Proton VPN: Private, Secure 2022

Get a fast, safe, private, and secure VPN with no logs and no data limit
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Proton VPN is the world’s ONLY free VPN service that is safe to use and respects your privacy. Proton VPN is created by the CERN scientists behind Proton Mail – the world’s largest encrypted email service. Proton’s VPN offers secure and encrypted internet access with advanced security features and access to blocked websites and streaming platforms.

Used by millions worldwide, Proton’s secure no-logs VPN offers 24/7 private internet access, and does not record your browsing history, display ads, sell your data to third parties, or limit downloads.

FREE VPN features available to ALL users:

1. VPN accelerator – increases Proton VPN’s speeds by up to 400% to give users an express service
2. Unlimited data with no bandwidth or speed restrictions
3. Strictly NO logs
4. Full disk encrypted servers protect your data
5. Bypass geo-restrictions – smart protocol selection automatically overcomes VPN bans and unblocks censored content
6. Perfect forward secrecy – encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted later
7. DNS leak protection – DNS queries are also encrypted to ensure that your browsing activity cannot be exposed through DNS leaks
8. Split tunneling support allows you to select which apps go through the VPN tunnel
9. Always-on VPN/kill switch offers protection against leaks caused by accidental disconnections

PREMIUM features:

1. 1400+ high speed servers across 60+ countries
2. Fast VPN: High speed servers with connections up to 10 Gbps
3. Connect up to 10 devices to VPN at the same time
4. Stream films, sports events, and videos on any streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ etc)
5. Access to blocked or censored content
6. File-sharing and P2P support
7. Adblocker (NetShield) – a DNS filtering feature that protects users from malware, blocks ads, and prevents website trackers from following you across the web
8. Secure Core servers protect against network-based attacks with multi-hop VPN
9. Tor over VPN provides automatic integration with the Tor anonymity network

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Why Proton VPN?

• No personal data required to sign up
• Proton VPN’s Secure Core architecture allows our secure VPN service to defend against network-based attacks
• Unique VPN Accelerator technology increases your VPN speeds by over 400%
• Uses only VPN protocols that are proven to be secure: OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard (no PPTP and L2TP/IPSec).
• Independently audited by SEC Consult with all results published on our website
• Physical data centres accessible only via biometric verification
• Trusted open-source code that can be reviewed for security by anyone
• Data protection using AES-256 and 4096 RSA encryption
• Multi-platform support for use across Android, Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS and more

Join the privacy revolution
Your support is important as it allows us to continue our mission to bring online freedom and the right to privacy to people around the globe. Get our private VPN free today and enjoy fast VPN connections and a secure internet, from anywhere.

Experts’ opinion:

Mozilla: “There are many VPN vendors out there, but not all of them are created equal. Proton VPN offers a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use VPN service and is operated by the makers of ProtonMail, a respected, privacy-oriented email service… As a company they have a track record of fighting for online privacy and they share our dedication to internet safety and security.”

PCMag: “[Proton VPN’s] focus on exacting security at an affordable price tag makes it a compelling choice. Plus, its free version is the best we’ve tested so far.”

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Facebook: /proton
Twitter: @protonvpn
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Instagram: /protonprivacy

Notice for users in China and UAE – Proton VPN may be blocked due to government restrictions outside our control.


- Improves reliability on restricted networks.


40 comentarios en "Proton VPN: Private, Secure 2022"

  1. After using ExressVPN for a couple years, I decided to switch to Proton based on a friend’s advise. It works well on my phone, but is absolute garbage on my laptop. It takes several attempts to connect. I just spent 15 minutes waiting for it to find a connection and it never did. Never had that with Express. I’m glad I tried the free version first. It may be pricey, but I’m going back to Express. I prefer reliable over cost.

  2. Edited: There’s been some awesome improvements along the way…I’ve been able to connect to the servers in most of the regions all right… It comes with Multiple protocols and split tunneling. But the quick connect button fails most often; As in trying to connect to the plus servers even on a free plan. Server refreshment is quit a bit of a hassle as it takes forever to refresh them. I may be asking too much, but I’d be nice if they could add more free servers 🌀🙏

  3. Works very well. I have to turn it off to print to my network printer from my phone and a few apps don’t work with it on. Login won’t come up for Ally Bank app unless I disable it. Might be able to fix problems by changing some settings but then would loose some beneficial features. Update. I was able to use split tunneling to allow the apps that don’t work to bypass the VPN and work normally but that means they are bypassing the security as well.

