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Best event guide for your city. Find things to do, activities & events near you.
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Discover upcoming local events and outdoor activities in your city & nearby places and get interesting event recommendations. You can find events your friends are attending and follow them to stay updated on their activities. Every day find some new things to do near you be it a comedy show, free art classes, business conference or a live music concert.

You can also get tickets for various holiday events happening near you be it Halloween party, New Year’s Eve or Christmas celebration. Buy Tickets easily as we have integrated PayPal, PayU and also pay at the venue system for our organizers who organize interesting events to make your lives happening.
With All Events in City app in your mobile, you have the world’s best event guide in your hands

✓ Search from a pool of experiences from any city; Be it Events in Toronto or New York or London or Mumbai or any nearby getaways. Present in more than 30,000 cities in the world, you can discover just about anything new to do around you. If you are new to a city for a vacation or for business and wonder what to do in that city, simply search for that city. Few of the top cities from where we get thousands of events everyday are Mumbai, Delhi, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Kolkata, Chennai, Rome, London, Cairo, Bangalore, Cape Town, Toronto, Sydney, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Singapore, Dublin, Johannesburg and many other.

✓ No more boring weekends. Get updates via email every week for top things to do in your city and other outdoor activities happening near you.

✓ This free Event Finder app also lets you share events, map them on google, add them to your google calendar, follow friends, meet new people, make new friends, upload event photos and much more.

✓ Register for free events whether local or global and get tickets right in your mail. Share it with your friends on Facebook with just the click of a button right from the app. Other sharing options like WhatsApp, Twitter sharing or email event information.


✓ Find mutual connections who are attending a new event every week and message them through the app to join you during the weekend or any other day during the week.

✓ The different types of categories we have for you are as below:

– Parties – From House Parties to Club Nights
– Music Concerts – Be it rock, jazz, blues or metal, we have it all.
– Workshops – Art Workshop, Cooking classes, DIY workshop, Yoga Classes.
– Business – Networking, Trade Shows, Startup Seminars, Exhibition, Industry meetup.
– Dance – Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop Face-Off and much more.
– A few more categories to explore are theater plays, sports activities, travel and foodies’ meetup, health and wellness, comedy, etc.

✓ provides you with your own event calendar. Also a perfect event reminder as it reminds you about the upcoming events through notifications. Keep a track of events you have attended, attending and invited.

✓ See the list of trending events and experiences worldwide or in your city. Major of the organizers that use our featured listing are from top cities of the world like New York, Las Vegas, London, Singapore, Toronto, Melbourne, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chicago, Johannesburg, Dubai, Manchester, Rome, Brisbane, Brussels and few other.

✓ This is also a great app for people in event management as they can connect to event organizers for business and volunteering. Sponsors always keep a tap on our app to find out the gatherings of people that can give their product great visibility. Event organizers can also check their attendees and pictures that were uploaded live during the event.
So what are you waiting for? Come join hundreds of thousands of happy people who get high on events every day. It is your perfect guide to sail through the week and plan your weekend. Download “All Events in City” and never miss any event in your city.


Version 10.1
Discover best of the events happening near you to celebrate New Year's Eve 2020 🎇!


40 comentarios en "All Events in City – Discover MODDED 2022"

  1. Very useful app, and I told about it to many of my colleagues as well. However since a while, whenever I try to open it, it says No Internet Connection, and doesn’t show anything. The internet connection is fine though as all other app are working fine. I have reinstalled it as well but same result. My same feedback within the app has also ot been replied to. Please advise if you have blocked it for our region or can you resolve this problem. Thanks a lot.

  2. This app needs to exist.. and be a platform for connecting and advertising local events of all types… It’s hard to say how well it truly does that.. I haven’t tried to post an event to it… But it does have notified me of some things I simply wouldn’t have known where there mmm

  3. Bas dice:

    Search functionality works poorly. You can only select one city, date resets upon new choice,.end date can start after.start date. Google remains more user friendly. High potential app if search func. and.content are improved.

  4. I love this app, and how well it helps me. But in my phone, the app can’t connect to the internet after the first time I used it. As this app needs internet connection, it is somehow useless without internet. I hope the developer can fix this bug and help thousands other people to seek for an interesting event.. Thank you, developer for creating this wonderful app. I hope this bug can be fixed asap so we can benefits from it Btw, my phone is Oppo Neo 7, in case the prob is my phone.

  5. Adding locations near you is absolutely pointless. I live in NJ and it keeps giving me events for Virginia and California. I contacted support and they said theyd do it manually but the app STILL shouldn’t be doing this! Very frustrating sorting through events and determining what’s actually anywhere near me

  6. M C dice:

    Could use better filters. Also, due to covid, an “outdoor” and “mask required” filter would be particularly helpful. I would add one or two more stars just for that. And, actually, the outdoor one would be good even if there was no covid.

  7. When ever I click on the book tickets it continuously takes me to new page saying please wait and doesn’t stop like going to the same page every second. At first I thought it was some process thread error so i restarted my phone but again occurred the second time. I again had to restart. This is annoying 😤😤😤

  8. Posting the photo along with a description is an excellent way to get a brief look at what’s going on around town. layout is easy to skim. would recommend to all travelers…

  9. D K (IV) dice:

    Good app but Needs notifications for events. I miss events simply because I have to open the app and browse through them which takes time. Same day/customized notifications reminders would be great.

