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Happy color by number & paint by number in this relaxing coloring game!
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Relax with the paint by number app and color your stress away!

Discover and paint10,000+ coloring pages in this adult coloring book game! Beautiful art coloring pages are updated every day for you to enjoy!

Explore more than 30 popular categories:
-Animal: cute dogs & cats, birds, and eagles, all kinds of wild animals you want to color;
-Flower: beautiful and mind-calming flowers are ready for coloring;
-Mandala: classic mandala coloring pages to relax your mind;
-Message: loving and inspiring messages for you to color and share;
-Special Animated Picture: be amazed by the animations.

We also have many more categories like Nature, Places, Festival, Character, Interior, Classical… Open the game and you will get the simple joy of relaxation.

Coloring games has never been so easy. Open this coloring book, and start to paint your masterpieces. Don’t forget to share your finished work with family and friends!

Beautiful art painting pages and exclusive collections are updated every day for you to relax your mind and pass the time! Explore 8000+ amazing free pictures and enjoy number drawing in your coloring book!

We are willing to hear your feedbacks: [email protected]
Start the happy coloring experience now!

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- Optimized some visual graphics & user interfaces
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/403897697254973/


40 comentarios en "Tap Color Pro: Color By Number MODDED"

  1. You must find another ad company! These ads are making me have to go back and forth as a way to color your beautiful pictures. There’s no since in having to go through that. Then I have to close the game and come back I. Not worth the trouble, can you fix this please and I will give the five star back,I love the drawings but will uninstall if can’t get fixed. Thanks

  2. I do love the pictures & overall I enjoy the app. However, the game shuts down…A LOT mid picture. I constantly have to exit & then search through tons of pictures to find the 1 I was working on (because it’s rare that a puzzle in progress is ever saved to the page it should be). It would be great if once you finish a picture, it would be moved from the category so it’s easier to find unfinished/new pictures. & Just a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. Will change rating if fixed.

  3. I love it!! Great choices of pictures to color from easy to hard. I like that you can color wallpaper and jigsaw puzzle pictures too. But here lately when I try to get the bonus pictures it restarts the app. I have to go thru it several times until I finally get a bonus picture. Some days I just give up. That’s why I dropped the rating down. But it’s still the best coloring out there. And when I use our local library’s Hotspot connection it will not download any new picture. Very disappointing!!

  4. I love the pics and colors, they come out so beautiful. You can play off line, which is awesome as well. I also, like the fact that when you finish one color it switches to the next automatically, some apps you have to tap in n the next color. It just makes it easier and faster to finish your coloring.

  5. Edit 2: As of October (2 months after my first review) they STILL HAVENT DONE ANYTHING ABOUT THE AD. Edit: have been in contact with the people who work on the app. They said they were fixing it. Now I get the ad EVEN MORE. Please remove the discord advertisement! (The banner one) Anytime it comes into the screen it literally makes the app unusable. It freezes it. The only way to fix it is to close out the app completely and try again. I would have given 5 stars if it weren’t for that.

  6. JKED1969 dice:

    I absolutely LOVE the pictures on the app! I’m stuck on bedrest, and I color for a few hours every day! I would give it 10 stars in a heartbeat BUT several times while coloring each & every pic the app quits and dumps me back to my home screen. I see here that it’s a common complaint. I’ve done everything they recommend to resolve the issue over and over, to no avail. Updated, uninstalled, cache, you name it, I’ve tried it. If you can offer any help, I would gladly pop up to 5 stars.

  7. So over all I do love this game. It’s fun easy and relaxing. It has literally put me to sleep a few times. But there are some down sides. There are some coloring spots that are made to be the incorrect color and that drives me nuts. I also wish that sometimes the colors would go in order of area progressing outward instead of hopping all over the place. I love the videos at the end, priceless and so cool!! I also love that they have the ability to mark the area for you and pick the colors foryou

  8. Wonderful coloring app, with outstanding photos. My only suggestion is, when colors switch, would be nice, if there was a vibrate like another coloring app that I have does. One other thing, I agree with another user, sometimes it makes you jump all over the place to color. Keep up the great service! It is very relaxing.

  9. Fun and easy to play, though there’s usually one little spot to colour that is nigh unto impossible to find. Just try looking again from a different angle or go to another colour and come back. I accidentally click on ads sometimes due to placement but it’s easy to go right back.

  10. I’d seen so many of these coloring apps, with beautiful pictures I might even enjoy collecting. However, I didn’t think they were for me. Well, now that my hands are going & I can’t craft or physically color/paint any more, I’m amazed how relaxing/enjoyable it can be. Everyone should try it, you’ll never know how you really feel about it till you try. I would like to see some apps like this where we can choose our own colors though.

  11. RL Tanner dice:

    too many damn ads!!!! I hit the wrong button and I have to watch an ad, I want to load a picture that I had to close out of 5 minutes ago because I got to the front of the line, I have to watch an ad. every time I turn around I am watching an ad. This really makes me dislike thr app. If you had fewer ads and I do mean fewer, than I would rate this a five I love the pictures and the mechanics but your ads will make me uninstall it.

