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Howdy, players! 🤠

Welcome to the world of Bingo Showdown. Every day is your lucky bingo day! Saddle up for the bingo mania of FREE bingo games at the palm of your hand!

In the Wild West, your all-time favorite board games come to life in a free bingo live game! This free bingo game app is so exciting! Multiply the fun and double the thrill to make this bingo pop!

Here’s what’s in store:

✨ Live, multiplayer tournaments
✨ Multiple cards – up to four!
✨ Daubing after a bingo win
✨ Fun, fun, fun

🏆 Multiplayer bingo tourneys: Do you like playing online games with friends? Want to play bingos at home? Look no further! Players across the world join free bingo games in an epic virtual bingo battle! Bingo Showdown gives players that vibrant, live bingo experience you won’t find anywhere else, like a real bingo tournament hall.

🕒 Bingo 24/7: Free bingo games are going on all the time! These free board games allow you to invite your friends to play bingo games for free and also play online with other bingo players from anywhere in the world! Play multiplayer games, get that bingo ball rolling, and enjoy the best free bingo game!

🌟Prizes and bonuses: Visit bingo city where you can win a bingo live game! Playing the free bingo board game is a journey of surprises, bonuses, gifts, rewards, and challenges. Try the fun card games and mini-games to win big. Spin the wheel and win awesome daily prizes like diamonds, free bingo cards, and dynamite power-ups. Collect a daily bonus while playing bingo free of charge, and daub your way to the top with every lucky spin of the best bingo game around.

🎉 Keep daubing after a win when playing multiple cards. Why stop? There’s so much more to win!

📅 Complete daily missions to win the mission chest and reveal a treasure of bingo prizes! Get free tickets, power-ups and so much more.

♜ Play multiple classic bingo cards simultaneously during a bingo live game. Great minds play live bingo games together in a fun bingo clash of board games for free! Match to win every bingo match. You don’t need daubers, because the bingo games are free to play.

🚀 The power-up meter: Play live bingo to fill the power-up meter by daubing numbers. When the meter is fully charged, click it to win the dynamite power-up and daub a random number on the card. Other prizes include the Instant Bingo reward, which automatically grants you a bingo win!

🤠 Help Sheriff Sadie save the town: We invite you to play sheriff and have a bingo blast every lucky day! Shed light on this bingo blackout and become the town hero! Complete the game’s puzzle book, win bingo card games and bring peace back to the bingo Wild West.

🤩 A world of thrilling prizes and awesome features! The bingo live game was created by SciPlay, the casino games and Vegas slot machines giant behind gaming hits like Monopoly Slots, Gold Fish Casino Slots, Quick Hit Casino Slots, 88 Fortunes Slots and Jackpot Party Casino.

It’s bingo time! Here, every single day is a special bingo holiday, celebrated with millions of players in our bingo online community. Tell others and set a game of live bingo with friends or other devoted players.

Download the live bingo app, play with friends, and be a part of the blitz bingo party! This bingo treasure has freebies and is full of surprises you’ll discover during this amazing bingo journey. Play live online bingo games right now, it truly is the coolest bingo bash around.

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• The games are intended for an adult audience.
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40 comentarios en "Bingo Showdown – Bingo Games MODDED 2022"

  1. I have no idea who’s idea it was to change the entire spectrum of the game but it made absolutely no sense in terms of poor attempts to restructure the whole thing. The values of the tickets, diamonds, and everything else made more sense before the update. 4 tickets per hour/30 minutes was easy to calculate and figure out what you had to work with and now everything has turned into complex math trying to calculate the value of tickets and diamonds, the old system was better and uncomplicated

  2. I liked this app, good events like double barrels or multiple powerups, mostly fair for an app game. I hate the new changes! Like the challenges, but everything is too expensive and there just isn’t a fair way to get more tickets. All the game did was increase the ticket cost to play, it didn’t make it better, now it just feels stupid and outrageous. There was no point in doing that. I’m very angry at this app. It has been my favorite game and I don’t know if I can afford to play it anymore.

  3. Since the new updates, I’ve had an issue with the end of game points adding up when applied to tournament rank instead of down. Also, one game I had 726 added to rank and the bar moved but another game I had over 66,000 and the rank bar didn’t move at all. That’s the only reason for my 5 stars to a 3 stars. I know they’ll be fixed though. My husband and I love this game.

