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International Money Transfer. No Fee on 1rst Transfer. Send money to Mexico.
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Meet BOSS Money. Best and secure international money transfer service in one mobile app. Your first money transfer is FREE (up to $300) in the app.
Transfer cash quickly and top-up securely from your mobile phone to friends and family back home anytime. Our international money transfer service and mobile app is easy to use and provides you peace of mind.
The BOSS Money App is trusted by millions of customers every day to stay in touch, recharge phones, and send funds to their loved ones around the world. In our money transfer mobile app you can send money to Nigeria, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, el Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Haiti, Cameroon, Kenya.
Did you know? Sending money today you are getting a first-free money transfer (up to $300) in the BOSS Money App for Android. Here’s what else you can get inside this money transfer app:
Low fees to send money – some money transfer apps charge high fees to send money abroad. BOSS Money rates are low, allowing you to send money transfers cheaper than before.
Send cash worldwide and make sure it gets to its destination when you need it. Most of our secure money transfers are received within minutes.
Our exchange rates are competitive and transparent, making BOSS Money the money app of choice. Forget the confusion faced with other send money apps.
Send to many international destinations with confidence – choose where your money goes. We work with partners in over 58 countries worldwide, allowing you to use our send money app to transfer funds to recipients in Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and more.
Variety of ways to receive the money – from quick cash pick up, bank deposits and mobile wallets choose from over 300,00 payout locations worldwide.
Send money with your debit card or credit card
Security and peace of mind – send money from your mobile securely. BOSS Money offers a 100% money-back guarantee if your money cash transfer doesn’t reach its destination.
Recharge Mobile Phones:
No finance app would be complete without the ability to send mobile cash to friends and family.
Popular mobile carriers to reload include: Tigo, Claro, Movistar, Digicel and more.
See the latest international carrier promotions right in the app.
More reasons BOSS Money provides the best money transfer service:
Track your transaction in the app and receive SMS and email alerts
View your transaction history at a glance
Send repeat transactions with just one swipe
Money-back guarantee
30-day rate history charts
Send funds to your friends and family when you need to with one of the best money transfer apps out there!
BOSS Money money transfer products and payment services are offered and serviced by IDT Payment Services, Inc.(NMLS935577, MAFT935577), and IDT Payment Services of New York LLC, both licensed money transmitters (hereinafter jointly referred to as “”IDT Payment””).

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This version has various bug fixes and improvements to make your experience faster, safer, and easier to use.

Stay safe, stay healthy, BOSS is with you!


40 comentarios en "BOSS Money: Send Cash Fast MODDED 2022"

  1. Patrick R dice:

    The apps looks great but it doesn’t do the job that I hired it to do. Mobile top-up! I entered all the info required and it returned a payment processing error. Then I noticed that my bank account was debited with the amount I selected for the top-up, and then I was credited back. I tried a different card and got the same outcome as previous transaction. So what’s the point??? Do the job I hire you to do successfully! Otherwise, you are taking space on my phone.

  2. Easy to use and reliable. The exchange rates may be far lower than elsewhere, delivery times may be longer too but there is a generally satisfying results at the end. The multiple delivery options too is a plus. Boss Revolution should upgrade her service level agreements with her partners for a higher service availability as the app at times becomes too slow for my liking, thanks.

  3. Ruth Light dice:

    I have been using Boss Rev for years now.. it was very nice and efficient at the beginning but lately, they are becoming not very reliable. Transaction always has one issue or another. From network failure to needing additional verification, and they will never contact you about it. You will have to call multiple times for thing to get moving.. definitely a some improvement.

  4. for the most part it has been reliable and very convenient way for adding airtime to family members in other countries. You can select from various mobile providers when paying for a mobile plan. what I like the best and caught my attention in the first place is the ability to send money overseas quickly. transferring money is made easy because of how many ways you can send money. Also it doesn’toesn’t take long either. I only wish to see more specials on rates cash transfers.

  5. Jodie Love dice:

    I’ve been using this app for 2 years. Sending to the same handful of contacts. Now all of sudden all of my transactions are being held for review lately and taking hours to deposit. No one is able to give a clear answer why this is happening. The only reply I get, is that it’s randomly done by the system. I’m going to use another service if this continues. It’s a huge inconvenience.

