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A trusted email app that uses end-to-end encryption and offers advanced security
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Keep your conversations private. Proton Mail is encrypted email from Switzerland. Used by millions worldwide, our all-new email app protects your communications and has everything you need to easily manage your inbox.

The Wall Street Journal says:
“Proton Mail offers encrypted email, which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to read it except the sender and the recipient.”

With the all-new Proton Mail app, you can:
• Create a or email address
• Send and receive encrypted emails and attachments with ease
• Switch between multiple Proton Mail accounts
• Keep your inbox tidy and clean with folders, labels and simple swipe-gestures
• Receive new email notifications
• Send Password-protected Emails to anyone
• Enjoy your inbox in dark mode

Why use Proton Mail?
• Proton Mail is free — We believe everyone deserves privacy. Upgrade to a paid plan to get more done and support our mission.
• Easy to use — Our all-new app has been redesigned to make it easier to read, organize, and write your emails.
• Your inbox is yours — We don’t spy on your communications to show you targeted ads. Your inbox, your rules.
• Rigorous encryption — Your inbox is secured on all your devices. No one can read your emails but you. Proton is privacy, guaranteed by end-to-end and zero-access encryption.
• Unmatched protection — We offer strong phishing, spam, and spying/tracking protection.

Industry Leading Security Features
Messages are stored on Proton Mail servers using end-to-end encryption at all times and are transmitted securely between Proton servers and user devices. This largely eliminates the risk of message interception.

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Zero Access to Your Email Content
Proton Mail’s zero access architecture means that your data is encrypted in a way that makes it inaccessible to us. Data is encrypted on the client side using an encryption key that Proton does not have access to. This means we don’t have the technical ability to decrypt your messages.

Open-Source Cryptography
Proton Mail’s open-source software has been thoroughly vetted by security experts from around the world to ensure the highest levels of protection. Proton Mail only uses secure implementations of AES, RSA, along with OpenPGP, while all of the cryptographic libraries used are open source. By using open-source libraries, Proton Mail can guarantee that the encryption algorithms used do not have clandestinely built-in back doors.

Proton Mail in the press:

“Proton Mail is an email system which uses end-to-end encryption, making it impossible for outside parties to monitor.” Forbes

“A new email service being developed by a group from MIT that met at CERN promises to bring secure, encrypted email to the masses and keep sensitive information away from prying eyes.” Huffington Post

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Facebook: /proton
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Reddit: /protonmail
Instagram: /protonprivacy

For more information, visit:
Our open-source code base:


* Fixed a rare crash when replying to certain emails from a custom domain.
* Fixed a rare issue where the "show remote content" button would sometimes be invisible.


40 comentarios en "Proton Mail: Encrypted Email MODDED 2022"

  1. Similar to many other users – the new app is rife with issues. Emails won’t load, won’t send, won’t send notifications etc. And then sometimes it will. I have been a long time paid customer and want to continue to support this great company. However, the new issues have been going on for long enough that it’s becoming very frustrating to the point of wanting to cancel the service.

  2. Something went very wrong with the latest Android update and the app crashes when launched. It’s totally unusable and I’m glad Proton isn’t my main email address. I can’t even get it to stay launched for more than half a second to clear the cache, etc. I’ll try uninstalling it. LATER: Uninstalling the app and reinstalling it seems to have fixed the problem.

  3. Too bad people are having trouble. I have been using ProtonMail on both the computer and phone (app) for over a year and never had issues. I think it’s a great product and company and am surprised to find their rating to be so low on this app. I like it enough that I pay to use their services even though I’m way below the free usage limit. I hope things work out for folks having problems – it really has been a great experience for me.

  4. Good service but ever since the app’s layout was changed it has been performing very slow on my phone. Not sure if the problem’s on my end but it used to be much smoother. Edit 9/19/22: Changed my rating to 2 stars because ever since the update I am also not receiving any notifications on Android. I made sure I have notifications enabled for the app, but when I signed in the other day I had a week’s worth of emails I missed. Frustrating, unreliable. Makes me contemplate going back to Gmail.