  4. Ugh. I hate it so much! I never win, leveling takes too long and you end up playing a gazillion rounds just to level up/win once. The game ends too fast. It keeps saying I dont have inventory space to collect power ups which is what you get every 2 spaces blown up. Its too confusing. I dont understand why people get enjoyment for loosing all the time. The voice is annoying as heck! Don’t download. I got so frustrated! Do not waste your time on this. Good thing is 0 ads and runs well.

  5. Really enjoy the game. Would have given it 5 stars but still a few things I think could be better. It’s like anything basically, you get what you pay for. I still don’t think they give enough of tickets or other items for as hard as it is to win things. I detest that random spin game with a mini play especially when it stops on whammy. What a waste of time Seems like it changed for the worse just like 2 days ago. The more you bid the less you win… I cannot afford it…The credits go 2 fast

  6. Addictingly fun! Lots of freebies, and side games going on. Great Tournament style competition. I have noticed many times it is near impossible to win the puzzles. I use to at least get close, and felt like buying extra chips, and I had a chance. As of late, i am sitting around 2 or 3 winning pieces out of 20. Also i noticed you have shortened the time between end of tournament, and the end of puzzle game, which makes it even more difficult to win.

  7. I truly enjoy this version of bingo, but I just wish there were higher amounts of tickets to win, at least when you go to the next level. the new system of advancement ( hand, I, II, III)… forces you to make a purchase of tickets or keep losing your placement. not to mention, the price of purchasing more tickets is a bit high for the amount of tickets. just saying…

  8. Been trying to reach someone for help, but when attempting to use the contact form on the app it continually shows an error message. Just spent money on tickets, power-ups and daily bonus and lost them all when I was shoved into a game that was over ¾’s done. That’s not right. Should have at least been given to the option to join a game already in progress! Wasted all the items I just purchased! 😖

  9. I love bingo showdown. The only downside in my opinion, is that as you progress through the levels the rewards don’t increase. I feel like the rewards value should reflect the levels difficulty. I also, wish there were more ways to gain tickets and powerups. All in all this is a great gamek and I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys bingo and wants something really fun to pass their time!

  10. My all time favorite bingo of them all!! Addicting for sure!! And after months of playing it is still my favorite game only thing I would change is being able to somehow earned a way to get more tickets to play a more cuz it’s frustrating when I can’t get any tickets without paying money and then that it’s rocking games there’s no way to cheat or go around it I like that it’s a challenge because it’s called quick.

  11. Exciting , try not to run out of tickets takes a while to build up. Keeps you always trying to get the big score. Very challenging still haven’t finished in the top percent. The more I play the more I want to. My only problem is running out of credits to play with. I think I m finally catching on, i know how to build my credits. Feels good having credits, only way is up from this point. I really enjoying the game now, my credits are growing and the top is where I’m headed.

  12. Awesomeness! Great Game and Fun! But it runs out of time too fast and all my numbers don’t be checked. Can you all stop running out the time so fast on us and using up all of our good power resources and replace them. We can’t bingo well and get ahead if you keep doing that and you all causes me lose out on bingo’s because you run out the time too fast. Even though it’s still fun and the new features are cuter, you all need to stop cheating us out of our stuff. I need more wins than losses.

  13. I use to love the game. Two days ago there were issues with the game. It will not load. I get to the Spice Rack download and it gets to where the yellow progress bar gets to about two inches from the finish then freezes. The screen goes black. I can hear the sounds but the screen in black. I have update flash. It is not a driver issue as all other games in Facebook and other sites work. When I have tried to ask for assistance all I get is a message stating I have to make an in game ticket which is impossible since I can’t get into the game.

  14. I am addicted to this game! Only thing i wish for is better chances to get more free tickets. I’ve spent a lot of money on here but I dont get enough for free to play with. And the puzzle pieces are impossible to obtain. I’ve been playing for years but never completed a full puzzle even after purchasing a mess ton of tickets! Please make it worth the purchases!!

  15. If I could right now I wouldn’t give it even 1 star!! With each new update the s screen gets smaller and smaller. I can’t tell what some of the rewards are. Also, they take away a reward or perk each time. The game goes backwards and takes away perks for players instead of adding or at least staying the same. It has become disappointing.

  16. Love the quickness and action packed boards keeps me entertained for the most part. The problem is is that it extremely difficult to get tickets and power ups……TOO DIFFICULT!!! Not everyone can afford to buy things from the store all the time, and it shouldnt be that hard to get them. Also payouts for bingo’s are extremly low. Love playing but not sure if ill continue.