  12. I love the app great time killer. I have tremendous problems with closing it. I uninstalled and reinstalled and restarted the phone and made sure everything was updated. The app itself just stays open. It’s draining my battery like crazy but nothing I do makes it close. As a last resort, I even force stopped it and it’s still stuck open.

  13. I really enjoy this game. I play it over happy color cause it doesn’t drain my battery. Gave 3 stars because it doesn’t always save the pics you’re working on then have to search forever. And the diversity of skin tone has pretty much disappeared. Love the art design but it’s annoying when you know the outfit or scene would look great with a poc then it’s not. If you don’t want to do a poc then make them blue or red or something. May switch back to the other app. Need more outerspace ones too 🙂

  14. The game is so much fun and very addictive, but the app closes after starting to color and then I have to open it back up and redo parts of the pictures that I have already colored. And if it’s at the beginning of the picture it will make me start completely over. It’s very frustrating having to restart constantly. I’m very disappointed in that because I really love this app

  15. Cat dice:

    The free version is plenty of fun, IF you’re okay with ads. They ARE fairly frequent, but at least they’re also PREDICTABLE (they don’t just suddenly playing an ad for seemingly no reason, the way other similar apps often do). You will see an ad: • EVERY time you finish a picture, • when you tap on a new picture to color, • to “purchase” 1 hint (OR buy hints with actual money) NOTE: App uses TOTAL 2.93Gb INTERNAL space (that’s including the app itself AND user files. Data ONLY, CACHE=0!

  16. Gorgeous pictures, great set up. Two things: 1. The app keeps freezing or will just stop working outright, especially after I finish a picture. If I want to start a new picture, I have to reload the app so over again. 2. Kinda RACIST. Most the character pictures are blond, with the occasional brown hair/red hair. Those pictures of someone clearly of African or Middle Eastern decent feature only white skin tones. You guys can do better, come on.

  17. Love the app. If I were to change anything on it , I would ask that a search bar be added . There are tons to look thru , which I like but if I’m looking for something in particular to color I dont want to spend a long time looking for it . also a suggestion for additional pictures to to color would be wildlife like the wild turkeys.

  18. Variety is awesome, colors as, as realistic as a paint by number would be.Being able to give a review and use the word “as” three times in one sentence, you as-oleo, ha. Nice to let your mind be empty and just focus on task. Pretty cool when u have one little spot you missed and it becomes, “where’s waldo”. Thanks many for the hints.

  19. To bad they took away Anne Stokes. (Would’ve been 5 stars). They have some really awesome pics. Game play is good. Ads are before and after. I do wish we were able to change the color of the highlighted areas. Would make it much more relaxing with easier to find the areas to color.

  20. A well designed color by number with lovely pictures. When you click a number, all spaces are turned into checkerboard, making them easier to find. It also takes advantage of the pinch and zoom Android features, which is great because some of the spaces are small.

  21. I absolutely love this app. I still have not yet ventured out to color from every category. I “like” so many of the pictures, it would take me until 2035 before I colored all of them and that’s if I didn’t add anymore! Lol But considering that I’m 70 years old, about the only thing I have is “TIME”. I’m glad that I found this coloring app in the thousands to choose from in Play Store! Aging is lonely at times and it would be a lot more lonely without Tap Color and the results are so rewarding!

  22. This app was actually pretty good! Didn’t understand these types of apps at first, but after I did a 1950s car and found that grim reaper meme, I realized how relaxing it actually was. The only thing I think it’s missing is a way to submit your own images to do, although I’m not complaining too much because that’s probably too complicated. Overall, it’s a good app.

  23. Amazing game! My biggest challenge is that i have two phones and I can’t sync the apps together! I thought that if I login in to Facebook that it would do it! Also, I’ve had to start over because there’s no way of saving your progress! I do have to say that I did pay for no ads thinking that this would help, but nothing! Please help! It would be great if we can sync and save our progress!! Update: the game finally let me login and sync my two phones together!! I love absolutely love this game!!!

  24. So, here’s the thing: I actually really, really like the app a lot. But the problem, hence me rating it two stars, is its functionality, the fact that it keeps going black and shutting down, there’s no scroll bar available to pick up from where I left off, and sometimes, the app appears inoperable. Today, I’ve had to shut the app down and open it back up again 3 times due to it going black and freezing. If changes could be made, I’d rate the app higher.

  25. Two stars for some good pictures. I just downloaded the game and before I could play, hit the ‘terms of service and privacy notice” box. Without accepting, no game. It says to read both and accept. However, there is a blank page when you choose either link. No terms of service and no idea what info you collect and pass on. ESPECIALLY with the permissions you ‘may ask for’. 7/1 Update. I’m impressed with the fact that the developers actually read, cared and fixed. Changed from 2 to 5 stars.

