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Create pro edits easily. Add stickers, overlays, custom animations and more!
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Funimate is the best video editing app you can find on mobile! Join millions of Funimate users who create advanced video edits easily. With Funimate, you’ll be able to create PRO edits very quickly with the help of unique and advanced editing features we have.

Create amazing Fan Edits or spice up your freestyle videos with unique video features like transitions, custom animations, video and text effects and filters. Add stickers, backgrounds and overlays to your video to show off your creativity and amaze your friends from our element library with thousands of options.

You can share the videos you create on Funimate on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Musically and amaze your friends and gain followers! Don’t forget to post on Funimate as well to join the Funimate community and for a chance to get featured!

P.S: Funimate users get featured more often on social media like TikTok because of creative videos they make by using unique Funimate video effects!

Even if you are not an expert, Funimate lets you create advanced multi-layered edits that look really PRO just with your mobile phone.

On Funimate you can find:

Fan Edit videos to show their appreciation and love to influencers and celebrities;

Lip sync, dance and freestyle videos with awesome text effects, AI effects and video effects;

Awesome anime edits our users make with their favorite anime and manga characters;

Game edits to show off your gaming skills;



TRANSITIONS: Awesome transitions for your edits that you can add with a single tap! We have the best video transitions to wow your followers. Just add your pictures & videos and just by using a few taps you create a cool video with professional looking video transitions.

ELEMENT LIBRARY: Video editing is even more fun with overlays, stickers and backgrounds from our element library that has thousands of elements for you to select from. You can also use hundreds of emojis and add text to videos to create cool musical videos, lip sync videos or slow motion videos with Funimate.

KEYFRAMES: You’re not limited to our effects when it comes to making your videos unique. You can create your own effects with the photos on your phone. It’s super easy to animate your layers using keyframes! Discover custom animations to show off your creative skills to your followers.

VIDEO MASK & AI EFFECTS: You can change the background of your videos and add cool mask effects to your videos with just a click! To try this out, add a dance/freestyle video, tap AI Effects button and choose the effect you want. That’s it!

EFFECT MIX: Tons of different effects to add a professional touch to your videos! You can try more than 100 advanced video effects on Funimate video editor.

INTRO & OUTRO EFFECTS: Tens of intro and outro animations you can select for your texts, images and videos.

TEXT EFFECTS: Add lyrics of the music to your video with many text effects like neon lights, colors and many more. Tens of different fonts available!

ADD MUSIC TO VIDEOS: Add your favorite music to videos, to make short music video clips with creative effects.

VIDEO MERGE, CUT & TRIM: Besides all the awesome features, you’ll also have classic video editor app features like cropping, merging, cutting, trimming and editing videos. Funimate is the only video editor you need. You can also create reverse videos and slow motion videos just with a tap!

BE A PART OF FUNIMATE VIDEO EDITING COMMUNITY: Shoot videos for weekly challenges, show your creativity by using video effects, hot music and get featured to grow your fan base on Funimate. Share your creativity on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube and Musically and boost your likes: best way to amaze your friends and get new followers.


40 comentarios en "Funimate Video Editor & Maker MOD 2022"

  1. This is a great app to post content! Roblox, editing, tuts, etc. There are a couple problems that I would like to put out in the open. I have way too many adds, after every video I record and post there is an add which I don’t understand. And the editing supply isn’t clear at all, I would prefer capcut but I can use the velocity effect on here which I’d much better, gaining followers is hard but put in the effort and you will get there!

  2. It was so good at first when I could do a bunch of stuff and I had a lot of opportunities. Now, however, the app lags when you try to export, it freezes and replays the clips once you export it after, It doesn’t give the updates so quick to androids and Samsung’s like the 3d models and the new colorings. And overall it just sucks now. Over the years Funimate has gotten worse then capcut in updates and colorings, plus it doesn’t care about mere androids or Samsung. 👎 do better funimate.