  4. This is a great feature to have just for having an email account with them. Have yet to get any sort of issue with it and very comforting that they have options to route through privacy rich countries for piece of mind. They offer all sorts of stuff for more technical people and people looking to bypass regional restrictions. Have no complaints at all it is very well built and quality is definitely there.

  5. Lia Gamer dice:

    I have been using it for about a month and its great, never gave me any issues. Has a few free servers then you have the option to pay for more servers, but you can keep using the free servers as long as you want to. It dosent work with Netflix and it would be nice if it did but thats okay, since Netflix is notorious for blocking vpns. 10/10 Recommend 🙂

  6. This is by far the best free VPN I’ve ever used. It’s reliable it can always find a connection somewhere and I’m glad that I don’t have to do the hunting for servers. This app hunts for you and it’s really fast at it and connects with the quickest one or a random one according to what you want. It’s the best VPN I’ve ever seen. And all we have to do as users of this app is click a button one time and it does everything else.

  7. modulus dice:

    The free version of Proton VPN has performed generally flawlessly on my Acer Chromebook Spin 311. It’s a pleasure to use; the interface is well-designed, and choice of connection protocol and server location can be as automatic or as manual as desired. On this machine, with latest versions of ChromeOS and Proton VPN Free installed, the Smart (auto) and WireGuard protocols will sometimes fail to connect. The fix is to restart ChromeOS (via chrome://restart), or select the OpenVPN TCP protocol.

  8. Che Bang dice:

    My internet connection is just fine but this service is definitely not worth a paid subscription. Edit: The VPN doesn’t work at all and the secure setting doesn’t work. I switch it on, it connects then I see that it’s not actually connected through their secure mode. Not to mention how slow the connects are and how they’re always disconnecting. They’re always undergoing maintenance. If I open up a browser right now it will give my location so it’s not working as it should!

  9. Scott Beck dice:

    I’ve had proton email for a few years now but new to this VPN. I’m not sure how it compares to others as I don’t trust those but for the free version this works better than I’d have expected if I weren’t already using the email. Hoping to be able to use it with Fire TV or “Smart devices but haven’t got that far. Great app!

  10. Cheap for the paid option, and works fine with the free option. I’ve seen so far. I use this mostly for protection against DDOS attacks, and blocking ads in mobile games. In the 8 months I’ve used it, I haven’t been “booted” and I haven’t seen an ad in a mobile game while the adblocker is turned on. Their customer support is amazing as well.

  11. Addendum: After this review, the Proton folks got in contact with me after I requested help in my Proton chromebook app. They were quick with responses and helped me fix my issue. Thanks so much… totally worthy of 5 stars!! — 7/27: Works great on my Windows 11 laptop but not so much on my Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. I have to sign out and back in again before it finally starts working again. Pretty annoying.

  12. Al RC dice:

    Long term user, but the past few months, it’s been unusable for anything more than basic internet browsing due to extremely slow speeds. They sent out an email saying it was an issue on their end, but that they had fixed it. It is not fixed. When I play online games, my ping is around 260-320, and sometimes even goes up past that. That is literally unplayable, I have to swap to a different VPN just to play. It also keeps connecting me to Netherlands instead of US unless I specifically choose US

  13. X dice:

    An update that was made some point in the last 72 hours has made it impossible to connect to any of the servers availableand with low traffic. The app design and functionality was perfect and now I can’t even connect to anything. Tested the issue on 2 devices and 3 different internet connections and its all the same. Thank you

  14. Very easy app to use to protect you from prying eyes. All you need to do is to modify a few changes in the settings to how you want to connect and have the app start automatically when you turn on you computer or phone and you are set and projected. The app has split Tunneling, Port forwarding, OpenVPN Network protection, DNS protection, IPv6 protection and many more. You have the option of choosing over 70 Countries and thousands of servers. The app’s face is simple to use as well.

  15. J. dice:

    Will revert to 5 stars when the issue is fixed. I use split tunneling, so I can’t simply block connections without VPN, but I do have always-on VPN enabled. Nonetheless, ProtonVPN disconnects very soon after connecting and makes no attempt to reconnect (& gives no notification). And don’t give me any BS about “no changes on our side” like you’ve been saying to everyone else—this has only happened since the major update that changed the UI. Fix it or I cancel my subscription.

  16. David A dice:

    Generally reliable, but I am occasionally disconnected for unknown reasons. Annoying, but not fatal – so far. Update to developers: based on your initial reply to my review, ‘Always On’ has been enabled since I first installed the app. I am always connected to a Denver CO server. I never get an error message when a disconnect occurs. I don’t know anything about using different protocols.

