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A minimalist productivity launcher. One hand-friendly. Zero ads.
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The traditional home screen we know was made more than a decade ago, where phone screens were smaller than your credit card. Smartphones keep growing, but not your fingers. The minimalist Niagara Launcher makes everything accessible with one hand and lets you focus on what matters.

🏆 A standout new Android launcher for ergonomic efficiency · Computerworld

🏆 Among the best launchers of 2020 according to Tom’s Guide, Android Central, Android Authority, and TechRadar

🏆 Featured on XDA Developers

▌ Top reasons to use Niagara Launcher:

✋ Ergonomic efficiency · Access everything with one hand – no matter how big your phone is.

🌊 Adaptive list · In contrast to a rigid grid layout used by other Android launchers, Niagara Launcher’s list can adapt to your needs. The media player, incoming messages, or calendar events: everything pops in when it needs to.

🏄‍♀ Wave alphabet · Efficiently reach every app without even having to open an app drawer. The launcher’s wave animation does not only feel satisfying but also helps you navigate your phone with just one hand.

💬 Embedded notifications · Not just notification dots: Read and respond to notifications right from your home screen.

🎯 Stay focused · The streamlined and minimalist design declutters your home screen, reduces distractions, and is super easy to use.

⛔ Ad-free · Ads on a minimalist launcher to declutter doesn’t make sense. Even the free version is also completely ad-free.

⚡ Lightweight & lightning fast · Being minimalist and fluid are two of the most important aspects of Niagara Launcher. The home screen app runs smoothly on all phones. With just a few megabytes in size, no space is wasted.

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✨ Declutter your home screen · Hide all pre-installed bloatware and rarely used apps to focus on your relevant apps.

🦄 Personalize your home screen · Impress your friends with Niagara Launcher’s clean look and customize it to your needs. Personalize it with our integrated icon pack, fonts, and wallpapers, or use your own.

🏃 Active development & great community · Niagara Launcher is in active development and has a very supportive community. If you ever have a problem or want to voice your opinions about the launcher, please join us:

🔹 Twitter:

🔹 Discord:

🔹 Telegram:

🔹 Reddit:

🔹 Press kit:

📴 Why we offer an accessibility service · Our accessibility service has the sole purpose of letting you quickly turn off your phone’s screen with a gesture. The service is optional, disabled by default, and neither collects nor shares any data.


🖼️ The Iconic Update
Introducing Icon Assistant to make icon-theming hassle-free.
Learn more:

Our latest update also improves the overall stability and performance.


40 comentarios en "Niagara Launcher ‧ fresh/clean MOD"

  1. Considering how much time we spend on our devices, making sure they not only meet required functionality, but look and *feel* are important. I needed something upscale and I want all things in my life to be lovely. This gorgeous launcher has revolutionized how I use my device. I am never going back! It’s simple and gorgeous and user friendly and I always get compliments on what’s on my device screen, even if the outside is a bit shabby 🥰 Developers did a great job and they should be proud. ☺️😁

  2. tp pe dice:

    Works as said. Couple issues is double tap alhabet always opens the app drawer so when you wake the phone up next time you have to close it out to go to your home page. If you have a fold phone and are using the front screen and decide to open it to use inside screen, you open the app drawer about 80% of the time because the alphabet is close to the edges and you accidentally touch the screen. This causes you to lose what you were doing on front screen.

  3. Reduces clutter! This is the only launcher i have used for several years now. A small list of favorite apps on the home screen, instead of dozens of icons possibly inside folders on one of several screens, and scrolling along the screen edge to navigate a list of all installed apps alphabetically, instead of hunting rows and columns for an app—if you understood that, you know how to use it already. As great as Nova Launcher was before, i don’t think i can go back now. Niagara is simply the best!

  4. Really well functioning minimal launcher, favorite in a long time and I’ve used various different launchers. A bit pricey but worth it IMO. One suggestion is if you swipe up to search it would be nice to be able to tap in the empty space to go back to the main homescreen rather than needing to go back, just more intuitive IMO. Hope to continue seeing development to add features to this launcher!

  5. Really like the reduction in clutter, I’ve always had only a few icons on home screen but other screens are filled with apps & folders. It’s almost perfect, I like being able to “swipe right” to the google news tab on my pixel. Nova launcher has an option for the swipe right for google news, so I imagine it’s possible to add to Niagara. This seems to be my only issue as of now

  6. Ever since I installed this launcher I have loved it. The developers are constantly adding new features to it, and although I haven’t paid for the premium yet the free version is still awesome! My favorite parts of the launcher are its minimalistic touch, the folders, alphabetical waterfall, decluttered homescreen, and the option to organize articles and websites. I use this launcher with the Whicons icon pack which makes it even more minimal. Keep up the hard work devs!