  5. John Ingle dice:

    The service and mobil app have been mainstays for a few years as I broke away from the horrendous Google eco system. The last few months the mobile app has become unusable. Unable to retrieve emails, constant updating and then nothing. I have tried deleting the cache, uninstalling the app, turning off alternative routing did nothing. At this point I can’t recommend the mobile app until they are able to resolve these issues.

  6. Samantha dice:

    This new update is terrible. I get notifications saying a new email has arrived, but tapping to open said email routes me to a perpetually loading page that never actually loads. Then, when I back out of the email to the main page/inbox, it states “updating” and finally fails to refresh the inbox and show the new email that came in. I wish I could roll back to the older UI that worked better, even if it wasn’t as pretty as this current release.

  7. OK, but tapping the ellipsis menu in LANDSCAPE mode on my Tab S4 brings up only the top of the menu. It must then be dragged up to select (for example) Move To. The menu then collapses and has to be dragged up again to see the various folders. The ones to which I most often move messages are at the top of the list, but not even these show w/o the extra drag step. Prior versions did not require these extra steps. OTOH, you can now show UNREAD messages in the app, a postive change.

  8. I bumped it up from 1 star to 4 stars. Even though the gui is not great looking, proton still has the best encrpted email service in my opinion. I wish they’d add back the undo delete option and more color theme options. But overall it’s a great service I’ve been using for years, since the beginning actually and love the options it does provide. I’ll be looking forward to more updates making it even better. 🙂

  9. I have been using for a few months now and so far I enjoy it. It’s gradually helping me break my reliance on the Google ecosystem. I personally like the new UI, it’s sleak. A few minor hiccups here and there, the only issue I have is sometimes the fingerprint doesn’t work immediately when I open an email from notifications. But that easily could just be my device too, and honestly it’s a minor issue at best, it doesn’t take from the overall experience for me.

  10. Lots of intermittent problems. Problems sending, problems automatically saving drafts, unable to retrieve messages. All connection related. Tech support is useless, they make like its your fault, respond with a long laundry list of things for you to work through, do nothing on their end, and the problems come back again and again. I’m looking to switch.

  11. I love protonmail itself. But the app is absolutely horrendous. For the past 3-4 months it refuses to load any and all emails I’ve received. And when it does load them, it takes forever. They claim the updates fix it, but they don’t. 99% of the time I get errors just trying to check my email. Would never even consider recommending this app because it’s terrible.

  12. Lara dice:

    I really liked the old app. The new one is very frustrating. Every week it seems like there’s a new problem with it. The latest issue is for the last few days about a quarter of the emails I’m sending are going through to the recipient with all the text erased from them. They also show up in my “sent” folder with all the text that I typed missing. This is a great company and I want to support them but I’m finding the app almost unusable now.

  13. I love Proton’s services and a few weeks ago I’d have given this app 5 stars, but now one extremely major problem with the app needs to be fixed: Every few days, I’ll tap on an email notification and when it brings me to my inbox, it’s gets stuck infinitely loading with the spinning circle ever-present. Killing the app, clearing its cache/data doesn’t fix it. The only fix is to uninstall & reinstall it. It only started recently. If it helps, I’m using the Galaxy Z Flip 3 with Android version 12

  14. Heather dice:

    UPDATE: Reinstalled app and changed the setting as suggested. Faster to load email now. Faster to send messages & show them in sent. Not ending up with blank or partial messages in the drafts folder. Deleting messages from inside/on the message is still a problem: at times the view swaps between showing the message, then I delete the message, it disappears, then later that message reappears in my inbox as if I never deleted it. I might try the beta version.

  15. Rob dice:

    Ever since the last big update the app is no longer functional. Notifications work, but no emails are viewable and just load for eternity with no end result. Edit: The fix from the developers suggestion seems to have solved the issue for the most part. Just loads slower than it used to but functions correctly.

  16. Why is the app…this unresponsive? If you mark messages as read, it will take hours before that is updated in the app. Same with literally any action that interacts with the server. There’s hardly any synchronism between the app and the servers. This is extremely frustrating and, by far, the worst app from Proton’s fleet.

