We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy MOD 2022


Domination and fear until doomsday! Join our secret society to become a dictator
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What do pop idols, freemasonry enthusiasts, world leaders and scaly-skinned aliens have in common besides money, power and cleverly disguised spaceships?

They are all Illuminati!

Join their ranks and influence as many people as you can through any means necessary! Mind control, Iluminati fake news, hidden messages in music videos, weird chemicals on water supplies: there’s a surprisingly wide array of paths for world domination in this Iluminatti simulator clicker.

Just pick your favorite simulator clicker conspiracy!


-PRACTICE the world-dominating idle game skills you know you always wanted to practice by influencing people and turning them into happily subservient idle clicker lambs!

-OCCUPY the minds of human lambs all over this occult game globe in a simulator clicker by clicking your master plan into motion and idly waiting for the results, like a true tycoon game secret society chairman in an idle simulator.

-WORK hard to dominate everything and everyone! Why stop at deep occult game web-level influence when you can go mainstream in a simulator clicker idle game?

-EAVESDROP on secret masonic game and occult game idle simulator conversations by placing wires on the offices of powerful world leaders and use fake news and virus game tactics to manipulate their shady plans to suit your shady simulation game plans!

-RELISH beholding everything your Iluminati occult game influence can get you as you bring about your own new simulator clicker and freemasonry world order!

Prove simulator masonic game and clicker conspiracy theorists right and give them lots more idle clicker schemes to theorize about! Dare to dive into the idle simulator mysteries of an idle clicker virus game that will challenge everything you once assumed about alien games secret societies in a tycoon game! Find out how to join the Iluminati secret society in the most fun way possible!

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Harness all the power of masonic game mysteries in a freemasonry scheme to rival the crazies conspiracies of history! No other masonic game or UFO games will ever let you let your world domination plans come true like this one! Don’t let anything plague your judgment: join this secret society now!

Make idle clicker simulation game deals with the idle game reptilian aliens that control world affairs from the shadows, recruit UFO games pop idols and Hollywood stars through your not-in-the-least suspicious alien games plague cult and slowly climb your way to secret society Illuminati big boss status in this idle clicker freemasonry tycoon game!

Use your UFO games idle clicker and alien games espionage skills to infiltrate the ranks of the world’s most secretive secret society virus game and idle game group and work your way up in this tycoon game and simulation game. It’s so good, it’ll spread like the plague once you discover how to join the Illuminatti!

Spread some plague virus game and idle game fake news, put on your tin foil UFO games hat just in case and discover how to join the Illuminati now in this mysterious simulation game!

P.S.: there’s absolutely no hidden Illuminatti alien games idle clicker messages in this idle game text, stop looking for secret society simulation game mysteries!

Please note! This simulator clicker game is free to play, but it contains idle game items that can be purchased for real money. Some idle simulator features and extras mentioned in the description of this simulation game and tycoon game may also have to be purchased for real money.


We have got some big news!
You can now try to DOMINATE THE INTERNET in a new event with brand new conspiracies, objectives and rewards!

You can start playing the internet domination event just after doing your first brainwash-reset during the tutorial.

Thank you for playing!


40 comentarios en "We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy MOD 2022"

  1. It’s a pretty good game, I like the theme.🙌👁 haha My only complaint is the ads that pop randomly clicking around the game. The ones that are set to give bonuses are fine, but I’m NOT watching an ad just because I clicked back. I’m constantly having to exit out of the game and go back to it, to the point where it makes the game nearly unplayable.

  2. Maya Zoey dice:

    Amazing game! Only reason it’s not perfect is because of a common bug, after buying a new “floor”, the game will put a sort of spotlight on the lower left corner and won’t let me click anything else. All it takes to fix it is to restart the app so it’s no big deal, just sometimes it can be annoying. Please fix this issue, and great job on this wonderful game! 🙂

  3. This game can be finished within a few weeks. When you’re switching on what levels you want to buy it by, it’ll make a loud sound which is kind of annoying. When you get near the end of the game, some things bug out. The numbers get really small on showing how much you get per second, and when you reset, you dont lose everything, you have to restart the app though in order to use it.