  7. Love this app! It’s seriously fantastic. Idk why but right away when I looked it over before I even downloaded I sent it to a good friend who could use something like this. He purchased a one time lifetime subscription pass within a week! I’m not the only one who sees value in saving yourself from distraction and neither are you. I recommend 100% to buy pro, but I’m waiting for a sale because I can’t justify the extra $15 right now. The free ver functions quite well! I do want pro though!, 😉

  8. Took a few days to get used to, but after that I loved it!! I do wish the one-time purchase pro version wasn’t so expensive, not just for the features but because I wanna support the dev cause this is super high quality. But I (along with most users) have no gripe with the free version at all. Despite the price, I might still get Pro if I end up continuing to use this Launcher (which looks likely lol). Keep up the great work dev(s)!! 🙂

  9. J Plino34 dice:

    Have tried a few launchers over the years, not switching because I didn’t like them (mainly Nova), but I like to switch it up and try something new from time to time and so far not disappointed. Was a bit different at first as in not what I’m used to but once I got the hang of it it’s pretty intuitive and sleek. Would recommend, it’s nice. I guess the one negative would be it’s not completely Free but that’s fair I guess. May upgrade sometime in the future.

  10. Actually bought this in Feb of 2021.. but haven’t been using it until now. I love the simplicity, reminds me of the windows phone UI (which I loved), and is a natural evolution of it. Lots of changes since I last used it, all good ones. Pop up folders are especially nice. I love the way it handles notifications from the favorites list. Very easy to use. It’s also seems very quick. I had some stuttering issues with the Samsung UI, none here. Camera apps seem smoother as well.

  11. I’ve had a long history of not liking default UI’s for phones and desktop OS’s. Most replacements are just cosmetic, some feature rich, but it’s rare to get something transformative. This launcher changes the way I interact with my phone in a huge way, and it’s not only simpler, but it’s much cleaner and very efficient. There’s enough customization to make it your own, but it’s all about functionality. Outstanding.

  12. Niagara has completely changed the way I use my phone, and customize it to suit my needs. I no longer spend ages fiddling around with icon organization, hunting for the right one, deciding which have earned a spot on the home screen, etc. Now I simply have one short page of very frequently used apps, with a couple of customized popups for frequent actions, and I can swipe down to find any other app in a couple of seconds. Highly recommended as a replacement for the default launcher.

  13. bash dice:

    Great launcher! Tinkered around with a few of them and was definitely not enjoying Nova whatsoever, I couldn’t wrap my head around it and it felt sort of clunky to me personally. Have used Niagara’s launcher for a few days and already upgraded to the pro version of the app. Very minimal simplistic design that I’m crazy over. It really does keep distractions to a minimum, because there’s a lot less to look at from my home screen, but everything is kept tight and TIDY! Thanks team for a great app.

  14. Tom Leary dice:

    It’s essentially a list of your favorite 6 – and 10 apps on your home screen, with notifications associated with each app. You can also make folders in this list. So far (2 days in) it’s been incredibly responsive and I love how clean, consistently, and quickly I can run apps. I’m definitely purchasing the pro options for the folders and sesame integration.

  15. Brilliant! I use this on my phone and my tablet. It is the cleanest and most intuitive, launcher I have ever used, and I have used many custom launchers starting back when I got the first Google Nexus phone. The implementation changes the way I interact with my phone and improves it in almost every way, and is one of the few that works perfectly in landscape orientation. A little over a month in now and I can’t ever see using another android launcher. Adding shortcuts to things rules!

  16. This is one of my favorite launchers! I love the way that it’s so clean on the main screen and fast in the draw. The search is very snappy as well. The only thing that I can think of that would make it better is if it had the ability to backup your configuration for the settings, app names, and custom icons to a cloud service of some kind. Or even just to backup to a file that I can upload to a cloud service.

  17. My favorite launcher. Light on system resources while offering decent customization functionality. Great for heavy users that need snappy access to all their apps. Plays well with other apps too. All around everything you need without sacrificing too much. 4 stars because I’d like to see a few more options added that would make it perfect.

  18. J Richards dice:

    Niagara is simply the best launcher and its seeming simplicity is a big reason why. Just under its clean minimalistic surface lies an array of customization features that makes anything you want a swipe or click away. The way pop ups and widgets are implemented is fantastic and navigation just flows easily and intuitively. I’ve tried several launchers after buying Niagara that I was sure I would like better but they’re either difficult to setup, boring or bloated. Niagara is simply the best.

  19. This launcher is seriously amazing. I can’t believe that it’s free. One bug: I use gestures rather than a bottom bar, and when I’m on the Niagara home screen, the gestures don’t work. It seems like the touches are being intercepted by the app and not being handled by the OS.