  17. Would be 5 stars, but everytime I open the app, it gets stuck on an infinite “loading” cycle and never manages to load my inbox. Either the app keeps trying to load, or I get an error message about retrieving my inbox. Proton Mail has some amazing features and great encryption, but I cannot recommend their mobile app as it doesn’t work.

  18. [UPDATE: Things have gotten a little better. Can’t download attachments today. Nothing in settings. Dread reporting a bug because of my experience with support.] You would die of boredom if I explained the entire cheese grater to forehead experience I’ve had with support the last couple of months. Until this last update, my experience was five stars all the way. Not sure if they were purchased and are slowly sinking into oblivion or what. Hopefully, they can get their act together.

  19. After the update the UI is less pleasing. The app also doesnt work. It faila to load emails, deleting emails doeant work and opening the app from notifications doesnt work. Super disappointing and loss of customer trust. —- Love the product. Appreciate the updates. The app seems smoother and crispier!

  20. I’ve used protonmail for almost 2 years. The app used to work fine. For the last few months, each update to the app introduces new bugs. Reporting these bugs results in a protonmail employee asking endless questions but *clearly ignoring* what you carefully explain to them. I’ve developed software for 37 years and I know their endless questions are about procrastination, not solutions.

  21. m davis dice:

    With each new release, Proton get closer to perfection. Edit: Proton offer the perfect suite of services. As a user since shortly after their inception, it’s so great to see how far they’ve come! They listen to & actually bring to life what users want & are incredibly transparent in their work. It’s not just a company offering a service. It’s a community built on trust & safety & that shows. 100% recommended.

  22. I’ve had this for years & overall been happy with it, but the encryption isn’t explained that well. I’m not a techy person; when I signed up years ago there was no explanation for what encrypted email meant. It turns out it means if you lose your password you are screwed. There are recovery options but they have to have been set up in advance & they are complicated. I think that setting up the recovery options should be required on signup & the explanation could be clearer for us non-techy folks

  23. Sep 2022- app crashes. Cant even get my mail… Great. it’s strange that apparently everyone who took the Proton survey a month ago wanted a bright white color scheme… Which doesnt really do it for me and I dont care for dark mode. The old version (Legacy) looked better. Since this new update the app frequently says I’m offline, then the notice disappears, which is annoying. New icons for Proton apps have similar appearance but the VPN and Mail dont really signify their purpose enough for me.

  24. Used to be such a great service but the update neutered the app and my ability to reliably use this email address, which I have used for work and school. Now I am lucky to get updates on time, to get the list to populate within 5 minutes, and to even send an email out. It can’t save drafts, it can’t operate without constantly clearing the cashe, and the tachnical advice from the team is equally useless, as even doing what they say doesn’t help at all. We need a fix, not used bandaids.

  25. Used to be simple and reliable, still simple, but now extremely unreliable. Frequently fails to retrieve messages for no reason, often claims that the network is inaccessible when other apps are fine. Proton, give me back my awesome Proton mail! I turned off “alternative routing” and that seems to help. Hopefully a fix?

  26. C O dice:

    Frustrated with Protonmail Android email app, that’s why I’m giving a 3star rate, app wouldn’t even open. I can only access my email in a browser. It frustrate me as a paid subscriber that I can’t access my Protonmails in my Samsung phone on the spot. I don’t know what’s going on lately, but there is a lot going on with the Protonmail app after they changed the logo.

  27. Noooooo, you had to go and change the UI around. The controls were moved from the top to the bottom (why!?) And there is no more temporary “undo” option after deleting a message. Additionally, now there is no way to see the complete subject line if it is long and truncated. Sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone; don’t change for the sake of changing.

  28. Laura dice:

    I went for premium and am regretting it. Emails sent through the app are cut off. Recipients forward messages which show the last couple of lines of text missing. When selecting send for a message, there is a noticeable 7 second delay before the app says ‘sending message’. Support suggested uninstalling/reinstalling the app. I’ll try that but if the issue persists, I’m going to cancel the renewal and switch to another email client.

