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Join Smurfette in the kitchen and whip up delectable desserts!
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Budge Studios™ presents The Smurfs Bakery! Join Smurfette in the kitchen and whip up delectable desserts. Fancy a Smurfberry Ice Pop? Choose a flavor, try out different chocolate dips and get creative with toppings. Once you’ve created the smurfiest dessert, test out the recipe at home!

• Simple step-by-step instructions and baking tips from Smurfette
• Make Smurfberry Ice Pops, Smurfberry Shakes, Princess Smurfette Cakes, Smurf Head Cake Pops, and Smurf House Cakes!
• Different gameplay mechanics for each dessert so there’s always a challenge
• Choose from different food coloring, sprinkles, figurines and more
• Movement-activated gameplay like tilt device to pour
• Tap your dessert to eat it. Yummy!
• Complete the Smurfs’ special orders to get stars
• Save and share your recipe to make it at home
• Tablet compatible

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Minor improvements. Thank you for playing The Smurfs Bakery!


40 comentarios en "The Smurfs Bakery FULL"

  1. My pretty sure favourite is Ice Lollies. Cause do you know how that basic decorations into cool decorations? I hope you can play Ice Lollies (but also there is four locked) and try your best in-game and home. And Budge Studios logo was music in Classic Mode. Could we fix it? Download now and make Ice Lollies in The Smurfs Bakery. (some decorations may in-app purchases.) (original thanks to A Google user.)

  2. It is the worst game ever. All things are locked except an ice lolly. We had to pay for each and every things that we want. Decorations , toppings and other cakes are locked. Don’t Download this!!!

  3. this game is so much fun. You can make so much Smurf stuff. But one problem is that everything is lookt except for something. when you get 3 stars you have to pay a lot of money to get what you need .And then went you get all the stars you redo everything you all ready did.

  4. This game is the worst its only one food we can make i dont like it we have to buy the kitchen tools the decoration and more we have to buy all. I realy want this all things are unlocked all delecious foods are unlocked kitchen tools and more i love your app a little

  5. This game is really not nice 😒 you have too buy all the poeding if you want too do more in this game you only have one poeding and it’s ice not see way this game is here it’s no good😬just wanted of time !!!!!!!!!!if it were like you have too play Leve too get more poedings and points too get more poedings.. or so the way it is now is now good !!

  6. This game was fun to play i have this app on my phone but on my tablet I’ve deleted it because you had to pay for every recipe except for one the smurf berry ice pop one thing to change is the customers asking for something that is locked or you have to pay for it did not like the smurf talking whilst you were cooking but it is a fun game the smurfs look nice in a comic style drawing 😇

  7. This is horrible. Apparently the Smurf with the flower in the Hat wants a Smurfette figurine. I can’t even afford it. If you make everything free and don’t make me subscribe to get it, I will rate it four or five stars

  8. I personally really like this game but there are a minimum amount of deserts That you can make and the rest of the desert you have purchase. I wish that you can give some more deserts to make.

  9. My opition i dont like this game you have to buy everthing else and i think its kinda boring .But also i dont like how you can only make orders and i would like to make my own lolipop so i dont like this so thats why i gave it a one its useless playing this game!!!!!!

  10. this game is a waste of time. The free options are strictly limited, the graphics have nothing to do with the Smurf idea. I can’t believe this garbage is allowed in AppStore.

  11. I used to play this game on my tablet so I decided to play this but the old one it was all free not having to pay for anything but on this new thing u have to buy something to bake a cake so it’s ok but I wouldn’t mostly rate it 5 stars

  12. You can only make one thing and I don’t want to buy more dessert because to purchase anything in the game is expensive so I can only buy two desserts and one of the costumer wants a unlocked statue and to buy that you have to buy the princesses cake the princess cake is the most experience dessert it is 47.99 and the sufm pop head is 4 .49 the smottie is 2.29 the smurfs hose is 4.49 nothing was 9.99 155 to unlock All desserts and it only lasts for 28 days really

  13. I’m a kid and can only do a ice pop because it will want me to buy the rest and I would never Use my mom’s credit card. I would not suggest downloading this app unless you want to only do the ice pop or spend money on a game.

  14. Ihate this game so much because when ever I try to to open something I want, They tell me to pay for the annoys me very much and vanity is very stupid and I shall delete it and I shall not install it again.

  15. I don’t like it because you have to unlock everything and it cost a lot and you only get like one thing to make but on my sister’s tablet all of it was free but she use Google Play

  16. This game is very beautiful but everything is lock you need money to unlock things, only one thing is open , but I like it .

  17. Yes I like this game but one problem, so when a smurf wants the order topping the smurfette one, I can’t afford it please update that I need my last second stars😢

  18. Its a good game that my kids like to play but its a shame that you have to pay for everything like that , i have 2 small children that like to play the game but i have a little money

  19. Awesome game…..👍 Everyone should download it….🙂 I am suggesting it because whenever the person plays the person will enjoy it a lot…..🙃 So download it…..👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂 Also I am giving the game 4 stars because if you want to make a new recipe you have to buy it or you have to complete the recipe which is going on so the app maker should change this setting not fine………..🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️

  20. Very Addicting. I love it, I used to play when I was a kid and it still is the good old game I had, 5 stars (9 stars on optional rating)

  21. It’s boring and you have to pay for almost everything there is not much available that is free 😕

  22. Jack Mac dice:

    Very Good Game But I’m On A Computer And When You Make A Popsicle You Have To Pour A Drink By Tilting You Device But You Cant When Your Not On Your Phone. So I Give It 3 Stars.

  23. I liked the game but one order had smurfett and i got stuck on it . And I had to pay real money and I do not like doing that

  24. Cute but, most of the stuff is locked and it has a lot of ads!

  25. Can you please make everything free$4 for a recipe no thanks at least make it $1 please or it would be much better if it could all be free at least appreciate that somebody downloaded your game.

  26. I like it but not a lot I mean like I only have one or 2 ingredients that makes me sad okay I hate it its just got rid of the game I only Had one ingredient in hate you and the game

  27. This game is really very – 2 bad game. Most of this features are not performing. In short, this game is really the most worst game.

  28. Something happened to my game and like the colonel has blinking and mouth was moving and not saying anything it was a weird I think it was a a glitch

  29. The game is kinda good but kinda boring but the reason i gave 4 starts its because i dont want to buy things i needed to purshase but i did not like that (pls respond) pls remove the purshase thingy 🙁

  30. It only gives you one desert to make and then you have to pay for the rest. If you don’t want to waste your storage then don’t download this game.

  31. I rate this game with 3 stars because there is no freestyle option and is a sort of great game over all

  32. I think it needs improving because if you just put almost everything you need to pay people will dislike the game

  33. You only get to make one recipe and to unlock the rest u have to pay real money waste of time and data

  34. it can also teach you how to bake at home also so I love it so much

  35. if you dont unlock the things you are kept repeating the same thing over and over…

  36. This game is okay the thing i gave three stars is because that the kitchen tools and others deserts are lock so thats why i gave three stars

  37. you have to pay to get to play my kids were so disappointed whoever made it this way should be ashamed of yourself for being so dang greedy your lucky that no one has sued you for false advertising!!!

  38. The game is not as good as I expected it to be. Everything is paying for unlocking.

  39. Because the tops is making me a beatiful dream. and thats why i rate this game five stars.

  40. its really a good game! but i cant turn my device, because im on a computer :(! since its a good app, ill give it a 3 star!! <3

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