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MLB Ballpark is your mobile companion to every Major League Baseball ballpark.
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The MLB Ballpark app is your mobile companion when visiting your favorite Major League Baseball ballparks. The official MLB ballpark application perfectly complements and personalizes your trip with digital ticketing functionality, mobile check-in, offers, rewards and exclusive content. Select MLB ballparks also offer mobile food and merchandise ordering.

**** Ballpark Features ****
• Access and manage your tickets
• Team schedule, ticket information and sales and promotional event listings
• Interactive map with directory of food, beverage, merchandise and other amenities
• Check In for offers and rewards, redeem from the Tickets tab
• View scores and photos from all your ballpark visits
• Customize your experience by designating a favorite MLB team
• Social media clubhouse, including social rewards for select clubs
• Directions and parking information

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General bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "MLB Ballpark MOD 2022"

  1. The app does not have a shortcut on the Android, the only way to open it is through the MLB app. It also does not open it directly, but first directs me to the Android application screen, where I have to explicitly click the Open button. The application is pretty straightforward, but navigation could be better. I needed to add a second email, and found it confusing that I needed to click in the upper left corner to access My Profile, maybe it could also be under More. Otherwise, the app is fine.

  2. The Android app doesn’t allow me to check in to different ballparks unless I switch to that teams page. The apple version doesn’t have this issue. Also, it doesn’t come up as the game, but rather stadium tours. This wasn’t the case a few years ago. Otherwise, the app is good. I like that tickets went all digital and that to can buy tickets and forward to friends within the app.

  3. L Novak dice:

    It’s a great app for when my friends buy group tickets and we can each get ours individually ahead of time. The fact that I can’t print a parking pass from it can be an issue because the scanners at the parking lot (like many) bounce off of the surface of the smartphone, sometimes causing issues to read the ticket. The parking lot attendant said the paper parking passes are much better to scan. So, is there a way I can still do that with the app on my laptop and I’m just not seeing it or has it been completely removed? Thanks!

  4. I never leave reviews, but the mess that Ballpark has become has forced me to. The last few seasons, this app has been a godsend for season ticket holders. I have no idea what you guys are trying to do, but Ballpark is absolutely terrible so far in 2019. Overly complicated, cluttered, inexplicably got rid of the contacts button, and my seat mates are having a terrible time with transferred tickets showing up in their apps. This needs to be fixed or rolled back to the previous version.

  5. Redesign removed the best features of this app – each team’s record for games in your journal, the ability to actually see which ballparks you’ve been to and how many times, and it appears that even the option to add games from the past has been removed. This is very disappointing, was one of my favorite apps before the redesign. I used to look through old games I went to in the past and look at statistics about the teams and parks I’ve seen. I can’t even see a list of teams I’ve watched anymore.

  6. Very clunky. The back button tends to empty your cart, wipe all info, and send you to main menu. Seats you have in cart before being kicked back are locked up and “unavailable” even though you can still click on them. Overall pretty annoying user experience for purchasing. Not to mention the escalated “convenience” fees that are a real thorn in the ass at the last minute. Yeah, real convenient.

  7. super easy to purchase the tickets, but they never showed up in my “wallet”. there’s no customer support number. just a link to “chat” for support, where you’re getting the run around with the same 3 questions and answers. I have tried the “link account” link multiple times, type in my email but still unable to see my tickets. This app needs updates/fixes.

  8. If zero was an option, I’d use it. MLB needs to fix THEIR APP! I lost my tickets and can’t even find them. Only way to contact customer service is through email and then it’s back and forth that way, multiple times getting the same “fixes” time and time again. So I ended up missing the game. No offer of replacement, it’s “my fault”. How hard is it to port over the tickets from an email? I’m all for digital and contactless in the covid-19 era, but if YOUR PRODUCT DOESN’T WORK, IT DOESN’T WORK!

  9. The most frustrating way to purchase tickets. Leave it to mlb to make something as simple as getting a ticket to a game convoluted and extra expensive. A $10 convenience charge and a 4.50 processing charge? Plus the link account feature breaks easily leaving you frustrated trying to get in the ballpark. Good thing I paid $10 to have a bunch of work I have to do to go to a game

  10. the redesign is awful. not only is it less functional, but the desogn asthetic is so cluncky and unusable as compared to the old version. This is not just a matter of finding where they moved things, but extremely amateur design. It feels like people who worked on the redesign never used the app otherwise they would have made much different choices.

  11. The app displays the ticket bacode too small with no way to zoom in. This makes it very difficult for the venue to easily scan the barcode on the ticket. Also, the app doesn’t automatically set the screen brightness to max when viewing a ticket. Again, this makes it more difficult for the attendant to scan the ticket. It would also be nice if there was a way to transfer purchased tickets to other users/family members so that they can use their own device to get into the game.

  12. Tickets won’t show up in the app. This is the second time buying tickets online and being told to use the ballpark app. Both times it has been a hassel just to find the tickets (still haven’t this second time). The app adds extra, unnecessary steps of downloading the app and then requiring a separate ticket account. Just email the tickets with a barcode and be done with it!