  20. Excellent simplistic launcher, with lots of functionality. No ads on the free version is amazing, the paid version does let you use more gestures and more customizable widgets though, so worth it for some people, and others will be happy with the free version. Intuitive gestures and scrolling interface, and to me it looks great.

  21. Many basic features like weather, upcoming events, and even battery percentage are locked behind Pro ($15 for perma). Doesn’t allow you to use just icons, only icon w/ side names like in All Apps view, meaning you can only fit like 8 apps. Also only allows one custom widget at a time, so if you want to use Google’s At a Glance Widget, a search bar, and something else, you’re out of luck.

  22. I really am enjoying the simplicity and concept behind this launcher. I find it much easier to find my apps having them organized like this. My only complaint is the wallpapers never stay centered. There is a setting that is supposed fix it, which it does for a minute but eventually goes back to being off centered.

  23. I haven’t used a third party launcher in years. One UI has suited my needs more or less since it’s implementation. However, I decided to give your home launcher a try after reading several reviews. I couldn’t be happier with the clean, beautiful, just enough customization available, to make this a wonderful easy and beautiful launcher to use. I love the way my home screen looks now, and I coupled it with a couple wallpaper apps and now I am in heaven. Thank you again. Keep up the good work.

  24. There are a lot of great ideas in this launcher. I can’t praise it enough for its willingness to throw out convention and try something different. In the end, I didn’t end up using this launcher, mainly for three reasons: 1. Scrolling eliminates muscle memory. You have to look around the screen for the app you wanna launch. This slows you down on the home screen. 2. The design emphasizes text over icons, which impacts recognizability. 3. Vertical arrangement means very few apps per screen.

  25. This app is revolutionary! I don’t ever want to go back to the grid screen and will happily pay now that my free trial is up. I only gave it 4 stars for the simple fact that it is not very widget friendly and there is only one screen. I like to have my grocery list widget for easy access so I can look at it without actually having to open the app. If multiple screens were added, I would give this 5 stars. Still totally worth it though, especially with phone screens getting larger. Oh, and hiding apps behind each other, like a folder? Genius!

  26. This is such a great launcher replacement. It is so different then most of the launchers on the market, I have tried a lot of them. Not only is it different but it is butter smooth. It creates a very clean and new look to the home screen. Tons of great features and very intuitive. The ability to create actions with the favorites on the home screen is sweet. It took me a few days to get really comfortable with the changes but it did exactly what I wanted it to do, which is to give me a more clean and organized look on my home screen with less distractions and more of what I want. Upgrading to the PRO features is a must. Also, their customer service is great. I was having a google sync issue and they not only replied to my issue quickly they followed up again to see if everything was fixed and working properly. Even suggesting trying a few additional troubleshooting steps that were really helpful in figuring out the issue. Highly Recommend

  27. Great idea; I really like the minimalistic stuff and tend to keep my home screen pretty clean, so this really got my attention. I tried it out briefly, but as I was using it (on a Pixel 5), I kept seeing these brief flashes of the stock launcher if I did something like swipe up from the bottom of the screen (the normal gesture to get into your app drawer). UPDATE: I uninstalled it because of that behavior and decided to give it another reinstall. Now I can’t seem to replicate the behavior. The only difference the second time around is that I didn’t hide any of my apps during the setup. Upgraded to 5 stars!

  28. This is easily the most innovative and easy-to-use launcher available. One tap to all your apps in an elegant and powerful interface is no small feat! I’ve used this launcher for a long time and it delights me daily. Set up is quick and painless – there’s no picking and arranging apps and widgets on home screen after home screen. The interface interactions are intuitive and smooth. Bravo. I take one star off for not being able to customize the accent color for search and floating button.

  29. I had rated this 4 stars in the past and wished for better gesture support. But I’m coming back to revise my review and bump it up to 5 stars. Gestures, in general, look to have have been defined such that anything from the outside-in falls to the OS for handling and anything from the inside-out falls to the app itself. Therefore, my suggestion for gesture support became non-sensical once this transition became apparent across all of android. Then, over time, more features were added. I’ve used Niagara for years. I was, in fact, kind of stunned to see how expensive it had become for new users when showing it off to someone recently and was glad that I did jump onboard so early. The pop-up folders feature, however, really sealed the deal for me. Niagara need a way to bridge the immediate (your favorites) and the detailed (the entire scrolling list). Being able to create and favorite a few pop-up folders and filling them in with whatever items was the missing intermediate link. With three levels available to you, you have ample choices now to match up against realistic usage for the apps in your life. And I just love it. No other launcher provides such a clean look without also requiring a LOT of configuring. With Niagara, you get that simplified interface and you don’t *have* to spend much time at all getting there. I emphasize have in the previous sentence because I do like to rename apps, create and fill pop-ups, customize the icon-set and icons for folders, hide apps I won’t tap on, etc. So, I do end up spending some amount of time (especially over time) curating exactly what I see. But you don’t have too. Easily my favorite launcher and it’s so good it makes it to where I don’t even care about the ‘advances’ that android and the various OEM skins come out with every year. Functional features sure, but anything concerning their launchers is simply no longer relevant to me. This thing ought to be the default for all of android.

