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Relax with the Paint by Numbers Coloring Game!
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A free color by number game to happy color and a coloring book with paint by numbers pages.🎉

Daily Coloring is a paint by numbers game for adults with thousands of drawings and coloring pages.💗

Daily Coloring also known as Color by Number, Paint by number, Coloring book or Painting by number which is a great way to enter the exciting world of art🌊. Just follow the numbers and coloring has never been easier! Try it now and draw fantastic coloring pages with painting by numbers! ✨

Release stress with our fascinating and beautiful coloring pages. 🌈

⭐ Key features:
– Well-designed coloring pages!
– Dozens of number coloring categories for choosing!
– New coloring pages update everyday!
– Start Color painting anytime & anywhere: No pencil and paper needed, no specific skills are required!
– Share your own artwork with your friends and family!
– Daily rewards and many kinds of reward waiting for you!

🎨 Try Daily Coloring, a free color by number game, discover tons of free coloring pages to create your own artworks now.
🌺 Relax and be Happy with coloring every day!



Paint by Numbers Coloring Game!
A new version with more wonderful pictures!


40 comentarios en "Daily Coloring Paint by Number 2022"

  1. Missing a crucial feature which all paint programs must have: automatic color selection. When image is first selected, color 1 is automatically selected. You can still select a color manually. Once all the areas for that color are filled in, it drops that color and auto-selects the next remaining color after it. If it is on the highext numbered color, once completed, it selects the highest numbered color remaining. A very important feature this program lacks.

  2. I am enjoying the coloring experience. It is relaxing. I like that you follow a basic consistency instead of jumping all over the picture. I would like to have the next numerous open automatically. If I want to color another number it is easy enough to do. Thank you for the relaxation it provides and for the lovely pictures.

  3. This is my favorite coloring app ever!! I like the pictures, there is some diversity with people, could be more. I wish there was more pictures with darker colors–darker reds, blues, purple, etc. Minimal adds which give 2 hints instead of 1. No problem getting into app. I like the history, travel, and art pictures. Please more pictures. I love the app. PS. I just looked back at my finished pictures and they all look beautiful. Keep up the good work 👍

  4. Debra dice:

    Love the intensity of the colors and the way you have them set up to take the color. The ads are set so it’s possible to get money or hints, as the need be, but they’re always on offer by having a (sign?) up get them. If unused, the rare ad comes automatically. I raised my stars to a five.

  5. Your app says no ads. Well fine! But I find it very irritating when I’m in the middle of doing a page, and a offer for no ads pops up. And then I can’t make it go away without hitting ok then your taking coins away. Which is dumb. I’m done and out!! Too bad cause I liked some of your pictures to.

  6. Fun, relaxing and lots of different types of pics to color. My favorite are the mandalas and there are many to choose from. The ads are expected and I’ve found this app to be less required ads to interrupt my coloring! Well done.

  7. Love this app colors and pictures are awesome no issues so far. The only thing I would change is when the Ad break comes on it doesn’t give you a choice if you want to watch it, it forces you to watch it I’d like to choose if I want to watch ad break. other than that it’s a great app. 👍 Keep up the good work.

  8. Love the pictures option. The only snag is that you have to tap the number to highlight to colour in. It would be nice if you could just hold your finger for 2-3 seconds on the area to highlight the area you want to colour in.

  9. Fun, a lot of ads, but you do get rewarded for watching the majority of them. I really like the drawings that you can colour, and to me they look like stained glass; I always marvel at the building up effect as more colours are added..

  10. Just downloaded, pretty good so far, ads not as intrusive as some other apps I’ve used. This is added after two days of download. Well this app has great pictures to color, in 2 days have done 19 pics, it is LOTS OF FUN!! Still have to figure out what the coins are for, has a tremendous supply of free pics, so what do I need coins for? I’m a old lady who’s last game experience was with Paxman. I like this app.

  11. They lied about paying to remove ads and refuse to respond when you contact them. I paid for the ad-free version and still get ads. I sent them a message about it and still haven’t heard back or got a refund. The ads are so numerous its obnoxious.

  12. Kim B dice:

    Game is a total rip off. Feedback button doesn’t work and they don’t give you what you purchased. Unless you want to be ripped off, don’t download this game I need an email to send a screen shot. I can’t send shot on this, your feedback button doesn’t work and I deleted your game from my Samsung pad. I can take a screen shot but can only send by email as your feed back button doesn’t work.

  13. Carl Smith dice:

    I’ve used a colouring app for years and this is the best I’ve seen. I even purchased the ads free version. But a couple of recommendations. Keep the checkered pattern (your chosen colour) as blue instead of grey as it’s much easier to see. Also if you can make the next colour be chosen automatically, that would be excellent! Keep up the great work!! UPDATE: I purchased the ad free version but now I’m forced to watch an “ad break”. Not good. Time to look for another colouring app.

