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Finally Something different! Welcome to the online bingo game – Bingo Town!

Happy Easter Day

Renovate your very own town and cook various cuisines by the material you earned from fascinating exciting multiplayer bingo games.

Play exciting Bingo games to renovate your town, cook delicious food and discover new characters to play with! Are you ready to call out that magical 5-letter word? You know it, BINGO!

Game Features:
• Fabulous gameplay: renovate your town by playing multiple bingo games! journey around the fairytale world for online bingo rewards and fun bingo quests.
• Your town, your rules: Bingo Town is about more than just a bingo game! build your own town & decorate it as you like! Ice factory&cow balloons! more interesting buildings are waiting for you!
• Multiple bingo rooms, multiplied fun! You can enjoy both classic bingo games and tons of featured bingo games!
• 3 brand new restaurants to construct: build your Town and unlock hidden secrets!
• Dozens of characters will patronize your town with their stories, complete their orders to renovate your town!
• Complete kinds of puzzles to get huuuuuge BONUS!
• 9 types of power-ups – Help you to get more bingos, more fun, and bigger bingo rewards!
• Coming soon: Unlock the Town and develop it to access new game features!

If you love bingos and want to try a new one, Bingo Town is definitely your best choice. Come experience the fantastic NEW simulation game, we will not let you down!
Don’t Wait and download now, a new World is waiting for you!

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Enjoying Bingo Town or have any Questions?
Contact our Tech Support by sending an email to [email protected]


Dear Bingo fans, we've updated!
-New event is online
-Fix some bugs


40 comentarios en "Bingo Town-Online Bingo Games MODDED 2022"

  1. Great concept on building a town while playing bingo. Kinda of a mix of township and bingo. HOWEVER, unless you want to pay $4.99 to stop all the ads, it is not recommended to play. Ads come at bad times and very frequently. I bought into a game with their coins and had to wait two games due to ads making skip the games or come in late after 6 balls were called. I really liked the concept, ads killed it for me though.

  2. Nina Senn dice:

    I like the game, it’s fun but ads after every game is ridiculous. Half the time I don’t even get my coins anything I win from the game because the ad comes in before I can collect it, especially if I’m leveling up. I could understand every like 5-10 minutes or maybe 5 games, but not after every single game. Do better!!

  3. The game itself, is awesome! It’s super addictive and quick too grab your attention! The conversation storyline are cute and and the whole game is well done. Sadly, that’s where it ends. There’s an over obvious pay wall that you hit REAAAALLY quick. There’s no way too PLAY bingo, because after the first few levels, you stop getting as much bonus level money, bingo games RARELY pay more than you put into them, and all of the examples they give you, lead you too paying for more coins. Don’t play.

  4. Ads every five seconds! Also after every single ad they have a pop up asking you to pay $5 to permanently disable ads! I don’t think so. Plenty of other bingo games out there with far fewer ads. I understand the need for some ads but, having one in my face every five seconds, on top of a constant asking for money to disable the ads is insulting. Especially, since I am a new player and haven’t even had a chance to really experience the game yet. So, why would I want to spend money on it already?

  5. Want to pay your way through a game? This one right here, if not it takes for ever to level up. Powerups are useless. Puzzle pieces come eventually if u play same game for a month and im still 2 shy. Watch ads to get coins or buy them. The ads give u enough to play a few rounds but there is no come up at all bc even if u win u r only credited the cost of one round for the one card! First town was pretty easy to complete but after that u can purchase 1 item for every level up and u cannot choose!

  6. This game has major issues. It freezes up then I miss dabs. I’ve watched videos several times to get dabs alerts but never get them. I’m very disappointed in this game. It really sucks. I wish I had read the reviews before I downloaded it. What a waste.

  7. I enjoy it. It’s just the right place. I like the graphics very colorful. But watch out for the side games that you play waiting on Bingo. They will get all your coins. I paid 2- 400 for Bingo cards and missed the Bingo. 800 coins not paying attention.

  8. If you play every day, its easy to remember where all the factories are, but i came back to game after a few months- and i dont remember where everything is, or exactly what im suppose to do to get somewhere else, im trying to use common sense, but i flat dont remember- ugh

  9. Why did you change the concept of Wheat Field? That was one of my favorites. I like the hay being cut up throughout the bingo. Now it is plain like Milk Farm or Strawberry Field. Nothing extra going on. Sad.

