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With the Affirm app, you can shop stress-free at your favorite stores and pay over time with flexible payment plans—there are no late fees, hidden fees, or surprises—ever.

Why you’ll love shopping on the Affirm app:

• Shop and pay with flexible buy now, pay later plans at almost any store
• Check your eligibility with no impact to your credit score
• Unlock access to exclusive deals and special rates as low as 0% APR
• Manage your account and make payments easily
• Open a high-yield savings account with no minimums and no fees.

How does Affirm work? Here’s how to start shopping with the flexibility of buy now, pay over time plans.

• Find your favorite store, shop, and fill your cart.
• Choose from flexible payment options that fit your budget—we’ll never charge more than you see upfront.
• We’ll check your eligibility and then you’re good to go (the credit check takes only a moment and won’t affect your credit score).
• Complete your purchase online or at a physical store with Google Pay or Apple Pay.

With Affirm’s buy now, pay later flexibility, you can shop at the stores you love without paying all at once. We’ll show you exactly what you’re paying from the get-go, and we’ll never charge you with late fees, penalties or hidden costs of any kind. Now is the time to responsibly treat yourself with buy now, pay over time shopping and the flexibility of split payments.

Buy now, pay later at almost any store
• Get access to buy now, pay later shopping across hundreds of stores
• A split payment plan should be flexible—that’s why we offer plans ranging from 3, 6, 9 months, along with other options
• Buy now and pay over time for almost everything, including apparel, auto, beauty, electronics, and more


Get exclusive deals as low as 0% APR
• Some customers qualify for as low as 0% APR, so you won’t pay interest while making payments over time
• Shop exclusive deals on apparel, electronics, appliances, auto, and more

Manage your account and make payments
• We’re all about making financing simple—so you select your payment plan, and know exactly what you’re paying from the start.
• Make payments within the Affirm app—we’ll even send you email and text reminders to keep you on track with your payment plan.

Open a high-yield savings account with no minimums or fees
• Grow savings with the Affirm Savings account—designed to help you save smarter.
• It’s totally free—there’s no minimum deposit, and you’ll get a high annual percentage yield for every penny you add.

Choose a smarter way to pay at your favorite stores—all while staying true to your financially responsible self. Buy now and pay later with a flexible payment plan. It’s that simple—download Affirm and make payments at your own pace today.

Rates from 0-30% APR. For example, a $800 purchase might cost $73/mo over 12 months at 15% APR. Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check, may not be available in all states, and are provided by these lending partners: . Affirm savings accounts are held with Cross River Bank, Member FDIC. Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. CA residents: Loans by Affirm Loan Services, LLC are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license.


40 comentarios en "Affirm: Buy now, pay over time MOD"

  1. I love Affirm. I’ve been using them since Christmas and it’s awesome. I do wish there were a few details on the app I could do. Like select multiple loans to for example pay all on the same day. Or at least to go back to the same place on the list. I have like 20 loans and 10 of them are for Amazon. It’s easy to lose the last one you scheduled to pay. I know there’s autopay, but I like making my monthly payment all on the same day with my one check. So I pay most of them early.

  2. It is easy and quick to get financing with affirm and some items have been for 0%. The contracts are clear and written for each loan individually so that there is no confusion about which items you are paying for and what the payments are going towards. The only item that I would like to see improved upon is credits made on specific accounts by the merchant. When the merchant credits your account money back, after the purchase, it can be confusing as the balance due on the account does not chang

  3. The app is generally quite usable and I’ve used it fairly extensively, mostly in combination with Amazon. Lately, however, I’ve had some issues with it not petting me make payments, and with demanding payments soonee than scheduled. If they could treat scheduled payments as payments made, that would be useful and remove some of the frustration. After all, expenses can crop up and money may not be available at the date a payment is due. It would be nice to be able to pay with credit too.

  4. Excellent option for ordinary everyday people such as myself. It’s definitely my go-to whenever available…which it’s everywhere. Now you can purchase items that before, we’re simply not an option. Too expensive to justify a one lump sum? Not anymore with Affirm! Getting what you want, need, or even wish for is simple. Most importantly, you’re not breaking the bank!