  17. dale GRUBB dice:

    So far i like the free version connects very quickly and the profile setting is great as of right now i would highly recommend it but only had for a week. One thing i do like if you have to restart your phone you do not lose your connection others i had it was frustrating so as pf right now 5 stars but let me see in a month or so. Thank you

  18. FBZ dice:

    I have been using this VPN for sometime now. One good thing about it is that it is relatively fast and has many servers. The only reason I am not giving it a 5 star but 2 stars is that the wireguard protocol on the desktop never works and the advertised Tor connection does not exist at all. It’s just made up. (Updated review): The Tor connection is said to be at some servers, however I never noticed it while using the app. Maybe it could be placed in a very visible spot on the app.

  19. Dana Booth dice:

    The speed was very good, I ran into two issues, 1) couldn’t download or update apps at google play store, (even after cache and data clearing, reboot) and 2) battery consumption was way too high. Update 6/5 – after last update, can’t connect for more than a couple of minutes at a time before connection goes away. Says its connected, just no traffic

  20. emil k dice:

    Disconnects with no indication on Android. Missed messages and notifications because of this. I’ve seen people have the problem for years now. Reached out to support with no response yet. I really wanted to commit to the Proton suite for email, VPN, calendar, and drive, but this issue is too serious and there’s no telling when they’ll fix it. Edit: The number is 405235. Still no response as of Tuesday.

  21. Tried for a few days in Free mode and after having no trouble (speed reduced only from ~95Mbps to ~90Mbps, no trouble streaming on Disney+ or Amazon, and no noticeable impact on daily use) I bought Proton Unlimited. I’ve had the VPN on continuously the past couple days and haven’t had any problems aside from one: I can’t have Always On VPN and Kill Switch and access my local network devices like Sonos. This sucks and I hope they can fix it. Otherwise it’s a great service and highly recommended!

  22. Lukas dice:

    my biggest gripe about this app(and others like it) is that no matter which settings I use my connection doesn’t migrate away from overloaded servers I have to manually disconnect and reconnect if I notice I’m on a server that’s experiencing 100% load. Other than that I’m happy with it.

  23. I’m starting to be convinced that this app just has problems with the Pixel XL. The previous version would disconnect and stay disconnected, seemingly at random (though only when my phone was not being actively used), and now this version is doing the same thing (and I haven’t even had it installed a full day yet). This app (and its predecessor) are great when they work, I just think they probably don’t work right on my phone. (I should say that the developers did spend a long time troubleshooting with me on the previous version, so the staff are top notch.)

  24. Jon dice:

    I’ve been using the free version for about 3 weeks and have found it to be a clear winner in it’s class. The app is well designed and easy to use by all users of every experience level. The service has been superb — prompt, professional and friendly. The expected overhead in speed has been lower than expected, and with the options to automatically select the protocol for best performance or give control, make it the the right choice! Upgrading to a paid plan gives even more options and speed!

  25. Outstanding , extremely secure VPN with a wide variety of options. And the fact that it’s based in Switzerland makes it secure from any legal attempts from any countries prying eyes. Some complain about dropped Web connections, but while it’s a rare occurance, it’s easily solved by selecting a faster route. A product this good takes a lot of development time, so the paid version is right in offering more options IMO. You get what you pay for.

  26. Excellent VPN. I have been using a couple of different VPNs over the past years, but Proton VPN stands out on multiple levels. Very easy to use and great looking interface, fast and reliable and very well supported! So far I had no troubles at all, and there’s a lot of good info to be found on their web page and from the users. I’m looking forward to the new apps and features currently under development.

  27. Top 5 list! Very easy to use. Works with the PC too. They are constantly updating,& Refining. They definitely take it seriously. There very friendly. Seem to be good people. Behind the company. Has a built in Killswitch. Good and plentiful servers. Solid and easy to use GUI. It’s a single or double hop VPN! Which is a rare and great feature. All skill levels can use. There no log servers. Very good security. I use 100MB connection. Have little to no lag. No bad rep like Nord. Best price!

  28. To those who are having connection issues; CHECK YOUR PROTOCOL SETTINGS! try changing it to Auto, or TCP. I was having the same issues; not connecting, slow connection, dropped connection, etc., Etc. Once I changed mine to TCP, it became lightning fast, no hiccups, no drops. I really only use this VPN to get around my work’s WiFi restrictions and it does so in style. Outside of that, it does just fine. I don’t spam TikTok or other massive data devouring apps, so I never notice speed issues.