  10. This game is real addicting but definitely makes you feel like you have to pay. I’ve bought a few things, and after that, I would get 2 or 3 Bingos a game, but after a while, I’d be lucky to get 1 Bingo every 3 games. If you are willing to spend money, this is the game for you.

  11. No fan page on fb to collect extra power ups or coin, and win very few power ups. They want you to buy at a ridiculous cost. Game itself is fun to play IF you can win enough coins or watch videos, the daily coin freebie is almost a joke.

  12. Hanna Roze dice:

    It is near impossible to earn enough coins to play more than a few games per day. Game times out constantly and doesn’t compensate for missed daubs.

  13. Katie Dunn dice:

    I really enjoy this game although it has some flaws. I can never crack my silver eggs on Sunday…ever! I will watch videos to get extra coins/tokens and am not always credited. And you used to be able to watch as many videos as you wanted to get those coins/tokens and now it’s limited. I was really enjoying a game that I could just play and not have to “wait” to accrue things to play and now that that has changed I’m left searching for another one…please fix so I can go back to enjoying.

  14. The game has some issues. How do run out of stars when its a game. Every time I click on the rainbow star it never works it just keeps blinking and some of the extras don’t apply to the card and it just disappears. Or the payout x2 will say there’s not enough to pay. Why have any of those features if its always OUT of them. I give it 3 stars cause when the game works like its supposed to its a good game but most of the time its annoying and aggravating cause the extras don’t work.

  15. For the most part the game is pretty good. The ad breaks are kind of a pain in the butt, but only because I watch a bunch of videos for free coins. I guess not everything can be free lol. I do wish that the money instead of the coins was used more, so that the coins were used only for the bingo play. It’s a cute, creative, chill game.

  16. Way to many ads. You have to buy something at least once to stop them. I literally stop in the middle of play because the ads just keep coming on top of pop ups to make purchases in the app. I open the game and I’m bombarded with ads and pop ups. Otherwise I’d give it 5 stars because I like the game itself.

  17. Winning a puzzle card, or getting chests means nothing. I have gotten the same 4/6 needed for wheat over and over again. Cant upgrade warehouse over that. Frequent ad breaks followed by in game purchase pop ups. And the final annoying cherry on top when deciding to link my facebook finally it didnt work or give me the rewards for doing so.

  18. Ann Brown dice:

    Great game you dont have to spend to play. Like different levels and styles of bingo within the game. Collect ingredients to make items to sell. Only bug is you have to get reach levels before unlocking building and ingredients to make food items. Which at the moment for me is 3 levels up. So sometimes a bit tedious to wait. Need more incentives to keep coming back to play. Recommended for all.

  19. I enjoy this game however i have to spend money to be able to keep playing since you have to get a bingo on each card just to break even, the only way to make more coins than you spend is to get the 1st bingo and bingo on each card! I don’t mind spending money to help support the game but it doesn’t last because i keep running out of power ups and coins. I don’t mind buying coins but the price of the power ups is way too much. Good game but needs to improve winnings and rewards!

  20. Besides spending too much money to play this game, it glitches too often when I hit the 4 cards button to play. I go out of the game, try to see if update is available and go back in. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not work. If it does not work, I leave the game and try again later.

  21. Mick Cross dice:

    If I could give it half a Star I would have. This game is junk way too many ad breaks I had a ad break followed by another ad break. I’m tired of seeing that every time I click on something it’s ridiculous. And further more I never got the bingo coins from watching the ads to get more bingo coins. This game is all around a just game And 500 character fora review is ridiculous

  22. Uninstalled and if I could I’d give -5stars. You have no real bonuses in the game. The power-ups are over after reaching level 20 and you barely give a couple every level, but considering that we can not play more than 1 game a day, it will take a month to level up. I don’t know who your regular players are, but either they’ve money enough to pay without minding it, or they’re fake players set by an algorithm to keep getting all bingos. Either way, this game is a waste of time

  23. Too many adds, it’s fun to play it after everything you do you get a minute long add and then miss rounds and it’s terrible. Less adds please, I know it keeps it free but one to many adds makes me not want to play. It’s also to much to pay just to remove them.