  13. This last update took away the journal of games attended, where you could look at the box score, and pictures you took at the game. No way to see how many times you have visited a stadium, each teams record when you see them play ect. No way to add a game either. I forgot to check in at the twins opening day. Can’t add it to my games now. it is more of a ticketing portal now. Terrible update. Start a new app for ticketing if you must, but leave the ballpark app the way it was!

  14. Absolutely a shakedown for your personal info from MLB. You have no choice but to use it because they took away the ability to print tickets from home. This makes getting into the stadium with a family or group cumbersome, since you have to keep pulling your phone out and swiping to show the tickets. On top of that it doesn’t do anything useful at the stadium. If you have food & merchandise dollars on your tickets there’s no balance, and each ticket is individual, so that’s more swiping

  15. Supposedly, this app offers the ability to order concessions and to save a credit card. There is no such thing in the app. I suppose it is possible that these features are only visible when I’m actually inside a ballpark, but that disagrees with their documentation which claims that I should store the credit card before going to the park.

  16. App has been messed up for a while. Incorrect historic dates. Links do not work. Now, even after todays update, it shuts off by itself. Really ? Four months later you respond? I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times before posting this review. Historic date of game is still wrong. I have sent screen shots twice to support with no response. Still shows wrong date on historic date list. Though details date is correct. I have reached out to support last two years. They dont understand

  17. This redesign makes the app far less useful. My Journal was the best thing about this app. Checking in, entering seat locations, photos, and even entering games that you attended years ago now seemingly can’t be done. Stadium guides are not consistent and clunky to navigate. It is now essentially a mobile ticketing app for teams not on Ticketmaster, which loses much of the utility. This is very disappointing

  18. Ed Goeters dice:

    NO SUPPORT AT ALL – I set up the account and it says it has sent an email to me for verification – that was an hour ago – never got it. I added a second email – same thing – hit resend on both – an hour ago – notta on either – it is more the frustration, not being able to get anybody to check out what’s going on. I am waiting on tickets to show up in my account.

  19. App needs loads of work. Arrived ti the stadium, tried bringing my parking ticket up in the app, it couldn’t access the ticket. We could see it in the email and on the web version, but nothing to scan – had to be in the app for that. Bring up the app, and it wants to verify my email, which I’ve done already. It won’t show the scanning code for parking. A hassle. Please just go back to paper tickets. When you’re in line with hundreds of others behind you, a bad app is the last thing you need.

  20. Terrible App, is always crashing, not opening tickets up while we are trying to get into the stadium, and when I forward tickets it takes way to long for the person to receive them! This app is a very good reason why people dont go to games anymore. Oh and when you call customer service they hang up on you after a while or when they cant help.

  21. They’ve completely stripped down the app so that it mainly functions as a ticket platform, and it doesn’t even do that well as I’ve bought tickets and they don’t even show up on my account. One of the best parts of the app was it would keep track of all the games and ball parks you have been to. That has now been taken out altogether. Its basically a giant middle finger to it’s users. This app is now useless, because I can’t even buy or manage tickets on it competently.

  22. WARNING: transferring of tickets will show the email address of both the recipient and the sender. Had I known this, I would have used a different email address. Also, the stadium refused print-out screenshots of the app. The reason was that someone could screenshot the QR, forward the ticket to another person, and then use the screenshot to enter the stadium before the intended recipient. This can be fixed by generating a separate QR code upon forwarding and deactivating the original.

  23. I’m old school and still love physical tickets but I understand that technology has taken over most everything. More importantly than barcodes I have other issues with the app. There used to be a way to manually enter games you went to in the past. There were games I loved to enter from the time I was a kid along with the photos of that day. Please bring back the edit option. Last season I forgot to set up the app that I would be in Yankee Stadium instead of Citifield and the app never recorded my attending the game. Couldn’t enter it manually. Lastly one game I went to at Citifield showed that I entered the ballpark with the barcode and at games end recorded the View Game Wrap. The problem was that no score showed on the game day and no check-in was recorded. So My History shows 81 check-ins. I tap the Ballpark option and it says 81 check-ins. But when I tap Teams there are only 80 recorded games. There is an option to send an email in with your issue but I always seem to get some automated answer with no resolution. When I write back further explaining my issue I either don’t receive a response or receive the same automated one. I loved the app when it first came out and loved looking back at games I’ve attended since the app came out and those I saw before the app came out. In the end I am requesting that the edit button be re-instated and have real people answer emails.

  24. App is completely unusable in it’s current state. Constantly crashes when attempting to add ticket accounts. I used it last season on this same phone without issues, whatever has been done with the current version has totally broken the app. Spring Training is right around the corner, hopefully not gets fixed before then.

  25. Does not install on my phone, so I am unable to use it. It will download and gives me an error when trying to install it. I have tried all of Google’s troubleshooting techniques and my phone is up to date with almost 7gb of free space. No problems ever installing any app until this one. I am completely unable to use the tickets I purchased because they are only available through this app. 6 emails in with customer service and they’re STILL asking me about my issues with a different MLB app.