  29. Pros: I like this offers privacy, as that is always my free-will choice! I also like that this is free! Con’s: Internet connection is slow and some apps misbehave or have communication errors often. The new update places the “disconnect” button on the main page and makes it very easy to hit unintentionally (instead of placing it behind a tab). I often have failed connect errors popping up that says something like “you have too many devices connected, unable to connect unless you upgrade”.

  30. snox dice:

    I know that, for others on Windows, ProtonVPN works great. And from what I’ve seen, they’re a great company. However, the Android version on Chromebook is incredibly, incredibly slow, to the point of being unusuable. The app said it was running 5 mb outgoing and 2 ingoing, but that wasn’t close to how fast it was actually running. I would have run a speedtest to get some data, but the speedtest page wouldn’t even load after 30 seconds. Hope the devs fix this, because they have a great product.

  31. Nova dice:

    Would be 5 stars but the latest update has broken something in a big way. I’m consistently dropping my connection, but get no indication that it’s dropped. I have always on VPN enabled, so I’ll go several hours before manually re-connecting and suddenly get a bunch of messages that were waiting to be delivered. This has made the app basically unusable for me unfortunately. Hopefully it’s patched soon.

  32. John dice:

    Guys, VPN doesn’t do much good when it’s in error everytime I check my connection. If I leave it be for awhile and check on it later it’s always disconnected with an error forcing me to reconnect. Needs work! Otherwise it’s great and has good throughput on 4 connections. Edit: no screenshot required, the app simply shows “error” under the notification bar having stopped functioning. I’m set for always on VPN this causes missed notifications as it stops in the background. Thanks!

  33. Excellent VPN service. The biggest shortfall I have experienced is this; The connection to the VPN server is reset every couple of hours so monitoring network throughput isn’t really possible. It seems less then useful to have counters shown on the connection information screen if the data isn’t cumulative. Other then that issue I am very pleased with the ease of implementation and simplicity of the functions of this app.

  34. I love this VPN. I’ve been a paid protonmail user for many years as well. Two things should be fixed to make it the best. In windows, the kill switch stops when the app is closed or if you manually disconnect. I would like an option for “always on” kill switch (like nords and iVPN’s). Secondly, sometimes the android app says “error” and in both the app and the icon in the notification bar has an X on it. When the error happens I can only manually connect

  35. This is now my #1 favorite VPN Service provider and after 10 minutes of blazing fast connectivity on a free server I subscribed for the real deal. Worth every penny and plan to switch to visionary when my budget allows. 1. Blazing fast connection speeds, Professional and clean GUI . No bloatware or extra junk. 2. Works great for mobile/desktop/tablet 3. I recommend using ProtonMail as well fantastic service!

  36. This is an update: many years ago in my galaxy far, far away…. I used this app both on the phone and PC. I was so disappointed with the speed and decided to abandon it. Today I used this app to try it out again. Wow! I’m still in shock… With 6 open apps (Amazon Kindle Fire HDX) I opened a news tab on Chrome and went to trivia at the bottom of the page. I had to be careful not to touch any of the other buttons, because if you blinked you missed it. I’m putting it on my phone now. Awesome!

  37. I thought when I first downloaded it, I would have a vpn that costed money and was super bad, but neither of thoughs things happened. When you first try the app you have to make an account so they can ensure you are safe, and then, they give you a week to try full access without a free trial scam that makes you forget to cancel. The best part is, most of the time it made my phone’s cell survice faster. It is not gauranteed this will happen but it happened to me. This is the best vpn you can get.

  38. Was given a 7 day trial of the Pro version upon making an account and logging in. Speeds were terrible. Flatlined at 0.00 Mbps for at least 80% of the time that I was using it. When it does work, it chugs on large text pages, extremely slow to load photos, impossible to stream. But most of the time, websites will be stick on “about.blank” because you can’t even begin to load the page. If this was the Pro version I can’t even imagine what the free version is like.

  39. Rus dice:

    Free servers are almost always on 90%~ which lead to relatively long loading times. Though given that this is the only free option I know of, it’s not anything to complain about. It gets the job done well enough for its price (which is free). There is a paid option with much lower usage %, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t put an opinion on that.

  40. *Updated to 5 stars because time and continual updates has improved stability greatly. Thank you for the constant improvements.* (Original 3 star review)Good look and feel, but SO OFTEN my connection stops working without any indication – can be fixed by manually restarting my connection. Happens more than a dozen times a day, easy. Doesn’t matter what servers I connect to, is inevitable. Keep at it guys

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