  6. M Morris dice:

    My first and LAST transaction. If you plan to send money to the Philippines , DO NOT use this service. Upon pickup, Palawan cannot locate the transaction. Recipient tried again the next day. Still unable to pick up the money. I called to cancel and was told it takes 2-5 business days to get the refund! When I get it, I will cancel this app on my phone. I DO NOT recommend. Very unreliable! Sure, exchange rate is higher. Whats the use if it can’t be picked up anyway?

  7. John Dyke dice:

    Lately there have been a lot of upgrades. Each one has caused errors and each one has increased the difficulty of sending additional money to the same person. Chat reps are totally non helpful either by chat session or on the phone. I am looking for a new app. Boss apparently doesn’t want my business.

  8. Ibou Mar dice:

    Now It looks like you do not want to send people’s transfert. You keep canceling everything transactions made. Simple and easy but keep deactivating you if you do not send money for awhile. People do not send money everyday. With that you lose all your people and you have to set up all your contacts again. Stop make the account inactif. Thanks

  9. Abian Fon dice:

    The best and easy way of sending money. I am very happy I got this app. Very hight exchange rates and low charges as compared to other money transfer services. I sent money anywhere and any time. You can cancel your transaction or remodify your transfers. I have an amazing experience with Boss.

  10. I’ve been using this app for over 5 years, no issues whatsoever… and all of the sudden boom: my recipients are not eligible to receive money from me. No one can give a clear explanation of – why they’re not eligible – and how to make them eligible The funniest thing is, I’ve been sending money to them since I started using this App. You guys just lost a customer. Time to switch to RIA

  11. The best money transfer app. Give it to them. They rock! Since I have been using this app, I have never lost my money or have any issue with transfer. Their rate is great and unbeatable.

  12. K. J. A. dice:

    Me tienen harta bloqueandome los envíos hasta por 25 dolares piden hasta hacer conferencias con el banco etc. Etc. Solo los usaba por la conveniencia de hacer envíos desde el teléfono pero no vale la pena y menos el tiempo que te hacen perder. They have me sick asking for verification and phone conference with my the bank for even sending 25 dollars. I have only used them because of the convenience of sending money from your phone but its not worth the hassle.

  13. So far it’s the worst experience I ever had with a app. I just spoke with technical support and they said that I did not complete a verification process and that’s why I’ve been banned from sending money for life. It’s like a joke like if I were a terrorist. I’m moving forward with an other app. Just give you 1 star because it wasn’t anything less than that.

  14. Horrible, it keeps canceling my transaction and any time I contacted support they said BJ doesn’t recognize the recipient’s information. I use exactly the information my wife uses to create her Mobile money account. I don’t recommend this app to anyone, it’s a junk. Better use RIA, money Gramm or western union. Even World remit is better than this junk of boss money. 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

  15. I have been using this app for about 3 years for sending money to Africa. Boss have the option now for sending to Jamaica ..i send some cash for the first time 2 weeks ago there my receiver when to pick it up was told the fund’s was already picked up wish was BS..8 call boss they told me a different story so i told them to refund my money back

  16. Jon Kerr dice:

    Sending money to a different country has never been easier than with this app! It sends in minutes and at a great transfer rate!

  17. This app has changed my live, I live in California and is very difficult to find services to transfer or send money to Dominican Republic. This app is reliable, fast and very affordable.

  18. I am so excited to share with you the rate of this app it works smoothly and easy process. I recommend this app to anyone Worldwide you can never regret that you take advantage of this product.

  19. Good app but sometimes transactions gets delayed. Above all, u trust them to always deliver. Plus the transfer charge is high.

  20. It’s become less reliable. They have the most unearthly reason for transaction failure. Well, they have since proven me wrong, as one of the best money transfer apps. Keep up the good and I will soon give you more than 5 ⭐’S.

  21. Can’t send money, unresponsive customer service. I called and they tlsaid I have to email verification department to complete verification process. It’s been 5 days and not even an acknowledgement that they’ve received my email.

