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Bizzabo’s award-winning event app is trusted by the world’s leading brands to power immersive virtual, in-person, and hybrid events and help you get the most out of your event experience.
View the agenda, access sessions and locations, read up on speaker bios, and see who else is attending.

No matter where you are in the world, or what device you’re on, access live events from home or on the go.

Engage with speakers, sponsors, and fellow attendees with exciting features like Q&A, polls, chat, social sharing, and more.

Maximize opportunities with 1:1 messaging and enriched attendee profiles.

Learn more about sponsors through dedicated virtual booths. Book private chats for more personalized discussions.

Stay up to date with in-app notifications. Get real-time updates about sessions, speakers and special offers.

Use your mobile app to navigate the onsite venue.

“After demoing Bizzabo I can confidently say it’s one of the best conference apps I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a few.” – TechCrunch

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UI improvements
Performance updates
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40 comentarios en "Bizzabo MODDED 2022"

  1. EDIT: Twitter connection not working, so I cannot join the conversation via the app. Even after i close it completely on my phone, when i reopens, it goes right back to the last blinking search. Very bad glitch. Hope you fix it before conference starts on Sunday! Trying to search the community for my event and the screen just keeps blinking and not giving any response – finding the person or just saying not found. The blinking flashing is REALLY hard on the eyes.

  2. Derek dice:

    Had to use this app for a conference for work, it didn’t launch at all and kept crashing, despite reinstalling it numerous times, clearing cache and data, etc. Multiple people there just like me had the same exact issue, and the people who did get into the app couldn’t login, it only worked for a small portion of the people present.

  3. Login process broken, when I click in the email received to confirm email address the app does not move to the next screen. The only option available is to send an email to their support team and then nothing happens. There are probably thousands of events attendees in the same situation. Completely useless.

  4. It’s very flimsy when using, navigation is not intuitive, it can’t be used on smaller devices (some menu items are not displayed or burrowed, for example the ‘next’ button). I guess it does its job somehow but with a lot of frustration and limited functionality. I do not recommend this app

  5. Woof! Avoid at all costs. It doesn’t work on Android, or apple. Not joking. Multiple versions of android did not work. I’m embarrassed for anyone who uses this for their conference. It looks like it has some parts that could work someday though!

  6. Sessions at the event seem to come and go from the app. Sometimes they are there, sometimes not. It’s really unreliable!

  7. Just downloaded the app for a conference I am attending and after logging in I see a spiral icon for a few seconds like it is loading and then it just goes to a blank screen. This is very disappointing especially for a business networking app, that I would like to be able to use to network.

  8. Crash Central! Had to use this app for a conference and it would continue to crash, go blank, not open important content. If you are thinking of using this app, DONT.

  9. Continously tells me there’s an error and to try again but I can’t even get passed the log in page.

  10. On day of our event, the app just stopped working. Support was minimal, and they just couldn’t get it to work. Bad app, and poor support.

  11. Doesn’t allow me upload a picture or profile bio and if you click on support it gives a “null” address…. once these are fixed it can be a good app!

  12. Linda Moon dice:

    This app is cumbersome, doesn’t load easily and is difficult to navigate. More complicated than it needs to be.

  13. I cannot connect to the conference. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing cache and other devices. I went onto their website and when trying to troubleshoot my problem, they redirected me to the organizers of the conference. Your app already has terrible reviews. Work on the problems that everyone is trying to inform you of.

  14. a bc dice:

    My email has not been recognized for an event that I have several confirmatios for. It has been 5days now and no response from tech support.

  15. Good on Note 8 – Bad on S22 Ultra. The app seemed to work well with the note 8, a little slow at times but overall worked OK. On the S22 Ultra, however, as soon as you tap the icon to open the app it stops and shuts off and does not work at all.

  16. This app flat out sucks! Trying to get on a conference using all links provided and with three different devices and ever two different browsers with links and it will not load. Cant believe any company would do business with something so unreliable look at the google ratings and tells you how bad this app is. A one star is too generous.

  17. I am unable to view / edit my profile in the app. Also, though the Feedback /Support button takes me to my mailbox, it doesn’t mention the recipient (support email address), hence can’t even contact the Bizzabo team.

  18. Upgraded my phone to an S22 and now the app won’t open. It just shuts down right away.

  19. The app never worked for me. Customer service responded to say that they’re passing along my inquiry after the event was over (I first reached out about the issue over a week before the event). We received many complaints from our attendees about the app as the agenda rarely worked.

  20. Really annoying app. Attended an event using this, and found how buggy it is. Constant “No network connection” errors and why is it constant drain on battery? How is one supposed to use this during a conference?

  21. Twenty five years of health practice especialy community based health practice.My basic interest of practice is skin and elderly people based practice.try to sustain myself at my assign work and find very good app.

  22. Many issues, stop working. Need to uninstall and reinstall very often

  23. Yet another garbage app that creates lots of notifications and harvests your data……

  24. Alissa dice:

    This app is clumsy, confusing and a hassle. Can’t get it to load on my iPad. Won’t work with my android phone. Sent an email for assistance, no response. I may miss my entire conference because of this app.

  25. Same problem as many others. It does not show the event rather a previous event a year ago. The browser version seems to work so far, but the app is useless.

  26. Good when it works, unfortunately content doesn’t load 70% of the time, extremely slow, drains your battery without doing anything, … Avoid if you can.

  27. I used the app in a conference 3 months ago. Now trying to used again for another conference but it keeps crashing before opening. Reinstalled and same still happens. Not happy!

  28. This app sucks because it doesn’t handle large bandwidth with alot of people. Used it between 50 and 200 people and it kept kicking me out after 10-12 minutes. Whats the point then?

  29. multiple attempts to login in and never works. seems to be a recurring issue with others too.

  30. The app keeps crashing just after launch, only see loading screen for couple seconds and then it is gone

  31. I keep getting the same error while trying to log in. I’ve unintsalled and reinstalled 5 times but it’s the same thing every time…

  32. Den Albi dice:

    This app doesn’t add any value info. Just post the event. Power point presentations PDF file not available.

  33. Could not get app to work for a conference I attended. I contacted support, but they were unable to fix the issue.

  34. Dr Mary dice:

    this is not a good app I do not want to sign up with my phone and install to my phone. I want to install to my computer there was no option to do that I do not have a phone that can download and app lkie Bizzabo, my phone is just a phone, no emails, no internet and nothing that would work for a meeting such as the USATF Annual meeting

  35. M Kordy dice:

    Can not search speaker Bios. Many functionalities do not work, even the give feedback option doesn’t work!!!

  36. The app freezes. Some development work required. Not user friendly at all.

  37. Keeps giving me and error while trying to log in. Just says “cant log in try again?” Ive uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times…I am over it…

  38. Tried to login at least 8 times, back and forth with customer care, etc. Still no luck.

  39. Doesn’t work… Much like many of the other reviews, I cannot get past the enter email screen.

  40. Crashes constantly. Current update is useless

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