  3. Funimate is a good editing app and all, but what I don’t like about this app is when I export my project and see the final results, it won’t really give me the results and it’s like the video still plays but it freezes at the same time. I sometimes have to make separate clips and then edit them all at the same time. Funimate can be very stressful sometimes. The app is mostly just lagging. That’s why I rate a 4. I’m not really sure if its a bug, but if it is, please fix the glitches and bugs. 🙁

  4. I have an iPhone and a Samsung, I use both to edit with funimate. The iPhone for starters, the quality is great and I have all the updates. ( such as coloring, templates, 3d, motion blur, velocity, etc.) It’s really easy and helpful on iPhone but on Samsung I have a totally different experience. The samsung I have NONE of these updates besides the coloring. I don’t have any of this. and worst of all, the Ads. The ads kill me because if I want to unlock something I have to watch 3 ads for it.

  5. It was great at first but now it gets super laggy when making edits that are fast. I just made one the other day and I was left with pictures! I was pissed I went back to fix it and did the same thing. I had to go to another program to cut out what didn’t work and copy what did work and use that as the loop.

  6. This is a great app and the only one I’ll use for edits. It’s amazing and easy every thing I make looks amazing. But my only problem is the past few days every Edit will look good so far but when I save it to my gallery any video I put in that edit will freeze and it won’t move it will be like a picture. So I’ll re upload it to my tt or my gallery but it won’t work so at first I thought it was bc my edit had to much stuff causing it to slow down and eventually freeze. Please fix this.

  7. I wish that everytime you tried to upload something on the same account, different device and every time I try to upload on the second device, it fails without a doubt. Not to mention, longer videos fail so many times, before they finally upload. If you try the crazy amount of times attempting to get it to upload. -_- I can’t even remake videos anymore, it says I must update the app, I un, and reinstalled the app, still couldn’t. Fix this, and I’ll boost my rating.

  8. At first is was amazing! I could clip and edit videos perfectly fine but for the past few months I’d edit a video and when I go to save it all my work would disappear and I’d be left with a bunch of pictures. I don’t know If it’s just an issue I have but regardless my experience wasn’t very well. If you don’t experience that issue I’d 100% recommend !!

  9. Good to watch edits, terrible to edit. It has so many bugs, sometimes it won’t let you even trim a video/picture. It crashes all the time, and glitches so much that you can barely edit. It’s not just my wifi because everything else works. It’s just so frustrating, which is sad because a see a lot of potential, but it just doesn’t go anywhere.

  10. This is a great app and all but you have to pay for premium just to get translations and just about everything. to help you out with editing. and when you’re done with your edits you have to watch ads but sometimes the ads don’t come on. you have to wait for three to five hours just to come back and watch two ads?? it’s much harder because sometimes the ads don’t work. Then when you are editing the screen it moves like it’s forzen, glitchy or moves slow everytime I get on the app.

  11. Logan dice:

    It’s really good! Edits are amazing, and there are chats where i can talk to my friends and discuss edits. However, when i go to edit a video, it can randomly lag and mess up the whole thing. Also, there needs to be something done about the haters, hackers, and inappropriate users. So, please look into that, otherwise, keep it up! Looking forward to using Funimate for years!!

  12. It’s a really good app in all, but everytime I try to make an edit, the screen always turns white and brings me back to my profile page. When I press resume, everything is deleted. This happens a LOT! It’s very agitating because it happens at LEAST 3 times when i’m making something, causing me to not get it right the next few times. The first one I make is better and I would appreciate it if this stopped happening. 🙂 [btw I have an android, so I don’t know if that’s why but yeah]

  13. crat3rs dice:

    The app is great no doubt! But the issue at hand is that specific transitions like flash and skew mess up the image, and sort of mirror it for a few seconds, or in skews case, flipping it upside down, messing up the edit. I was wondering why it does that because it didn’t do that before so I’m going to have to wait for it to be fixed because I used those transitions frequently.

  14. Funimate is a great video editor for beginners and is very easy to use. Your progress can be saved automatically when you leave the app. For me when I add my own sound, the video will only be cropped approximately 15 seconds long.. You can’t add any other video clips to your edits and I feel like that should be a feature. I also think that this app should make users use their own GIFs. Otherwise, I love this app!

  15. This app is pretty cool but there a couple of problems. You are able to resume your edit when you get out of the app which is great but if you tap on the screen, even by accident then you completely lose the entire edit. That happened many times to me and i always get frustrated. Another thing is that the app kept on constantly kicking me out. Could you please fix these problems? (Especially the first one) Thank you!