  17. Cute story experience and fun gameplay. Frustration is with the limited win of tickets. It’s very rare that you win back the same or more than you bet. So, purchase is necessary to play…even daily rewards are low, as are prizes for championships. And tickets are EXPENSIVE. I’ve spent A LOT of money since January 1st…a couple hundred US$ because I enjoy the game. But it’s a very expensive game. Going to have to find something new.

  18. Good game. I do wish we could zoom or even flip phone so I could see numbers better. I’d play more often. I give it a 5 Star bc its a fun challenging game when trying to out do the score boards and win 1st Bingo without, all the between trying to get a Bingo, you’ve added puzzle piece contests, bonus point accumulation add ons, with a CHOICE of how much tickets to use to get those points, and other bonus games. Graphics are well designed, game play easy, and I never get bored.😁

  19. First time I played it was bad. Waited over a year and decided to give it another try. This time was worse! 1 bingo in 12 Games? Used extra tickets for a better chance to win. I didn’t. They just want you to spend money to lose again? I don’t think so! I played for abut 20 minutes total. Even the bad bingo apps let you win more the first 10 rounds or so. The last 2 cards, I got 3 hits on one and 2 on the other. What a joke. Two thumbs way down!

  20. I played this a long time ago then re-downloaded it. I like a LOT about this app but I will highlight a few things: it only takes 2 daubs to release a power up (unlike many that take 3 daubs), the power ups themselves don’t have a waiting period to recharge, I LOVE that when 2 of the 4 cards have Bingos- the game automatically puts those cards to the bottom so you don’t have to keep swapping, and having small versions of the 3rd and 4th cards cuts down on swapping too!

  21. since the updated version was released the bingo caller was a little slower with calling out the numbers. Which made it easier to mark all your cards before the next number is called. The game was more fun when you can breathe in between the numbers. Thanks. That is no longer the case. Itseems as though you’ve sped the caller up again and now I can’t even get all my cards marked by the time you’re calling the game over. Please finish that the players are able to complete the game.

  22. By far my favorite bingo game that only Bingo Blitz comes close to comparing to. However, I’m not too crazy about the newest changes in regards to the side bets… I have very little time to play games on my phone, so when I do get a moment, it’s frustrating to have to pay for a double, or higher, side bet for a chance to win what used to be a fairly common payout on a single side bet. Maybe if more freebies on the app’s Facebook page were made available more often, it might balance it back out.

  23. After playing a few months I’m still impressed. Side games & rewards seem similar in scale to price of tickets & power-ups, I haven’t had to spend a lot to keep playing. I don’t mind paying for some extras; but in other Bingo games I tried, tokens go so fast you can’t play but a few games before you have to buy tickets & power-ups that go as fast. This seems fair except mega meters. Points & barrels slow to a crawl near the goal even after paying $$ for power-ups. Not worth the time & big $$$.

  24. Yes i still play this game but things have changed. The higher ur level the less points u achieve. The puzzles used to be easier yet challenging to win. Now theres a smaller chance. The barrel game was nice. It was a way to get prizes n tickets. Now its a joke. They make sure it takes over 100 barrels to achieve the objects containing the most points. I get it, they want you to spend on tickets and prizes but the fun of it has been deflated. The popularity of the game should be enough.

  25. I love the game and the opportunities to get more tickets and all the different ways to win things. I did noticed that bingo is harder to get 1st thing I’m the morning. it is very addictive and I find myself glued to the phone. I don’t like that they removed being able to level up when reaching the bronze level in the daily tournaments.

  26. Graphics are cool, however the likelihood of winning is slim to none and you get very little chance that way to earn powerups to continue to play. They finally made it to where you get more tickets, but if no winning going on, no powerups to help. Then why bother. I finally just uninstalled it. Frustration isn’t what I’m looking for when I go to play.

  27. Good quick fun. However, I’ve noticed that it says I’ve missed called numbers, but those numbers were never called. Game needs to loosen up on the freebies some. 4 tickets an hour is not enough. Could stand to give out a larger number of powerups as well. I don’t know if it’s my bank or the game, but it will NOT let me buy games or powerups for some reason. Very frustrating..