  24. I’d give it a zero if I could. Got to play one time, next time I went to play, just keeps crashing! I loved the game when got to play. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still can’t play, continues to crash!!

  25. I really love this game! Support is on top of it if you have any issues. You always get enough coins to play. Would like to see the ducks payouts to include the bingo coins not just the experience plus chest only gives experience points not power ups. Need more ways to get power ups. Other than that great BINGO game. Side game make it funner.

  26. Waaaaaaay too many ads. Every time you click something an ad pops up. While I do understand needing them, this is excessive. At least make the ads at the end of a game but even just clicking to a spot to see your profile… not worth the time.

  27. Love the idea of the game, but I will not pay for add free game. I will continue to play bingo games that are free without adds unless you want to earn extra coins or power ups. Having a add pop up after everything you do is ridiculous. I understand why you have the adds, but come on after every single game… REALLY 😒🙄

  28. Way,way,way,way,way too many adds. I was given the option to increase bonus by watching an ad and declined, they made me watch an ad anyway but i didn’t get anything for watching. Kinda beat up. Uninstall. 😡

  29. The game has a bug in it !!! It kept saying i mis a few numbers when i had made bingo ! And the game ad to buy more coins etc. It keep poping up while i was playing bingo and losing coins that I already used to play bingo !!! And i had upload and re down load and it still take my coins and saying i had mis a few numbers when it should said bingo !!! I had sign out and delete the game and move on !!! So no need to contact or leave a follow up message !!! Cause again i had sign out & delete game

  30. Like the whole thing alot! ads are few, and ability to get more bingo coins is good. Like the combination of township and bingo! Wish could get powerups with town cash or gems, bot have good deals for real cash, so still great! Update 1-18-2022: delete all orders then it asks for level appropriate items! 5+ Could you add a help section explaining order issue? Bring back watch ads for bingo chips? Still great! 1-24: Yay! Watch video for bingo chips back! Thaks!

  31. for the first time, I WANT MORE ADS. game requires you to watch ads or pay (please, don’t waste your money!) but it randomly stops giving you the option to watch ads for more coins, so i can never play!

  32. Sudn Taco dice:

    The game is fine. There are issues with the daily tasks. I can’t get all of them because I do not get credit for watching the videos. Today I’m supposed to watch 2. I have watched every type of ad that is available and still can’t get the credit. There needs to be more specific instructions on what type of videos since the game is loaded down with them. It’s just a game but it’s irritating. I won’t spend money on the game if the bugs don’t get fixed.

  33. Poor game play. Like the concept of it and would be a great game if half of the adds are removed. Basically watching an add after every click. Really frustrating. Uninstalling… Don’t waste your time installing

  34. I really enjoy bingo and have literally checked out 200+ bingo games. This one would have 5 stars, I don’t mind commercials, but there are entirely too many! There is a commercial between EVERY different thing that happens. They need to decrease them just a bit.

  35. I love this game and everything about it. But I linked it with my Facebook and now it freezes when I hit the bingo button with the dog on it. When I get to the next page where the barns and fields are is where it freezes at. I can not click on anything. Before I linked to my Facebook it was working great, no issues. Please please fix this but or I will uninstall it!

  36. Great Bingo. Allows player to win OFTEN!! And play FREE thru Level 10 and up. LOVE THIS GAME.

  37. JR Strong dice:

    Ha ha! Uninstalled!! Got an ad in middle of a game!! Genius who thought of that! 👎👎👎👎

  38. Too many ads. One ad kept freezing the game, stuck on the Slots Ad. Run out of powerups too quick, then they want you to buy more. Some games are difficult to see the numbers. Uninstalled after Slots Ad kept freezing the game.

  39. It is very unfair that all the powerups have to be bought by real money and they cannot be purchased by coins or those green money. Not everyone can afford use real money. And if so – that person never gets purple or blue powerups and almost never can take high place. So person uses coins all the time for the game and hardly even wins proper place, so is never in place to get proper award. Some people can lose their wish to play this game because of that, as coins disappear very quickly

  40. Love the idea of this game but after playing for about 5 minutes im deleting it. The amount of ads is ridiculous. I finish a game and there is an ad, i then collect my task reward and straight away there is an ad. so not even 30 seconds after the last ad. I understand there being ads but to have watched about 5 ads in 5 mins is stupid.

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