  16. I love using this more than vinkle. But there is a minor problem. If you use certain transitions and effects, it caused the editor to be laggy once you play that part or come accross the part with that certain transition/effect. That then causes it to become desyncronized in the editor but no when you’re finished editing. I also don’t like the fact that there’s a pro feature for which you have to pay for either weekly or monthly. Other than that, it’s still a pretty good app

  17. It’s a good app, but I just wish you could search for songs that you want to use. An example was when I made a Animation and wanted to add a certain song, but the app doesn’t give you much of a choice to search what you want. And you have to pay money to get even more acces to things, A future update you could do is make it where Users have the option to search what they want; Songs,Certain types of Editing tools.. etc.

  18. Honestly, I love the app. But, when I tried to make an edit, it didn’t let me play it nor upload it. Whenever I’d put in a transition, it made the screen frozen & white. For my edits, I chose the square for my edits, and that’s when the problems started. The other options, landscape & portrait didn’t have any problems. So, I don’t understand why the square option is giving PROBLEMS.

  19. So far from using it, I love it! It has a ton of editing features. Not many people on there but that could change soon! My only request is if you could please make a duet option for videos and transition options when making videos it would be perfect. Update: I still enjoy it but recently the audio will unsync from video which is frustrating when so much effort is put into making these. Please fix. Maybe consider a more detailed timer as well, with a time stamp. Would help tons!

  20. I truly enjoy this app due to the fact that you can make fantastic and interesting edits even without purchasing Premium. However, I rate this 3 stars for a specific reason. Earlier today I was working on an Edit and I was testing out effects with the Texts. I had put alot of time and effort into it. I prepared the final touch when suddenly my screen turned white. I frantically tapped back on and it said I could resume. When I clicked ‘yes’ it had deleted all of my progress and effects!

  21. This is an amazing app with great transitions and effects! But after the recent update everytime I try to export my edit, it just freezes at the preparing audio part and the only way I can get out is to get out of the app and lose all my work. Please fix this!! Edit: Thank you so much for fixing the problem! My edits are soo smooth! I give 5 stars!!

  22. I really do love this app its really fun. But there are a few things that aggravate me. I can’t get pro so I can only use so many effects and one night there free the next day they aren’t so I make an edit at night and I have to change half the effects in the morning. Also sometimes the ads won’t play so I can’t get those effects. Other than that tho great app. I really recommend. Sorry for bad grammar lol I’m not in the mood to edit this.

  23. lumniou dice:

    Funimate is a great app for editing. I really like it but lately when ever i put music it won’t let me. I thought it was because the beginning of the song was silent so i tried again. And still didn’t work. I tried mutilple songs and still gives me the same result. Also a lot of the transitions are now pro. Its not fair i don’t want to spend my money for transtions. You guys should take a few off of pro.

  24. It’s an amazing app and really good for transitions!! Totally amazing definitely recommend. The only reason I deducted a star is because every 2 or so months, it completely just like breaks and every time there’s a transition, it freezes afterwards. When it happens I have to uninstall and reinstall it, not too much of a problem. 9/10 do recommend. (hate all the ads though.)

  25. Good free video editing app. The music editor is limited. All you can do is add one track, and you can’t edit the audio afterwards like visual media. Transitions look choppy during editing, but fine in the final exported video. The app can also crash. Those are the few issues that prevent me from paying for it, but for a free app it’s pretty good.

  26. I love funimate, it makes editing so easy, I’m using funimate pro but it doesnt have all the features like it does on the iphone. Like I can’t crop my edits, or they’re just more filters, and transition options on the iPhone version. A big problem is that I can’t move my photo to another slide in the edit so I would have to start over and carefully reselect my photos again and that’s really annoying. Update it soon so that those features can be on android as well PLEASE do that!

  27. Absolutely love this app! I use it all the time, wish it was like video star but its amazing in its own way. I have a ton of suggestions, i suggest making brand new transitions every month, and brand new eye popping effects. But i love that its easy to use, makes great edits, and its timesaving. Giving me the same crashing issue, i start an edit and then when i put in the transition it starts freezing and crashes.