  10. Previous on Android 11 beta2 Developer Preview when first installed on pixel 2 XL did not worked on other location just on mine, but after reinstalled worked perfect, except if I set the date for today showing up events from the past as well. Thank you! 🙂

  11. Should be a widget, and should be able to save multiple communities as favorites. Don’t like it. Found out how to add multiple communities, but this doesn’t get integrated into my front page. Still have to input these communities separately rather than have them integrated into my page. Seems your need to know where I’m going is more important than my need to know what’s available…

  12. There is a bug in thisa application which gets triggered when we click on book tickets option, n never gets off even when we clear its memory from cache. It is a very big threat and ill not Install it if it isnt solved. very disappointed

  13. Not very well thought out. If you search on today’s events, esp. on Saturday morning, you’ll see loads of nightlife that finished in the early hours of the morning. That’s no use to someone who wants to see what to do TODAY. It’s a huge waste of time filtering out those past events.

  14. While trying to create a account only two options provided Either we can sign up with our facebook account?? (or) We can sign up with google account?? There should be a manual option to sign up something creepy, why you guys need our social signals to create a account in your database why not manually filling? Once provided the next prompt will be accessing of our friends list, once accessing the friends list dam you will make ads and encouraging to sign up more 😉 if I am not wrong 😊 😜

  15. It’s a fraud company. I was using these apps to try. I created the event myself to test. And I paid for myself. But that money didn’t come to my bank account. I tried to contact several times but did not succeed. They said, money would arrive within 7 days of the event being completed but the money did not come. Request that everyone should not use these apps.

  16. Awesome app. Very easy to use and accuate on events near me or in my city. Keep up the great work. Thank yall. God bless to all

  17. This app is a JOKE!!! All events in YOUR city?NO MORE like, ALL events INTERNATIONALLY! YES, COVID has changed society a lot with lockdowns, isolating. However, I EXPECT a LOCAL app to have LOCAL(YES EVEN online, I expect LOCALLY HOSTED events)!! NOT INTERNATIONALLY hosted events, with FOREIGN FEES I do NOT understand! Would ( although the ad is in English) all other participants at FOREIGN HOSTED event (paid for) be speaking a language foreign to me($ wasted)?? SCAM?? NO RESPONSE TO INQUIRY?

  18. standardised information for all event necessary, for example segregate event for general public or otherwise. Further free or chargeable. One standardised format for all event quite necessary. otherwise from cluttered information it is difficult to find which event is of importance for me.

  19. Super easy to use and covers all the events in the city which makes it infirmative and accessible. Loved it.

  20. This was a great app, but in the last month it says ” don’t miss this” I click on it and it says please wait until I’ve waited 5 minutes and give up. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it to no avail! Please help!

  21. Found lots of events that weren’t advertised in the local papers or broadcasts. Includes everything from book signings to bourbon tastings. Easy to buy tickets or sign up for events.

  22. I mean you can actually improve the search result by filtering out events that cost money like eventbrite does. I have to click in the event and found that most of them cost money to go

  23. Hint on the events happening around. One thing though, organizer seems unresponsive to queries. Wonder if the button works correctly?

  24. Good one .. I liked the time based sorting of events. One suggestion : Please keep one event listing limited to one category such that we don’t come across the same event in multiple categories.

  25. It’s really a awesome app which provides services of the events held in our city is valuable. Appreciable work is doing by the team. Good luck for the further experiences upcoming with you team.

  26. Helps me keep the world organized and up to date with all the opportunities and events around me. For an independent artist it has been great.

  27. I found it very dull and didn’t even list events that I knew about! Plus not ver user friendly! Sorry but that’s the way I experienced it!

  28. Pros: 1. Superb App Cons: 1. Help / Support System is weak because of which small queries to get resolved quickly is difficult.

  29. Not designed well. bad user interface. non practical. nonsense content. least informative. non useful.

  30. It’s always nice to keep up with coming attractions especially when you work alot as i do an i can pick an choose what when an where to go an do 😄😄 keep up the good work 😍😍😍

  31. would benefit from search customization improvements. eg. search radius, time of day whitelists

  32. I have used this app all over the world from Party in the bush in Croatia.To a poetry slam in Nairobi to a free lunch at the church down the street. I absolutely love this app I recommend it to anyone

  33. we coordinate an event through this allevent application,and our clients payed their fee through this app.But still we dont get their fee yet and all the funds are in pending in this app even after 10 days of the event.we need a solution otherwise it will be a worst application to choose for an eventcompany.

  34. Good to use. very helpful to get updates about all events with all required details in your city. Its a one must have app.

  35. One of the best websites I’ve seen to give local events in whatever town you live in. Thank you for putting all this information in one place!

  36. the best approach ever, I feel to book over 200 people in some cases with a simple to follow trail , it is also user friendly

  37. Kind of hard to navigate because of location accuracy

  38. I enjoy finding out about new events in and around my city that i was totally unaware of. Its actually exciting & fun!

  39. Mark Ross dice:

    Looking for something fun to do in your area? These people have done all the investigating for you! I have discovered events around me about which I had no clue! Stop missing out on the fun, try using this app!

  40. In this all events app the content is not enough and gathering collection and various event in India other places. Improve the app update the app give more options andmore services to provide events are conducted in their places more information providing it is useful

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