  4. Fun game but I have some issues. First is some of the sounds are very loud and hurt my ears especially with headphones. Second is no Google cloud backup which means I will lose any progress if I switch phones or have to reinstall. Third is ads that auto play randomly. If I want a bonus I’ll watch an ad and that’s fine. Don’t make me watch ads every 30 secs I’ll just turn off mobile data and you won’t get anything. Please consider fixing these issues.

  5. The game starts out with a great premise and is pretty fun. If I had rated sooner it would be higher. Toward the end your money or (influence) just turns into a lot. You have no idea how much you have or how much things cost. Also the shameless ads when you are clicking a menu item is a bit over the top and terribly annoying. Ads for counter time makes sense but just to get managers. Its a bit much. Will be uninstslling soon.

  6. My only complaint is that so far, the 4 times I’ve accepted the “phone call” to watch an ad video to “time Warp” for either 2 or 4 hours, absolutely nothing happens. It doesn’t change anything at all, so I’m basically watching commercials for nothing. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if the game developers just think that people won’t notice, but it’s ABSOLUTELY the reason I dropped the rating by 2 stars.

  7. great game. but I timed it, and there is a 30-45 second ad that you cant “X” out of every minute and a half. I would literally close the app and restart it so i could go back to playing quicker than if I watched the ad. After my 20th time doing this within such a short span, i had to uninstall. not to mention the incessant pop-ups to buy this or that or watch an ad for this or that. great design and gameplay but became annoying & unplayable pretty quick.

  8. Far far too many ads for an idle game. If you are going to have multipliers for watching ads, fine. If you are going to ask if I want to watch an ad to multiply my idle time, fine. If you are going to offer various incentives for ads, fine. All that plus forced ads is not okay. Frequently I will watch an ad to get a multiplier only to click a part of the screen and get forced into another ad. That’s ridiculous.

  9. Farowla dice:

    I really enjoy the game, but it does need some fine tuning and bug fixes. I feel like progression might actually be a bit fast. the non-optional ads click themselves constantly despite zero input. Also for the love of my remaining hearing, fix the bug that makes the music reset to ‘on’ every time I open the app. Other than these things I like the game and love the theme!

  10. Its pretty fun and all but after awhile it gets pretty boring and repetitive. It would help if opening new sections of the interface would give you new tasks for your managers to complete so that every page doesnt look the same. Besides a different header, every page you can unlock is really boring and repetitive with no variety once you get past the first page. Besides giving slightly more money, the new pages really do nothing to add more to the experience of the game.

  11. TL;DR: Boring, full of ads, and a huge waste of time. Even for an idle game! The animations are so slow, if you tap too fast you can soft lock the game so you have to manually restart the app. The different “tiers” of things to buy are just copied and pasted, no variation at all. Everytime you open a menu theres about a 50% chance you get a 15-second ad. There are some cool features, like the clones and the wiretaps, but they aren’t really fleshed out and I beat the game without using them.

  12. It’s an OK game. Pretty much the same as adventure capitalist. The game has options to watch adds to gain perks which I understand and is nice. However often when clocking on a different section it auto moves to total full-screen adds which can get very frustrating as they aren’t as easy to get out of. In terms of gameplay it doesn’t always accrue money when you are off the app, or it seems to reach a cap off how much it can accrue. Last, I wish there was an option to change the sizing. The sections of government are enormous. On a phone/ small screen the size is good, bury on a tablet it’s just too large and didn’t always scroll very well.

  13. Ok decent game with a good concept, but a few issues. 1. I beat this game in 2 days, please add more challenges to make it longer. 2. A lot of errors such as; getting negative numbers, getting too high too quickly causes lag and both sound buttons turn back on after you turn them off when you restart the app. 3. The highest number is 10^153 and that last number is the words “A lot”. 4. The shop is not well designed or priced well. Please consider fixing these issues. -Thank you

  14. For some reason, it displayed in the wrong aspect ratio. I’m not sure if that’s a problem with my phine or just the game not being updated. The game itself is alright, but it’s pretty uniform with other idle tycoon clicker games. That’s not a problem with the game per se, as the whole genre is basically the same game again and again, but it’s still kind of boring. I played for a little while, but dropped it pretty early on. It’s just… y’know. Meh.

  15. The game is pretty unimaginative and repetitious. Other idle production games do the same thing much better. I paid to get rid of ads, thinking that I could get most of the bonuses without ads, but ads are still very ubiquitous throughout the game and don’t seem to be removed by the purchase. Devs need to add flavor to the game and honor the purchases of their players.