  28. Good editing app! Though, after a while it stopped putting the full audio I put in after I tried multiple times, and when it did work, it brought me to the camera. I put photos in before, so I don’t get it. It got annoying, and I tried deleting and downloading again etc it didn’t work. Please fix this, thanks

  29. Great app, I love the new transitions they added! My only problem is some of the transitions are kind of messed up now, like skew, which reverses or flips the picture,, this didn’t happen before so please fix this. Also when I am making my edits, they’re on beat, but when I save or post them it’s off beat. Please fix this too if you can. Otherwise great app.

  30. I like the app, I really do but I have a problem in editing that I really don’t like and was wondering if it’s intentional or not. When you try to crop the image, your other images go to the same cropping you do with your images and it’s very annoying. Even in the Animation thing, which I’ve messed up a lot in since it’s a big issue for me, could you please fix that? Thanks, This user right here 🙂

  31. I want to rate this 5 stars.. I really do. The video editing options are amazing. But, I cannot rate it 5 stars because it keeps crashing. I spent 2 hours on a video and it crashed. It gave me the resume option,but it didn’t resume. 2 hours worth of progress. Gone. This app is great. But have got to work on the crashing issues.

  32. avaaa dice:

    This is a really awesome editing app! There are a lot of things you can do, and you can watch other people’s videos! There are lots of stuff to add like elements and AI effects. The reason I put four stars is because there is ads every few videos and when you edit the videos or are done with them. And there is a lot of stuff you can only do if you pay for it (pro), and their is also lags. But other than that it’s a pretty awesome app! I recommend it.

  33. I’ve been using this app for a while to edit for Instagram and used to have a lot of issues with it, but since the latest update I’ve had a much easier time! The new features and effects are a lot more fun to work with too! All I would say is it may be frustrating for people who can’t afford a monthly bill just to get more transitions and effects and such. But other than that, a super fun experience!

  34. This app has amazing features! unfortunately when I do my video, it’s always on time until I export it. After that it plays like a sec of music I didn’t want in and it makes it off time and annoying fix. Even when I get it right, it still has annoying skip sounds that ruin the whole thing. And lags extremely bad when editing. I’d recommend Kinemaster 100% to anyone looking for a good Editor.

  35. I gave it a 2 because it could be better. it was pretty easy to navigate if you use an app like Tik Tok but the editing tools are kinda weird. I had trouble adding in transitions & text to a 15 second video. the app itself is decent but you have to have patience to work with it. it also sets pictures for slideshows to 1 second & you have to manually change it all. would not recommend.

  36. The app is good in general and great for beginner editors. However it is very laggy sometimes. When editing a video, you can’t see your transitions and how good it is until you publish the video because it’s so laggy. Also you have to pay for so much of it! And its be cool for voice overs. Funimate please fix the laggy issue. However like I said, it’s good for beginners but I myself used this for a year and moved on to Alight Motion.

  37. Love this app. Super good features and the transitions not only have one option, like let’s say there is a slide transition, you can choose if that transition goes faster, normal speed, up, down, left or right. it’s not only one choice for the transition you picked. If you can’t get pro, there are still plenty transitions AND the logos are pretty small so it’s not like a huge Kinemaster logo.

  38. Grace dice:

    i love funimate. i do. but as an android user, it can be really frustrating, not getting the updates and such. i’ve been seriously considering going pro recently because i use the app so much, but suddenly my edits won’t save. it’s upsetting, after working for hours on an edit only to watch it delete entirely. is there a fix for this? i don’t know what else to do. edit: i now have a dozen more complaints 🙂 i can’t change font, motion blur breaks the app, saving my edits is actual torture.

  39. I have used this app for about 3 or 4 years now and it was amazing! I would have recomended it to all my friends! Now it is just plain awful, you can’t save a video without paying for pro and it lags a lot, my videos are so off because the app won’t sync it up right! It makes me look like a terrible editor! I am using another app until these things are fixed

  40. It was okay to use, but I hate how the app was lagging. The transitions weren’t as smooth as they were supposed to be. The transitions freeze up and take a while to even show the next picture. It was also hard trying to the pictures at the right time since the cursor to show the time was a few seconds ahead. It would be really nice if this was fixed.

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