  29. I love Proton Mail. I’ve been using the service for years and couldn’t be happier with the service itself. My only complaint is this app on my galaxy tab s7 specifically. Every so often it fails to open and I end up needing to Uninstaller and reinstall it for it to work. Works fine on my phone. If they fix that issue then it’s easily a five star for me

  30. Last two versions of app fail to load mail because of connectivity issues regardless of network or connection. UPDATE: developer’s response below (disabling alternate routing) did the trick for me. Perhaps the wording on the toggle should be modified if it’s prone to causing issues when not restricted? Anyway, app’s back to being great, thanks y’all!

  31. Proton mail service is fantastic, I’ve been using it for years, but the recent update to the app is severely broken. For the last two months it’s basically been unusable for me. It fails to update my incoming messages even though I get notifications for new messages. I’ve even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app with no success. Please fix the app so I can get back to using your service!!

  32. Sadly the redesign has have made this worse. Features that used to be free like unlimited tags & folders are now premium. Now we’re limited to THREE which is absolutely crippling! That makes it impossible to recommend to new users who expect that basic level of functionally. Additionally it does the modern thing where the menus are huge so you have to scroll for things that used to just be on screen. Just disappointing for those of us who were accustomed to better from Proton.

  33. John B dice:

    Update: raised to two stars after wiping and reinstalling. It works now but it’s a major step back. I long for the old app. . Original review: I’m a paid user. New UI version won’t even get to the main screen, it just starts to launch then disappear crashes with no message. I absolutely loved the last version. I also dislike the new M logo branding because it looks like an indistinct generic knock-off.

  34. Litost dice:

    Ugh, my app just updated to the new UI. I don’t like it, can we please have a legacy/classic option? What was wrong with the old logo? I like that one. The new logo and new UI feel generic and like you’re trying to be like Google. Please stop, I like protonmail because it’s the ANTITHESIS of Google, not a design clone. EDIT: I still feel that moving emails into a folder while in the email itself is more cumbersome than it was before. But I’ll bump up to 3 stars since it is there I guess.

  35. Tyler dice:

    Reinstall the app if you’re still not getting emails. My app was still having issues getting emails, I tried clearing cache, force stop and started the app, but no luck even after the update email talking about the issues with the servers. So I decided to Uninstall and reinstall the app and it seems to be working again. Just putting this out there for those who might still be having issues.

  36. I have used Proton for 2 years with no issues. No more sadly. I have had various problems lately and it’s not improving at all. Most recently, when updating my email and deleting emails, the same emails keep reappearing in my email over and over even though I keep deleting the messages!! Frustrating! Their help desk is not very helpful either. 🙁

  37. The web app works well on Brave browser and I have had no problem accessing the content through there. I also enjoy the encryption and security that proton provides. But the mobile app is absolutely abysmal. It only works ⅕ of the time. It constantly has issues connecting or loading email content, server time out and failure to load new emails in my inbox (even though I get a notification saying one was received).

  38. Protonmail is back up again and working! I can wholeheartedly understand technical issues, and I’m just glad the service is working again! Never had a single problem with Protonmail except this server issue! I was unable to access my mail for over a week, luckily I still got push notifications so I could read the title of the emails on my phone, and go to PC if I had time. I’m glad that it was just technical difficulties with the servers and not a problem with the app or a breach lockdown!

  39. M J dice:

    Okay I take it back, it’s really not that bad. I’ve seen much worse overhauls. I like some of the new implementations. My only feedback would be that there’s no way to discard a started email now, it just goes into a draft folder which is ridiculous. A lot of times people just change their minds and want to scrap the email. Undo delete is also vital. Please return the very traditional and crucial pieces of functionality. Thank you for all the hard work!

  40. meia dice:

    I’ve been using this app for over two years now and pay for the premium subscription. I love the new layout renovation of the app but ever since it happened it’s been super buggy. I haven’t been able to access my recent emails in 3 days, despite getting them on my notification bar. I’ve used both wifi and data in different areas and my inbox still loads for 1-2 minutes before saying that it can’t retrieve any new messages.

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