  16. I hope you love ads. After you reach a certain point in the game you will need to watch ads all the time or pay for them to be disabled. I mean come on, watching ads for increased income is one thing but having to watch ads everytime you hit one of the essential buttons of the game at the bottom of the screen is just ridiculous. Beyond that it is rather uninspired. It is exactly like every other money clicker you have ever played.

  17. Alright buckle up kiddos this is going to be the most honest review for this game. 1) To many ads- if you can’t afford to pay the 1.99$ to get rid of the random ads dont play this. Every time you click a upgrade window you have a 10% chance to get an ad. Which once you have progressed far enough you’re doing this a lot. 2) There is a bug that if you are buying things to quickly you get a pop up that says not enough credits for purchase this has broken my game and I can’t see the upgrade buttons

  18. Okay, my review changed. The game is still good, but every time I open the app, the progress I made in the other areas besides the Deep Web gets reset to either 10, or the resource was never bought. If this persists after I reset willingly, I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to clear my phone of a game that won’t even let me progress. And all the random ads that pop up other than the ones I willingly watch for rewards is annoying. Should say that too.

  19. This game is oddly addictive. However, I wouldn’t feel compelled to play. Entertaining is an understatement. I really enjoy the humor in the game. Luckily it is easy to advance without paying. Love the cartoony graphics. Uniform level system. My opinion is that it’s a winner. I would install on my phone if I were you. No glitches. Addition of clones is cool. Time advancement thru ads should be more frequent. I give five stars. Are real. First letter of each sentence is the message here.

  20. I get that apps need to use ads to make money, and I have no issues either watching ads for bonuses, or the occasional ad beyond that. However, springing multiple, unskippable ads, seemingly at random and with no regard to the fact that one just got done playing, is beyond frustrating. I just want to check my brain wash bonus or buy a manager, not be punished with ads for trying to play your game. Uninstalled after I finally got fed up with that nonsense. Game could have been fun otherwise.

  21. Got a chuckle with this clicker, but still 3 stars since buggy and needs a conclusion when everything is unlocked. I thought I was loosing clones early on until I realized some go to later levels, but the ads for buffs/diamonds didn’t work for me. It looks like app restarts after a video ad, so thinking it looses track that I viewed it. Conclusion, ad and ending and fix the ad goodies mechanic.

  22. The game is fun. I paid the “remove ads” fee, but you still have to watch ads for all the bonuses. That’s a big departure from other games. Usually “remove ads” removes all ads. Also, there’s a bug with the ads, if you turn off in game music and watch an ad, in game music is turned back on after the ad, even though the toggle is still set to “off”. The game is very short. I beat it (all upgrades bought, all things 5 starred) in about 5 hours. I only bought the welcome pack.

  23. Starts out as a fairly typical idle clicker. Has optional ads at first. Once you spend some time in the game, it starts popping up mandatory ads to the point that there is way more ad than game. Adwall = uninstall. Their greed is funny, because they were getting lots of views out of me at first with the optional ads,. After their bait-and-switch, they get zero.

  24. this app is a great example of how to ruin a good thing. In a game that depends on quick rapid tapping, i do NOT want random pop up ads in my face, or to accidentally clicked something that wasnt there when I started tapping. Just introduce ad related power ups. the game is addictive but the ads break the spell and honestly make it harder to enjoy.

  25. It’s okay, but the developers need to work on formatting the game to fit phones. A lot of the side buttons where you can watch videos for rewards stick too far out into the screen, so you can accidentally hit them. Plus, there isn’t much progressions to do anything with, and a lot of my game language was shown in Portuguese.

  26. cool beans, liked it at first but the ads are too excessive. 20 to 30% of gameplay consists of watching full 30 second, some for a full minute, advertisements (usually its of a stupid game). I understand I have the free version, and can pay to take them off. It’s just that out of every app/game I’ve ever played, this has the most ads out of all of them. I would suggest you allow for some of them to go on for 5 seconds or something, rather than 30 second minimum.