  26. This is by far the best coloring app. I have tried. I haven’t had any problems with freezing like others have had. Hundreds of nice pictures to color. There are not many ads. I love NOT having an annoying hint button buzzing around the screen like other coloring apps. Congratulations to the developers and everyone who made this a wonderful and relaxing app. It’s a keeper! You made me a happy old lady!! Thank you.

  27. I love almost everything about this app including the auto advance to the next color and the design of most puzzles that make it easy to find where the next color picks up in close proximity to where the last one ended. BUT there are still too many ads in the app which makes staying in the app for too long feel like I’m being brainwashed. So, I will move to a different app to get rid of the constant unexpected barrage of commercialization so common in these apps.

  28. T Wa dice:

    I enjoy this app, when I can actually access the pic to color. Lately, I can’t do that because of the ads that do not have a way to close. 2 stars is generous. If I can’t color the pics, I’ll need to uninstall it. *** NOTE: The developer explained the double arrows on the ads, leads to closing them out, solving the problem for me. AWESOME APP!

  29. I enjoy the tap and color part of the app. What I don’t like is that on some pictures the selected number has you bouncing all over the screen filling in the color rather than concentrating on an area or item, or they make it hard to find some of the fill spaces. I want a coloring app, not a find and seek app. I want to just relax and color. Think about it when you sit down to color or paint a picture, you don’t jump all over the place. You work on one thing at a time. I have more to say but…

  30. Orenda dice:

    Finally found a game that has all three things I want. First, due to some vision problems, shading areas have options besides gray. (would have liked pink as well as blue) It has plenty of pictures of various levels of difficulty and has the long tap feature. Think I’ll be keeping this one on my tablet for some time.

  31. Best pics I’ve seen, hands down. I absolutely LOVE this coloring app. So many more great pics than any others. 2 cons though…they want a monthly subscription fee, which feels ridiculous to me. And 2, the “classics” category has amazing pictures to color, but mostly, the colors are browns. If they had pretty colors, I’d be so much happier.

  32. This app is advertised to be calming…it’s not. It’s frustrating to have the picture that you’re currently working on suddenly disappear and have an ad pop up instead, also while trying to color a picture, it’s difficult to enlarge to find incomplete areas, oftentimes losing picture completely. I was able to find another coloring app that was much easier to work on

  33. Whats the point in playing this game when you have to constantly watch ads and pay for stuff just to do one art page. I give it 2 stars cuz the art is awesome but i wish i could play it without spending money i dont have. (Update) This game has increased in stars and i love it. Im glad it has changed from the last time i played. 500 stars if possible

  34. *Update* As of now it is working just fine. If it happens again I will provide a screenshot. I love this app, the only reason I’m giving it 2 stars is because everytime I click on a picture it goes to a black screen and freezes. This is a new issue, it was working just fine yesterday. Once this gets fixed I’ll change my rating.

  35. Great concept with beautiful pictures, but my only issue considering I’ve had this app for over a few years, this is one of the few apps ive used where it didn’t take till me wanting to post my colored pictures to see there is not that much inclusivity as far as the women’s skin tones, especially if it looks like it’ll be a poc and it’s not. Kind of disappointing.

  36. Ad Foxes dice:

    This is a really nice game, the ads aren’t too bad and the pictures are really beautiful and I really like it. BUT I’m giving it 3 stars due to the little banner ad at the bottom of the screen (while I’m coloring a picture) starting to play sound! I cannot express how much I hate this!😡 I listen to other things while playing so the banner ad making noise disrupts me when I’m trying to enjoy coloring while listening to stuff. Please Fix This!😫

  37. I have downloaded a bunch of coloring apps, this one I really like a lot because it has a bunch of catagories & there are pictures that are clearly either really easy or really difficult. The difficult ones you don’t have to watch an ad for before doing it, like most coloring apps I’ve been on. There are so many options for pictures for my 8 yr old daughter or me & I’m 38yrs old! Wallpapers, a Wide variety of beautiful images & it doesn’t even take up much storage space on your device either

  38. The full game Tap Color is my favorite coloring app. It doesn’t lag, doesn’t lose your progress and doesn’t make you visit facebook to click on links to get more pictures like many others do. This is a smaller version of it which is nice, but my problem with it is that it gets pictures the full version does not get. I should not have to install both versions to get all of the photos. s it stands I have to play my regular Tap Color, and then go to this to see what photos they did NOT add to the main app. It’s ridiculous.

  39. Great color app. When you have filled in all of one number the game automatically moves you to the next number. There are very few, if any, little bitty tiny spots that you need a magnifying glass to see, which is a game breaker for me. I haven’t found the ads to be any more irritating than most other games. Ads run in between each coloring page. Beautiful pictures, daily pictures, which I enjoy doing and a good variety of subjects.

  40. I don’t normally post reviews, but this app is amazing. I have PTSD and have a difficult time coming down from my panic attacks. Coloring has always helped me, but I can’t always carry around a coloring book, either. This app is truly amazing. There are a variety of pictures and they’re all beautiful when complete. There was also an option to save without watermarks, which I did so I could make a pretty butterfly my wallpaper. Excellent app!!

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