  26. I’d rate zero stars if I could. The “upgrade” is more like a downgrade. The look/feel of the app seems like that which was developed by someone with basic development skills. And don’t get me started with the loss of the journal. I may very well end up deleting the app from my phone.

  27. An absolute nightmare to use. I have constant issues opening my tickets. Errors occur nearly every time I try to forward my tickets to friends and on top of that mobile food ordering almost never works. Unfortunately we’re stuck with this as it’s required by MLB to use the app to do anything. You have billions of dollars at your disposal, the least you can do is make a halfway decent app.

  28. Lucas Tork dice:

    I just bought tickets. I’ve been trying to close, reopen, close, update app, etc since I’ve bought them but am still unable to see the tickets. I checked my email and it shows as if they were purchased through Ticketmaster…? Can’t get logged into that app. Appears as though I can only access when logging in via the email confirmation. Odd, undesirable and frustrating change from just a week or two ago when I was easily able to access tickets almost instantly.

  29. Yeah, this app is very unintuitive to use. Took me an inordinate amount of time to locate the tickets I’d bought and then been instructed to download the app to retrieve. Good thing I had a day prior to the game to figure it all out. If we must be forced to use this app then please make it more user-friendly. For example, you’d think to find your purchased tickets you might click on the “tickets” tab. Nope. Got to go spelunking in the depths of the wretched thing to unearth them

  30. Chloe Wist dice:

    My experience was awful. In order to just to redeem tickets, you had to sign up for an account, which involved verifying it, and you needed to click a clink to do that. After clicking the link, it then told me to get the app, which I obviously already did. The only way I could get it to work was to tell my phone to display it as the desktop site which was very complicated and very hard to figure out.

  31. Eric Cole dice:

    Sometimes MLB tickets show up in this app, which is helpful if you want to go to a game. Other times, the tickets only show up in Ticketmaster, so this app is less useful on those occasions, unless you need coupons for haircuts. There’s no obvious way to decide where the tickets will show up when you buy them. Buying tickets in the app may ensure that they show up there, but the interface for that is a disaster. I have to move to a desktop browser to get a transaction to complete.

  32. First, do not give them your email: you’ll be sent an email every day and, despite clicking unsubscribe on each, you will be sent another one from a different list and trying to manage those preferences does nothing, so you will end up contacting customer service to tell them to do it for you. I guess MLB is cool with spam. Also info in the app was incorrect for drink pricing and I had to troubleshoot the create account page to sign up to do anything with this app. Not the best experience.

  33. This app sucks. I followed the step by step instructions to link my tickets to my account and they never showed up. I ended up having to call the box office at the stadium directly and then spend time in line at said box office to pick up my tickets. Thought apps and technology were supposed to make things easier. Guess I was wrong. Do not choose mobile tickets with this app!!!

  34. Works well, but only if you don’t need to forward tickets. When forwarding a selected ticket (that is not the first available seat?), the app still forwards ALL tickets for that game to the recipient, leaving you without one! The workaround is to recall one of the forwarded tickets for yourself, but the app should not behave this buggy way! I do like that scanning tickets was easy using the QR code. I also enjoyed the VR photo creator! Looks like the ballpark check-in might have been removed. 😕

  35. Awful. It forces me to make new accounts when I try to log in, it constantly crashes, and I’m forced to use it as a season ticket holder. It’s abysmal. It’s so bad I’ve honestly considered buying games I want secondary market but by fear is I’d just end up getting them transferred to me on this nightmare of an app anyway.

  36. I like this app. I’ve had it for years and have had minimal issues with it. Sometimes things are a little hard to maneuver or find, but I almost always do. I love that it stores my ballpark and ticket history. I miss the story that physical tickets tell and this offers some semblance of that- although I’d take physical tickets back any day. I wish the NHL app was like this instead of having to download an app for each specific team to get the same functionality.

  37. I used to love this app and then with no warning they updated it, Which is fine and I get it, but they wiped my whole journal of ALL the games I had been too! Their was a thing that said they had it stored and would upload it back. That was before the 2019 season. I reached out to them numerous times and got responses but it was basically saying, we are working on it check back, it’s still not there. I need a new tracking app before the 2020 season starts ? I don’t use this one anymore.

  38. Bring back the journal feature. That was by far my favorite feature in the app. It feels like a waste to have entered and lost decades worth of game info. They say upgrades are coming but if they don’t bring back the journal, I’ll just delete the app since it’s all I used it for.

  39. I really enjoyed the “my journal” part of the app, and they’ve brought back a lot of the features – but it still is missing the ability to add games to your history that you didn’t check in to. I attended both games of a single admission double header, and it only added the early game. I couldn’t check in to the second game.

  40. Greg Ong dice:

    Tickets Didn’t Come Up when Needed. I checked my tics before going to the game. After going thru security I opened app and tics wouldn’t come up because of slow connection. I can’t understand why they’re not cached in the app in case of this obvious possibility. Also, a $30 convenience fee on top of ticket price? I didn’t find this very convenient. On the plus side, it is cool how the app shows venues layout and seat positions when you’re shopping.

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