  27. great time waster. its a little too grindy for my liking at times but its very easy to put down and come back to later if you dont feel like throwing a couple bucks at the devs. although im currently running into an issue of being unable to watch ads to get boosters in-game, i dont know if this is a bug or if i havent progressed far enough to warrant acquiring boosters but having the yes button greyed out instead of just not giving me the option is a little frustrating

  28. Phenomenal graphics! Gameplay is simple and autonomous, which is great because it really comes in handy when you’re not playing. My reason for the three (3) star rating is that there’s the option to link up with Facebook…yet, I cannot. I don’t want to risk uninstalling and downloading again due to the fact that I’m in Phase 2 and not willing to use the Hypnotizing Bomb. Womp womp.

  29. This game, while a good pass time, needs to be reviewed by the developer. It is definitely not a completionist’s game. The numbers do not stop at 5 gold stars and continue into infinity. This could cause issues as theoretically someone could go on into numbers that haven’t yet been named. Thank you for reading.

  30. Game breaks pretty quickly. After just two days of an idle clicker not only have I reached the end of the game, once you do the numbers get so high it breaks the game. I can’t keep going even if I wanted to as the game cannot process how many people you have control off so it just acts as if you have 0. I like the asstetics of the game so, hopefully they expand it and fix the end game and it will be a fun little clicker.

  31. So far So good (Rio). Has ads but is really creative and respectful about it, the bonuses you receive last for four hours on top of each other. So if you wanted to have a days worth of bonuses you’d watch four ads back to back. Gameplay reminds me of a illuminati version of the Capitalist game which is not a bad this if you like that type of game. Overall very smooth well made game so far.

  32. Overall the experience was great, it is a very high reward for minimal effort game, however the number system maxes out, all my values have just been replaced by “a lot” (after DITG) maybe adding an option to go to annotated numer ie 1.5E10 would extend the game play. And adding more items to buy that scale with the amount of lackeys you end up with. Happy to provide s reenshots and give more detail about things that could improve with the game. But overall FANTASTIC game 👌

  33. Kostas D dice:

    It was fun at first and got a few good laughs, but it gets very repetitive and boring after a while. Each subsequent method of domination contains the exact same things to dominate(celebrities, companies etc.). The adds are everywhere and they are completely mandatory if you want to progress in any meaningful way, but even then you spend the majority of your time watching adds. LOTS of adds.

  34. The idea has been done before but here it’s done in a cute manner. It’s basically a cookie clicker and you advance quickly. Sounds cool. Art is nice. I played less than. Five minutes because I got no less than 4 forced unskippable adds. They shove them down your throat so fast. Just an add game.

  35. I spent hours on this game so i can say it’s very entertaining, but It does have some issues. For example the sound glitches and doesn’t play after an ad. That’s also another fixer-upper since there’s a lot of ads, but it’s easy to just turn off the WiFi and play offline without them. But as I said it is an entertaining game, it reminds me of cookie clicker – a game of my childhood that I love so I do recommend ❤️

  36. This app is great! I enjoyed it so much! But one small issue, after I watched an advertisement for rewards or bonuses the app completely frozed and I have to exit the app and turned it back on again it happened the same thing when a random advertisement shows up too. And I have to turn wifi off or else the app becomes very laggy and glitchy.

  37. I like the game, but it bugs after i unlock the Start wars for profit…. Nailitper shows up saying that is time to do new things and unlock me the cloning lab, after he finishs talking a sort of spotlight shows up at the lower left corner and doesn’t let me click anything, i need to close the game and open it again but then the cloning lab button isn’t there anymore

  38. Straight up broken game XD I figured out how to use the glitch to my advantage because why not, now my progress doesn’t get reset, and I finished the game. It’s kinda boring, noise is too loud so I shut it off, ads are happening way to often, Yada Yada. Basically this game is kinda uncreative, fun at first, but boring and broken fast.

  39. This game is fun to kill time. The brainwash option does give alot in regards to profit. Altho the only thing i can knit pick is that when you unlock a new section like dictatorship, all the art is the same. No new ways to gain control. I was hoping for some new art and options but got the same ones. It makes unlocking new ones kind of dull. Otherwise this game is really fun to button mash! 4 out of 5 🌟

  40. Illuminati 👁️ (Edit:, I’ve encountered a glitch with the numbers and I can’t earn anymore ppl in the game because of the glitch (it has a very long string of numbers and it says that I don’t have any (I was clicking the upgrade a bit fast but I’ve closed and opened the game trying to fix it (I updated it after the problem and it’s still acting up)

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