  28. still getting used to the game. Don’t care for the abrupt stopping and the inability to control the callers pace. Almost impossible to play more than 1, maybe 2, cards at a time and not miss a bunch of numbers. Kind of a bummer cuz when we saw the ads for this, we were hopeful it would be the bingo we’ve been searching for. We’ll see.

  29. I enjoy the game however, I would like to see more ticket rewards for getting bingos instead of having to accumulate ten. It is also hard to finish some of the challenges to win tickets unless you purchase the more expensive booster packs that include the special options. If there were an option to watch advertisements to earn tickets, that would help us to be able to play more games and place higher in tournaments to earn better rewards. Make some of these changes and I will rate 5 stars again

  30. Its very fun and somewhat challenging at the same time. (in a good way). This game has no problem holding my interest and I love the fact that they aren’t stingy with tokens, power-ups, etc. Last but not least, it gives more than one bonus a day in adequate time frames as well posses other ways to win more for your bingo play. I love it! Awesome job!

  31. Very realistic bingo play without having to buy cards. Would like to see some things a little bit different, though… like: * Any power ups that hit my cards, but don’t get a hit, should go back to my inventory. The way it is now, unless it is a dynamite power up, I hesitate to use it, if more than 10 numbers have been called. * I would like to see the hourly card bonus change to a 4 hourly x 4 bonus; or better yet, do it all once a day with the daily spin. Every hour is an imposition.

  32. i like the way the game plays but sometimes towards the end of the game it gets hard to move the cards back and forth. Almost like it get stuck. Watch out for that feature. Also, it works when it wants to, and you’ll always have 2-5 numbers at the end of every round that aren’t on any card. You rarely get bingos and it doesn’t pay out much. But I like the bells and whistles.

  33. WELL DONE. Yalls recent update on this game really made the performance of the speed really fast. It was lagging where it tended to be hard to play. Now it doesn’t at all. Excellent job. But i don’t get why it took over a year for you to fix the problem but all that matters is that you found the issue and repaired it. Thanks a lot for fixing it. I was really getting tired of it lagging.

  34. Eh…. my issue with the game is how hard it is to get bingo without ad ons and boosts and how focused and necessary it seems to be to buy the special additions otherwise it’s pretty hard to get any add ons and the other players who do or maybe who are just lucky have an infinite advantage and I lose almost 90% of the time regardless of number of cards I use. It’s way too hard or way to favorable for bonus use and way to hard to obtain without spending. Although free, it costs or you lose

  35. Used to love this game and thought it was the best Bingo game out there. Although, some of the changes they’ve made are improvements, there are others that are definitely not: lately, if a number is called out as the game is ending you are dinged for not marking that number? 2- it can be a good thing to be able to use a power up twice or three times during a game, however because it’s most commonly the dynamite, my stock is depleted in short order where I still have 100 treasure chests.

  36. The only major issue is that anytime I open a link in my email it automatically routes me to this game. it has become an inconvenience and highly annoying. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall twice to try to make that issue stop. Other than that, I really enjoy the game

  37. Love Love dice:

    Waste of time, all i can say is wth n how. To obtain puzzle pieces u must bingo on the card that has a puzzle piece. Leveling up sucks, u get too the end of almost to level up n nothing happens until 3 days later. Why did u all have to change something that was goid to something that really sucks, but the only pisitive thing is no ads n it runs great. Happy New Year

  38. Emma S dice:

    Support is so disappointing! I have played this game forever and spent a fortune in the process. Recently had some problems after my phone died – reached out and got some good help initially in switching to a temp phone. Then my phone was fixed and I reached out again for help to restore original settings on original phone and no help at all! So disappointed – despite playing every night for a few years sadly the time has come to uninstall the app for good….

  39. You new changes are kinda cool, even though there’s not much chance to win tickets.i can live with that, but what i can’t live with is hardly ever getting bingos, makes it a lot less fun, i noticed there’s more of a pause between letters called, and at the end sometimes, 20 seconds are still left, and time out really quick ,while no letters are called..i used to get several bingos per day before the changes that were done, before the very last changes, now I’m lucky if i get one, love the mini’s

  40. I’m getting used to this new system but still not enamored with it. I used to frequently get into the bronze category, didn’t always stay there but got there, but can’t come close anymore. If I play lesser cards, I can keep a good amount of bingo bucks but get really trashy rewards, imo. Haven’t gotten bold enough to lose the bingo bucks quickly to see what kind of rewards I get.

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