  5. L S Colby dice:

    I use affirm with Amazon. On Amazon, Affirm turns up as just another payment option, but not for all items. I’ve used Affirm to buy things that would exceed my limit on a credit card and to buy less expensive items on a short payment schedule. Each purchase is paid off separately. The time for repayment varies with item cost. The app is straight forward. Customer support was excellent when I wanted to reschedule a payment due just before the end of a month to the first of the next month.

  6. I’ve been using affirm for well over 2 years. Always paid my loans early, never late. My limit was pretty high, and I used about 80% of it. Went ahead and payed off half of it. My limit dropped drastically, about 70% less than what it’s always been. I know the response from the company is that they randomly do credit worthiness checks and limits can change. When you have yet to miss a payment or pay off early, why does it matter what your credit score is if you’ve never missed a payment.

  7. JML JML dice:

    This app is great i now used it many time to purchase whatever i wanted. You can book a trip if they give you enough credit, many airline choices plus 0% APR is the best. As long as you just agree to their very easy terms and make payments on time. Which isnt hard because they tell you what your monthly payment will be, plus you have a choice of how many months you want to pay it off. But forget trying to get support they disconnct you. I tried 3x and was disconnected 3x. Other than that 5 stars

  8. J McKain dice:

    Affirm is a great way to purchase items and pay over time. I have purchased different items 6 different times and it was a great experience. I only had one negative experience but it was the stores issue, not affirm. Love the app! I recommend everybody try it out. Interest on purchases are way lower than what a credit card would be.

  9. Way better than those other apps! Always hassle free, I know exactly what I will pay and when. I started off with low credit that has built up significantly! I actually like to use affirm more than credit cards. You don’t have to wait years for your credit limit to rise, just keep up with your regular payments or pay off early to reduce interest charges. Highly recommend!

  10. Ms Hays dice:

    I have used this app for such a variety of ways. I’ve purchased concert tickets, paid for vacation, bought computers, games, whatever I wanted and could afford I considered Affirm. I almost always repaid earlier than agreed upon. Affirm is good for those wanting a short term loan. If you cant pay this back dont apply. You can pay up to a year but credit can be expensive. I like it.

  11. John Young dice:

    Love Affirm! Has made it possible for me to get back on my feet comfortably. Always get a notice of upcoming payments. The app is easy to understand and see what I have left and when the payments will be due. I’ve bought a 75″ TV, pressure washer, curtains, etc. All without a credit card or cash! I always make my payments and my available credit increases accordingly. Highly recommend Affirm!

  12. Adding an an amount to the virtual card is great when traveling. When applying for a spending limit, there is an option you can view and choose how you like to pay on monthly payments and if for any reason you change your mind, you can cancel card anytime before use, with no charge. Always remember to also apply with discretion. You can also view all purchases as your well👍

  13. Ryan N dice:

    I love up-front interest. You cant get stuck in an endless cycle of paying off and owing the same amount like everywhere else. The pre-approved number is sometimes strange and unpredictable, but it looks like they do soft credit checks for those numbers. But if you need a break for a month because of life events, just ask them! Never seen a BANK do that!

  14. It could be better, between my static loan limit tanking hard when I’ve been on time/early with payments, and user interfaces for shops being slow to unresponsive. Not to knock it completely, the app is really nice for keeping track of my loans, but its hard to get anything done when you go from several hundred dollars worth of loan allowance to less than 100 for no apparent reason.

  15. Affirm really is awesome!!! allows to do things or purchase items if you cant fo it all up front and doesn’t keep recharging you interest like a credit card. amd you can choose how many months, also helps your credit rating! and it’s super easy! been using it for last couple years and a family that struggles allows us to pay for things or trips in payments.

  16. Well at first I loved this app. I used it all the time and spent thousands of dollars with them over the course of a couple years. I’ve had several loans more.then I can remember and never missed a payment and were always on time. I worked my way up to over a $2,000 spending limit. And then one day I got on affirm looking to buy something thinking i had $2,000 to spend.. wrong!! For no reason at all they dropped my limit down to $10. I feel insulted and used. I couldn’t buy what i wanted .