  14. I am enjoying some of the different scenes that the Daily Coloring Paint has and there are some of the regular scenes from other painting apps. The scenes I have picked out and painted were just wonderful. Very brilliant in color.

  15. This coloring app was really good. I loved it until the last update. Now the app will NOT open at all. My rating would have been a 5 star but now that it does not work at all, I have to give it a 1 star to be able to post. although my rating is ZERO unless or until the problem is addressed and fixed.

  16. I love the pictures, But the play is very poor. I keep freezing and going slow. Now I am being kicked off the game and have to re-enter and go through all the steps again. I have deleted it because it is more aggravation then it is worth.

  17. I love all the mandalas and patterns. I would rate 5 stars if the colors changed automatically instead of having to click each one. Other than that I really like this app.

  18. I love this game, and have paid to stop the intrusive ads, but now the one required ad one must watch each day to claim the bonus has stopped working and doesn’t register. Hope this is fixed soon.

  19. Loads of fun coloring beautiful pictures. The ads can be annoying at times though.

  20. DO NOT pay for the “no ads” feature. It doesn’t exist. I get that ads support the game, but if the developer isn’t willing to remove them for paying customers, they shouldn’t offer a “no ads” package. One star for scamming. A shame because it’s actually a decent little game.

  21. Frustrating. I begin to play and works well at first. Then Suddenly When clicking color the app, no longer will fill in Color rather only continously zooms in and out the picture

  22. I downloaded the game bc it said no ads. I saw the ones to click on. Which i didnt click on. Ads were popping up on its own. Everytime I finish the picture yep an ad. I wouldnt mind the ads if i didnt get them alot.

  23. It’s really fun, but there are too many ads. I do understand why you have the ads, but it doesn’t make it any funner to have to sit there and wait for them to play.

  24. Overall it’s a good app. However I don’t like tapping each color after you get done with one. Idk why it doesn’t automatically go to the next one

  25. I installed this a few days ago and all was well. Today it freezes everytime an ad runs across the bottom of the screen, every time the video button appears in the upper left of the picture, and every time the the hints button replaces it. This isn’t a game. It’s an ad campaign. I give it zero stars and that’s being generous.

  26. I rnjoy this app because it helps me relaxe. It also lets me color some beautiful pictires. The only thing that would be better is if there were a complefe color app totally Disney.

  27. Going to try it out. Ad for this is a little controversial saying there are no ads, yet there are. We’ll see if you can use it without wifi as well. I’ll change my rating if it’s as good as the others say it is.

  28. nicole x dice:

    love this game! so addicted already its just the varaity of these in pictures just arent enough? where are all the cool car pictures? and stuff like that? i just dont see any the only one ive seen is a lambogini i just feel asif there should be more…

  29. I enjoy coloring and it’s easy online. I used to do Happy Color but it doesn’t work on my new Chromebook. I enjoy this app just as much 😁

  30. I like the pictures, but there is far too many ads that takes away the enjoyment. It becomes nothing but frustration not relaxing

  31. Love the pic. and the beauty of all. Very enjoyable and challenging at times. Showing the beauty of the world.

  32. B Axelton dice:

    I enjoy doing these paintings,it helps me to unwind and relax after a long day!! I would recommend this to anyone!! TRY IT AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM , YOU CAN ALWAYS UNINSTALL IT! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?

  33. The number of ads makes it impossible to enjoy the coloring. Yes, I know ads are needed to pay for the game, but this app drowns you in them.

  34. I really like the bright colors and staying with bright colors throughout the picture. Other sites tend to add dull colors that really distract from the coloring **Will you be adding more pictures? I really like the Mandela pictures**

  35. There were coloring pages that would not open to be colored and bouns pages will not open at all I tried too open it I tried to reinstall the app and still not able to open the app also freeze and will stop working please fix the problems or I’ll will be force to uninstall thank you

  36. I have been doing painting by numbers for several years after discovering it.i love ❤️ pbn,the pics r beautiful and so much fun,I can do it when in hospital on cellphone or tablet.i love colors by numbers big ⏲️, didn’t think ❤️ would love it that much,but I do .beautiful pics and relaxing 😌 especially when ill 🤒. Thanks for pbn. ❤️ it9

  37. mary saw dice:

    No menu for changing colors, automatic switch of colors. Otherwise I like this app. Picture are great.

  38. This app keeps on getting stuck it freezes. I will stick to my favorite color app that I have had now for 3 yrss. Well it works much better now. I love this app. it’s just like my other one.

  39. ROB dice:

    Great app and very easy to use I rate this in my top 5 best colouring app in playstore so far so good let’s see what I really think after I use it for a month or so and then I give you my verdict.my verdict is in an its a excellent app 👍.

  40. This coloring is really quite addictive, yet very relaxing. It is simple enough anyone could play this one yet challenging by trying to find all the spaces to fill in with colors and not miss any. I recommend this game to everyone because you really can relax and also feel great joy when you complete each page! Thank you

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