  30. I’ve been looking for a launcher for a long time that was my idea of the best that I could find. Niagara Launcher meets and even exceeds my expectations. It is a clean and functional interface, and very customizable. Key features that make it stand out among the others are: – Ad-free; this is very important – Ability to name apps to something more meaningful – Ability to rearrange apps on my screen to my needs – Hide unwanted apps; less clutter – Innovative app drawer with Ferris wheel selection – Selection of icon shapes and size I’m sure I will find other features as I explore it further. Thank you for such a fine product. I would highly recommend this.

  31. I got this before my first year of college and it changed my life for the better. I hid all my distracting apps, which works way better than a simple restriction app. It only took be about a week to adjust to using it. I love the swipe tabs for apps, folders, and many other little details that go into the experience. Nothing but good things about this launcher, no clutter, no fuss, no distractions, and it just works! Only having one widget at a time is the only downside, but that’s it.

  32. The best launcher for Android. Period. I couldn’t go back to a “normal” Android home screen ever again. The ease of use with one hand is absolutely perfect and the amount of information the homescreen can convey in a glance is amazing. Perfectly organizes my phone life. Edit: I just have to come back to say that this app is one of my “killer apps” for Android. I couldn’t ever use the standard UI again or the ugly wall of icons of iOS. Use this launcher for a week, you won’t switch back.

  33. I really want to love this launcher, I’m trying really hard. I’ve been using it daily for about a week. It’s smooth, minimal, visually pleasing and runs great. Unfortunately for me, it feels very boxed in. I personally like to categorize my apps, because many times I don’t know exactly which app I’m looking for. With Niagara, you can create folders. But it doesn’t feel very intuitive. I find myself so far spending more time looking for apps instead of using them.

  34. Cody Raeth dice:

    Most interesting launcher to hit Android in ages. My experience has been flawless so far. One suggestion, it’d be awesome if we could have different favorites based on time of day. For example, between 8 and 5 I can set some work related apps to be my favorites then have it revert back after five. I don’t need Teams to be a favorite all the time, but during the work day it’d be awesome to have it at the top. Keep up the amazing work, can’t wait to see where this launcher goes.

  35. August M dice:

    Genuinely amazing, both as a launcher and in terms of the team behind it. The launcher itself is decievingly simple, providing the smallest barrier possible between you and the applications you want to access. It looks amazing while doing it too, and if you don’t like a look, you can customize almost anything. Features are meaningful and well thought out, and the team always has the user in mind. Updates with new Android versions respecting user privacy, integrating with other apps, etc.

  36. Super simple and it just looks nice. Super minimalistic. I have been in the preview/beta program for this app and It just keeps improving and getting better. At first it can be difficult to get used to because it is so different. It can be more effective at finding apps especially if you remember the name. Mostly it just is simple, clean and elegant.

  37. Great minimalistic launcher! After getting burned with smart launcher 6 I went looking for a clean, basic launcher and Niagara fits the bill perfectly. It looks clean and elegant and above all WORKS! No fussing and spending a lot of time fiddling with settings. You install, pick the apps you use the most for the home screen and you’re good to go in less than 2 minutes! Love it!

  38. This is my favorite launcher. I have been using this on a Oneplus 7 Pro. It is a smooth minimalistic launcher. All apps are 2 taps away. The design of scrolling through alphebatized apps and support for left side scrolling is neat too. The customization options are pretty good with the free version. There is a paid subscription that gives you more features. I run into minor visual bugs sometimes during returning to the home screen and it sometimes freezes up. Almost perfect 8.5/10

  39. Easily the best launcher I’ve used to date. Incredibly low resource usage is the first thing you will notice. It runs faster than any of the 13 launchers I have tested. The difference is noticable almost immediately as you start using it. From there it’s nothing but noticable improvement upon improvement that it has in comparison to all the others. The actual UI is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Easy to use. No clutter. Best I’ve tried by a landslide. Using it about a year no plans to change

  40. coming from square home, i do miss some features but I never actually used them. i recently got a z fold 3 and square was incredibly awkward to use. looking for alternatives I found this, petty much perfect for the fold with the pro features. a bit expensive for pro, but we’ll see if I still feel that way when they go away after the free trial.

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