  17. Yvette M dice:

    This way of paying for items has been very useful. I will say that you have to be very careful with it because as with credit cards, you have to budget and keep spending at a minimum. I’ve only used it after paying balances off and for important items and/ or sale items that may be missed if not taken advantage of. Again, my purchases have been for needed items. It works great and the app is used to manage my account with ease.

  18. Great way to run up your credit cards without actually running up your credit cards and bringing down your credit score! I’ve used it several times over the last couple of years to make some sizable purchases and paid them off early with no penalty while saving on the interest. The whole time my credit scores stayed phenomenal!

  19. Very odd..Made a purchase, was refunded to the virtual card. Virtual card removed because it expired, the refund was never sent back to the “available to spend”. So basically this was all pointless. They don’t monitor their contact email inbox, so there’s no way to get a hold of a real person. Would like to use it but, doesn’t seem to work properly..

  20. I was skeptical about using this app at first. But an accident at home wherein our bed collapsed (Don’t ask) pushed me to use the app. Bought a new beautiful covered backboard frame at a reasonable price. I’ve been paying extra each month and am ahead of schedule and might beat out most of the interest payments. I’m very satisfied with the app.

  21. Tm B dice:

    Appreciate the app. Works well mostly. But the constant notifications from ads for services offered should stay in emails. The notifications on my phone’s notification bar are aggravating. I keep thinking “Oops I have payment coming up for Affirm?” everytime I see that. Its stressful. I dont want to turn off notifications from Affirm because I dont want to miss a payment notification. Now that I have said this, I realize I can set reminders in my calendar & turn off app notifications completely.

  22. Loved it! Had multiple loans with them. Paid them all off either early or on-time with never any issues. Then recently I was curious as to what my pre-approval limit had gone upto (can’t recall exactly but in the past I been pre-approved for at least a few hundred dollars) but now I’m approved for $0. Makes absolutely no sense to me!!

  23. Affirm app has allowed me to shop on a budget almost everywhere I make purchases. I’m enjoy it! Only problems I’ve had was with purchasing concert tickets on the ticketmaster app (took to long to process n missed out on great seats) and had trouble this past March using it with Expedia app. I couldn’t get it to work properly on either site. Besides these two small hiccups it has been a fantastic tool for shopping. Seems like my interest rate would’ve come down by now not ever missing a payment!

  24. Nol Tendo dice:

    Originally had issues with my identity. Website, or app. Months later I wanted to see if that was resolved. Showed how much the loan would be. How I would like to stretch it out. Then repeatedly showed my debit card was “invalid” now that’s after I took time out of my night to go back to the store. Thinking ok THIS TIME it works. It doesn’t. Incompetence in app design, incompetent business. Won’t bother again. Doesn’t deserve any stars. 🤬

  25. A-Rod dice:

    9/2/2022 I have used Affirm for over 3 years and they have been amazing!!! The best part is if you don’t like using credit cards, Affirm is the best way to go. Low monthly payments, low interest and autopay option. I have not experienced any problems and I believe it’s the easiest way buy without paying back tons on interest.

  26. David Kehl dice:

    Easy to use interface, customer service very friendly and easy to work with. Plenty of options to customize payments. Used them for four high value purchases so far. Had one return and refunding that money was easy though it does take a bit of time (30 days I think).

  27. Great so far. I am new to the app and am just exploring what it has to offer. What I have found is that you can shop through the app allowing you to pay with the app wether in full or payments. They also have deals on certain websites where you have no interest. I’m sure they change maybe daily or weekly I am still new to all of it but happy with what I see so far.

  28. I have tried several times but was denied and right during Christmas I was finally approved. Boy it was a life saver. So far everything has been great no complaints. I just paid off one of my purchases. I’ll review again when I finish paying off my next purchase. Update, I have paid off two accounts and I have not had any problems or complaints with Affirm. It comes in handy when I really need it to.

