won’t let me play. No other game is behaving this way

  40. Games is colorful, loads of content and plays very well. Has a robust story line and lots of events, all of this is accessible without paying anything. It’s well laid out and a lot of thought went into development. My only issue is Customer Service. I Had a issue with my account getting lost tried to E-mail customer service twice with no response. Two months later, when I finally did reach them, They then made me jump thru hoops for a week before giving assistance.

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