  22. The exchange rate in this app is not worthy as it drops so quick. Plus, there is no promo code available.

  23. Super Easy to use and cheaper than most!! And more options .. Convenient!! Still great and safe!! Thank you for the EXTRA security!

  24. Easier way to me to send money to my beloved ones. Fast, secure, and low fees. I will definitely recommend this transfer money app

  25. You guys are making this transactions so difficult I understand that they need to be some security on the transaction but everything is in my profile. I don’t normally send money to anyone else but it takes for ever for the app to accept my request and is getting old.

  26. Exceptional though takes way too long to complete the transfer, it’s not instant. The rates are decent as well

  27. Boss money makes it easy for me to get money to my kids without delay. I love it, I love it. And I am going to recomand this app to my friends. As for me, It’s awesome and fast. Thanks to you!!

  28. complete ripoff, i did my first money transaction, i received a call to verify random stupid questions, but got verified, then 15mins later im told the transaction was cancelled and im no longer eligable to send money transactions, complete scam and they shouldnt be in buisness 😡😡😡😡

  29. I appreciate your services seeing how fast and reliable transactions go. “Paypal” not even close to your rates and services from my experience. Thank you!

  30. I hate this. I do t usually comment, but it is so hard. I’m inactive for 10 seconds and it just kicks me out from whatever page I was in. It is so hard to freaking keep up

  31. I used to use BR regularly untill recently they all of a sudden start canceliing my transfers with lame excuses. Sad how there is a 180 degree turn in performance.

  32. Smooth so far. A friend recommended it, it’s been awesome 👌. Update: A battle buddy in the army of mine introduced this App to me, I have made about 20+ transactions. This month of October has been terrible. Sent money twice Oct 5th, I had to cancel the transaction on Oct 11 because it couldn’t deliver and my Dad needs this fund for his medicals. Sent another yesterday Oct 12th yet to deliver again. I’m so disappointed. This is app that delivers money in 20-30 mins when sent, now it’s days.

  33. R TJr dice:

    Easy to use and transactions go through quickly. The problem now they work with less banks for direct deposit to personal accounts.

  34. I wish you guys cud have services in all states. Some of us work on the road ans in some states yu guys have no service. Overal the app is ok n services as well

  35. I love this app it has been fine by me except when it comes to refunds or returns I have had bad service in that area that’s the reason for the 3 star’s otherwise you’re great but I still have money stuck in Africa. Also, give us some gifts or prizes or something for using your app so much. Your promo codes are good when they work. Regular customers should get more. That’s why we are Regular we refer people & get nothing for it $10 what’s that? Inflation is everywhere.🤷

  36. I highly dislike the fact that every single time you send money to someone you have to submit all the info again. It would be very convenient and helpful if the app could save the info of the contacts you send money to often…

  37. C J dice:

    This app is ok, if you have time to wait. If you have any sence of urgency/emergency to send money DO NOT use it. If something goes wrong you won’t see your money for a couple of days. Im not someone thay keeps lots of spare cash to try and try again while my money gets refunded. I wish I had read recent comments on here. It seems like everyone is having issues.

  38. Has been v. reliable and quick enough compare to Western union. Less worries if more transaction fees would be demanded when money gets to Cameroon 🇨🇲. No questions about who sent and why ? Except for the increase in transaction fees from a $ 1.99 to $3.99 which seem too much to send money less than $2000 to me as my recipients convenietly receive money through Momo, which also has its own withdrawal charges. It was easier and more frequent at the cost of $1.99.

  39. Awful! Terrible This is supposed to be both a calling app with money transfer! However you cant make calls using this. To make matters worse, they took down the actual app for calling. Very frustrating. They only give you a recharge option to keep taking your money without you being able to actually make the call. If it’s this bad for calling. I wouldnt trust them about sending money using this app.

  40. I’ve used this app for 2 years…pretty good app. Sometimes dropped calls but generally worked well, 4 months ago, I changed my phone number and haven’t been able to use it since. I have called in to customer service at least 6-7 times trying to get everything straightened out and they can’t seem to get my account to work. The people there seem to have no clue what they are doing and aren’t very helpful or friendly. I am so done! Bye!

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