  29. Paul Lewis dice:

    Best and most convenient way to purchase the exact products you want without sacrificing your wallet. The pay by options are most helpful 👌 and you can order from several different vendors of your choosing. You can take your time paying or pay off early without penalties. You just cannot beat that. Affirm is definitely a grade A service. I recommend this for everyone.

  30. I really love this app! It allows me to take care of larger purchases that I would have had to use a credit card for. Just last week, I had car repairs, got an eye exam, and bought a mini fridge. All things I couldn’t afford before. But by spreading out the payments, I was able to take care of what I needed to without sinking my entire paycheck! I have been using Affirm almost a year and I love it!!

  31. Fantastic Program Overall I highly recommend this program! The app is easy to navigate and auto pay is easiest for repayments! Plus you can pay off early without paying penalty fees and save money on interest. I had a very satisfied transaction experience and highly appreciated the opportunity and professionalism of my overall experience!!

  32. Affirm is so awesome. In that it allows me to travel or purchase things that I need now. And I can pay for it later. With more then reasonable payments. And it feels great to repay my loan back as quickly as I can. So that I can go through that great experience of using affirm all over again for new purchases. It’s like having money with out having money 🤑.

  33. The app is good so far. Initially I had an issue with the company/app because when I originally opened an account with them, I had one number, didn’t use the account for a while and when I resumed using it, now with a new updated number, the company/app took FOREVER to approve, update, correct and/or rectify the simple issue of updating a new number. Now that the issue is resolved, it’s better, but the road to that was unnecessarily slow and annoying.

  34. Easy to use and very easy to navigate… If you like to shop but don’t want to spend big all at one time or you just don’t have the money right now this is for you (especially when it comes time for school shopping or buying a gift)… Searches out sales for you as well and send alerts to you whether it’s clothes,appliances, flights, hotels ect and gives you different options to pay back your loan, five stars hands down.

  35. **update: my credit score has recently gone down due to some ancient medical bills hitting collections and a truck i bought which was difficult because i am self employed so i was turned down a lot. i have made every payment on time and now affirm turns me down. BULLSHI+ So far its been awesome. Super easy to use. Got some truck parts that i needed for an emergency that I wouldn’t have been able to afford immediately otherwise. Totally affordable monthly payments.

  36. Okay.. this is sad that i need to do this in order to resolve an issue, but the chat help couldnt do anything, and instructed me to call, attempting to do that brings me to a page not found and then kicks me back to start the process over. I’ve been using Affirm since July 2021 with no issues. now all of a sudden, my “identity” can’t be verified and renders the service virtually useless. my information is current and up to date.. so what changed over the last 2 months?

  37. Jimmy Weda dice:

    Good deal when you don’t want to put it all down now. I definitely use it when it’s zero interest, I mean why not. As long as you know you can cover the bi-weekly payments you’re good and they seem to extend you’re pre-approved amount as you get close to your last payments. Seems like they’re accepted at most major outlets and that’s a real convenience. Be responsible and you’ll be fine.

  38. Horrible experience!! They run credit checks like you’re applying for a credit card with a huge credit limit. This app is ridiculous, if I knew this already I never would have wasted my time and inquiry to my credit file. I’m so misled and angry, I mean what’s the point of having this if you need a great score!! I would’ve had a credit card to pay the whole balance in FULL! No where it states that you need a great credit rating, I never would of downloaded this app!! $1000approval afterpay app!!

  39. They claim 0 interest because they charge you all of the interests up front, as a down payment. I’ve called Affirm to have them to stop billing me for items that were returned but to no avail. My items were returned & Amazon credited affirm back the $ paid on my behalf. Affirm is still trying to collect $309 from me, when my original amount financed from Amazon was only $249, with a $74 down-payment. I’ve contacted Affirm multiple times but no 1 knows how to expedite or handle my situation. 🤬

  40. This is definitely a great app to use!! It has helped my family getting Xmas and bday presents. I wouldn’t say use it whenever because it is a high apr, but that is to be expected. But during this pandemic and not being able to afford a bunch, the monthly installments truly helped me. I have paid off a few things now and I can say, when I need it. It’s nice to have this option. Also, you can use it for a ton of things, flights, hotels, Nike, Amazon, Walmart, etc.

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